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0:51Jimmy Bullard on his Phil Brown celebration
Jimmy Bullard on his Phil Brown celebrationÁhorf 6 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
0:28Claudio Ranieri teaches Chris Kamara to roll his R's
Claudio Ranieri teaches Chris Kamara to roll his R'sÁhorf 26 þ.14 klukkustundum síðan
2:08Jamie Carragher after his final Merseyside derby
Jamie Carragher after his final Merseyside derbyÁhorf 23 þ.14 klukkustundum síðan
0:26Sacary Bagna
Sacary BagnaÁhorf 33 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
1:27Nemanja Vidic on his Manchester United career
1:35When Phil Foden was a Manchester City mascot
When Phil Foden was a Manchester City mascotÁhorf 180 þ.7 dögum síðan
0:51Wayne Rooney on his England debut
Wayne Rooney on his England debutÁhorf 7 þ.7 dögum síðan
0:51Jose Mourinho preferring not to speak in 2004


  • Unites fan here. Our best team was during that 07/08 period. The only reason it didn't win 3 champions leagues instead of just the 1 was because we were up against this otherworldly Barca side. They were the best team ever.

  • Not quite on the tactical level of Big Sam tho

  • He is completely right but they also totally were the best team ever.

  • Refers to Manchester United as "Manchester". Shows how small City are tbh. Who would have thought he'd go on to coach them.

    • I expected it since they’re the only club that could afford him.

  • What's wrong with his mouth? It's a funny shape

  • I miss these guys on soccer Saturday...seeing all these mostly ex spurs players now as pundits really puts me off watching...

  • I'm just here to hear him use the word presumptuous...he almost got it the first time.

  • This video is gold, because Atletico did a number of them that night in El Busico

  • Klopp such a bad looser the toffees deserved to win. Different when Henderson was knocking at Kane’s ankles (karma simple)

  • U need him now 😂

  • I’m not having it Ed 😆

  • Although it may not be the greatest side is the biggest fraud in the history of Europe thats for sure...nice that inter and Chelsea dumped their ass of the street

  • Damn he knew English before joining Bayern and Manchester City.

  • Am I the only person who didn’t even see him?

  • I was at this game. Bouncing.

  • 🐐

  • example of English media loves to give hype to English youngsters

  • Speak English please 😆

  • They should all just get Kane. What are ya all staring at?

  • 0:15

  • Miss Joe Hart.. 👍

  • He was forever confident

  • It’s funny how he refers to ManUtd as “Manchester”. Same with everyone else. No one knows City existed when Barca/United dominated in their prime. Pep only came cos he got offered big wages and financial freedom haha. Not cos he thought City was a traditional big club🤣🤣🤣

    • @Jay & how long will that last may I ask????? Only until Pep is there. They need to win 14 more league titles, 6 more FA Cups, 15 more Community Shields and 3 UCL’s to even be level with United on major honours. Pep ain’t no Sir Alex or Wenger, he won’t stay at the club for too long. Once another appealing project arrives he will leave. Of course City are better than United currently. However United are also building for the future, whether that’s with Ole or another manager in the coming years. You can’t just decide City will dominate for next 20 years like United. Dominance can change in a blink of an eye. Take a look at Liverpool who were CL champions just before Bayern, now they’re fighting for Europa League spot regardless of injuries or not.

    • @Jay nooe

    • Yeah Manchester United are a big club, who lives in the past. Manchester City are the future. All you can do is cry about it.

    • ok

  • Milan dream team in around 88 - 92 is the best I think

  • I love the Tinkerman!

  • Savage interview ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Great players still get noticed even in a struggling team .I’ll do my best to make sure they stay up “.Thats your job YOUNG ROY.

  • He said Manchester referring to United because that’s the only Manchester club known back then 😭😭😭

    • But United are in not in Manchester (Old Trafford) so he meant the club that's in Manchester.

    • 😂😂😂 GGMU

    • pain.

    • No, because he said he was close to go to Man City in 2005.

    • Funny but so true🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • As bad as this production is, ITV Champions League was worse.

  • Give the admin a pay rise

  • I don't watch Premier League's football matches, so I'm wondering; what differences between Mourinho's Chelsea and Mourinho's Tottenham?

  • Imagine a footballer today giving an interview like that he’d be in trouble

  • In diving and cheating, yes you were in another level

  • Most of us have never seen the Real Madrid of 50's, Cruyff's Barcelona, old Ajax etc. but we've all seen Pep's Barcelona. I can't say for certain that Pep's Barca is the best team of all time but they're certainly by far the best team I've ever seen. No team since has come even close.

    • @Epiceroy oh yeah i was just curious

    • @Bro Bourchier i guess you could say 03-07 . I just highlighted the years that they were in the ucl final. 2006 semi final and 2004 was either quarters or semi

    • @Epiceroy What happened in 2004 and 2006

    • Ac Milan 2003,05 or 07 would comfortably beat them. I would not put it past Barca 95/96 to beat them either

    • Agreed

  • Scholes was the best on the ball easily

  • There is absolutely no question that was the best club side of all time, that was as perfect as football could get, we won't see that level in our lifetime... Pure magic

    • Ac milan were better beat teams cleanly, Barcelona were definetly backed by officials.

  • When corona was a drink

  • Soccer? FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!

  • Camera guy should definitely put his resume in for filming an Indian serial, he's got the raw talent with all the cuts and zooms.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • If only he added some stills on his face he would get the job without even auditioning for it

    • Put some sound effects and you have a classic indian serial😂

  • Spoken Spanish is so hard to understand.

  • Best ever!

  • I miss Ed Chamberlin

  • Paul es camerunes no?alguien puede responder

  • The peasants revolt was really mad wow

  • petrov🔥

  • You can't have a 2nd go. That's against the rules. They should take his 1st score.

  • This was certainly an important game for Arsenal FC and the path they were to take. The Invincibles side had been overtaken by Jose's Chelsea machine and then a resurgent Man Utd, but they looked to be picking themselves back up in this season. We ended up winning the double this season, but Arsenal up to this point were looking like they were becoming a formidable side again. In the end it was Chelsea under Avram Grant who were our challengers, and Arsenal spiraled into an era of relative mediocrity, but who knows what might have been if Eduardo didn't get injured and they kept up their momentum. The 2-2 we had with them earlier in the season was exhilarating (Gallas scored a late, late equaliser that just crossed the line). It felt like a revival of the classic rivalry we had with Arsenal when we both dominated the league. A seriously high quality game of football. By the time we had the return game where Hargreaves scored the free-kick winner it was already looking like the 'men vs boys' game that it would continue to be for many years.

  • Imagine Blackburn offering 5 million that time which is around 70 million with today's market

  • How has he aged 10 or so years and manage to look like he's de-aged? Looks younger than this now!

    • good genes

    • @No Name True

    • Clean shaven, completely bald, dressed well now. Makes a huge difference tbh and bald looks good on him compared to holding on to very little hair like in this video.

    • @Abowen Possibly yeah.

    • It’s the clean hair shave, mate

  • You know whats funny? The fact the Manchester City have absolutely no history...all the foreigners refer to United as Manchester, as that is the only team they know from Manchester. Its rather sad to see great players and coaches go to City, because they're only there for the money, and with money, comes the silverware.

    • @Jay errrmmm don’t forget your OilCity FC👍I’ll rather be History FC with more than double the trophies of OilCity FC thank yu very much🤣🤣🤣trophies are all that matters and we got that in abundance......most importantly every single one of them😉

    • Cbsc Boys keep crying history FC

    • @Jay why would I be crying when everything I’ve said is against City and are facts also huh ????? You need to cry for supporting a shameless plastic club🤣🤣🤣 don’t think your sick with your old “cry” jokes👍👍 Manchester is still 🛑

    • Cbsc Boys now say that without crying

    • @Jay Yup , you’ve been buying trophies for the past decade and you still got less than half the trophies United have got🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Still ain’t got past the UCL semis with all daddy Sheikh funds🤣🤣🤣🤣 All that investment that you’ve managed to buy fake fans also who support you because of recent success😉🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍 ohhhh lord hope that shed some light on how small your club is🤗 Apart from Foden which academy talent have City produced?????🤣🤣🤣 United’s prime teams starting XI always had around 5 players from the academy🤣🤣🤣 money can’t buy everything

  • If you said this after 2016, you’d be cancelled and called a fascist brexiteer 😂

  • SL Benfica 60's

  • Gary and Ed was this after 6-0 defeat to Liverpool it would have been amazing to get relegated after finishing 5th luckily think Wigan lost 3-2 to Swansea

  • 19 wins in a row 🤯

    • @Alan pep himself said that Wenger's record is untouchable

    • @Alan they already lost 2 games

    • @Alan They have the Potential but invincible would be very hard for them seeing how the premier league teams now are harder than in the 03/04 season. City have to try to make their name cemented in europe first rather than just the prem

    • Do you think they will beat arsenals record

  • This haircut is Perfect. What is the name of haircut. This undercut sides 6mm and top for 10 cm??

  • Is this what the casuals of the world find entertaining? That cocky little cretin Vardy needs a smack, showing off trying to be funny.

  • Liverpool had one more Spanish player against Real Madrid in 2009.

  • Those are the balls of a Chelsea player. Legend.

  • It’s BIG BRAIN 🧠 time


  • We've had some terrible days against Birmingham, that Carling cup final against them a couple of years after this was another horror show

  • All I can say is if you're a man who has dinner at 12, tea at 5, you are a man to be feared.

  • wtf was that camera man doing?

    • @the coff man, I felt like I was going to have a seizure. smh

    • about to faint but couldn't afford to lose his job.

    • lmfao

  • One of the most talented to ever put on a United shirt

  • Probably the best manager ever after big boy Fergie

    • @Vespasian Closcan ferguson isnt better than Ancelotti,Pep or Mourinho get your heads screwed. Fergie shat himself eveytime he faced those managers in their prime

    • @Roberto Marega these 2 managers got sacked in their career. That’s already minus 10 points🤣

    • @Roberto Marega Sir Alex and Pep's lowest ever league finishes were 3rd place. They also never got sacked.

    • Ancelotti and Mourinho: Good ebening

  • Only god may guide us to the dorime insallah 🤤🤤🤤🇮🇪🤨😢 and poop

  • And Liverpool have the audacity to think their current side is in all time teams contention 😭

    • @Fertig Further yes really. Average points between 3rd and 8th place was 61. 2nd lowest it's been the past 20 years. In 2008 it was 67.

    • @Roy Keane not really, it was a 2 team race between Liverpool and Man City which ended up with Liverpool winning last year

    • @Fertig Further yes it was, the league was in shambles the past 2 seasons.

    • Liverpool has more CLs

    • @Seán Carey They set the record for the earliest title win which is something United didn’t achieve, I’m not saying this Liverpool team is better than the United team but it’s not like they were a fluke either

  • When I saw "presumptuous" as a Pep quote I knew it was going to be good.

  • how many times will it cut 😂😂

  • Petition to give this admin a raise 😂💯

  • Used to be a goal machine for Sunderland aswell.

  • Pep at the start of this video be like: 💡👁👄👁💡

  • Best European club sides of the modern era: Real Madrid 1998-2002 Man Utd 1999-2001 AC Milan 2003-2007 Chelsea 2004-2007 Man Utd 2007-2009 Barcelona 2008-2012 Inter 2009-2010 Real Madrid 2011-12 Bayern Munich 2012-13 Barcelona 2014-17 Real Madrid 2016-18 Man City 2017-now Liverpool 2018-20 Bayern Munich 2019-now Let me know if I have missed any, probably have

    • @PrometheusTV real madrid i am pretty sure won 2 ucls in that period. They finished 5th because of the quality of the league. Before you compare sides, you need to compare the generation

    • Real Madrid weren’t that great in 1998-2000. They finished 5th at one point. And Barca were great after 2017 as well. They almost went unbeaten.

    • Take Man city out if Arsenal are not there. Arsenal 02-06 much better

    • You forget chelsea 2008- 2010,

    • @Elftzar Arsenal 02-06

  • His English was very good back then!

  • the 08/09 team was good etoo henry and messi are another level

    • Should lost to chelsea tho in 2009

    • I know they are not better players individually, but For me the 10/11 side with Pedro messi and villa was better than eto Henry and messi

    • 08-12 Barca golden era honestly, and thats saying something considering Ronaldinho was on the team just a few years before that era

  • Sky Sports Retro the gift that keeps on giving!!!

  • If it werent for this barca team we (united) would have an extra 2 UCL titles

    • That’s true. If United had any other team other than prime Barca in the UCL final for 2009 & 2011. SAF would’ve had 4 UCL’s & United would’ve had 5 UCL’s. United were so dominant in Europe during that period but overshadowed by prime Barca. Prime Barca was literally the best team ever. Unstoppable. It’s also funny to think Pep’s 2 UCL trophies were won against ManUtd in the final.

    • @Vespasian Closcan Said a person that tried claiming that Chelsea deserved no pens after Pique clearly handballed it... take your meds bro you're a delusional fanboy

    • @M R You're either delusional or trolling. Take your meds bud

    • ​@Vespasian Closcan mate you're clearly a fanboy, calm down. Chelsea should've had 4 penalties easily, the whole world knows they were cheated. Pique handballed it, red card, and a penalty, Ballack volleyed it, eto'o turned his back and had his arms out stretched. - penalty... just because you're a fanboy doesn't mean you get to change facts. and there are countless other examples of referees giving Barcelona unfair advantages 2005 - Drogba red card 2006 - Del Horno red card 2006 - Arsenal keeper sent off when referee could easily give goal instead 2009 - Chelsea 4 penalties 2010 - Barca tried to cheat vs Inter but failed 2011 - red card for pepe when he didn't touch alves 2012 - failed at cheating again, another red card in a semi final cheat, cheat, cheat

    • @M R Ballack made a handball in the box at Stamford Bridge when it was still 0-0. Drogba deliberately kicked Pique in the groin right before Anelka's dive lead to Abidal's sending off. Drogba stayed on the ground acting hurt while that was happening. Lots of dives and cheating by Chelsea. Everybody's free to argue about which side was more disadvantaged over the 2 legs. But it's childish and pathetic to suggest Barcelona bribed the ref, or that Barcelona weren't the better team. Stop deluding yourself to feel less bitter. If anybody's being shameless that's you.

  • That's Pep Guardiola speaking there☝

    • Can't be

    • Thought it was bill gates😔

    • Is it really?

  • I wouldn't say they were the best team ever, but definitely up there with one of the greatest teams in history of the sport.

  • Derby County 2008 >>>

    • GOAT team