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1:00🚨 10 Things You Need To Know Right Now! #shorts
🚨 10 Things You Need To Know Right Now! #shortsÁhorf 315 þ.Degi Síðan síðan


  • Hey Philip, I have been watching your show for years now and I would love to hear you talk about what is happening in Palestine!

  • I'm so confused by the gun story... isn't the argument for having guns in America that someone who fears for their safety (which I think there was reasonable evidence for that) can use a gun to scare off their attacker / harm their attacker. It seems like totally the use case that is intended? I personally don't agree with that use case... but if you're going to use that argument for having guns... don't punish people for using them that way?

  • It's weird without an ending to close out the video, but there's a lot of news to cover in one minute so, understandable

  • Ethan is such a clown. I can't stand him any longer. I also hate Jake Paul and Triller is trash. That being said, Ethan literally stated hat he stole the the Triller fight and is now trying to backtrack...dude dug his own grave.

  • I don’t understand why Boogie is dealing with anything. He was defending his personal property and gave plenty of warnings.

  • 💜💜💜💜

  • Remember when Joe Biden 🛑 stopped the keystone xl pipeline ?

  • Imagine believing a millions views = $50 million lmao

  • Boogie gave ample notice to that guy to vacate his property, from that point it was a trespassing situation. He was acting under self defence he didn't injure the other man so there really shouldn't be a charge here.

  • if someone threaten your life even as a joke because theyre a moron then shows up at your front door then yeh, go at them. this is why americans have guns, protect yourself, the other guy could have easily been carrying and had motif to use it if he had it, fuck playing games with stupid people.

  • What did boogie do that was actually illegal? As a non American, I thought the whole.point of your guns was self defence? Seems like he used it as intended

  • The other bloke should be arrested he had every right

  • i personally dont think boogie did anything wrong except the warning shot he defintely shouldnt get charged with aggrivated assult... He defintely shouldve called the cops and waited but i also understand where he was coming from. he was probably fucking scared and over it. the other man should be arrested for harrasmant and stalking :c

  • these big name people have literally caused people to wipe out every single shop in town that carried pokemon cards. Collecting cards has been my hobby and now I can't even participate in my card collecting hobby. I'm COMPLETELY LIVID!!

  • Will of the people 😂😂😂

  • Liz Cheney being positioned to be elected as a democrat and maintain position.

  • Isn't Arkansas a stand your ground state? All he had to say was that he was scared. I would have thought they would make Boogie a congressman if he opens his door holding a gun.

  • Fuck the guy who was harassing boogie, but why didn't he just call the police?

  • I'm not that surprised ppl are fighting over Pokémon. I used to do Yugioh and remember going into a game shop were you could sell your old cards, looking though all the boxes of commons (5 pence a card) and finding 27 upstart goblins witch were valued at around £9 on the market at the time.

  • Why does your face point to the left in Every. Video. Thumbnail.

  • 6:00 Electric cars don't run out of gas. What's the charging infrastructure like?

  • Have you seen the tweets of Israel's PM? He literally sounds like Hitler! THE IRONY. Anyone who supports this colonism and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is inhumane and a fool. Dont be on the wrong side of history! Remember your silence is just as bad as the zionists committing genocide. This isn't a war! In war both sides stand equal and fight this is an invasion where one side can't defend itself while the other has military power and defensive strength. Free Palestine! Israel terrorist! Stand with Palestine! Gaza under attack!

  • Not training the dog or not teaching your child how to behave around a dog is not the dogs fault!!!

  • Personally, I think that the context (and humor) you provide in your longer form makes those videos much more interesting and informative. I fear that condensing the news to headlines is why a lot of people are terribly uninformed about what's actually happening. Hopefully, these shorts will encourage people to tune in to your longer videos.