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JPL Raw is a channel used by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to deliver on-demand video to news media and others. The majority of video on this channel consists of raw b-roll, animations and interview clips. Other videos have been posted here to be embedded on mission websites. To see our news videos, visit the NASAJPL ISprofile channel at


5:42JPL Environmental Test Laboratory Highlights
0:33NASA’s Psyche: Final Assembly Begins
NASA’s Psyche: Final Assembly BeginsÁhorf 12 þ.Mánuði síðan
1:32Built in 90 Seconds: The DSN Welcomes a New Antenna
1:47PULSE: Changing habits for the better
PULSE: Changing habits for the betterÁhorf 113 þ.10 mánuðum síðan
3:58NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Testing Media Reel
NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Testing Media ReelÁhorf 109 þ.10 mánuðum síðan
14:30COVID-19: Staying Safe at Work
COVID-19: Staying Safe at WorkÁhorf 59 þ.11 mánuðum síðan
10:15NASA Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Media Reel
2:44NASA Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Animations
1:13Testing Perseverance's Center of Gravity
4:34Mars 2020 Rover is Named - Media Reel
Mars 2020 Rover is Named - Media ReelÁhorf 1,5 þ.Ári síðan
28:03NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Media Reel
39:23NASA Mars 2020 Media Reel
NASA Mars 2020 Media ReelÁhorf 114 þ.Ári síðan
7:24Mars Helicopter Media Reel
Mars Helicopter Media ReelÁhorf 8 þ.Ári síðan
3:54We Are Planetary Protection
We Are Planetary ProtectionÁhorf 1,7 þ.Ári síðan
3:52NASA on the ‘Ad Astra’ Red Carpet
NASA on the ‘Ad Astra’ Red CarpetÁhorf 1,1 þ.Ári síðan
2:47We Are Team CoSTAR
We Are Team CoSTARÁhorf 3 þ.Ári síðan
7:11Europa Mission Media Reel
Europa Mission Media ReelÁhorf 3,5 þ.Ári síðan


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  • Very Nice

  • Mars

  • That´s great to see a Brazilian woman working for NASA!!Parabéns Jackie!

  • En écoutant ton accent, je me sens bilingue.

  • Ridiculous prototype....

  • ilyesztően szörnyű!!!!!!

  • I love Melanie she is an awesome woman <3

  • Am I the only one who mentally put music with this?

    • lol, my science teacher 20 years ago showed us this video, and this half of the video had super sad music. The first half of the video (I can't find it online) had Lenny Kravitz "I want to get away, I wanna Flyyyy awayyyyy"

  • 20 millions dollars in 4 seconds

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  • Even the ice and snow looks dirty from pollution, seems like that is not a good thing as the darker landscape will increase the problem even further.

  • why is there no sound on this presentation, I can't learn nothing here because i'm blind

  • Very Strong Woman.. kudos

  • How do the CubeSats work in the project? How do they insert into orbit?

    • The cubesats arent being inserted into orbit, the cubesats are just going to do a flyby.

  • Inspiring!! I love this!

  • which are the courses to become astrobiologist in canada

  • You go Sue !!! That was my mom's name btw. That's an awesome job you have !

  • Congratulations Susan on 60 years at JPL! Wow! What an accomplishment. What a career! Congrats! Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors.

  • kudos to her :-)

  • Did I missed it? Awww man

  • Nice umbrella. Just kidding

  • @JPLraw, I've been waiting for you guys to release this on ISprofile for 3 years now!... You didn't even sell the DVD in your store anymore. Come on, give us a break and publish this so the world can see Voyager's deep space quest.

  • Nice stuff. Taking ISM measurements "onsite" will answer a lot of ongoing questions about stellar evolution, galactic magnetism, and take a snapshot of what we can expect to encounter if we ever develop translight or transtemporal drives. The days of Science Fiction monthly magazines filling young minds with the potential for human expansion beyond our formative star system-Spindizzy powered Cities in Flight, Generation Ships carrying millions in cryonic suspension, Dyson Spheres traveling in real time at 90% of Light Speed, Robotic Terraforming Probes seeding alien worlds to make them human friendly, Beam Transmission- have long gone, leaving in their wake a generation of hard bitten "can do" engineers who are constrained to accomplish the most outrageous briefs on the cheap. Ballistics is awfully close to being a science . . . at least when you do it this well. To put a probe on target ten years down range is a nice job of work in Newtonian Physics. To weave the multiple body paradigm required for Outer System exploration is a master work, of math at the very least. Unfortunately, most of the environments we'll encounter beyond our four inner planets, are so alien to our conceptions that we'll have trouble trying to envision the sort of machines we'll need; their materials, structures, power supplies, and intelligence, and a suitable design life expectancy. How do you resist infracold transgalactic voids? Or clouds of grit traveling at a fair relative clip? How do you see well enough to record useful video out beyond Pluto? Most importantly, however, is: "how do you sell it so that funding keeps coming down the pipe?" Lately, the whole "It could be life . . . expect BEMs everywhere there's ice!" thing has increased public awareness, I'll grant you that. When we move out into the transgalactic parking lot (AKA Solar Neighborhood), though, distances get wayyy larger and communications speed does not increase to keep things nice and topical. We'll wait . . .decades . . . centuries . . . millenia . . . and folks will drift off to sports and daytime scripted reality TV. We'll need much faster probes than we envision at the moment, or communications quick-or quicker-than lightspeed. If our culture continues to survive and funding for space projects keeps coming, it will be a great time to be an engineer working in the field. New materials, new design philosophy, new engine concepts . . .

  • amazing

  • is there any way i can recreate this for a project?

  • Birkeland Current entering Jupiter's north pole; "dark vortex" is a diocotron instability.

    • +Julian West What's a diocotron instability and how do you know that's what it is?

  • I really want to know how to make one 😃

  • I enjoy these, but the video snips are disjointed and the editing is terrible. I'm not looking for Hollywood cinema, but some basic plan for the video and basic video editing skill would help. The science is interesting though.

  • good work ,nice technology for information, credability,education performance

  • what's the light? that's what is interesting. Vortex theories of planetary formation - we expect hollow, double vortex based planets

  • ..... Imagine our sun is an atom and the planets/moons are neutrons and electrons, imagine every atom inside your body is a star, imagine that every star in the night sky is a single atom inside a body, galaxies are molecules, collections of atoms,Imagine the billions of stars we see as the universe all make a human... a fractally nested human being repeating in a mandlebrot type infinite loop... the light that takes billions of years to reach us from the distant stars, is like the electrical impulse that travels between atoms in our body in billionths of a second... your consciousness is the collective consciouness/godhead of the inhabitants inside you and the collective consciousness/godhead that we pray to/connect with is the singular consciousness of the body within which our star exists, so for instance, me, writing this now, my singular consciousness is the collective of the billions of different species and races living inside me, and the singular consciousness i connect to is the collective of billions of different races within this universe, when we die we rejoin the collective consciousness as step along an enlightening process, imagine your mind expanding as the billions of souls inside you on an atomic level, join into your waking consciousness as you grow and develop as an individual... each one of us is a drop of consciousness like a drop of water from a lake, experiencing this reality from every perspective possible, so the godhead of the next step up is someone on this planet, our universe is a human body, each one of us on earth has our own universe and we all live inside each other in a mandlebrot fractally nested human, 7 billion interlooped dimensions/realities. each one of us is the same as everyone else, we all have the same soul, we are all born the same and die the same, the only difference is the experiences between these 2 points....and then..... imagine the rotating mask illusion,where the inside of a rotating mask looks like the outside when viewed from the right angle..... you're not inside your body, you're outside looking in through your eyes, the universe is inside your physical shell but your soul is looking in from the outside, the illusion is that you are inside yourself.If you imagine a white space, just white light in every direction, no shapes or forms, everything is pure light, then a human form appears and you look into it's eyes, suddenly you're first person perspective in the physical universe you call your everyday reality.... the eyes really are the window to the soul, your soul is watching this reality like a virtual reality headset. one soul(god) experiencing 7 billion different realities simultaneously

  • man...after all the tests, that parachute didn't last 1 second

  • There's 10:42 I'm never getting back! Why not spend another 5 to say ... 1. LDSD: how can we use 34 letters to spell "parachute" (including spaces)? 2. The video editor may have one of the more severe forms off A.D.D. known to man. 3. How does this project's work potentially improve upon the tech already in use? 4. What are/were the expectations of those potential improvements? 5. This video seems like a fevered dream sequence of an engineer on the project.

  • Brings back the idea.. the Lunar mission was a hoax.. so Now people will think the Mars missions.. are fake as well.

  • lovely image

  • Thank goodness for algorithms.

  • tnx Leonardo da Vinci for the parachute .

  • I like learning about the science, but I wish you would get passed the sound bites and publish the whole interviews; I think our attention span is long enough to handle it.

  • when that guy stands up at 2:17 i was like Oh my god his head it going to get hit! Knowing that he was at a safe distance and it was the angle

  • that's the best we can do? convinces me the moon landings were fake. if you could animate the first 50 seconds couldn't you clean up the last 5? Government ! Cut their spending!

  • why not have a structure expand with epoxy or some non gassing resin?

    • My Guess would be because of mass. Using a gas means you can use less mass and get more surface area to create drag with an inflatable. You can compress a gas and take up less volume in the spacecraft also.

  • Like the Star Trek TNG holodeck!!!

  • Would be nice if the project or some of that project was open-source. I think if combining the power of ours brains we can go further and further. Maybe we anonymous geeks can help improve the actual technology or sharing new ideas. Congrats for the project! Its really make me smile like a child when discovery star wars movies! =D

    • @HTHAMMACK1 Great! Does that mean it will run on Linux?? We don't need no stinkin' licenses or proprietary software on Mars.

    • It will be open-sourced and it will be open for all developers as well. You just won't hear much about that until April when they'll release and talk about the APIs and developer tools.

  • Hope it doesn't blue screen on me.

  • Welcome to the future, bitches!

  • Cool Video.

  • splendid!!

  • does the image need to be projected on a wall like it seems to be in the video or are users seeing all the environment into their glasses (terrain data+holograms) and the projection here being made only for the video purpose?

    • No, it can be projected anywhere in the room according to the impressions I've read. You can also walk around objects in 3D and look at them from different angles. This isn't simply a static, 2D image.

  • idk why but the dude's eyes blinking hurts my eyes.

  • Pity the lander landed after its seconds bounce ended up next to a rock which seems to be in permanent shade which is not good news for the lander at all.

  • tava na faculdade com Sarney no planalto

  • No sound?

  • How privileged are we to view this from the comfort of home? Thank you Team HiRISE.

  • 0:38 for the footage.. why is this video 50 seconds long?

  • Triton has possible life

  • Chute failure, but good data! congratulations JPL on a successful mission! thanks for posting!

  • I liked the flying carrot - that was the only bit I could understand with the commentary missing. Any chance of re-posting JPL?

  • Metric system please.

  • JPL: A good accompaniment for these videos would be a "day in the life" for some of these wonderful people. Walk around the office, show datacenter, labs, tools, gadgets, etc... The bio would be a lead in. It's about people, anyone can be anything! It would make great classroom viewing.

  • Wow, A great story, well told. I love these videos.

  • "Don't be so proud of this technological terror you've constructed" - The Death Star, Darth Vader, Star Wars

    • interesting, but single-shot lazer from the station wouldn't be practical militarily

  • Didn't understand anything.

  • so who do I send a check to?

  • so who do I send a check to?

  • Remember in the 60s, 70s and 80s people were denying that the Ozone Layer wasn't really depleting? They also said that the Ozone Layer went through cycles... which it does to an extent. Thankfully we had enough understanding of science in 1980s to realize that humans were a major cause of its depletion and stopped CFCs. Now 30 years later we are in the same boat. Over 95% of our top scientist in our would says humans are the cause... but for some reason people with no education, no degree, no research to their name in climate change still deny that even global warming is happening. Makes you wonder sometimes...

  • This is only good for one reason,America and Britany would be half in watter,so war would stop,and people would start to use green thenology.

    • @Stefan Korica I don't think you get my point...

    • @ZlatkoTheGod If you have civilized countries LAW must be obeyd no matter what,and no matter who you are,and when you see how NATO and Russia are dodging war crimes you can see what BANANA country means.

    • @Stefan Korica Yes except nobody would leave those resources behind when they could make so much money off of it, there would still be wars because the US and Britain aren't the only assholes on the planet and above all: human beings are terrible, that can't be fixed so easily.

    • Nope big oil/fuel/gas/coal companies and their bilioners that have their balls down the US&BRIT govermants troughts would fade away,and people would start using electricity for cars and solar penals for houses,and other green tehnologys wouldnt be supresd by big&rich people that are playing monopoly in real life... I forgot to add CHINA they are almost more capitalists then freaking US..

    • That s so beyond wrong...

  • Sheeple. All of you.

  • "We could have saved ourselves, but we didn't. It's amazing. What state of mind were we in, to face extinction and simply shrug it off?"

  • The people that claim climate change is a natural cycle, seem to forget that those cycles are every 20-30 thousand yrs.The last time(a ice age) this planet was sparsely populated and even then we only survived because of the pockets in southern areas. How do you think 7 billion of us will fare when our farm lands dry up, or when there is no fresh water produced by ice & snow? And will you feel any better if this is caused by natural cycles.