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4:29How did Perseverance capture a panorama of Mars? See the pics
9:59Incredible Perseverance Mars landing video explained by NASA
3:26Watch Perseverance's Mars descent and landing in stunning video
1:24President Biden hails Mars landing in call to NASA
31:30Did you see Perseverance land? | Space Chat Replay
Did you see Perseverance land? | Space Chat ReplayÁhorf 2,7 þ.Degi Síðan síðan
1:14See Perseverance's first color images of Martian surface
2:16Perseverance's first pics of Mars - What are we seeing?
3:23See Perseverance's first image of Mars after touchdown
13:02MOXIE will turn Martian atmosphere into pure oxygen


  • Did I hear Matt Daemon in the background?

  • It's just lazy engineering. Write some codes and make the sky crane land too. Why you gotta waste all that equipment.

  • It's **beautiful!** I'm a real rock-hound and I'd just go **crazy** with the thousands and thousands of meteorites just lying around waiting to be picked up!

  • why are these videos still shitty quality, i thought the camera would be epic this time. dissapointed

  • Maaaan...them pics where taken in New Mexico 🤔🤔🤔

  • Theres people on earth who cant afford rent and live on the street and dont know when theyre going to eat again and your spending money on fantasy. Get real.

  • same like earth. same creatre.

  • Within in a 100 years human colonise a mars.

  • i would have thought by now hd video would replace the same cameras from the moon landing

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  • شباب في احد عربي يشوف كوكب المريخ 👆😐

  • mooield moon + shield

  • nasa simply won't send billions of dollars rover to Mars just like that...nasa must have discovered something far more Important things.assume that there are humans like ourselves with more advance technology sure nasa going to hide it from public's...multi billion dollar rover just taking pictures of dry land n mountains what a joke....

  • Nice

  • Take the mask off ffs

  • Lol🤥🙄

  • Why we wasting money in going to mars how about we spend it here and fix our fucking planet fuck mars

  • Watch the movie and Read book The Martian.....

  • the number of people in these comments that dont understand that the skycrane had no control processor on board

  • I can see a Walmart

  • So our 1st interactions with a new world is to pollute it with our discarded junk...

  • Wonder if Those rocks will cause wear on it’s wheels?



  • I keep posting the same comment on all the new photos from Percy, but damn that's so freaking awesome!!!



  • it's freakin incredible!, the "science" involved to have these pics...


  • After everybody stops rocketing all their junk into space, Waste Management should send up an empty Garbage Truck to haul it all away.




  • Not one tree in sight and to think the whole planet is nothing but a desolate wasteland

  • Home is an interesting word. It's the house you live in, it's the street your house is at, the city, country, continent, planet... it can be where the heart is. Just imagine colonists visiting earth for the first time in the future saying "I'm home" when they enter our solar system. I'm so happy to know that we'll reach that level in the not so far future but just utterly shattered when i realize i won't be alive to see that.

  • Seems like such a waist - a entire planet just there .... alone and empty! How many others out there simply exist, that’s it !

  • Why is it we care so much about life on that planet and so little about life on this planet.

  • Why not land it?

  • Why does these videos look so fake ? These are just ISprofile videos , you can't believe them. 😂 Where have we heard that before ?

  • Looks like nevada

  • Good luck growing plants elon.

  • Skycrane: my time has come.

  • Lame. Another rover showing nothing new. Good thing we didn't use that money for anything meaningful here on Earth.

  • Wow

  • Jump guys jump, I will jump when humanity goes extinct..... Fuc*ing humans

  • I'd love to see high resolution images like this from Venus and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

  • like middle east land. Probably people can survive there like people in the middle east dessert.

  • It's really sad that Earth is the only habitable, lifebearing planet in our Solar System. Imagine how exciting it would be if Venus and Mars had biospheres filled with strange plants and animals to explore. There's still a chance that Europa has something living beneath the surface ice and I hope a mission to explore it happens in my lifetime.

  • Amazing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • And just beyond that hill are the rolling Martian metropolis...with high rises and jam packed freeways....

  • Waiting for someone to say it's all fake.

  • Wow it so good... pucture is incredible

  • Why the music so loud

  • Why does it look greenish on the slopes?

  • Multi-family units. Good view.

  • 😭

  • 👏we are witnessing another planet that speaks to us the vastness and significance of creation itself beyond home...y much much more to discover with wonder!

  • Simply Amazing!!

  • That's where human race will live 9 years from now.

  • And that is the start of waste pollution in Mars.

  • Refugees welcome here. Inclusion,diversity!

  • I think I see a Starbucks.

  • Thank you NASA...we are so proud of you...u are keeping Humanity's hope alive..

  • Bonek In Mars

  • The Sky Crane should have been used as another non movable laboratory once it dropped off Perseverance. This could have included additional radio comms, drilling tools, environmental monitoring, and micro scientific experiments from the educational sectors...

  • I feel so sad for Sky Crane. Kinda like a mother carrying a kid for 7mo and dying to give birth!


  • Dude, keep em coming. This is amazing. Thank you for putting this together.

  • Who else believes that there’s definitely other living species there that maybe we just can’t physically see? Or perhaps living under the ground?

    • Had this feeling for years

    • underground bacteria or simpler life may be possible.

  • Did you see the Martians? Right behind that hill over there_________

  • So we already leaving trash ? Smh

  • That looks exactly like where I was camping last week What The Hell, NASA

  • NASA withholding the pictures the rover took of a Decepticon.

  • Bonek In Mars

  • It’s looks like a desert here on earth, amazing!

  • So many CCP shills in these comments

  • Makes me just as emotional as when Cassini flew into Saturn

  • I keep expecting to see a life form to be staring back as the camera keeps panning right, how amazing but even to find evidence of past life to help put the puzzles together of the timeline from Mars would be amazing

  • Incredible. I'm so excited for the other images and videos about to come our way over the next 2 years! Especially the heli!!

  • Matt "Perseverance" Damon