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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


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  • “I’ve got the thighs of a horse, I’m the winning Clydesdale”

  • someone else commented this so definitely not taking credit, but the end was like all of the movies i grew up on in the late 90s/early 2000s with two rivals becoming friends and just laughing and chatting side by side together. WELL DONE ON THE CAMERA WORK, MOSES!!!! hahaha it was perfect.

  • trishas hair in french braids is so cute omg

  • the ending is so wholesome

  • hila looks like a model, would love her to do an ultra fab photo shoot w trish😻

  • Iconic

  • He really bought the matching Frenemies Rolls lol

  • the Rolls Royce segment is sooo cute!!💖🖤

  • Nope, thats not true, she would think you were walking up to her to shoot her to kill her lol Dont walk up to her and say can i help you?, she would freak out lol

  • I would love you guys and the crew to go in a haunted location and do an investigation. Just an idea lol

  • on keto you can have berries. (low in net carbs) its not all protein. keto is low carb, high fat. "when you eat more protein than your body needs, some of its amino acids will be turned into glucose via a process called gluconeogenesis. this can become a problem on very-low-carb, ketogenic diets and prevent your body from going into full-blown ketosis."

  • I’m kinda curious what Trisha would do if she wasn’t a ISprofiler and influencer

  • How has this show not been trending

  • She probably would have done even better if she tapped those puppies down

  • Iconic, hila used to be behind the camera on h3 productions laughing and now Moses is behind the camera comforting trish

  • Mrbeast is better than a lot of people

  • Who would have thought Trish and Ethan would be BFFs. ❤👏 fav podcast

  • Tammy and Amy

  • Bruh trishas wall sit was ass she's basically just leaning she needs to dip lower

  • TBH I think I would have even worse results in those exercise challenges and I'm underweight. I have no strength in my arms.

  • Not me thinking they said Rolex and not rolls Royce

  • Best video yet

  • Trisha so graceful 😂

  • Wow post malone is actually crazy

  • The last part of the video in the parking lot, just wow. Hopefully more like this. Moses, props on that ending, you have an eye.

  • I know a steroid body that is not one - lol trish

  • 58:13

  • 37:00 HAD ME DYING

  • I remember the Dr.Drew episode well. He definitely was shitting on Ethan every chance he got.

  • can we follow you guys on a gastric bypass journy?

  • Omg when someone pulls up next to them and Trisha visibly tenses up and Moses is straight away like “it’s ok” and she relaxes. Such a wholesome pair ❤️

  • Trisha’s workout set is everything 😍

  • is the mic picking up Ethan farting???

  • dying over that cheese fountain

  • Moses is so sweet🥺 his voice in the back “I love keto”

  • Someone needs to show Ethan the video of the elderly Asian man who was violently shoved to the ground, wtf how does he not know about this issue???

  • trish def won really

  • i have no clue who bryce hall is, and im 21. i just dont get it

  • Jason gets 40%

  • Trisha and Bert Kreischer should start a fitness show as the Alex Jones of Fitness

  • cant wait for frenemies merch

  • If the next podcast was filmed just like the in n out scene with the cars & maybe during the day with a better background that would go crazy

  • I'm usually a silent viewer, but seeing Ethan and Trisha playing at a park literally made my entire week.

  • I can do it , oh you can do it too.

  • Wait Moses saying “you’re okay” when Trisha gets nervous after the car pull up close to them. 🥺

  • The cars at the end!!!

  • Who else liked when Moses panned out to both cars side by side

  • trisha your hair looks soo beautiful here! this style gives me winx club vibes <3

  • I wanna know where trisha got her outfit from, anyone have any idea where its from?

  • Amazing episode! 👏🏻

  • Trish went ditz with that hair. Damn girl. You are so cray cray.

  • This was great!

  • "A hundred pounds of MUSCLE" 😂

  • True family Love right here!!

  • I love these 2 together more and more! Their dynamic is awesome!

  • The URL for this video starts with 'gAY'

  • Ethan, I hear you but Trisha is right...sustainable fashion is not financially accessible to everyone. Until sustainable fashion becomes more affordable to everyone, fast fashion isn't something you can shame. Yeah, sure I can buy one pair of jeans for $100+ but then I only have one and if my job needs me to wear them everyday, what do I do then?

  • You guys are the best. I legit can’t stop cracking up

  • No amount of sports bras could contain those

  • The way Trisha looked at Ethan with so much compassion and zero judgement during his ridiculous cough bc she thought it was a tic 😂😂 i love 2021 Trish

  • Can they watch hailey Bieber’s embarrassing moments with the paparazzi? Lol no hate. It’s just funny.

  • Anyone taking shots every time Trisha “mmmmmmgh”s?

  • everyone cares when people work with woody Allen but no-one gave a damn when little dicky worked with Chris brown

  • moses running to get the basketball is life

  • Omg how Moses reassured Trisha about the car that pulled up next to them 🥺💖

  • Use this as fuel Ethan! You can do it bro

  • The guarded pumpkin macroscopically flower because illegal ultrastructually compare for a narrow calf. flashy, sassy sweatshop

  • Epic ending

  • okay I’ve heard you say this now so many times, David did not SA Seth but he did have influence over the situation. Jason is the one that kissed Seth without consent

  • I just thought it was weird she’s dressed like what most Americans I guess would consider “korean fashion” and just happened to choose konnichiwa as her entrance? I don’t think it was as premeditated as that sounds but I don’t know I feel like the rest of it was just to cover it up and make it non-controversial lol (wasn’t hating by the way just an odd observation)

  • This podcast brings me genuine joy thank you so much 😭😭😭

  • I never knew that the Ben Shapiro call was a gag. The impersonator sounded like the real Ben Shapiro, talks fast but I couldn't not understand a word he said just like the real Ben Shapiro hahaha

  • Whenever Bryce said clubhouse it made me think of 13 reasons why the clubhouse where they took girls 😂

  • Ethan running is so funny and adorable hahahaha

  • Best episode hands down

  • i lovedd moses walking away lmao SUCH AN AMAZING VID YOU TWO MAKE ME SO HAPPY

  • This was a freakin hilarious episode. I’m dying. So many good moments. Keep this podcast coming 😂

  • Thank you Trish, SO MUCH, for raising awareness on what's happening to the asian community

  • Wow thanks for this episode ❤️

  • HOLY SHIT this show is just getting worse and worse. The drama crap is getting really boring. Please cut the negativity and stop focus on the fucking drama, the new episodes is almost 2 hours of bullshit and just complete shit.