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Not only are our chips packed with serious crunch and bold flavors, the DORITOS® brand is all about bold experiences in snacking and beyond.


0:16Doritos 3D | Kite - Super Bowl LV Teaser #2
Doritos 3D | Kite - Super Bowl LV Teaser #2Áhorf 2,7 m.Mánuði síðan
5:11Natalie Mariduena Gets (Doritos) Flamin’ Hot (Limón)
5:03Jason Nash Noshes Doritos Lasagna
Jason Nash Noshes Doritos LasagnaÁhorf 96 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
5:23Doritos Flamin’ Hotzarella Sticks with AdamW
Doritos Flamin’ Hotzarella Sticks with AdamWÁhorf 106 þ.2 mánuðum síðan
5:26A Doritos OmeletteX with SpencerX
A Doritos OmeletteX with SpencerXÁhorf 73 þ.3 mánuðum síðan
5:08Doritos, ‘Dillas, and Dixie D’Amelio
Doritos, ‘Dillas, and Dixie D’AmelioÁhorf 290 þ.3 mánuðum síðan
Doritos | CRASH FROM HOME WINNERSÁhorf 18 þ.5 mánuðum síðan
1:23Do You Hear Us Now? #AmplifyBlackVoices
Do You Hear Us Now? #AmplifyBlackVoicesÁhorf 2,1 þ.7 mánuðum síðan
0:31Do You Hear Us Now? #AmplifyBlackVoices
Do You Hear Us Now? #AmplifyBlackVoicesÁhorf 10 þ.7 mánuðum síðan
4:08Doritos 2020 Valedictorians
Doritos 2020 ValedictoriansÁhorf 6 þ.9 mánuðum síðan
0:07Doritos® | Flamin’ Hot Limón
Doritos® | Flamin’ Hot LimónÁhorf 72 þ.Ári síðan
0:07Doritos® | Cool Ranch
Doritos® | Cool RanchÁhorf 37 þ.Ári síðan
0:10Incognito Doritos
Incognito DoritosÁhorf 18 þ.Ári síðan
3:19Doritos Blaze the Beat
Doritos Blaze the BeatÁhorf 13 þ.2 árum síðan
10:16Five items. One Blaze Beat. One $50K Prize.
0:31Jurassic Doritos
Jurassic DoritosÁhorf 40 þ.2 árum síðan
0:07It’s happening…
It’s happening…Áhorf 12 þ.2 árum síðan
0:31Doritos® HeatWave: Meet the HEAT
Doritos® HeatWave: Meet the HEATÁhorf 30 þ.3 árum síðan


  • He looks like he would stink

  • Ugh LSD is a trip

  • Therapist: "Flat Matthew isn't real. He can't hurt you." Flat Matthew:

  • Flat Stanley

  • Flathew. Missed an opportunity there.

    • no flat Stanley

  • I don’t know why but this is my favorite I’ve ever saw

  • Before this: Matthew ate a 2d Doritos and became flat.

  • 0:53

  • So glad Doritos brought back the 3D...for a tasty treat, nibble one corner of the chip then squirt in some of that cheese whiz stuff...I invented this treat back in the mid 1990's. It's delicious! And really the only way to eat and enjoy a 3D chip...Imo. Try it! You'll like/love it!!!

  • I just came for the comments too see how old I feel. Since we had a giant grouping of people who thought post malone discovered ozzy I'm sure nobody will believe these are a comeback concept

  • When triangle gets an update:

  • Bad

  • Flat fat

  • 0:49 dude THAT IS SO SMOOTH.

  • flat stanley

  • Okay let's go to Mount Everest

  • Seriously one jalapenos having you run for your money pathetic I can eat Chile pickings like nothing in there dozens of time spice here and jalapeno not to mention habanettos Thai 🌶️ good peppers

  • They are not the same!! Such a disappointment! And an insult to peoples memory..

  • How Twitter expects drawings to be when they say “where are her organs”

  • Was he driving a Lincoln?

  • Can you make 3D Doritos in nacho cheese flavor

  • Should have stayed Flat?!

  • I have those lol

  • Shut up and take my money💰 😏

  • Me reviewing the nacho cheese 3D

  • Moral of the story don’t eat thin Doritos

  • Stahp

  • LOL

  • Creepy

  • Yes one of my favorite chips growing up

  • Oh you mean Flatthew

  • Can you make nacho cheese

  • ....I remember another chip was 3d and it was good...... ahhh I forgot the name

  • A little help

  • 0:16 do not attempt you’re a 3-D people

  • Yessss you punk kids weren’t even alive the first time they came out

  • Pov- you clicked on this

  • Doritos littarally just made a short film for a damn Doritos bag.

  • Uuuh

    • My BP was 155/100

  • Uhhhh give me doritoes

  • The ending is so scary. 😨

    • This guy is still alive?

  • Flat Stanley

  • And a legend was born

  • "Get Me Outta Here!"-Flat Matt.

  • If it wasnt in 3D before then what was it 2D?

  • All Flat All Flat All Flat. × 3 by the biggest D.

  • fun fact: they taste like sealed bugle chips with doritos dust on them, they're absolute shit dont buy them you'll be 100% disappointed with how they taste now

    • They are not the same as the old ones


  • The Doritos look so good, I want to eat them🙂

  • Ngl if I was Mathew I would go in and pull the Doritos out and then eat

  • 0:59 Flat Matthew Turn Table #FlatMatthew

  • I actually clicked the ad because he looked so crazy in the thumbnail.

  • Love hearing Freddies voice

  • A


  • Ah yes a actual funny ad

  • This guy is still alive?

  • My BP was 155/100

  • Stops on the Rito’s they’re bad for you then meet you fat just get rid of the company

  • "Doritos never made a good transition to 3D."

  • God knows I- *gets stuck in vending machine*

  • This commercial was as flat as matt

  • I love Doritos they taste so good

  • You should have an alternate with an actress

  • These are terrible. Not at all like the 3D Doritos from the late 90's/early 2000's. They're just rebranded Bugles.

  • Me in highschool:

  • Did anyone else read Flat Stanley when they were younger?

  • Doritos turns you fat!!!


    • They don't taste the same. The 3D Doritos from the late 90's/early 2000's were light, and crispy. These are thick and hard as a rock. And they don't come in the original flavors. They're basically rebranded Bugles. Really disppointed.

  • These are my favorite flavor

  • This is the sequal to the commercial fzero snes USA

  • Mexico had these WAY Before Americans adapted the Idea

  • You guys really messed these up. This is a food texture I remember VIVDLY. They are supposed to be thinner doritos that kind of melt as you play with the texture in your mouth. They are glorified Bugles. The ranch tastes exactly the same but with heat, but the texture is SUPER IMPORTANT. Please accurately bring the 90's back.

    • Thank you! I feel exactly the same! I was so excited when I heard they were bringing these back and my disappointment is immeasurable. =(

  • These tata chips will light on fire dis is what we feeding are kids

  • #FlatMatthew

  • Olddddddddddd

  • Pls Make more I don’t wanna buy this for $20,000 USD

  • I don't even eat doritos but I'm here for I Want To Break Free

    • Jimmy Kimmel the man who never made me laugh

  • This is the new youtube rewind

  • Yes I now eat thick dog poop

  • Where are these?