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Delivering you the right food for right now with the eats that define your local food scene. By reinventing the conventional and savoring the classics, we’ll design an experience with you in mind. Find what you're craving and we’ll deliver it right to you!


0:07最後のひときれ| Uber Eats
最後のひときれ| Uber EatsÁhorf 542Degi Síðan síðan
0:16最後のひときれ | Uber Eats
最後のひときれ | Uber EatsÁhorf 1,3 m.Degi Síðan síðan
0:07最後のひとつ | Uber Eats
最後のひとつ | Uber EatsÁhorf 7767 dögum síðan
0:16最後のひとつ | Uber Eats
最後のひとつ | Uber EatsÁhorf 993 þ.7 dögum síðan
0:16最後のひとくち | Uber Eats
最後のひとくち | Uber EatsÁhorf 514 þ.7 dögum síðan
0:07最後のひとくち | Uber Eats
最後のひとくち | Uber EatsÁhorf 7787 dögum síðan
0:53Eat Local Song | Uber Eats


  • Is no one going to talk about how the announcer sounds exactly like Phil Hartman?

  • Iiooiiiiooopploooooopppppppoo

  • Love how she pays homage to black history month, classy

  • This is lame, the real Wayne and the real Garth would never have Cardi B on their show, and if they did it would be to make fun of her

  • Garth doesn't look a day older than rigor mortis

  • A lot of homophobes in the comments.

  • Well be seeing these two legends in Marvel

  • And B***s btw

  • Just why someone who swears and show a** and swears

  • Dont be too sure. There is a good chance the food wont arrive. If it does some will be missing. And guess what. It never is anyones fault. U pay and who cares if you get what you paid for or not. Answer no one

  • I love it love it love it!!!!party on!!!

  • They should not have put cardi loser with them,,But really good to see and hear from dana carvey ,he is a icon

  • More of this! Less of the cringey gymnast ones

  • 美秀姊好可愛❤️

  • Σ(,,ºΔº,,*) Snapmakerはピザカッターになっている…!

  • The dumbest thing about this ad is that it makes no sense. How else would I eat if not local. I’m not importing food from Jerusalem, I’m eating at a nearby Wendy’s.

    • i would love to see a crossover, team-up, of Wayne and Garth, meet Bill and Ted

  • Cool commercial until the end when that ignorant cardi b comes in.

    • The waynes world movie came out the year cardi b was born lol

  • El gachupas : Caray tío qué esos negros zapatudos qué te la dejan caer, los estás mimando.....!!! Eugenio : Es que los amo, desde que me la meten todos en bola cago rebien.....!!! 😍😍

  • Why cardi b?

  • Cardio B dressed as Garth🤩

  • 💘

  • 💘💘

  • Dana's a chicks name

  • It’s sad that it’s hard to see through all of the credits. I mean, I’m happy they’re thanking everyone, but, it’s dizzying to watch for more than a minute or two, so the whole thing is wasted...having said that, I did watch it until the end...

  • Wow

  • Loved it. Too bad they didn’t like each other enough to do a third movie. Although, the second one was Shiite, anyway. They must have made a killing on that commercial.

  • Wayne’s world came out in 92 so they got a 92 baby perfect 92 baby

  • Alright, I honestly like uber eats significantly less for having to had to experience any content involving cardi b whatsoever, even if there is a small degree of ironic acknowledgment within the ad.

  • Can never go wrong with Cardi B.

  • The detail in this is amazing, they even had the same type of guitar.

  • Ew

  • 0:33 vom.lol

  • 0:23 von.in.net

  • Well done.✔️✌🏾

  • 0:45 bed.gen.in

  • The next time you Visit Europe take your hat off in the restaurant. We're not American. Be respectful next time. Having said this I love your shows. Just remember out of America we have manners

  • Dont use uber eats disgussting company

  • I will die hungry but wont use dirty uber eats.

  • Dont like uber at all.

  • Uber is a bad bad serviec.

  • Worse company to bussines with.

  • They really should’ve went with Alice Cooper instead of Cardi B

  • Tbh cardi being in this clip makes me cringe a little😬

    • How cute was that? Baby Wayne and Baby Garth...preciousness!

  • 2021 : Uber Eats

  • Uber just screwed up waynes world forever for me

    • Uber Eats rapes local businesses with 30% fees on orders yet they’re spending millions on a super bowl ad telling you to “eat local”. Absolute hypocrisy at its finest.

  • The waynes world movie came out the year cardi b was born lol

  • i would love to see a crossover, team-up, of Wayne and Garth, meet Bill and Ted

  • I have been saying this forever and a day. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAYNE'S WORLD THREE..

  • Garth is an amazing artist

  • His missus is coaching him on the Australian accent

  • PAINFULLY UNFUNNY all these ads are... ❗😐😕

  • The most irritating commercial .

  • So then are they seriously playing the location based off the location in your phone? Because let’s just say I saw an ODDLY specific one on Snapchat

  • 1:07:33

  • Way to ruin my childhood by collaborating with the Latina Hyena herself

    • I never noticed how much Cardi B sounds like Riley Freeman from Boondocks

  • i want to see a crossover with Wayne and Garth, meet Bill and Ted

  • likee

  • I really liked this commercial until it was ruined by that Cardi B thing. It's cool Uber Eats used her, I mean she did admit to drugging and robbing guys. Bravo

  • Cardi B has now Wayne’s World

  • 今晚我想來點 汕頭火鍋

  • This is why my entire company of 500+ employees stopped using uber

  • out of all the possible places I could have been living, my city managed to be the very first one on the board.

  • Im actually never using your service because of this ad you woke parasites.

  • sounds similar to glovo sound at restaurant tablets

  • Why do they look like Rhett and Link from gmm

  • 今だけのお得なキャンペーン開催中

  • 0:36 vor.in.net

    • It's not even 36 seconds long

    • bot lmao

  • 0:38 vor.in.net

  • Hi

  • Its funny that people don't get that this was purposefully cringy and awful. Its satire of commercials

    • Austin Powers was funnier than Waynes World so not a real loss.

  • Uber Eats definitely stepped up their game! Their current new offers are phenomenal! Not sure who Wayne & Garth are lol, but gotta love it! 😆😅👍👍

    • Born in Scarborough, Ontario = the unidentifiable "star" on here, lol... Ontario vs Winnipeg = what is Winnipeg!!? 😆

  • These to iconic actors reunited to sit in siolence for 2 hours😂

  • Am I the only one that likes this ad?

  • I feel bad for whoever edited this.

  • This is kinda sad 🤷‍♂️

  • “It’s like people only do things because they get paid and that’s just really sad”

  • This jus might be the annoying ad to ever exist

  • This is sad

  • Amazing! Excellent!