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10:15James Charles NEEDS to be put JAIL for this!
James Charles NEEDS to be put JAIL for this!Áhorf 1,1 m.2 mánuðum síðan
17:33DREAM vs JOHN SWAN - Debate - Interview! #DramaAlert


  • Those punches look a little too slow for mayweather

  • Bro Gotcha hats becoming a thing?!?!?!?!


  • Let's make this the highest likeed comment on ISprofile .

  • Sheeesh the 956 is on the channel 😼🤣

  • Honestly, not upset about this.

  • So now killer keemstar is trying to destroy mrbeast

  • Logan is straight trash at boxing

  • anyone gonna talk about the juul

  • i don’t really like those tik tok guys, but like seriously, those college kids are supposed to be adults, kinda cringe tbh


  • Oh ya did you read my comment lol just kidding love the content big dog

  • If you read every single comment say hi 🥰

  • 969k views lmao....a funny number

  • Nah Bryce got kick out of that party and was bitching about how there wasn't enough girls for him lol

  • Keemstar : zoe levern is growing up Me : ok:v Also keemstar : zoe levern is pregnant Also me : here we go again

  • Wait you said the best boxer I didn’t know he was fighting Mike Tyson in his prime now he is really fucked

  • Ew

  • taylor with the nirvana shirt

  • I’m the girl in this video.. I’m a nurse now and guess what.. NEVER GOT THE CAR. So disappointed

  • if logan beats floyd than ksi is the greatest of all time

  • other games = league of legends

  • I don’t think Mike cheated, could have just been having a tidy tug, a posh polish, a wealthy wank. Never know

  • Who cares about Floyd Mayweather vs logan Paul? Make it Floyd vs Jake and I'll watch the fight

  • What is it with youtubers and tiktokers suddenly all fighting eachother?

  • H3h3 trying his hardes to put keem down. Good f luck h3. You need it 😈

  • Me: oh look the human cockroach Oh yeah I hate Logan Me: nah I was talking about Keemstar

  • Hey can i have a job

  • Mike Tyson is the best fighter in history

  • I don’t like Jake Paul but the words gotcha hat redefined entertainment

  • Keematar reads all comments? False information has been found‼️

  • Why the fuck was fouseytube at that party lol

  • This is fire, the order is cool...cool to put a fire celeb like logan after the first few drama alerts, its keeping all more engaged

  • 0:33

  • trespassing aint actually a crime right?

  • Anyone fancy helping me out

  • BIG BIG BIG W to kids that took Bryce hall hat

  • is this youtube shorts copyright free?

  • guys just stop with the jokes. It's not funny.

  • Imagine having a pornstar as a gf whos loyal af and still cheating on her.

  • "I found a used condom, did you cheat on me when we promised no cheating? Mike- "I don't want to talk about it" Busted.

  • The Vids: 4k 1080p My ISprofile: *360p Take it or leave it*

  • 'It was not my intention to break a crime' I lost all braincells

  • can we start a petition for news channels to stop talking about jake oil bc that’s all he wants

  • Jake Paul got punched but he wanted to act tough they are just putting up an act Ik they regret their actions after they sit down and think

  • Jake Paul had been punched in the face now we are waiting for Clownstar to be next!

  • "Having a kid will make you grow up real quick" Clearly not you Clowstar.

  • Adam Saleh VS his manager please keem

  • Do Adam Saleh please!!

  • Do you really read all the comments tho...

  • Man if Lana was my girl I’d spent 24/7 with her she is so nice and supportive

  • 9:15 the harsh reality of being a tiktoker

  • I dont like keem but i want tea💁‍♂️

  • Stop hashtagging ur ISprofile channel name. We can see it right under the title.

  • Everyone gangsta until my man said pokimane

  • hi

  • 5:22 Chakka 😂😂😂

  • Nothing better than catching up and listening to Keem's videos at 2 in the morning playing some Fallout. Makes me happy every time, it really does :)

  • "Bro your frat to lit raw dogging strippers & beating celebs"-random hater 2021

  • Looser channel

  • Check my ig @theadventurekid__

  • if boogie goes to jail frank hassel has to go to jail for 2x longer

  • Killer Keemstar is looking mad fresh today my g

  • Imagine getting pressed by frat boys. Come here with your fake tough boys one look from the russians here and your manhood would run from you.

  • I've never had a comment liked by me so definitely a lie

  • College kids get a massive W

  • Okay, but what about that notification on the video if FoozeyTube? Sus.

  • You're a child if you look at it from the best perspective & from the worst I'm pretty sure they call it "ratting out" & you'd be known as a rat.. jus sayen

  • if u really read comments, comment on my best youtube vid

  • 2:00 - What the FUCK are those teeth? Jesus christ.

  • He said "Fouseytube" again. LOL. 😂

  • Keem there is no chance that Floyd MayWeather even makes top 5 boxers of the world but I do admit I want him to win.

  • Wait didn't know this 50 year old still existed on ISprofile? Somehow come up on my recommendations, thought he got cancelled and lost major sponsors lol

  • You read every single comment? Oh, well you suck. That’s all. :)

  • Drama alert bring a pioneer for 40 years old using the word capp

  • I bet u don't read comments a day later

  • I wonder if the next generation of kids will like this

  • if you like this comment keemstar is sexy

  • Keem is really shocked