World’s Longest Skate Jump!

Birt 15 maí 2021
These skate tricks are the most intense stunts you will ever see!


Raymond Warner

X Games

RIDE Channel


Josh Neuman

Kilian Bron


Strictly Skateboarding

Red Bull Bike

Kuma Films


Lotfi Lamaali

Left Lane Bandit


Pro Radical

Landen Ehlers

Red Bull


Nitro Circus

XTreme Video

Jamie 0’Brien

15ft Trampoline

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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  • 25 step skateboard jump is worlds biggest staircase jump and also worlds biggest staircase parkour jump done by dom tomato

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  • @Beast Reacts I feel like chris would be glad 2 know that there is a skateboarding anime called Sk8 the infinity were they skate downhill in a no holds barred skate board race called "S"

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