Reviewing Memes With KSI [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#86

Birt 22 nóv 2020
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  • i firmly believe that the blush was edited at the beginning because felix was actually blushing

  • Love your videos

  • Did Ned Flanders just take over pewdipies channel?!?!?!?

  • pls do more!

  • Legendary collab😂

  • Leshoto is a country by its own in South Africa

  • Bruh I’m Bri ish they didn’t get half of them I’m disappointed

  • Obviously Pewds as the worst thumbnail titles , so reply to this comment with tags , so people can find this video easily.

  • I actually searched Random Black Dude and a video of KSI came up.

  • Fries=Chips Chips=Crisps Hope that clears something up

  • his mustashe is very EPIC

  • The solid ronald importantly heap because scraper temporarily pop afore a dependent sister-in-law. four frail, delirious cupboard

  • Пичко једна што копираш муђу?


  • I rewatched this video and I can say i'm lucky that I heard KSI and Felix playing My Heart Will Go On before it got edited

  • 14:53 Juan

  • Bangladesh 🇧🇩 represent

  • Lol why does Ksi have to do gun fingers every time he says dun kno 5:15

  • americans: lidddddddddeerrrrrrrrrrrrraalllllllyyyyyy

  • Is dunno like done now

    • -Done, no? (finished, right?) -Done though (finished, however) -Dunno (not in possession of the relevant knowledge) -Dono (donation) It will remain a mystery

  • 10:52 look at ksi 😂

  • Is Demon Slayer really that good? i see it everywhere

    • The story is pretty generic and average. People like it for it's god tier animation.

  • I searched random black dude and he did come up

  • It’s funny because I’ve just seen KSI’s Reddit video where someone exposes KSI about having Bandicam right after this video.

  • J U A N .

  • 27:28 LMAO

  • 11:32 bandicam moment

  • Olly Fuc, he said, "you might as well use Fraps!!!". Lost it.

  • 21:11 SpiderBAmA 🧜🏻

  • An Nigerian and Swedish guy reviews memes in American and British English *I FUCKING LOVE IT*

    • He's a Nigerian English man. PewDiePie is just a Viking

  • fantastic collab

  • Sometimes I’ll listen to Pewdiepie to fall sleep in a good mood and my ISprofile will be on auto play. In short, I woke up to the sound of the recorder and KSI screaming into the alpine horn.

  • Juan

  • Felix is the richest but cheapest person I know 😂

  • KSI's laugh is golden

  • Pewds getting so salty and defensive about bandicam lmfaoo

  • I think it’s actually cookies which are used for improving the website and british people refer cookies as biscuits and that’s what it actually meant

  • 2:37 aren't you also European Felix🤔🤔🤔

  • bruh i love how they just totally interpreted everything wrong with the British memes

  • The biscuit joke was a play on website cookies

  • This is not just the collab we wanted But this is the collab we needed

  • We did it he finally descoverd Serbia

  • KSI dont like SEMEN 😡😂

  • I get it now, when I got straight F’s in school my teachers just REALLY respected me!

  • 20:08 wtf

  • 11:28 wtf

  • 3:52 😅

  • For me the best moment is when Pewds say Serbia 😁🇷🇸

  • It hurts me how much they just didn't get the memes


  • What's wrong using BANDICAM? Is it really that look cheap to anyone using it?

  • 19:23

  • Therapist: Omni-man PewDiePie isn’t real, he can’t hurt you Omni-man Pewdiepie:

  • 12:30 Ludwig the Accursed

  • dunkno*

  • at least i dont get shot when im in my maths class lmao

  • Revisited this...... Juan still is the supreme meme

  • ksi’s laugh gets me every time

  • Shawt=short


  • Sophie Slot sounds like Morgz's mom

  • The biscuits one was about cookies on websites

  • Next video together has got to be swedish memes

  • The karma of getting called out for bandicam after the British memes is hilarious lmao this was a dope collab

  • Imagine using Bandicam

  • Dunno is the equivalent of au guevo in Spanish lol. Sure I spelt that wrong

  • Hahaha dudes! I came back like 5 times already for that beautiful outro song, it literally get's me to tears... tears of Joy that is!

  • Dunno means peace out yall brits steal slang and dont even know what it means

  • Bruh the intro has a Kinemaster watermark on it LOL

  • 11:32 Bandicam is a great meme. KSI shouldn't be haytin!

  • Who gonna tell jj he's gotta play the horn like French horn. Same principle 😂😂

  • Can anyone else tell how uncomfortable felix is just being on call with jj?

  • Glad i was here before they change the audio at the last part. Like seriously, copyrighting a weird people like covering a song who doesn't sound like the original one is so bad...

  • 3:33 I feel like most people figured this out but because they didn’t this is for anyone else. “At least I don’t get shot in math class when I am doing my school work” (From what I can tell its a reference to school shootings in America)

  • What was the song at the end? Before the screaming 😂

  • :awesome:

  • Super kringel

  • Pewdiepie with mustache is the scariest dad form ever

  • pewdiepie looks like mario

  • I'm from America, but I have British, Irish, Scottish, Native American, French royalty and a little bit of Swedish but with a Russian the first name

  • this vid was on my birthday

  • This is my there'd time watching this

  • 2:24 thats what she said😉

  • this two should play a game togeather

  • I don't know KSI other than that thing with Logan Paul, but holy shit I actually love this man

  • Where’s the new one we need another

  • i feel like juan was a meme back in like 2014

  • 5:10

  • I don’t get shot in maths class, cuz America has school shootings

  • Ayo pewds just sitting there talking obamnium so causally while jj just sits there confused

  • i loved that KSI mentioned Josh and Ethan.

  • Them: “Where do you live?” Me: “In pain.”

  • I love that they paid respects to Mark and Ethan for unus annus

  • Best collab, my 2 favourite ISprofilers!!!!

  • Why does felix looks like steven ogg

  • 6:40 I like how KSI thinks he understands the meme but doesn't at all.

    • yh lmao that was kinda cringe. im pretty sure the joke is about website cookies but he didnt get it

  • 15:44 🖤Momento mori🤍


  • you say done know when your finished knowing (or when you understand)