Punishment Trivia Murder Party! (Jackbox Games)

Birt 28 júl 2020
It's time for a Trivia Murder Party, Jackbox-style- with punishments, of course!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Let’s give a warm welcome to our special celebrity guest, Anna Faris!

  • 12:10

  • 6:07 I’ve never laughed so hard at a random clip from part five

  • Nothing but love for Ian but I don't understand why anyone would intentionally get that haircut.

  • Filipinos: so they also call it Manila Paper in other countries. Interesting.

  • Whoever created Jack box tv is a literal genius

  • trivia murder party 2: electric spook-a-loo.

  • Remember when this show was called game bang

  • The lively volcano accordantly cheer because white microcephaly coil pace a ruthless pvc. learned, synonymous wash

  • Love how Sarah was so proud of Courtney for killing her 😂

  • When she's saying 'these questions are so easy' and ur just getting every one wrong....

  • They should really play this again, this was so fun

  • "Marmite evolves with the sun stone" Tommy, your amazing pokémon joke did not go unnoticed😂😂😂I love it😂

  • You say “because hes in your bed and im in your twitch chat” but i say “you got pneumonia and i got spaghetti”

  • there are so many questions in this game that are literally just wrong. a la carte literally means according to the card, as in set items at a fixed price because that's how they are on the menu. I'm so mad

  • i was about to say Ian and Courtney’s ship name would be courian and then I realised what it sounds like

  • So this is the shit that replaced game bang.......... wow

  • pinnipeds are the scientific family of seals

  • Everybody made a comment when Courtney ate the vegemite donut EXCEPT Shayne haha

  • 14:35 pause..why is that the funniest thing ive seen all day? XD XD

  • Lol 20:59

  • 11:00 MKE oh no

  • Tommy almost came back too...this was EPIC. Love Trivia Murder Party!

  • tommys pokemon reference made me so happy "Marmite evolves with a sunstone"

  • to be honest the smosh can hasnt been the same since 2020 started

  • Vegemite is the best but idk on a donut though...

  • How is no one else obsessed with Courtney’s Anna Farris impression!?

  • The vacuum with lips is just someone's failed Shizuku cosplay

  • For a second I thought that Sarah was bleeding whenever the vacuum came off 😳

  • I want Sarah’s shirt!!

  • I love how they talked about Vegemite as if the Americans invented it without saying Australia once. And the audacity to say Vegemite and Marmite were the same 😥

  • I was probably the only one who freaked out when that Hickey machine came at Sarah's neck. That's a good way to get blood clots and probably burst blood vessels ;-;

  • Why Courtney nevers sits for Eat It or Yeet It....

  • Is Ian okay? He looks like he jaundiced

  • lips to a vacume cleaner monster inc vibs

  • Vegemite is a plant based spread Marmite is a meat based spread Just so y’all Aussie haters know

  • 12:28 EAT IT OR YEET IT!!! 😂😂😂

  • Veggiemite is not that bad

  • Courtneys vegemite donut is the payback for not playing eat it or yeet it.

  • 8:18 shayne slay, 13:28 rpg abrupt cut, 19:48 winner

  • Guys I got a Board AF add 😂

  • I got an entire Bored AF as an ad before this??

  • Me a Mormon, getting the caffeine question right

  • The detective hat is from the $300 mystery box video

  • Are we just gonna ignore the jojo part 5 clip

  • Courtney’s Anna Faris impression was REALLY GOOD, THOUGH

  • we need to see damien's top 10 smells


  • I GOT A HUNCH THAT IT'S PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jorge Ramos goku

  • I’m so early

  • 6:06 6:12 JOJO GOLDEN WIND

  • One truth prevails

  • No one: Not even a soul: Shayne: FEF.

  • Wow when did smosh recruit the pastor on the left to play games with them?

  • Unexpected Milwaukee shoutout... I’ll take it

  • That hickey machine is so rough

  • Play jack box party pack 7

  • Is no one gonna talk about Ian's hair 😭

  • When Courtney ate the donut i just thought "eat it or yeet is not letting even the server be safe

  • This is why Courtney presents Eat it or Yeat it

  • I got spaghetti and you get pneumonia 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The smosh fam Damien the wine mom Shayne the dad joke dad Ian the nerdy academic older brother Courtney the rebellious middle child Sarah the well rounded younger sister Tommy the limp wrist cousin

  • thank you for the Jojo refernce

  • nice jojoke

  • Why does Ian look like Little Lord Fauntlerdork?

  • "$10 dollars at Sizzlers" Was the Sizzlers bankruptcy announced at this point?

  • Courtney finally played eat it or yeet it

  • Quarantine hasn’t been kind to Damien... like at all.

  • ian's haircut looks like a coconut husk 😂 just sayin'

  • damiens face when sarah was talking about the social distancing hickey was great😂

  • We finally see what we've missed out on with Courtney never being on Eat it or Yeet it lol

  • I love Damien bringing back the old joke in literally the last second of the video.

  • 0:02 What is this voice? I literally didn't recognise the voice as Tommy.

  • Love the jojo reference

  • They really butchered the pronounciation of vegemite

  • shane: time to leave this crime in the past...a *Narancia, Abbachio, and mista from jjba gif plays* Ian: im gonna need to check my sauce... *the Narancia, Abbachio, and Mista gif plays again* (thank you for that, it spoke to my little weeby heart)


  • ian looks so much like he should be wearing olivia's tracksuit

  • Sarah's Jigsaw voice sounds like a crying 8 year old oil heir

  • Damien’s “let’s call the whole thing off” joke was SO GOOD THANK YOU DAMIEN

  • yo Tommy let me slide into those DM's

  • What’s with Ian’s haircut?

  • Vegemite is not runny and infinitely superior

  • Ian:" All my mormons in the house should know that" Me:Why? Mormons can't have caffeine or something?


  • Please play Among Us

  • Fun fact I knew root beer wasn’t caffeinated because I have POTS and I am very sensitive to caffeine so it’s one of the only sodas I can drink without consequences

  • 19:48.

  • I seriously thought Courtney was impersonating Jennifer Tilly... lol

  • The editing for Damien's "punishment" was spot freaking on

  • Look at Damiens goateeeeeee

  • Are there any other females on YT that are more attractive than Sarah, Court, Kimmy, and CFM?????

  • I was playing the first Trivia Murder Party with some friends on a discord call with one person screen sharing and it asked the bottom row of keys on a qwerty keyboard and all of us looked down at our computers. To say the least we all got that question correct.

    • It might have been the second

    • That's a classic, although I didn't know it appeared in the original version, I thought It was only 2. Are you sure you were playing the first one?

  • 12:28 Courtney finally experienced Eat it or Yeet it!

  • Shayne bringing home the vacuum for personal pleasure...

  • Everyone is done with Ian

  • Still can't believe Shayne said fef 😂

  • That's a WAB. Wet ass blanket.

  • Ian: These are the only pants I brought... and I'm not wearing a bra 😂😂