Rick and Morty | S5E4 Cold Open: Morty's Monsters | adult swim

Birt 10 júl 2021
After discovering the breeding mount, Morty volunteers at the horse hospital. Watch all-new episodes of Rick and Morty Sundays at 11pm on Adult Swim.

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Rick and Morty | S5E4 Cold Open: Morty's Monsters | adult swim


  • Honestly I loved this episode. The Las Vegas performers fighting giant sperm was gold

  • But isn't it still morty's fault because he convinced rick not to test it?

  • I know everyone hates this episode but honestly this is one of the one's that made me laugh the hardest constantly. Morty's sex drive is genuinely one of the most hilarious and destructive running gags in the whole show.

  • how Rick Step back to be close to Morty so he can defend close to him 2:08

  • *HOLY SHIT, Sinensian predicted it*

  • Morty's nickname should be Zeus at this point.

  • This was the worst episode of the season

  • It's actually funny how Rick mentions that cocky Mortys give big problems but he never realizes a horny Morty always puts him into near death situations.

  • I like the lip animation they use on these characters. Rick with the machine.

  • I almost forgot that Beth was a horse surgeon.

  • I personally think this is the worst episode of Rick and morty

  • Morty, u dirty little doggy is probably my favourite Morty line in the whole series

  • This whole episode can be summed up as "Well well well; it it isn't the consequences of my actions!"

  • Giant incest baby yea

  • Worst episode of the series and the show. Frustrating and embarrassing all throughout.

  • Dont know what all the hate is about. This episode is great.

  • The industrious headlight contrastingly burn because team roughly wobble among a unequaled moat. squealing, somber swamp

  • How the heck Morty can put a whole amount of *stuff* in that barrel just 1 week sound illegal Just wow even an adult and high rate man cant even do that :v I think this boy have sum problem

  • I feel like I’m one of the few ppl or even the only one who actually kinda liked the episode, wasn’t my fave but still good

  • Moral is obvious

  • This is my kingdom come This is my kingdom come

  • This was hands down the weirdest fucking episode I've seen of this show!! And this show is wack af!!

  • Out of context, “Morty, if I wanted to steal horse semen!” is absolute gold 😂

  • i miss when rick and morty was about inter dimensional and space adventures with different silly looking character and aliens not this sperm stuff

  • The thing everyone's missing is that in order for that stroker to even touch Morty, he'd have to have like a 3 foot long dong. Dude's packin'.

  • There's so much sex in this season

  • Morty just needs to listen to Rick

  • The stingy thursday progressively prepare because wall prenatally melt afore a deadpan undershirt. tall, vulgar church

  • I like how when Marty sees the machine he's like wth

  • Is this the full episode?

  • Funny how they didnt censor the S word (I cant type it out because youtube will delete it) but they censored out juicing XD

  • This may be predictive programming but it's God damn entertaining predictive programming. All this incestuous sexual innuendo is killing me. What exactly are you wacky zionists getting at eventually? A super race of zionists inbred to the extreme and immortal and a small slave working class to take the occasional DNA sample from so you don't go extinct?

    • @Howard Luken I absolutely agree they got woked... but the question "why" still remains. They had loyal audience, bunch of independent creators like tiarawhy who were helping them build up a brand and a fanbase --- THEN SUDDENLY they made a copyright strike at all creators, started insulting Christians and taking cheap shots like all other meh Family-Guy-type shows do, all while reducing production quality beyond recognition. This is just... brainless. The entire season 5 is basically a poorly-masked and poorly-written MSM-zio agenda being thrown at the loyal fanbase as an insult.

    • @AlphaArcticWolf They jumped the shark with this terrible turkey episode. Rick almost never speaks and follows his archenemy Obama president around like a puppy then says the aliens are going to fight to which Morty replies aw they like each other. Stupid. Light years from the mind blowing stuff of past episodes. They got woked.

    • It is obvious who funds the R&M. The show, while its creators were poor, was providing us with quality content. Now it's all agenda. Within first 3 seasons, they used satire about church in the episode S02E05 that was even funny to me, a Christian, evolving into vulgar insults by the S03E06. As of season 4, it's... I mean, they're depicting demons as funny, wacky creatures, enjoying their version of "good feeling" in hell, they're insulting Christ, shitting on even the common human values, creating incest babies that are good guys who save the day, et cetera. I dare them make jokes about their masters... they'd get cancelled in a day.

    • Crazy how the last episode was one of the most memorable Rick and Morty episodes ever produced but the following one was one of the most forgettable

  • Wtf

  • Crazy how the last episode was one of the most memorable Rick and Morty episodes ever produced but the following one was one of the most forgettable

  • does anyone here realize it yet Rick C137: 4 more seasons and then we're screwed. Evil Morty: your move Rick. Bird Person: I'm Pheonix Person. Mr. Poopybutthole: hunt me somebody hunt me. Clone Beth: dad am i a clone? Mr. Nimbus: I liked your other 1 better, what was his name? me: well looks like things finally start to come together...


  • I like how 3/5 of the season so far is just morty trying to get laid

    • Are we gonna ignore that rick was struggling with the barrel, like cmon isn't he supposed to be a genius? just doesn't make any sense.

  • uh oh.

  • Yeah I don't know about anyone else but after seeing this part I just wanted to punch more in the face

  • Lol by the end of this show, Morty is going to be responsible for so many deaths. The kid is a walking Armageddon.

    • I fuckin love the fact they added mortys eyes growing as he watchs its lsight but its funny

  • Im suprised Rick hasn't figured out already whats going on.

  • Nice

  • okay, I don't know if I think this EP is funny or disgusting lmao

  • This show is absolutely hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • 1:42 i wont test it *continues to test it*

  • Crazy how the last episode was one of the most memorable Rick and Morty episodes ever produced but the following one was one of the most forgettable

  • this episode was painful to watch

  • Looking at the damage, I'd say they died again and another Rick and morty took their place.

  • What the absolute god damn hell was this episode.

    • pure hilarity

  • I respect mortys selfconciousness for being proud of himself after doing that

  • Rick claims to be the smartest man in the universe, but doesn't have anything to help him transport large volumes of liquid. Pathetic.

    • The only thing that I could think about during Space Jam 2

  • "Morty i have no idea what your talking about" "for real?" "YES" "Okay then its your fault" Why do i feel like i relate to this

  • I fuckin love the fact they added mortys eyes growing as he watchs its lsight but its funny

  • i literally hate this episode so much

  • Im just hella mad about the plothole with summer donating the egg donating eggs is literally a weeks if not months long process it made 0 sense and they just added it into the story to make it incest as if a giant weird horse/human space baby wouldnt be enouuugh to motivate them to prevent it 😂😂 they really just pulled a salt bae and sprinkled some incest in there for no reason 🥲🥲

  • is this for real? did you fire ALL of your good writers after last season? fuck this show is garbage this season. WTF HAPPENED?

    • Calm down before you pop a blood vessel. The episode was fine, your expectations are just too high.

    • I thought the first two episodes of this season were good. Though I agree that this fourth episode was rather gross and tasteless. I mean even the writers agree with that

  • Why did they not censor sh*t but did censor jonsing

  • First and second seasons are a 10, those are funny and good. This fifth season is very bad, not funny at all and very sick.

  • hey look, a Cumblast 1:54

  • Morty almost destroyed the world twice due to his horniness.

  • What happened to this show

  • Wait why is everyone shitting on this episode so harshly

    • @Cinereo that's like saying I'm srry u don't like the taste of shit

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u Well I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy it.

    • @Cinereo no I'm the complete opposite but still find the shirty women politics and semen jokes unfunny and some just gross And rick was just sitting there doing nothing the entire time

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u Any kind of joke that might piss off someone with dyed hair and a made-up gender.

    • @Cinereo what do u mean off colour?

  • Can you blame him tho?

  • “Okay, let’s go see this latest piece of Marvel shit you kids are jizzing over.” Everyone after Endgame.

  • The only thing that I could think about during Space Jam 2

  • Morty's down bad

  • "Morty you dirty little doggy."

  • Did anyone realize that they deleted ep 7

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u episode 7, they kinda just dick around with voltron robots, episode 4 on the other hand was just tasteless.

    • @OmegamanToxic wait ep 4 was fun? Or ep 7 is

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u yeah I watched the episode 7 leak, the baby does come back and it kind of puts a damper on what is otherwise a pretty fun episode

    • @Ordinary Gamer if the leaks are true the incest baby comes back which isnt funny just weird and unfunny

    • Wdym it’s not out yet

  • This episode was dogshit, idk what who went on vacation but its fucked and last episode was super fast paste

  • That joke with the Japanese ninja guy turning out to be gay and a wimp was also a really shitt cherry ontop on the urinal cake that is this episode. Like seriously, were the jokes written by a bowl of plain white rice? Cause this episode was so tasteless.

  • This is the worst episode in series... I swear it was written by a 14 year old.

  • We just want evil morty not this

  • To say this was a fucked-up episode would be understatement of the year...and that's all I have to say about that.

  • These recent seasons are a hit or miss with me. This one was a definite miss.

  • and these characters are in Space Jam and Fortnite i cant 😂

  • 0:27 😳

  • RICK: "You know that underground-dwelling race of cannibal horse-people we're always fighting?" MORTY: "Yeah, the Chuds..." (AUDIENCE: "Oh yeah ...THEM!") LOL! Most unwieldy attempt EVER at retro-actively establishing requisite provisional exposition!

  • I'm so glad this show ditched all the witty, creative writing and dialogue in favor of overly cliche, ham-fisted woke jokes. Beth: "Ugh, men and their guns." Wow, how hilarious and clever! Hope the cool female writing staff got a raise for that one.

    • the writter was a guy but when he called the episode shit he looked like he had a gun on his desk and 5 bottles of alcohol

  • season 5 is the worst. ive purchased seasons 1-4 but i will pass on this season. even the gogotron episode. so dumb.

  • Am I the only one who actually liked this episode?

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u All creators rip on their work. People rarely think what they make is good enough. And yes, I do laugh at jokes about cum, women, and incest, because I don't take the show as seriously as you do. I watch to laugh at jokes and be entertained. I'm sorry you're so high maintenance.

    • @Cinereo the writters even hated it and do u really laugh at cum jokes politics about women and incest?

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u Maybe your standards are just too high.

    • @Cinereo the jokes were shite and the entire episode sounded like it was wrote by a 14 year old

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u It was ridiculous and funny. That's pretty much the whole point of the show.

  • The new writers of Rick and Morty are making the fans angry, most of the R&M fans lost respect for this show.

  • Rick was casually creating a bio-weapon to commit genocide. How is he not Chaotic Evil?

  • 0:04 Beth’s gloves are white and red 0:08 Beth’s gloves are fully white

  • Just change it to Morty and family at this point

  • Now they’re just appealing to dumb 12 year old kids with ADHD. Random cheap slapstick humor with no actual cohesion. What a shame.

  • so many crybabies about this episode. Rick and Morty will not all of a sudden give a shit about lines being crossed for you.. it never did 😂 just watch if you want, or don’t 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Watched the episode while eating, BIG mistake 😭

  • This episode sucked

  • ‘‘okay lets go see this peice of Marvel shit’’

  • The Beth and Summer being feminist character stand in's all episode after already making the Bechdel Test joke last season and expecting us to take it with full seriousness now is why this entire episode wasn't funny. That and the unnecessary incest and beastiality.

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u I occasionally watch old Simpsons, but overall, I don't watch much.

    • @Xero if they're funny to u then u probably watch the Simpsons still

    • @whocares itsaNameS8008got u They called the episode shit, that doesn't mean the jokes aren't funny.

    • @Xero they just arent funny even the writer called the episode shit

    • The jokes were funny if you don't get offended the second feminism is even hinted at.

  • I'm really not sure how to think about this season so far

  • Honestly, after season 3 noting has been much interesting. It's like they're just throwing episodes. I wish it was interesting like before.

  • Morty literally filled that whole tank in a week 😂 😂 😂... That's fucking crazy

  • If only this stayed as the Cold Open... Some decent gags in there but overall one of the worst ones out there. Shame when the Season started as good as it did

  • Thought it was a decent episode way better than the planetina shite

  • Uhhhm??!

  • Is season 5 coming on Netflix uk and Ireland

  • Measure twice cut once, especially with seamen.

  • 👌👌👌👌🌟🌟🌟

  • Adult swim changed it back to S5E4. It’s about time!