Welcome To Our New House

Birt 27 feb 2021
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Welcome to chapter 3! Thank you so much for being here.

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Chapter 3 starts now.


  • Welcome to Chapter 3! Thank you for waiting so long and for joining us on this new adventure. You're beautiful, You're one of a kind! Smile More.

  • I joined chapter 2 very early on. I just couldn’t subscribe because I didn’t have my own account and now I do.

  • i joined in chapter 2 and stoppe watching when you didn't post for like 3 months and now you have another baby and there all grown up

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  • yo noah is all grown up its been years.. memories

  • The intro hits hard

  • Way to flex on your fans millions of people are losing thare jobs geting they're pay cut and your flexing a mega millon daller Manchin you really can't be eny more out of tuch than this moment hear.

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  • Chapter 2 and still here

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