Why These 4 Countries Produce the Most F1 Champs

Birt 15 feb 2021
Drivers come from all over the world to compete in the most prestigious racing series on the planet: Formula 1. But which countries have produced the most champions? The answer may surprise you.
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  • 2014 not 2012 😑

    • You didn't say why Mercedes wasn't racing after 1955. It wasn't a slump.

    • We want more F1

    • For anyone idiotic to say the UK is a country needs to learn geography. The UK is made up of 4 countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all ruled under one monarch. They are not one country they each have their own flag language and anthem aswell as on a globe/atlas listed as a separate country not the UK.

    • @Enrique Pršlja meaning US cares more about Indy than F1

    • @Andrew L. sorry but dont see the point in Indy when you have f1 and the cars are faster and more complex

  • You forget about the best Brazilian wingman ever, Rubens Barrichello?

  • Finland 🇫🇮🐐🤩


  • HEY! I just want to correct something. In Brazil (where I live) Soccer (or Football as we call it here) is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than religion itself bare this is mind... We can have left wing and right wing politicians, cristians (mostly) but lots of other religions here, but when the nacional team is on the field, man, EVERYONE has the same feeling of excitement that you cannot compare to anything else

  • Jim Clark........

  • The fat guy forgot Fangio??? WTF

  • "3 world champions" uhm.. Keke Rosberg 1, Mika Häkkinen 2, Räikkönen 1, Nico Rosberg 0.5

  • Finland has 4.5 Titles because Nico Rosberg

  • Nelson Piquet

  • Mercedes best💥

  • When talking F1 countries/drivers, etc. It's curious you, the video author. Didn't mention the "real", truth behind all that... money! As in sponsorship and so on. For the top of the top, i.e. champions. It's obvious speed, talent, etc. make their champions! But don't forget to reach there, meaning, have a chance! Money talks really loud! Every year many talents go to waste because of $$! Or better yet, lack of it. It's no wonder it always looks like a rather closed club! With very similar players most of the time. ;-)

  • F1 is boring currently because you don’t need to see the Race to know Hamilton won. When he retires I will start watching again.

  • and f1 sucks its fuckin boring there not even real cars

  • bruce mclaren was a kiwi

  • The correct ranking of titles is 1. UK (20), 2. Germany (12), 3. Brazil (8), 4. Argentina (5), 5. Four countries with 4 titles: France, Australia, Austria and finally Finland.

  • Almost great video, but failed a lot when depicted Brazil with the typical stereotype of slums of Rio de Janeiro. The rest of the country is very different. Brazilians love cars, just do a little better reseach. We have national automotive competitions and cars are part of the lives of many families. And you forgot to mention Nelson Piquet. And the correct ranking of titles is 1. UK (20), 2. Germany (12), 3. Brazil (8), 4. Argentina (5), 5. Several countries with 4 titles: France, Australia, Austria and finally Finland.

  • Two Canadians on the grid these days. That's two more than America

  • How can someone do a video about Brazilian’s formula 1 champions and not mention the first Brazilian driver to win 3 championships? Also, why shows only images from the ghetto? Come on... is like talking about the US and showing only people living in under the highways or camping tends! Dune, come on.... Nelson Piquet, man! The fucking best driver ever!!!! Stop learning about formula one from what you see on the media! Don’t become another idiot!


  • I live in Finland and sisu is man’s name and it’s a good snack

  • 5 of Britain titles come from Scotland.

  • if you want to win, you need a Finn

  • More F1

  • Sweden, Norway and Denmark are Scandinavian countries. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, they are Baltic countries.

  • Well if we are talking ratios: South Africa. 1 driver, 1 world champion. Hundred percent of South African F1 drivers are world champions.

  • Sisu, bad roads & winter are why Finland was still an independent, Baltic country at the conclusion of WW II.

  • Hey you forgot to mention, the Brazilian f1 3x world champion Nelson Piquet.

  • 7:35... “Mercedes having a slump after 1955”! This is as good as a bold face lie, if you choose not to mention, rather explain, that Mercedes left Motorsport for DECADES after the 1955 LeMans (France) crash!!

  • How could you ignore Nelson Piquet when speaking about Brazil though??

  • Awesome video, ...but why always 1950's ... it's 1950s. 🤔🤔

  • Mercedes didnt have a slump, they completely widthrew from racing out of respect to the victims when one of their cars killed many spectators, they;re the most successful if you count the time of entries and win.

  • Racing point is actually a canadian team, but ya know.......close enough

  • To explain why in Brazil we don't have many racers: As said in the video, we dont have many raceming competitions and the ones we have are pretty much for the millionaires only (too expensive even for the 'above-average' families). Racing and getting started on racing is just too expensive and innacessible for pretty much everyone. You gotta know someone on the inside or you have zero chance of getting even one shot at it. Heck, even go karts are expensive as shit here. In my case, it's pretty much either pay the bills or race ONE RACE, for example. (This coming from a 'bellow-average' guy)

  • 6:53 man need some adderall real quick

  • my call verstappen wins because the car of mercedes has not got an even line between the axes and the red bull not

  • but wasnt nico also a monagasque

  • The first words a Finnish boy usually learns are on the lines of: Volvo, Saab, Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz...

  • Bro you must have mentioned fangio😒😕

  • f*cking hate when people show favelas when talking about Brazil. We're a freacking huge country with lots of natural beuty, and beutiful citys. That's the king of people who thing we have elephants walking on the strees, and that we speak spanish. other than that, great video.

  • Hamilton only won because of the car

  • yeah the first german grand prix was 1935, Mercedes didn’t win Ferrari did with an alpha Romeo and nuvolari, i know confusing. but he beat the silver arrows and the n ring

  • Im A kid from finland and I love this vid

  • Because we are European

  • ”Finland isn’t known for its racing culture” Finland isn't known for shit other than ice.

  • Brazil's GDP is actually bigger than UK's. Not to mention that it has more cities, pretty impressive ones at that, than U.K. Simply put, it is a richer nation (8th) than U.K. (10th). The problem with Brazil is its big socioeconomic divide and low per-capita earnings. Then again, Brazil's cost of living is lower than U.K.'s; therefore, purchasing power is somewhat relative - specially regarding domestic goods. Just like in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and even Colombia (the poorest of the aforementioned), Latin American nations which have all produced F1 drivers, these are rich nations with rich people and costly sports. The problem is that they also have more poverty than they should.

  • mercedes didn't have any involvment in motorsport from 1955 to 1987 because of the 1955 Le Mans disaster, not like they were competing competing in F1 throughout that time, they just came back in 2010

  • Brasil have Nelson Piquet too. He won three Championships, And anothers two seconds places from Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello

  • The main reason is uh, money.

  • Its fun when you think about the fact that Nico Rosberg grow up in Monaco

  • Finland is not Scandinavian

  • why is there germany on the thumbnail

  • como você esqueceu do Piquet? KKKKKK

  • It hurts not seeing Igor participating in a Formula category. I didn't know that the popularity of Formula 1 dropped the way it did after Ayrton's death.

  • I can't find South Carolina on the map, so i guess we are even

  • Brazil isn't only favelas and kids without shirt playing soccer... This is like talking about US with images of school shooting, racism and medium-class families with no stability

  • GO BRAZIIIIL we are the best senna is our

  • Where is Nelson Piquet in Brazilian history?

  • Actually Mika Häkkinen will return from his holiday, and take the 2022 and 2023 championships, and then again give his place for Kimi for him to get few championships as well. And they are going to do it with their own team, Valmet-Sisu-Ponsse F1 Racing team.


  • 11:26 We fins also learn to drive very early. Some of us might have been driving cars since they were 7 years old. It's also that we are really competitive, we have to be the best, and u need sisu to be the best

  • Brazil agree my friend.

  • Deftones' Diamond Eyes tee????? SUPER LIKE BRO

  • Have to say this is a masterclass in segwaying between the different countries!

  • Ferrari have 16 championships

  • Why is Rosberg blurred?

  • Who nicos face blurred?

  • bro u literaly forgot piquet, who win 3 champioship before senna

  • Why was nico rosberg blurred?

  • what? You failed to mention three time world champion brazilian Nelson Piquet! He's a legend too


  • argentina has 5 championships, don't forget fangio..


  • massa was champion for a minute ;)

  • Vettel winning another championship, just sublime, with the rule changes we might see a seb of the old

  • Seriously bruv??? I don't even know a single American F1 driver in the past 10 years. Who are you kidding?

  • So American.... "Some of you might struggle to find Finland on a map". Also ... Interesting spelling of Nigel "Mansel"

  • Great video, just two small things: when you list german carmakers, why the hell didn't you include Volkswagen - I mean, parent company of Audi and Porsche - and Opel - who participated in Grand Prix Racing before F1 was created? And Finnland not known for Motorsport? Dude, it's one of the most favorite passtimes over there. Rallying is THE sport in Finnland. If you want to win, hire a Finn!

  • More F1 please

  • 3:43 LEWBIS

  • Senna is the best ever.

  • Classic American, doesn't know where countries are on a map xD

  • Val-terry BowTass Ive Heard it all. Lmao

  • Mercedes hasn't had a slump - after competing and dominating in 1954 and 1955, they didn't compete in F1 until 2010...

  • all other countries except for finland produce the most F1 champs and drivers in general because MONEY. no other reason. you welcome

  • Can not get enough of F1

  • France is kinda cursed. Most of their actually talented out-of-the-world drivers die before achieving their destiny

  • Cheers from Brazil! Excellent video

  • 4 countries...Huh. I think you are missing... Argentina = 5 titles France = 4 titles Austria = 4 titles Australia = 4 titles

  • Great Video Man! Cheers from Brazil

  • There's another country with 3 winners that you completely failed to mention: Australia - Brabham - Jones - Hulme I guess it also has a pretty good racers/winners ratio. So... dislike for the video, until you get your facts straight

    • I guess you switched 1 Australian driver to UK for some reason, because there's only 9 British championship winners.

  • Vulterry boatass

  • mick is bad lol

  • Paused. GERMAMY , Finland , England, France Just my guess FYI, Sebs not doing so hot..

  • Well, Merc rejoined F1 2010 and didnt paricipate in F1 from 1956 onwards until 1994, when they joined as an an engine manufacturer

  • Nelson Piquet fans disliked this video. He wasn't even mentioned 😁😁

  • You forgot Nelson Piquet, a brazillian three time world Champion in the 80,s.

  • for me, I'm still waiting for a Malaysian to become an F1 champion.. we sponsored and have our own F1 team but no drivers.. hmm sad

  • This is such an american video, jesus christ, did he just said 'you probably don't know where Finland is', did he just used american states as reference points on size to european countries? Also, he discussed possible reasons why each of those countries mentioned create F1 drivers and champions, EXCEPT USA.

  • Italy has 3 teams too : Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Alphatauri (ex Toro Rosso)