Eurovision 2021 - All Singers by Age (from oldest to youngest) with full names

Birt 19 mar 2021
Hey everyone! It's a top 43 of all singers in the Eurovision Song Contest by their age. I tried to make this top as detailed as it possible, there're dates of birth, real full names and ages at the moment. Who is youngest participant of the Eurovision 2021. And oldest? Let's see!

Participants this year:
Albania - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma
Israel - Eden Alene - Set Me Free
France - Barbara Pravi - Voilà
Ukraine - Go A - Shum (Go_A - ШУМ)
Lithuania - The Roop - Discoteque (The Roop - Discotheque)
Croatia - Albina - Tick-Tock
Benny Cristo - Omaga
Blind Channel - Dark Side
Tix - Fallen Angel
Blas Cantó - Voy a quedarme
Cyprus - Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo
Germany - Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate
Ireland - Lesley Roy - Maps
Belgium - Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place
Romania - Roxen - Amnesia
Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age
Moldova - Natalia Gordienko - Sugar
Australia - Montaigne - Technicolour
Serbia - Hurricane - Loco Loco
Estonia - Uku Suviste - The Lucky One
Denmark - Fyr & Flamme - Øve os på hinanden
Portugal - The Black Mamba - Love Is on My Side
Italy - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni
San Marino - Senhit - Adrenalina
Russia - Manizha - Russian Woman / Манижа - Русская Женщина
Belarus - Galasy ZMesta - Ya nauchu tebya (I'll Teach You) / Голоса с места - Я научу тебя
Austria - Vincent Bueno - Amen
Switzerland - Gjon's Tears - Tout l'univers
Greece - Stefania - Last Dance
Bulgaria - VICTORIA - Growing Up Is Getting Old
United Kingdom - James Newman - Embers
North Macedonia - Vasil - Here I Stand
Poland - Rafał Brzozowski - The Ride (Rafał The Ride)
Latvia - Samanta Tina - The Moon Is Rising
Sweden - Tusse - Voices
Iceland - Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years (Dadi Freyr - 10 Years, Daði Freyr 10 Years)
Azerbaijan - Efendi - Mata Hari
Georgia - Tornike Kipiani - You
Malta - Destiny - Je Me Casse


  • Uku Suviste most definitely.

  • it's incredible that Rafal with glasses looks 23 but without the glasses he looks 40

  • 🇫🇮

  • I thought the singer from Ireland was gonna be the oldest…I thought she was like 50 😬 Senhit looks amazing tho wtf she looks like she should be my age

  • Tid

  • Tid is the best han er helten

  • Didn't know that Ana was born in the year when the epic Office Turks took part in eurovision.

  • Damiano is the same age as me, however, when my mom watched his performance she said "I love it but no one will vote for him, he's too old, teens will vote for Finland, they are cute and young" XDDD

    • Bruh moment

    • Wow)))

  • Seeing damiano age as 22 I wasn't surprised. Like he looks young but strong. Then I realize.... I'm 21 and I'm no longer a 15 year old 🥲

  • pedro tatanka is born of 8may1980 age 41 years

  • The roop has the same month and day as me

  • did anyone see that tusse's birthday is january 1st? the new year?

  • Albina is the only one who looks her age ... she's so pretty. But Benny CANTTT be 34 he looks so young AND THE LITHUANIAN GUY IS 39?!? HOWWW

    • @ESC Serg I thought she was 19-

    • Albina looks even a bit older with her usual makeup and styling)

  • I thing that Sanja,Ivana and Ksenija from the hurricane group are not 25 years old and they look a little older to me.

  • What does XX mean??

    • K thanks

    • Means that I didn't know about their birthday anything while making this video)

  • Switzerland looks like a 18 year old Edit :Moldova and Georgia has the same birthday

  • Destiny looks like a sugar mommy to me,even i’m 3 months older than her

  • Gjon is 23 but it looks even younger than me. He looks like 17. I’m 19

  • the older ones look young.... *and then there's rafał*

  • 2002!? That's only just happened!!

  • Why are there some that say X Not their age

    • @ESC Serg ok

    • I didn't know Tatanka and Laurits Emanuel's ages during making this video)

  • DESTINY IS 18?!!

  • Why it's only a picture for Maneskin and an extract video for all of the others groups? (sorry my english is very bad)

    • @ESC SergOh ok, thanks for your answer!😄

    • I mixed it up a bit, they had official version with video and Eurovision version without video, so I put Eurovision version and this picture. But actually these versions have almost no difference, so I was too clever by half in this case :)

  • Destiny is 18?

  • Oh no, I seriously thought Lesley Roy was in her late 40's or early 50's oooooooops

  • damn

  • 😳


    • @ESC Serg oh, ok, I'm just in love with their music right now lol

    • It's about the singers only, he's a lead singer and the information about other members of his group was really hard to find when I was making this video)

  • DAOI IS 28 YEARS OLD???????

  • Pedro Tatanka is 41years old :)

  • Happy birthday Jessica Alyssa cerro

  • WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?! DESTINY IS 18?!?!?!?!?! Damn she got some power in her voice!!!!!!

  • how the hell do people think destiny looks 30, i’d say the oldest she looks is like…24 maybe

  • Manizha have bday same day with my turtle

  • Fun fact, Joel and Joonas from Blind Channel have the same birthday

  • Please make a video where you rank them by their rhythmic breathing

  • Still trying to process that Damiano is barely older than me despite looking at least 5 years older. (I'm from Oct 1999)

  • Italy and noweg the best

  • is this in roman numerals?

  • I thought efendi looked 19

  • I tought that Tix was like 35 and not 27 like wtf

  • XD myślałam że Brzozowski jest młodszy

  • If you was born in 86 you would be 36 not 34

  • What does x mean?

  • Joel's full name is Joel Erik Salomon Hokka and Niko's full name is Niko Vilhelm Moilanen! (Finland)

  • Benny and Tornike look younger

  • Seeing Senhit come up so early in the list gave me a small shock she doesn't look 41 at all



  • U forgot arcade-

  • Tornike and Natalia were born the exact same day wow, he looks like he could be her father

  • Go_a??

    • Kateryna Pavlenko is the only singer in the group, I considered only singers here)

  • So fascinating to know some of the participants are at my age, born 1993 here. 😊😊 Quick Edit: And Barbara Pravi from France is my birth twin! Wow! 😍

  • No fucking way Jendrik is 26,,, dude looks 17 at best 😳

  • All winners of Eurovision while the artists born year: 1979: Geike Arnaert And Senhit (The winner was Israel with there song Hallelujah) 1981: Vaidotas Valiukevicius And Rafal (The winner was U.K with there song Making Your Mind Up) 1982: Uku Suviste (The winner was Germany with there song Ein Bißchen Frieden) 1984: Ana Soklic And Vasil Garvanliev (The Winner was Sweden with there song Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley) 1985: James Richard Newman And Vincent Mendoza Bueno (The Winner was Norway with there song La det swinge) 1986: Anxhela Peristeri And Lesly Roy (The winner was Belgium with there song J'aime la vie) 1987: Ben da Silva Cristóvão, Natalia Gordienko And Tornike Kipiani (The winner was Ireland with there song Hold Me Now) 1988: Kateryna Pavlenko (The winner was Switzerland with there song Ne partez pas sans moi) 1989: Jesper Groth and Samanta Polakova (The winner was Yugoslavia with there song Rock Me) 1991: Samira Azer gizi Efendiyeva, Manizha Dalerovna Sangin And Blas Cantó Moreno (The winner was Sweden with there song Fangad Av en Stormvind) 1992: Daoi Freyr Pétursson (The winner was Ireland with there song Why Me?) 1993: Barbara Piévic, Andreas Haukeland, Sanja Vucic, Joel Hokka And Jeangu Macrooy (The winner was Ireland with there song In Your Eyes) 1994: Jendrik Sigwart And Elena Tsagrinou (The winner was Ireland with there song Rock n' roll kids) 1995: Niko Vilhelm, Ivana Nikolic And Jessica Alyssa Cerro (The winner was Norway with there song Nocturne) 1996: Ksenija Knezevic (The winner was Ireland with there song The Voice) 1997: Victoria Georgieva (The winner was U.K With there song Love shine a light) 1998: Gjon Muharremaj (The winner was Israel with there song Diva) 1999: Damiano David and Albina Grcic (The winner was Sweden with there song Take me to your heaven) 2000: Larisa Roxana Giurgiu And Eden Alene (The winner was Denmark with there song Fly on the wings of love) 2002: Tousin Michael, Chiza Destiny Chukunyere And Stefania Liberakakis (The winner was Latvia with there song I Wanna)

  • lmao montaigne is born on same day as me and same year as my sister

  • Me seeing latvia :O

  • Destiny and Stefania are younger than my sister of 18

  • i love how tusse is born on new years day

  • i dont like the x

    • oh soryy i saw that everething is ok

  • I’ve got the same birthday as Tornike and Natalia. 11th December

  • I hate it to say it but is Tousin a woman or a man?

  • Wow I have same age as Jendrik 🤣🤣🇦🇿❤️🇩🇪

  • I love greece

  • I remember watching this months ago and seeing that Damiano was 6 days older than me and loosing my mind XD

  • I cant believe that Im older than 8 of them. :((( This video made me feel old.

  • I don’t know why but Roxen from Romania reminds me of Billie Eilish

  • Hey don't forget about Efenditix

  • Ma dove sono finiti Vic Thomas e Ethan

  • The guy from lithuania looks 20 and 40 at the same time for me

    • And france she looks wayyyy older sorry

    • And ukraine she looks way older

  • I thought Barbara was like 40-

  • I refuse to believe that uku is nearly 40.

  • Jesper groth does look a 39? And gjon 18?

  • The youngest one is only two years older than me and looks 25 lmao i still look like im 10

  • Pedro Tatanka (Portugal) is from 1986 and Laurits Emanuel (Denmark) too

  • That feeling when you see a singer is just the same age as you but he/she represents a whole country at the international contest while you're sitting in front of your computer and watching this video

  • Pedro Tatanka - Country: Portugal Group: The Black Mamba Real Name: Pedro Taborda Birthday: 31.05.1984 Age: 37

  • May i ask why does australia sings in EUROvision?

  • cyprus is 16.11 and im 17.11 hhahahahahaha

  • because i’m american i have to remind myself that it’s day/month/year, bc we have it as: month/day/year

  • Romania is amazing

  • I share a birthday with entonia

  • If I'm not wrong portugal is 35

  • Barbara pravi coms out serbia

  • I feel so dumb after thinking that damiano is at least 37

  • What does xx mean

  • A guy with my age already won Eurovision and meanwhile here i am, struggling to end college

  • Now I see that Stefania's birthday is the same as me and Pope francis O-o

  • Pedro Tatanka is 35 I think i saw that somewhere

  • We have 3 generations ? 😊😁 Gen. X (Baby Bust) 1965 - 1980 Gen. Y - The Millennial 1981 - 2000 Gen. Z ... - 2010

  • Pedro Tatanka is from 1980 smh

  • Fun fact: The birthday of Tusse is the same day that the Netherlands get the euro as the (inter)national money (The euro is even the money of another country’s in the EU). :).

  • There are no piscis

  • Great time to be a Capricorn ain't it (also I share a birthday with David Damiano, peasants)

  • 0:15 his age is 34 you can just google-

    • Now I know it, before making this video I didn't)

  • Today Gjon Tears (Gjon Muharremaj) has Birthday He do 23 Years Happy Birthday!

  • Portufal is 43 years

  • Definitely thought Gjon was older than Efendi lmao

  • What’s with the 2 random ones at the beginning? 😅

    • I didn't know anything about their birthdays while making this video) now I know it from the comments)

  • What!?! Greecr (Stefaina) has Birthday on 17.12 me to wow!