US vs UK Portion Size Differences (KFC, McDonald's, Burger King) | Food Wars

Birt 7 feb 2021
We found some of the biggest and most surprising portion size differences between US and UK fast food.

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US vs UK Portion Size Differences (KFC, McDonald's, Burger King) | Food Wars


  • I thought the US McNuggets went up to 50, not 40.

  • US large sizes are pretty much unnecessary . Like 1000 ml of a freekin drink for an individual ? That's bougas and weird. Oh I forgot there are regular,chubby and then tanks in US . 🤣🤣🤣

  • Small = a rather slow death

  • 10:10 “Cause 20 in Italian is venti-twento” Ehmm…I’m sorry but no… 😂

  • I work at a Zaxbys and even the zalads are unhealthy lol. The large drink is 42oz or 1242 ml. I try not to drink soda anymore, and if I do I get diet. But when I work I thank God for freestyle machines bcoz I can get powerade zero to stay hydrated lol


  • It's cheaper to buy 40 nuggets and then freeze 30 and airfry them when u want them later

  • In Europe, we pay more for less.

  • In Italy, Twenty is "Venti"....stop ahahaha not Ventituento ahahaha

  • Those small individual pizzas are called "Lunch Pizzas" here in Denmark. Atleast it was at the Dominos I went to. It's super cheap and fills you up just enough.

  • wars...

  • What I learned from this video: Burger King and Starbucks deserve a false advertising side-eye.

  • @ 6:39 He was just too stupid to continue watching.

  • In Midland Tx we Texas size it 😊

  • 7:20 - O, ye , could ya get me a W HO PP A, Lad?

  • I'm from Europe and when i did eat at McDonalds i'd get only the cheeseburguer, I don't eat fast food anymore and soda i dont drink for over 10 years. I can't imagine doing this to your body

  • Americans are here for a good time not a long time. XD

  • There is two more differences: price and enthusiasm of those two😂

  • Me: clicks on the video ad comes Also me: going to skip but sees it’s a BTS ad Also me😜: eyes wide open and praying that it dose not finish

  • im from UK and my cousin lives in US and they say soccer for football huh nonesence!

  • soooooo itz safe 2 say.... 50 UK pounds can only get you 50 US pounds of chicken.

  • Why they got to do the uk like that

  • That s*** coffeeshop love to cheats their customers .. LOL

  • Merica

  • shocking

  • UK Is Healthier.

  • Yknow I went to two different McDonalds here in the US and they were drastically different like the two in this video lol

  • He's so delighted to see the american food sizes XD

  • That's it guys let's go to USA

  • I am from Europe but, thankfully, I stopped eating KFC and I eat somewhere else :D

  • seventeen meters ???

  • Uks are better because there more healthy

  • 13:00 17 meters? Holy shit i want to buy that. You know how long is that for a sandwich

  • The best part is that both of them fit their respective stereotypes for their country when reviewing the food.

  • us trying to make us fat are they gona eat us or suming

  • disgusting

  • 3ft US = 1 yard US = 1 meter everywhere that isn’t the US.

  • Looks like Colonel Sanders wasn't happy with uk. 😂

  • fun but pointles unless you factor in the price.

  • I do think the us 🇺🇸 needs to lower their portion sizes for health reasons

  • In romania we have a 22 inch pizza and thatvis xxl

  • The American guy is so American and the British guy is so British

  • the guy is moaning kkk

  • I'm hungry...

  • I saw the cover say food wars.......never again

  • Yep. I’m moving. Bye bye US!

  • Pls US portions may be like twice the size but UK prices are 📈📈

  • Hi. I've worked at KFC and to be fair the Large Sides are supposed to feed two to three people if that means anything. Also when I was there we only had one medium sized popcorn chicken.

  • Imagine the feast they are going to have afterwards 😂

  • what?!? what about price??? same?

  • I’m sorry but this is why America has a higher chance of getting diabetes

  • lol we fat.

  • Usa be like : double everything that uk does

  • Damn uk is scamming people. The us portions were almost double the uk portions

  • Fast food in US has no taste. Their blueberries and seedless grapes are pretty awesome though

  • UK food looks like food from Gta San Andreas

  • America fast food restaurants is trying to kill there people like the chicken who needs that much chicken and fat

  • It would have been interesting to know the prices. For instance would the large uk chips and the large usa chips cost equal amounts.

  • 9:09 It is not 58 square inches WIDER but LARGER... :-)

  • Seriously, if I got smaller medium fries than small fries, I would be VERY upset. It is NOT difficult to portion properly!

  • 9:27 you ordered a brooklyn! also im wondering what the other 10 items were lol

  • 7:15 matpat did a theory on this

  • *The reason for drink size is bc Americans use ice in drinks where uk don't so to compensate liquid volume they had to make the cups a bit bigger*

  • KFC How many killed animals to give pleasure to an bang of human pigs. Very sad ! We kill animals for food. The day this ideas changes of killing another life for food there will be a huge increase on humanity progress but before that we are still primates from the first ages just with internet but the mentality is actually the same.

  • Hands down, UK anytime!

  • You guys don't have 21 piece KFC bucket. We would revolt in South Africa

  • For *"sharing"*

  • Damn it now I want all the fast foods lol

  • Fries seem to be the most selling product here in the Philippines since we have Bucket fries in kfc and bff fries in mcdonald's

  • The poor animals oh we People are cruel....

  • The US guy reminds me of Rick.

  • The tricky sock electrophysiologically please because coat relatively fail on a wakeful joke. ethereal, domineering vegetable

  • Twenty in italian is Venti. Not Ventituento

  • Well try to compare Philippines

  • The netherlands is more stingy about sizes. You pay more and eat less.

  • KFC, McDonald's, Burger King and Domino's are my favourite!!!! I got really hungry from that video

  • disgusting 🤮

  • " YOOO Look how much chicken it is " Me: YEAAAAAA that's not rlly a 100% chicken

  • UK Burger King is screwing people over on fries😂😂

  • I’ve never heard of a 40 piece McNugget and I live in the U.S.

  • tbh the american looks more unhealthy but also more delicious for kfc

  • he really just said 3ft = 17m xD

  • I'm getting hungry from watching this

  • American fast food is a gateway to diabetes, heart disease, and higher COVID death rates. Yum……

  • No wonder why they say Americans are fat mate that’s too much

  • How Americans can eat that much , like huge pizza , tell me

  • I guess I am too European to eat large US portions , I take small portions in Europe

  • U make me hungry 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • this video is sstupid they needed to compare pricing also that the biggest reason you would order more because of cost the UK its a con the US its convenient

  • Gk tau aja porsi di indonesia giman

  • fod

  • Just came here to say: this why you are fat, have triglycerides, have diabetes or any other shitty disease.

    • @mari!in and that's all

    • @Rudy Lopez yeah it does, it makes you unhealthy

    • Your weight doesn't make you Any different

    • Don't say anything if you don't have anything good to say

  • I think KFC fries taste like garbage.

  • From now on, I’ll try my best to order the smallest serving size possible cuz I need to lose weight 😭😶

  • People in UK we got regular serving sizes People over weight: we have risen

  • American guy is very proud of his big size nuggets