Birt 13 júl 2021
We Leaked Our Address and these are the Packages that Arrived!


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    • Wait one of ya'll has aids or is it just for the intro?


    • Get cleo on the show!

    • @ThatGuyYouKnow if you broke just say that

    • Is it a real neon or the gay etched backlit acrylic

  • Ok legit that scuba thing for beers looks like a game changer

  • We gonna overlook how he just breaks one of the gifts?

  • i wanna b cleos friend

  • I came from tiktok lol, anyone else?

  • Imagine sending Irn Bru and not Buckfast

  • that had to be a good quarter of shrooms. You got the best fans lmao 😂💕🥺

  • I like how he says " someone sent us illegal drugs " cassualy.

  • The GMM intro tho

  • just thought of something, imagine if someone or actually that one dude, sent some weird shit and miniature playing cards lol

  • wel I think that the beer from the Netherlands is local because I have never seen it and I live in the Netherlands, but we do have to beers that are world wide, Heineken and Amstel.


  • He wanted those mushrooms bad lol

  • you boys are class

  • Cleo needs to be on the show

  • Had Buckfast yet?

  • 7:46 fisk is the swedish word for fish and I can't help but laugh

  • cleo hmu

  • I love the classic “fINAlly” lines 😂

  • we all know very dam well that shit did not go in the bin

  • Cleo is fkn insane

  • What is the Max “finally” meme he’s always referencing?

  • Man I wish I had enough money for a sign when this came out.

  • 0:36 does the editor just ask you guys to vacate the shot for a background plate?

  • Nice Rett and Link intro

  • when he did the transformers sound effect lmfao

  • oooh boy the (hoping to be) final time my bois decided to be the day's appointed CringeMasters™ by droppin the nastiness of that r slur word

  • They 100 percent smoked that shit lol

  • Cleo NEEDS to be on the podcast one day

  • Cleo is now my favourite person.

  • I love how the most insane fan is a woman, lmao.

  • 16:00 they’re not going in the bin 😂

  • When Cleo said that those panties are fresher what did she mean by that,

  • if he actually threw the weed away imma jack off in a retirement home. nobody woulda threw that shit💀

  • The fucken laugh at 0:44 made me spit beer all over my fucken monitor. Thanks homies.

  • How they know that how cement taste like?

  • Bad unboxing cold ones

  • The Cleo package turned wholesome so concerning so quickly

  • they really got send addys at the end there

  • these are videos that are just as funny sober as they are drunk

  • Good game spawn point on meth fucked filthy frank to make this 🐸☝️

  • 10:43 them putting the pieces together between the fish and the bio-security control sticker was hilarious

  • 5:20

  • i could smell cleo through the screen

  • ooh another bad unboxing video i see?

  • I wanna make a compliment for you guys!!! You actually do look like real pokemons..

  • drink some real normal dutch beers like grolsch or hertog jan and not some local shit from the most boring province of the netherlands.

  • Can we get more Mormon jokes, I’d like to see my ancestors and their heritage shit on some more for falling for that stupid fucking bullshit😂

  • Omfg! I love the complete rip off of GMM!

  • Chad already has aids drinking mystery human blood is fine

  • Am I the only one who dying from the photos

  • Wait did they keep that pic of chads balls?

  • This is the strangest gmm episode so far

  • good mythical more v

  • At least it wasn’t period blood

  • chad how do u know what drywall taste like

  • Mushrooms ?

  • Get rhett and link on the show next time

  • They both said F no 😂😂

  • I looked it up and that charmander is currently worth $150.

  • “These are going in the bin” my mind: *no they aren’t*

  • bro no way someone gave them vyvanse

  • Clio be triping

  • I wanna fucking root the shit out of cleo

  • So weird seeing cans of irn bru on their table

  • That girl down BAD

  • ooooooooh anthrax

  • You’ve had some kind of hair journey

  • Chad: "Is this your underwear?" Ceo: "Yes!" Chad: *Sniffs*

  • the entire time they were unpacking Cleo's package i was praying that weed was hidden inside and the panties were a decoy. but no, she's just batshit crazy. hope she gets help.

  • im scared of cleo

  • my guts telling me 15:42 was not thrown in the bin

  • Last name…. Gurz. First name…. Hamber.

  • like that actually scared me for a bit but then i realised it was wine

  • the old saying is cut towards your thumb not your chum

  • Cleo is A1 omg. I never got my wisdom teeth blood, but I did get my teeth. I wonder if insurance companies will deny your request for the blood “sample” lmfao

  • these always make me laugh no matter how depressed i am. but i love yall so much you guys make me smile and happy. i was planning on overdosing tonight on heroin i have been addicted to heroin for a year now and i have done nothign but ruin everything and lost all my friends. i know i did it to myself and am going no where in life so i was planning on just ending it tonight i finally got enough h to do it, but your guys videos made me actually bust out laughing and then proceed to cry so much, so atleast i am gonna stay alive tonight cause you guys made me laugh. i highly doubt anybody will see this but if you do. you guys saved my laugh by a stupid fuckin laugh. i am currently living in my car and working at dominos so i am just so fuckin done, but i will not do it tonight cause u guys are amazing and always make me laugh. i love yall so much, i have to stay a live so i can see your guys next video. this was so hard to fucking type :( ily cold ones.

  • Cleo on some other shit lol

  • Cleo be bussin' no lie

  • Takes me back to the good old days when max used to open fan mail... Ahhh good days

  • A couple of times when I was in hospital for a long time. I ended up drinking the hand sanitiser off the walls. (It was 80%) Lol

  • 16:00 I find it hard to believe that that went in the bin.

  • They really tried that gum tho 😭😭

  • Shout out to Chloe ❤️

  • Cleo is a real one, bring her on the show

  • Toxic high school is basically weed gum so edibles 😂

  • “Fisk” translates to “Fish” in Swedish

  • those cards were made in 1991 lmao

    • Bruhhhhh lmao

  • Ok... Was the music at 3:12 pokemon snap 64 or am I bonkers?


  • @16:01 the face of a liar

  • What if they did a Bad Unboxing

  • awww you guys were so cute when you were younger

  • What .... the ..... fuck

  • did they really go in the bin though?

  • Hey Cold Ones, you still got them signs? I reckon I could use one

  • let me tell you something, those didnt went to the bin.

  • That could not have been blood lmao it's obviously wine, blood is thicker than that, they could've just smelt it

  • "these are going in the bin" 🤥

  • This has been getting me to badly is max actually a vegan or does he say it for memes

    • I think I've heard him say he's vego before