The Voice - MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!

Birt 9 jún 2020
The Voice - MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!
Here is the compilations of Top 10 MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!! Hope you liked & Enjoyed it . Don't Forget to like & Subscribe for more :)
This video features the following performances:
1. Coldplay - The Scientist , Holly Henry (The Voice USA)
2. Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own , Fernando Daniel (The Voice Portugal)
3. Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou , Alisan Porter (The Voice Blind Auditions)
4. Beyoncé - Listen , Trevin Hunte (The Voice USA)
5. Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers , Patrick Reis (The Voice Switzerland)
6. OutKast - Hey Ya! , Janna Salhoume (The Voice van Vlaanderen)
7. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love , David Gomes (The Voice Portugal)
8. The Voice of Poland - Dorota Osińska - "Calling You"
9. Passenger | Let Her Go , Tiziana Gulino (The Voice Switzerland)
10. Adele - Skyfall ,Άκης Παναγιωτίδης (The Voice Greece)
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  • Which ones your Favourite? ❤️❤️

    • The last guy was amazing... amazing but did he innovate or imitate?? They are all on this reel for a reason. I can remember them all, very varied.

    • 12:55 Calling You Jevetta Steele best voice off all an this video!!

    • @123benny4 go check your ears u got a problem

    • The second one is boss

    • Late to the party but, my vote would go to Calum Scott. His performance sounds like a record coming straight out of the studio. Many good talents here though so it was a touch choice.

  • how come Janna Salhoume @ 8:36 didnt become a star? Cancer? fallen into the Deathstar, wtf?

  • lmao, that show that thinks this song is actually written by Calum Scott is beyond fucked, do they even google smh? edit: yeah, it's portugal... a country where heroin is legal obviously lost the grip to reality.

  • 8:30 that's my jam right there!!!!!!!

  • The guy who sang 'Dancing on my own' really got me... I just reeeeeeaally love this song and he sang it so perfectly

  • guy at 5:40 gave me goosebumps

  • I cannot pick just one up. They are splendid each in one's way,. amazing.

  • David Gomes piel de gallina

  • who is the blond with to much make up

  • 1:46 This is NOT Calum Scott nor a Calum Scott song. Furthermore its NOT an audition!

  • So the first chick made me cry. Nobody makes me cry. Ever. Not even bad break ups. Edited: The black guy singing crossroads made me cry too.

  • Crazy in love was amazing

  • I hugely respect the covers. But when can we have an original songs, raw new artist competition..? Mockery-and NOT the disrespectful kind-is so common. The talents who have the stones to put their own twist on a cover is wonderful. But how’s about original artists...?

  • who is singing Crazy in Love ???

  • Waow great work man

  • sawyer fredericks

  • 12:54 ..Her voice is fantastic. Not the first talented singer from Poland I've seen on these compilations.

  • totally not photoshop

  • This is a fantastically curated list. The talents are phenomenal

  • listen and skyfall were phenomenal

  • Wheres the miss that sang Calling you?

  • Um, at least for 2nd one, doesn't count as an "audition" if it's not the first performance attempt, and they're all turned around already... just sayin'..

  • LOL!!!!! This is so cringe!

  • 8.30 A good interpretation of 'Hey Ya', but not that good. The girl's voice was very weak.

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The guy singing "dancing on my own " isn't Scott Calem, is a Portuguese guy called Fernando Daniel on the 'The Voice Portugal' that he actually won it.

  • What a jury !

  • Thumbs up to the artists but thumbs down to the uploader for clickbait.

  • Take a good song ...and make it better :-)

  • Beautiful human beings with angelic voices

  • Then what? Does winning help their careers? I don't ever see them again.

    • well, the dude that song the second song is one of the most famous singers in portugal and came from the voice, he is also a judge on the voice kids, not everyone does it, but some people do get the recogtnition they deserve, and even if they dont get a record deal and get famous like he did they still get their gigs, and more possibilities to get more on the long run :)

  • The guy singing crazy in love is something else

  • صوت راءع

  • صوت حلو التكسرات

  • صوت جميل طبعا

  • sky fall wow so powerful amazing

  • DOROTA!!!!!&%#!!

  • 第一个:那英真严格

  • sorry but the thumbnail is creepy asf

  • #2 is not an audition. That is a huge mistake for the title you put on this video


  • Nice baby

  • Just wanna say, all of these people did awesome but I want to say something about the house bands. They are on point. It's amazing they can play anything, you name it.

  • The first girl loooks like a celebrity

  • Alisan Porter wow

  • David Gomes and Dorota Osińska were outstanding! SD

  • Its been so long that I forgot just how cool Holly Henry's voice is.

  • That Outkast , Hey Ya cover though.... O.o

  • Adam was acted disrespectfull on the "listen" song... Shame on him

  • i don’t get why people clap with the beat when they are auditioning. i’d find that annoying

  • Thousands of talent come and go through the x factor and the voice, yet we never hear of them ever again? Yet many make it in being TV presenters in shows or lose woman etc.

  • the sientist( first one) and the girl that singing jevetta steele 's calling you is amazing

  • Yeah that’s not Calum Scott

  • Such amazing beautiful song love this song

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  • What’s with the Billie Eilish thumbnail clickbait???

  • The_1 that can touch without touching! 🖐

  • 12:56 That right there, this is what drove sailors love mad and drownings. That is what i call perfection. I completely 8understand the old judge who teared up because i did too.

  • I didn't even know it was Hey Yah at first, bruh ! She made it something completely different and awesome !

  • Uh, you cannot have this title and not include Jordan Smith's audition. Pure Perfection. I could not believe it was not a recording.

  • Does anyone know where we can find the video the title goes with?

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  • Second song author is not Calum Scot he only made he's own version

  • Blue bayou😍

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  • It's super weird hearing Hey Ya in 4/4

  • Proof that it’s mainly luck on becoming famous because all these artists singing should be the famous ones if based solely on talent!

  • I loved this setlist! Two things to improve it: 1. This is NOT the first audition of Fernando Daniel in Voice Portugal; 2. The original singer of "Calling You" is Jevetta Steele (in Voice Poland)

  • The guy who sang calum scott had one audition already. he sang when we were young.

  • oh my 3:37 the most beautiful voice I have ever heard... nevermind... 12:54 is incredible

  • Blue Bayou @ +/- 4min

  • whos the little boy with purple hair?

  • beautifull

  • That chick that sand Blur Bayou is fully stunning.

  • shame clickbaiters yikes

  • Yo that first girls voice is magical af!

  • All are great performances but song 2 is not "Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own", the original song is written and recorded by Robyn

  • Pretty meh list

  • The last guy’s voice...damn!!!

  • The Blue Bayo woman oh my dear Lord!!

  • The freakin thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣 I was laughin so hard I had to watch it but the first singer omg amazing

  • Seriously??? "MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!" I can't believe I fell for it. Man, They were good, but "Most Extreme and Flawless"???? Are you kiding me. You realy don't need a click bait like this. I am disappointed with this channel.

  • this is the 1,000th comment

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    • This is a coded message. Walla walla bing bang.

  • The “He yah “ slower version is amazing , first time I realised how deep that song is

    • Andre 3000!

    • Holy damn as suspected

    • agreed

    • good songwriting sometimes means you don't realize its genius until taken completely out of the original sound

    • I was literally going to comment the same thing. Out of all performances in this video this is the one I will remember.

  • Hey ya and Crazy in Love 's version were lit

  • Skyfall is proof that this shit is all fake

  • I don't know who the Greek singers are in the last episode, but the contestant is awesome.


  • 8:18 killed it!

  • Great Artist are all over the world.. They just lack the proper marketing to build a super Star ....

    • Because its a tough business. Its strongly focussed on the money which can be made with a singer or band. Far more than the actual talent or skill. As long you are recognisable and got attention, you may hope for a contract, which DOESNT gut you like a christmas goose!

  • first audition was NOT flawless and was not extreme in any shape way or form sorry.

  • Yeahhhh

  • Using Billie Eilish to grab some views is pathetic to say the least. Sadly the talent in this video is actually getting overlooked now as a result of you doing so. Out of respect for the talent in this video you should have had a photo and or photo bash of all the contestants instead.

  • Damn, when a sister/brother to the singer cries in pure happiness and you see how proud the family is... gets me every time

    • I know right. Hits me right in the feels to see people cry tears of joy

  • The only reason why I clicked this video was because of the thumbnail of Billie Eilish. How MISLEADING! She doesn't even appear. Reported for misleading content.

  • Wow! Portugal a aparecer 2 vezes num vídeo destes? ONDE ANDAM OS TUGAS?!