Every Pixar Movie Ranked

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Schaff likes some Pixar movies! Except the ones he doesn't like!
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  • Here is my ranking: 23-Cars 2 22-Cars 21-A Bug's Life 20-Brave 19-Onward 18-The Good Dinosaur 17-Cars 3 16-Wall-E 15-Monsters University 14-Finding Dory 13-Incredibles 2 12-Monsters Inc 11-Ratatouille 10-Toy Story 9-Toy Story 4 8-Finding Nemo 7-Up 6-Coco 5-Toy Story 2 4-The Incredibles 3-Toy Story 3 2-Inside Out 1-Soul

  • 18:49 😅😂😂 Great picture schaff!!!

  • 17:57 music?

  • 6:24 I am subscribing

  • Cars 2 is good it’s a bit better than cars 1 and cars 3 sucks it’s fun besides toy story and incredibles I think it’s the best Pixar sequel

  • how can you rate cars 20 its more like in top 5

  • 14:37 ew those guys (If you get why ur cool)

  • The America doll you showed I actually own

  • I think Cars 2 is the best Pixar Movie by far! And by best I mean it’s the worst thing ever

  • 47:36 The other mother: allow me to introduce myself

  • i haven’t even watched toy story 4 because toy story 3 was just the perfect end for toy story in general.

  • the reason i dont like most pixar movies is BECAUSE THEY ARENT TOY STORY 2 FIGHT ME

  • I'm gonna have to disagree with your placement of cars 1

  • Um... I liked cars 2 but I agree its the best example of how not to do a sequel but I dont think its a bad movie, its probably just my nostalgia talking tho

  • … why are you spelling out WHOIS? It's literally “who is”.

  • My grandmas favorite Disney/Pixar movie (out of 11-12) is Up because her husband died around 11 month before we watched it

  • Yes every one. We must remember “The worst storm is a biblical one”

  • After lightyear I feel like Disney is gonna force a live action remake of toy story, I mean they are pretty much almost done with their most iconic films, so now its time to do the same but with pixar

  • Ok we all love Varrick, right

  • not gonna lie i thot brave was gonna be last

  • POV: you’re reading this comment

  • ;-; so dam UP not even passing half the runtime has made me your new enemy

  • Up should have been told like slumdog millionaire. Don't tell us his whole backstory at the start. Tease us. Scatter it throughout the film. Maybe he finds a tea set which was gifted to him at his wedding, cue wedding scene. Then we could be pulled along more and more until we see the tragic scene and finally understand why he loves the house. Bit like the slay rosebud.

  • im the sick person who thinks cars 2 is the best cars movie

  • I think the reason I liked cars 2 as a kid was because I grow up with James Bond and cars

  • Ok there is so much wrong in his list. Ok why would he put the original cars so far down the list he roasts cars two witch is fair but also roasts the original cars? That’s like roasting rise of Star Wars but hating a new hope. He also said cars 3 was all about racing but that’s what cars one was for. Palms springs was great addition because it showed character development and made lightning a better character and a better driver it was critical for the script we would not have doc without Palm Springs . Incredibles 2 would be perfect if they had a better antagonist did not add those stupid super heros . I do agree with his first pick being incredibles but I would put the original cars hot third and ratatouille definitely deserved second. One thing I never thought of but is completely true is that the incredibles is the best super hero movie.

    • @Owen Noll lol, what the hell does my name got to with anything? And for someone who claims that you respect other people's opinions, you don't really show it. Also, in the landscape of opinions, there's also something called "a rebuttal", which you've apparently got a problem with

    • And frankly I don’t give a shit about what you think my opinion should be about car’s especially from a guy named Morten

    • Bro since when we’re there no such things as opinions I respect your opinion but for me I grew up watching cars and I think it is a great movie even top three Pixar movies in my opinion

    • @Owen Noll You're calling the car version of "Doc Hollywood" an animated icon? I guess Seltzer and Friedberg's movies are comedic icons then

    • Wait and hold up let’s talk about that profile pic. Why you swimming in that murky ass pond. I’m starting to not take you seriously.

  • Onward, I have the same name, same thoughts about driving, two brothers, I'm younger, and I have an annoying sister that sometimes embarrasses me, yet I STILL can't relate to how Ian acts and reacts to things. The bridge; makes sense I'd be worried too, the gas can thing; I'd get annoyed too, and I'm introverted, mostly. Yet, I can quickly formulate sentences to say to people on the go (though sometimes the ability fails), I quickly got comfortable driving my sister's car, and I can calm myself down in a minute or two. and know people are gonna be like, "he's dealing with stuff," or "He's more introverted," and ya know what I have to say to that, your right I just wanted to voice what I felt about it.

  • This was pretty straight on if I’d have to rank it, all of these movies are pretty good in the end, besides some in the lower ranks, but besides that, very great choices here Schaffrillas!

  • do your top 10 pixar villans

  • Brave is the best movie ever

  • Okay I’ll explain why Ernesto didn’t tear up the photo Ego. He thought that Miguel and Héctor wouldn’t be able to stop him and leave the sinkhole and he wanted to kind to mock him

  • i was upset by braves ranking coz its a guilty pleasure of mine but then i saw the top 10 and i understood

  • I love what you had to say about 4, I can't believe there's people that don't understand its greatness.

  • I don't understand why people are made at Bonnie not keeping Andy promise but people tend to forget that some people outgrow toys faster than others. Bonnie simply outgrew Woody.

  • The Incredibles was the first ever film I saw in theaters!

  • Cars is such a better movie if you look into NASCAR-history.

  • i only saw cars 2 once and i remember really enjoying it... i must have been drugged or something

  • unpopular opinion wall e is not good

  • cars 2 review. me: you stupud mother

  • The incredibles as a movie was so important to not just me but my whole family, so I’m really glad it made it to number one. If it got beat by Tony tenderizing that steak! I would’ve lost my mind. Also dude I know it’s an hour long video and all and you gotta script everything but you forgot one of the best parts of the movie the goddamn soundtrack like what is wrong with you

  • 44:49 Imagine scripting, voicing over, and editing all of this without getting the point of the character

  • I know we all have our own opinions but I can’t get down with your ranking of Onward mostly because it seems as if you hate the movie mostly because you ate the actor Chris Pratt. I love Jack Black as much as the next person but I feel like Jack Black would have tried to make Barley a more comedic character and I personally feel that would have taken away a lot of my favorite things about Barley. He is an overall goof but he knows when it’s time to get serious. I admit when I was first watching the film,I found Barley to be a bit annoying but after watching the film a second time,I started to notice how undeniably wholesome he is. There are multiple scenes where he is willing to die for Ian and he also gives up the one thing he is most proud of (his van,obviously) so Ian can see his dad. I’m going to list the scenes because I have nothing better to do than gush over what I feel is one of the most loving characters in Pixar. So first off,I’d like to say that Barley was actually the one that never had a dad. We figure this out after Ian realizes Barley was his father figure. Barley didn’t have this yet he doesn’t seem to let that bother him and he still feels bad for Ian. Since Barley didn’t have a dad,he couldn’t exactly rely on a man to teach him to drive or to buy him a car. That’s where Qwenivere comes in. That van is the only thing he has done that he is proud of. Yet he is so willingly able to sacrifice it for Ian. The gauntlet scene where they’re being “chased” by the gelatinous cube,Barley is willing to just jump into a pit of spikes because he not only trusts his brother but he is also aware that even if Ian fails to do the spell,Ian can still use his lifeless corpse to get across. When the room fills up with water and they get the door to finally open,Barley pushes Ian up first in case the door closes again. During the curse scene,when Barley was going to “distract” the dragon. How the hell was he going to distract it? He had nothing. His mom and the Manticore had the Curse Crusher and Ian had magic. Barely knew he was basically running towards death when he said he would distract the dragon. I was inspired by this character as was my partner. We loved his character so much that we even named our son after him. We felt that Barley has some of the best qualities that anybody could ever have. Granted,I know Onward isn’t Pixar’s greatest film (I give the number 1 spot to Wall-E even though Wall-E is not my favorite Pixar film). There were some scenes that felt a bit childish. I do agree with you that the Cars franchise,Brave,and the Good Dinosaur are the worst films Pixar has to offer. I can’t give a ranking to CoCo because I have yet to see it. As far as Soul goes,I was disappointed with the ending. I feel like if the main character had just died,it would’ve kept with the film’s overall meaning.

  • For monsters university, they didn't single out purple guy because the workers at Pixar predicted Five Nights at Freddy's and the "the man behind the slaughter" memes.

  • Because of monsters Inc. whenever I hear the numbers 2319 August 319 basically anything that sounds like 2319 from the movie and then I automatically say in my head The quote from the movie.

  • I fckn love cars 2 so much ngl

  • Would it be funny if you ranked every movie that premiered on Disney Channel mostly because you would probably suffer, and it would be funny for you roast them



  • Up is the most emotional movie made by Pixar according to me, Just thinking about some scenes give me goosebumps and no other movie teach that quality I think

    • @uWu There are still great moments scattershot throughout to make the movie more than average

    • I mean, to me Up was only the most emotional movie at the beginning of the movie. The moment we get to the present time, it all goes to the standard "it's fine" movie

    • I personally agree but I think monsters inc is a little more emotional in my opinion

  • I really like Cars 2.

    • Explain, foolish one.

  • ngl at The Good Dinosaur segment i fully expected you to put a gag about Arlo the fuzzy blue monster.

  • Does anyone else hate hearing criticism on their favorite Disney movies for fear of liking them less?

    • Same. Like, their criticism are probably spot-on, but yeah, it's still too much for my fragile heart to see my favorite movie/show get torn to shreds lol

    • Depends on if they can convince me but I mostly just disagree and don't start a war

  • i watched The incredibles 2 yesterday and i must say i agree with you. I was so hyped for all the kids and see how much thay have evolved. But really nothing happened honestly. The movie is not trash in any way, but honestly i think thay should have just dropped it after the first movie. It is amost inpossible to do something better.

  • Elastigirl should've divorced her husband and get with the villain, idk i just really want lesbians, plus it would've been a great enemies to lovers arc, or they could team up and destroy the world ig

    • While proper lesbian representation is nice, you can't really just destroy an already established relationship for that reason. And the villain isn't even the best pick, she just sucks imo.

  • I was going to be annoyed with Shaff about putting Cars where he did but then 17:25 happened and now I can’t get mad at him anymore

  • 34:33 Starlight Glimmer, anybody?

  • this man is crazy

  • Coco became my favorite Pixar movie really quickly. The more I thought about it, I loved it. It just hits on every note.

  • R fc c ccf&fc

  • We eee we eeeeeee

  • After I first watched Soul I said "Soul is just Diet Coco" and I still think that's the funniest thing I've ever said.

    • I still think soul is the "diet inside out" not coco

    • i guess you’re not a very funny person then


  • Watch Batman v Superman and Civil War Captin America and you will see that Incredibles 2 is the same movie just a little bit better than Batman v Superman and a lot worse than civil war

  • I rewatched Incredibles 2 semi-recently just out of curiosity, and even though I actually really liked it I found the side characters and villain to be so disappointing. Screenslaver had potential to be even better than Syndrome, I mean the “Screenslaver has an important announcement” monologue is genuinely Oscar-worthy. But otherwise, the villain is pretty forgettable.


  • Only with the pixar movies I've seen I would rank 20) Brave (1/10) 19) The Good Dinosaur (1/10) 18) Cars 2 (2/10) 17) Onward (3/10) 16) Toy Story 4 (3/10) 15) Cars (4/10) 14) Toy Story (6/10) 13) Finding Dory (7/10) 12) Monsters University (7/10) 11) A Bugs Life (8/10) 10) Toy Story 3 (9/10) 9) WALL-E (9/10) 8) Ratatouille (9/10) 7) Toy Story 2 (9/10) 6) The Incredibles 2 (9/10) 5) Inside Out (10/10) 4) Finding Nemo (10/10) 3) Monsters Inc (10/10) 2) UP (10/10) 1) The Incredibles (10/10)

  • For some reason, I feel as if they actually made Cars 2 as a full feature Mater' Tall tale, instead of the sequal, it would of been 100× better.

  • Schaff: Coco is the best Pixar movie of the 2010s. Toy Story 3: Am I a joke to you?

  • I watched Onward with my younger brother and both of us agree it's literally just Bright (2017) dir. David Ayer. I don't know what's worse, that or the fact Pixar was inspired by BRIGHT.

  • I don't care what anyone says, Cars 1 is a great movie

  • All I’m gonna say is that the main reason I love Soul is Terry and Jerry

  • At first I was super mad that you put toy story that low, but I did hate that sid was the villan because I love customising Legos and making them cooler and more accurate.

  • Can you talk about the transformers movies and bumblebee please?

  • WALL-E is my favorite movie of all time. It is so amazing. Thats all I have to say. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk

  • Schafrillas: “...[Coco is] impossible to clear without crying” Me: Oh, you wanna go! **charges off to watch Coco** *about two hours pass* Me, sobbing: I b-brought this upon myself...

  • I like brave but that’s probably because am Scottish

  • I actually really liked cars and cars 2, and have even rewatched both this year ahd still thouht they were great. Cars 3 however is one of the lamest movies I watched with a plot that did't even make sense. Also mater is a legend in both the languages I watched it in.

  • I watched I think the new Peter Pan movie instead of the little dinosaur because it was full or unavailable and it was the best decision of my life

  • I love herrrrr

  • Pokimanie is aaaa queeeeeeeeeen

  • okay now do Illumination

  • Ryoiki tenkai Domain expansion

  • Guess whaaaaaat........They're making another Toy Story movie, about the fictional man the Buzz Lightyear toy is based off of

  • auto is supposed to be a one dimensional robot with no personality.........because he’s SUPPOSED to be the opposite of wall-e, you know how wall-e is alive and the humans are dead.....so if auto had a personality he would be like wall-e and the story isn’t about robots against other robots, it’s about how the robots were alive but the humans weren’t so a villain robot how’s alive would just muddled the story

  • 22:56 do not throw away your shot

  • i was going to like this video but you had 2 (TWO) different opinions than me and i am legally obligated to dislike your video

  • I watched Cars so many times as a kid and I agree that after Lightning gets separated from Mack the movie is like 95% bad (also Toy Story is the funniest movie ever)

  • THANK YOU so much for explaining the feelings I had for all of these movies. Couldn’t put it into words

  • I've been switching between toy story 2 and 3 i think its 3 but 2 is just a smidge worse I love the prison break things

  • Finding nemo is amazing not only for nostalgia I love the story the jokes the overall feel and music like the opening shot and speaking of the opening shot hot damn its good the rays though the water the sun its amazing

  • I like cars 1 better than 3 because of nostalgia and I like it but really cars 3 is boring

    • @I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that honestly reading this comment that I made i don't understand what I said I like cars 1 better but overall quality cars 3 is better but I think its really boring to sit through

    • Nostalgia may be a reason for liking it more but that's not constructive criticism

  • I think jack black would've been better but I'm saying this i think Chris pratt is a good actor

  • But Cars is my favourite movie😢

  • toy story 1 is way stronger than toy story 4

  • I have never seen Cars 2

    • dont watch it its a wasted 2 hours

  • sub for superlion mcpirat


  • Rate Cartoon Network cartoons!!

  • Finding Dory being better than Toy Story? Shook