Deji Reacts To Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren

Birt 18 apr 2021
Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren
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  • Deji i would fight him, but he only fights smaller untrained/retired fighters!

  • I'd happily fight Jake Paul

  • I start like deji for honestly and for give respect too people who him dont like

  • Mans were dancin 4 a while 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe “Moist” Weller

  • Respect to deji for being honest

  • Am here to watch *HIM* RECATS TO THE FIGHT

  • Is video about jake paul and ben askren or abut joe weller

  • Ben also said he's never been downed

  • Simple 1, 2 dropped. Well atleast he is a by the book fighter

  • can u pls tell me a scene where he reacts to the fight.

  • 5:42 this make me laugh really hard

  • Deji vs Jake Paul 2?

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  • Jesus Loves you ✝️ Repent before it's too late 🙏🙌

  • weller would probs fuck you up lets be honest loool

  • Losing either makes or breaks someone 💯👌

  • christ deji got mad real quick

  • Damn you finally got 1M views again lmao

  • Deji VS Jake 2

  • 😂😂😂

  • joe "moist" weller

  • When he says "You Weird Leave me alone" 😂😂😂🤣

  • Deji Vs Joe Weller lets have it. let Joe get knocked out by both brothers. and Deji would have gib easy.

  • That's where I think you're wrong. Jake Paul doesn't know he's a douchebag.

  • why would he fight gib arent they friends?

  • This guys personality is so funny lol he’s such a character

    • Its too funny when deji gets pissed 🤣😂

  • this escalated quicker than jake paul could take floyd mayweather’s hat 🤣

  • Deji I think it's about time for you to humble Jake

  • Deji made joke poor bleed. Assman is a professional ufc fighter that barely gave Joke Poor a scratch.

    • 🤦‍♂️

    • 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • You know Deji is serious when he stands up 😂

    • Deji honestly got some good shit talk

  • "If you're our commentator, I will jump you . Simple as that" 😭💀


  • If only Deji trained a bit harder against Jake

  • 2:21 - premonition of the floyd-jake debacle

  • Let’s be honest who asked joe 😂

  • You are so moist- deji 2021

  • Nah i love jake paul

  • Soooo ummmmm Jake Paul Vs. Man-Child rematch?

  • Its too funny when deji gets pissed 🤣😂

  • Digital olatunji

  • Talk about we know deji before jake

  • Joe's all talk but when it's fight time the guys a punching bag deji it's a waste of time if u fight him you'll drop him

  • He’d knock you out now

    • I think Deji knows that

  • Deji honestly got some good shit talk

  • Deji and Jake rematch

  • Deji: jake Paul is pretty strong Me: Ben askren is retired and before the fight he had hip surgery it obviously wasn’t a fair fight

    • We know he is retired, that doesn’t mean Jake is shit

  • If I was Joe I'd be crying in laughter lmao

  • When the quiet kid in class has had enough

  • "Jake pool"😭💀

  • dejis mood went 🥰😃🙂😐😤😡🤬🥰

  • "ur so moist"

  • You should fight jake again


  • How many times has he said (REALISTICLY)?

  • Hey deji I'm Ethiopian

    • Deji is Nigerian 🇳🇬

  • Deji is weak opponent for Jake Paul you might find him him in a restaurant overweight. Oh yeah not African , just black .

  • ye

  • deji looks so much like his dad

  • You are moist😂🤣😂🤣

  • Love how he called feki a pussy but when gib called him out he didn’t do out ahaha

  • This isn’t my first time here I just wanted to see Deji mad 😂

  • i actually died of laughter when he said you're so moist

  • Jake poll

    • Upload a training vid plz DEJI

  • you are dead man go back to daddy parnk

    • @m46U time where i got pressed BY CRIPS MUST WATCH

  • Yet he doesn’t react to a video

  • My cousin really said vinnie was gonna win and I died cuz I know you’re gonna win

  • Punching bag is a compliment he’s saying u don’t feel pain

    • It’s just not a compliment is it though

    • Tf?

  • Cmon deji lad no more ISprofile train hard

  • This guy is watching the monster he help create continue to grow

  • Haven’t watched Deji in nearly 2 years. He seems a lil different now. Idk why tho maybe more mature

  • I'm just waiting for the downfall of Jake and the rise of deji, idk if the recently leaked footage is deji but if it is oof Jake is finished

  • dog

  • leave me alone lol

  • Deji smack vinne hacker

  • “He’s used to getting kneed in the face” He lost the ufc fight in record speed 3 seconds


    • How old are you 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Anweshan Mishra when Deji wins stfu. Actually you can stfu right now

    • @Cameron Hawthorn yeahh i will also comeback when deji loses

    • @Anweshan Mishra I’ll come back to you when deji wins

    • @SwaT Saint you will se me aint lying

  • @m46U time where i got pressed BY CRIPS MUST WATCH

  • Upload a training vid plz DEJI

  • Let’s fucking go

    • @bouytt guyt he’s been boxing like 3 years now tbf but as soon as he fights anyone with any boxing technical ability he’s getting put to sleep

    • How u let jake Paul beat u

  • Deji pls train this time

    • why you think he's not uploading much?

  • Boring us Now With This Boxing Content 🥱

  • Leave me alone😅

  • dejis barely uploading, and leaked footage of him with the heavy bag. deji is actually focused this fight and i like that. win this for us deji

  • Haha ❤

  • Jeeez Deji. You looking buff. Jeeeeeeez

  • Joe was drunk

  • He reminds me of a African mum

  • Deji is such a king!

  • What's terrible is that deji could have ended Jake Paul 3 fucking years ago and ended all of this boxing stuff.

  • “He fancy’s me” 🤣

  • You're a man child.

  • 🤣🤣💯💯💯

  • How u let jake Paul beat u

    • cuz Jake trained more

  • Honestly deji if you are truly about it call him up and arrange a spar the loser has to shave their head

  • Aye day before my birthday

  • Dood the guy just basically just came out of surgery and only had 3 months of training and he was really out of shape and you said it your self boxing isn't easy. But saying all that Jake is a good boxer that fight was easy for him.

  • For some reason the way he says "shitty lil podcast" is so funny 🤣😂

  • Hi Deji I'm your biggest Fan and keep up with what you are doing because you always seem to put a smile on my face 😁😁

  • This guy didnt move houses wth