How The American Police Car Has Changed | WheelHouse

Birt 11 jún 2018
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Cop cars are an important symbol of law and authority around the world, especially in the US. But they weren’t always around. So what was the first cop car? And how did the black and white paint job come to be? And how has American society shaped the police cruiser as we know it? Join Nolan as he explores cop cars from the very beginning to today.

WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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  • Damn...... You forgot about the millions of Dodge Chargers on the road now!!!

  • Oh so your gonna leave out the charger? You infidel!

  • In my town traffic cops use R/T Chargers or Challengers

  • nowerdays we send APCs (armoured personal carrier) to protests XD

  • “SUV’s and Trucks” *laughs in NYSP*

  • The internal creature electronically trick because squirrel socially handle regarding a telling growth. null, damp development

  • You could have just said "vroom vroom police car has better things"

  • So the Charger, Tahoe, Suburban, and the Impala police variants never existed..... Got it.

  • This was really just a history of cars

  • Interesting history.

  • Ugh the Fox Body Mustang...when Ford mated a Taurus with a five liter V8. 😁 🤪

  • We have police drive land cruiser in queens land Australia

  • Click bait

  • Here in Portugal we have a new nissan gtr r35 for the police

  • Why does everything happen in akron

  • But will the explorer catch up a porche 911 turbo s... probably no, cuz that thing has german majic in it

  • You didn't explain why Chrysler cars didn't play a role in the 90s when they were dominating in the 60s.

  • The chevy caprice 9c1 was literally the top dog of the 90s, crown vic's where slow af until they came out with the p71.....

  • burning ford explorers coming with free turbos......

  • i like this guy on this channel the other guy is so cringe and not funny im here to learn

  • Charger limiter: 149 mph. No chip: 167 mph. Explorer: 150 mph

  • My local sherrifs absolutely hate the chargers because they were issued rear wheel drive models in a area that rains and snows. The traction is non existent on those things. Why chrysler discontinued the v8 AWD is baffling.

  • Yaaaas can blues brothers!!! Best movie ever!

  • Biggest ticket i ever got was drag racing on the runway at the local airport with two girls, one sitting on the others lap in the front seat of my 1981 Z28 Camaro. Federal Trespassing of an airport, speeding, racing and seatbelt and illegal passenger safety. I had to get a lawyer for this one!

  • Fuck the police y'all


  • My dad used to outrun the cops in his 440 rt 1970 Charger

  • The current challegers in my town top out at 115 and the f150 pursuit rated truck tops at 105

  • Romanian police department uses Dacia Logan 2004😂

  • We mostly have dodge chargers and Chevy suburbans here in Florida bc the tuner car culture here.

  • My dad has a 1974 Dodge Monaco painted exactly how it is in The Blues Brothers

  • "I read all of them even if they hurt my feelings" thats how a real man handles a ISprofile channel

  • Japan has Godzilla

  • Dude the charger whatttt

  • Dodge demon cop car would be dope

  • Think of all the money they have extorted from citizens

  • Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that they didn't mention the chargers haha

  • my favorite cop car is the dodge durango pursuit

  • In the late 60', early 70's, Alabama State Troopers were also using the 69 Rambler Scramblers. I did not get a ticket, but he read me the riot act, and gave me a warning ticket.

  • Chevy should drop a 6.2 with a super charger into the new blazer and see how police like that

  • Are we going to ignore the Prius and Tesla being used as cop cars?

  • Our police officers just use Ford Explorers with eco boost

  • What is the name of the background music?

  • Talks about American police cars *Shows a Japanese car*

  • In Tucson AZ I've seen Ford Focus police cars. They're rare but do exist.

  • love your team work

  • The greatest cop car ever was the Ford Crown Victoria. Don't argue with me guys you know I am right.

  • So we’re gonna ignore Dubai’s police force, they got lambos and Bugatti’s over there

  • I'm not sure what year it was but growing up as a kid there was an old junkyard down the road that had an old police cruiser either a 80s crown vic or caprice sitting on jacked up axles and mud tires and had legit become an landmark for telling people when they needed to turn and someone had even made a meme about it.... sad to say a few years ago they finally crushed it

  • did he forget the dodge charger?

  • I love the dodge monico cop cars, they were my favorite

  • You missed like 15 of chevy impala in NYC 3 body styles and 2 engines of undercover and blue and white

  • Why do u have such cool police cars in the USA. In Germany we have Ford Vans or Mercedes Transporters

  • Did we just forget about the boxy chargers? Pretty sure you can find them on any cop show or department in your area

  • When a 90s car has more horse power than ur mordern mitstubishi mirage

  • Cars for the KKKops, Cars for the Klan

  • I am a big car enthusiast. I was so upset on finding India's so called car youtubers like gaisal kahn who call or pretend themselves car guy without having any passion/knowledge about cars. So I started watching DDE, STRADMAN, SHMEE150, TAVARISH, HOOVIES GARAGE, MANNY KHOSHBIN AND VINWIKI I want your suggestion to start a channel inspired by donut media(specifically their up to speed series)in hindi to step up our INDIAN game. Plz.. share your views on this idea.

  • Cops where im at are using challengers now

  • Fastest car 1.ssc tuatara 2.cop car

  • Police department in my town use Bugatti

  • cops get reckt by nfs players.(just a meme)

  • How was the dodge charger missed? It's like 90% of all police cars I see

  • "They'll keep up" haha yeah right *laughs in motorcycle*


  • Out here in Hawaii, a lot of 4 runners are the confusing ones used. The motorcycles are BMW.

  • One of the higher ups in the PD where I live ordered a 2017 Explorer PPV with the Ecoboost. He said it was a gutless wonder. It had a top speed of 110 before the governor kicked in. He pulled the engine, harness, and trans out and replaced them with a 5.3 Coyote stroker with forged internals, Roush cams, ported heads, and did a Precision twin turbo kit with an air to water intercooler. For the trans, he went to an 8 speed automatic. He said he not only improved fuel economy, but also upped the top speed by almost 80 MPH. I talked with him once and he's gonna put it against my C3 in a ¼ mile at the drag strip. He wants to know if it'll keep up with a Chevy. Most likely, he's gonna walk away from me.

  • You didn't mention what 95% of cops are driving these days. The dodge charger

  • do uk police cars, golf r, r32, audi s3, leon fr, bmw m140s

  • o

  • My town uses chargers and cameros like what it it makes sense because there a crap ton of modifiers around driving 500hp rx7s so😂😂

  • Today : see a dodge charger cop car In 10 years : see the trust ssc with a siren and a black and white paint

  • In my country, we use Toyota Vios' for financial reasons. Still looks decent tho.

  • My fraternity advisor joined the CHP in 1979 and on his first day they gave him a 44 mag and a Chevy Camaro!

  • Javelin AMX wasn't the only model used by the Alabama state troopers. The Javelin SST model was actually used as well in smaller numbers, oftentimes it was given to detectives or to higher ranked officers as the SST were the more "luxury" edition of the car, with a wood grain interior panels, nicer seating etc. They were just the nicer version of the car, and had a slightly different front end to identify the SST from the AMX. The Alabama Department of Public Safety Museum has one of its original Javelins, and it's an SST. They still bring it out to ride in parades from time to time (source: I moved here for work like 4 years ago and i've seen it). All of the troopers cars ran an AMC 401 V8 engine with a 4 speed automatic transmission with a go package and powered rear differential. I actually own a Javelin SST myself, outfitted with the same specs as the police Javelins but mine is outfitted with a 360 V8 and not a 401. Even with the smaller engine size, this car is a beast, and is one of the most fun things i've ever driven.

  • police officers in my area drive supercharged durangos

  • i like how he wears his glasses

  • 3:33 super high visibility patterns that minimize road accidents. *Also shows a cop car crashing*

  • The bright colour of european police cars makes it a giant and highly visible traffic cone on wheels, perfect to regulate traffic or draw the attention of flowing traffic to a special situation. Fun fact: the german cop cars have so much equipment in the trunk that it is often not possible to drive 3 people (2 officers and 1 suspect in the back) in it because it goes over the maximum total weight limit of the car.

  • For a short while in 1999 and 2000, California Highway Patrol used a 5 cylinder Volvo as a patrol vehicle.

  • In Germany we got 3er BMWs and they are sick af

  • What about Chev surburbans?

  • Everyone asking about the Dodge Charger, but what about the Chevy Impala before that? Both big misses.

  • Did you read this?

  • Get it? Model 18? Amendment **18** ?

  • My biggest ticket was ~800$ just for ticket. Additional I had to visit a seminar for young drivers that drove drunk (~500) and hat to do a psychological test to see if I am psychologically capable of driving in public traffic (~1200) also I got to get a new license (~100) and had to pay about 200 for expenditures. So 2800 in total and one and a half year with no drivers license...... End of the story, don't fucking drink and drive

  • Highest fine i got were 70€ when i didn't see a sign and drove 148km/h(91mp/h) instead of 120km/h(74mp/h). Germany has one of the lowest penalties in europe.

  • Every town represented in the comments: Dodge Challenger My town high on a budget crisis: Chevy Impala and Ford Taurus

  • It’s all fun and games till cops get a Tesla that has a 0-60 of under 2 seconds

  • Until American police agencies start using Lambos and such...I don't want to hear about "fast American police cruisers"

  • I seen an undercover camaro

  • Is it just me or are cop cars getting slower

  • The Dodge Charger is actually quite a common Cop car.I saw one once and I thought to myself:Nice to see fast cop cars a back.

  • Cut Killer and NTM?!! Nice...👍 Where did you heard about them??? Is it known in the USA?

  • Onetime me and my dad had a conversation about this for about half an hour.

  • In the UK there are numerous BMW Diesel Estates, in full high viz colours. Plus a variety of very high speed saloons in shades of grey.

  • Well documented and entertaining. Subscribed.

  • Meanwhile in india old Mahendra jeep

  • They do nothing wrong in my opinion

  • Love the cops

  • I live in Monterrey, Mexico, and most cops use the new Chargers, they are super scary and badass.