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0:00 Intro
0:12 For Context
1:28 Our Lightsaber
4:50 Science of Heat Transfer
9:12 How Hot?
11:38 Testing Begins
13:10 Wax Hands
15:00 Do Not Try This At Home!
16:35 Outro

Big thank you to Samuel Kim Music for the epic music!

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  • Go to NordVPN.com/Hacksmith to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

  • this is only an idea but would a glass like material work to use as a housing that could be filled with some type of gas that when heated creates a hot surface but also the red color when the gas is exsposed to some means of activating it turns it on

  • Imagine stabbing someone deeply in the face with the lightsaber🙂

  • damn steel's heat capacity's 420?

  • Cool!

  • The force is strong with this one

  • Hmmmm very good yes, however, I think he used the force to make sure his hand didn't get cut off :P

  • you came for 15:52 thank me later

  • bro ud have way more views if u didn't make us wait 15 minutes to see the hand vs fire and then put 30 seconds of slow mo in before that wtf bro

    • the educational content you skipped is worth more than views lol

  • Actually i learnt this law by myself when i was a kid

  • this video could have been 15 seconds, and you decided to make it 15 minutes.

  • How could this guy look like tony stark, captain america, thor and obi wan at the same time, thats crazy

  • call @mark rober

  • Can't belive the lightsaber is 10x hotter than the surface of the sun

  • God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall 🙌🙏

  • 15:35 the moment you came here for

  • You know I've seen people swing their hand through molten metal and be fine and heck I've done this myself over a gas FLAME and came out fine I even retires it slower for each until it started to get pretty hot and I didn't even get burns

  • I’m wondering if the technology of the protosaber could be applied to the iron man repulsor

  • nice walter ppk

  • looked up 4th degree burns... lowkey looks like a zombie with lava teeth tore open a human hand and hollowed it out to make a cup

  • I put my handm on fire for 4 secs and I’m 10

  • Would've laughed if the backswing caught his hair on fire lol

  • Hacksmit you are not an ediot

  • technically you had a better chance than the wax hand because of the Leidenfrost effect and, since the wax hand was able to survive karate chopping the lightsaber you where guaranteed to do the same

  • Сплагиатил

  • "Dont try this at home" Yep ima stick my hand in the protosaber i totally have lol (This is only for jokes)

  • Love the "ABOUT TREE FIDDY" reference... :)

  • What if it’s just a sword with superheated blade so sharp that with the heat it burns right through as it cuts

  • Needs to hacksmith his hair.....

  • I'm not very knowledgeable on Star Wars, but doesn't the star wars universe use like a crystal of some sort thats inside the light saber? Maybe they can apply the same principle to this proto-saber? Like maybe using a quartz crystal or a diamond crystal inside the proto-saber? Or that just wouldn't work? I need answers! :'(

  • 15:36 Chuck Norris hand doesn’t get cut by lightsabers. Chuck Norris cuts lightsabers with his hands.

  • Ok

  • Is the 'real' lightsaber using a gas energy supply? You would think it would more likely use an actual laser source that produces photons (light and heat) as well as gauge boson particles to provide a force field!?

  • 15:30

  • buy now

  • 15:00 Yea theoretically everything should be fine but if it goes wrong it will be very un fine

  • 12:07 Interesting...

  • 10:28 You wouldn't even be able to hold the lightsaber because you wouldn't even be able to come near it without melting

  • Literally almost like the first saber in lore wow

  • can we see this in forged in fire?

  • 11:15 is that real?

  • Me: my soup bowl is to hot I cant touch it Hacksmith: today i'm going to put my hand in this lightsaber

  • I'm so happy he actually put his hand in rather then just saying a bunch of theories and doing tests.

  • Hey so that’s we’re my wax hands went

  • thermodynamics 🙂😇

  • so if i had a super hot axe and swung it at my hand it would pass right through? SWEET LESDO IT

  • I mean yea fire is a semi plasma so yea it is just like one

  • Is funny that he says don’t try this at home like we just have a lightsaber laying around

  • it might sound crazy but what about using the concept of a Water Jet Cutter on the plasma blade

  • I am most impressed that you managed to turn this into a 17-minute video

    • @Hacksmith Industries even more impressive is that I did watch the whole video without skipping..

    • It's very educational if you try watching...

  • }:-)

  • 7:08 nice

  • Use Tesla batteries

    • Those are the same as regular lithium batteries, nothing special

  • use the disney light saber toy's retractable mechanism but this time its made out of tungsten and the gaping holes are the flow way of the gas to light fire so in this way at the same time the bullets or other sword wont pass trough not like the current light saber you have right now

    • now the problem is how ypu would make the flame straight and longer

  • can you make a iron man suit but its mark 5 make the bag too pls

  • This went from Star Wars to Avatar real quick

  • Gas saber

  • “Do not try this at home” where do u expect me to get a plasma lightsaber at home?

  • at 15:32 is when he actually does it

  • James:"I'm proficiently trained". Me:IN STICKING YOUR HAND IN FIRE?!?

  • Can you make Kratos blades of chaos

  • that's so crazy that it actually works

  • So we just need to find a way to ignore thermodynamics

  • I’ll make one and do it slower

  • this guy is writing history right here

  • The Mythbusters did a similar thing with molten lead. They dipped their fingers in and out of the molten lead fast enough so that it didn't burn them.

  • Pretty sure at those temperatures the leidenfrost effect would protect the skin anyways.

  • The Robot has huge Googly eyes in the background did any one notice that 9:32

  • can it kill

  • when I saw the thumbnail I thought the lightsaber went through you hand

  • I also wonder how the saber would react in 0 g

  • are you telling me that i cant get flame shot by shooting arrows through fire like minecraft is not gonna work

  • “Don’t try this at home” so u think I got a lightsaber lying around in my room

  • My sister is small kid

  • i love how he just grabes a gun lol

  • It was cold

  • When I see this I thought you lied

  • In the lore Jedis use to carry a lightsaber with cords in them

  • Dont you feel the heat standing next to the thing having temp above 4000 farenheight?if no pls tell how?

    • Air is an excellent insulator, and like I explained in the video, heat transfer is slow

  • So ez jedi counter is to just shoot him with good old revolver haha

  • Hello thare!

  • You aint a real man until you karate chop a lightsaber.

  • The cynical stepmother feraly store because lace firstly welcome below a parallel venezuela. clean, sparkling attention

  • These nerds are getting a little too close to making a real lightsaber.

  • Shit, that was the real lightsaber 😂 .. Hand cut off

  • You can try to use the toy sabee tactic where retracted but... Just imagine Toy saber and your light saber mixed

  • I used to work at a fast food burger place and one day, this other employee was talking to the manager in the kitchen. He leaned against the grill putting his hand on it for balance (I know dumb right?). anyway, he laid his hand on the hot grill and burned it real bad. The manager laughed about it too. So I don't know about putting your hand through that lightsaber blade. Personally, I think lightsabers are cool, but I would rather have a laser or plasma GUN (rifle or pistol). That would be a lot more practical AND realistic to build an effective one. Though I can't see someone building a decent one any time in the next 120 years.

    • We have done both laser and plasma guns as well! Heat conductivity through metal is an exception to the rule -- changes the game so to speak

  • I Swear, If a Zombie Apocalypse Ever Hit Earth, His Basemement Would Be The First Place I Would Go To

  • What is a fifth degree born?

  • What I see: candle What overprotective parents see: 15:34

  • I may be figured out how you can guys make a lightsaber without any wires on the outside can you guys make a Arc Reactor inside of a lifesaver

  • Hmmm I'd be careful with the saber there you could cut your hand off:).

  • How much is it I want to buy

  • I think Hacksmiths have unknowingly started a whole new lightsaber industry here

  • Tbh i first came to this channel for the Lightsaber, but stayed for the general amazing craftmanship.

  • "Don't try this at home" *turns off my lightsaber that I totally own*

  • I like the part where he talked about the lightsaber

  • National Star Wars day

  • May the 4th is my birthday

  • real test begin at 15:33