Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron

Birt 27 apr 2021
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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
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Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer
Maria Alexandria - Special Effects/Makeup
Charlotte Jafari - Production Assistant


  • The real title: *cult weapons*

  • That second product got her lookin like Omega Shenron

  • 6:46 okay now you have my attention

  • 0:57 if elders day is at that date in Korea and on the (nearly) all of the world its day before, its not international day, its NATIONAL day.

  • It's so long days u back bruh 😂

  • JonTron with drums

  • Papa jon. Come back. I swear I'll like and favorite, subscription whatever.

  • The third one looks like the death mask from saw 2

  • Anyone know what the music at :12?

  • do jontron videos share continuity?

  • Angelas always love money

  • Bro don’t leave you’re hilarious 😆

  • Jon playing Bongo in the last video look so much like Steven Seagal XD

  • HE’S BACK again please don’t leave us again

  • R U S S I A N R A D I O B R O A D C A S T

  • "While you were chasing widowers, I studied the cane."

  • Is he gone again Just like my dad

  • That facial mask looks like the face that Dwight cut off of the cpr dummy and says "Hello Clarice." Haha🤣

  • "Butter side down on the rim."🤣🤣

  • Too early for a new waiting room?

  • I am flipping hooman

  • Sick episode see you in 8 months

  • "The guys with the guns were out on patrol. At that point the U.N. regulations just become a suggestion." Jon predicted the Gaza conflict lol.

  • The jontron hiatus is real.


  • That mask is creepy af.

  • 14:09

  • Lmao at 11:00

  • What happened to Jacques?

  • At the cane part at first I didn’t realize the guy in the back with the drums was jon

  • As a 100 year old lady. It took me over a decade to say "Yes".

  • "Old people and thier pain". This sentence made me smile 🙂

  • I swear only in Jon's videos will I pause it mid-way to search up some word he said that I have no idea of, thanks JonTron for enriching and expanding my vocabulary!

  • I don't know rather I should continue to be pissed or be happy we finally get a video. Im tired of my favorite youtubers doing this cocktease content. Leaving for years and coming back like nothing is wrong.

  • No one talking about how he actually bought some of these.

  • Hearing that woman talk about electronics actually killed me inside..

  • "Just slap an ACOG scope on that bad boy" *proceeds to slap a red dot sight on that bad boy*

  • That mask will turn you into a vampire and you will never age. Makes sense tho.

  • Wat WTF!

    • @soinu foig I can tell more or less what you're saying right now, by the way, your profile photo looks good😁 I don't understand because my English is shit😂 if you want to talk to me, you can translate it in Turkish 😉

    • @soinu foig I can tell more or less what you're saying right now, by the way, your profile photo looks good😁 I don't understand because my English is shit😂 if you want to talk to me, you can translate it in Turkish 😉

    • Wht......what the fk..! Loved This dude

  • God I love you, Jon.

  • I do want to make note that the wipe reach is a way to do that if you have low mobility and live alone, a lot of the sold and 'have silly' reasons are made for people with specific or low percentage disabilities, then they try and make some of their money back from development.

  • ha i was dying looking at that robot, one loose wire or rock and he's faceplanting with those tiny wheels, also is it just me or did the guy look like he was nervous the whole time explaining it

  • Hes gonna leave us again.

  • Seems like Cane Fu was the only style mastered by Steven Segal

  • That plant was probably watered the last time he made a video 🥴

  • That face mask reminds me of doll face from twisted metal

  • When I was waiting for another video, I was not expecting this. Not that I'm complaining!

  • like

  • Miss your vids Jon 🙁

  • @4:22 solenoids are having copper wires lmao

  • 5:51 who else flinched. Having flash backs must be codtsd.

  • 4.1k people apparently cant get over the past or are old people.

  • See you in a year. 😂

  • Wht......what the fk..! Loved This dude

  • Why don’t you make gaming vids anymore?

  • So, if you manage to get a working copy, would you review Paper Mario TTYD?

  • Amazing, cried every time

  • Well, see you in a couple years!

  • So did you finally get around to making this video after Steven Seagal finally let you out of the hospital after putting you in the hospital? How many of these items did you witness him using during the time he was protecting you from leaving? Did he own the ice cream truck that sold you the Spongebob ice cream that gave you heart disease after the shock of falling off a swingset? Did he teach you aikido in order to defend yourself against hostile swingsets in the future? You must use the flow of the swingset against itself in order to maintain control.

  • where the fuck is his bird

  • what names of parrot ples

    • jaques

    • i actualy want to now

  • Ok I may believe that the individual known as you have caught the attention of me about your product my dear sir.

  • 16:38 this outro has me crying 🤣

  • Jonh i wonder where your bird.

  • 8:20 dang how long has he been scubscribed to Danny Gonzalez?

  • Where can I buy the bird shirt you're wearing?

  • WTF is that Michael Myers mask

  • Hey jon. Now that your back can you FINALLY make the next flex tape video because there is a LOT new flex tape things. And phill swift talks to a fucking chicken

  • Wtf?

  • My grandparents are billionaires how I have no idea.

  • You better have nail clippers with a scope as new merch

  • Jon Tron when did you get fat? :o

  • the mask product reminds me of a trap you may see in the movie "SAW"

  • Jon flex tape hhmmmmmm

  • Was that Steven Siegel on the bongos?

  • I see that Steven universe hasn't been doing well since he moved out of Beach city

  • I’ll buy any of these products if it means I’ll be getting Granny’s inheritance sooner

  • 👏 flex 👏 paste 👏

  • 15:26 meme potential

  • Now we wait 11 months for the next JonTron appearance.

  • I love this guy, Jon is truly the best.

  • I make silly ISprofile videos with my cat along with songs. Come check them out.

  • God bless you John you actually made me smile today and it’s gonna be a rough day at work. Thank you for what you do!

  • I'm very worried about you Jon

  • I love this guy, he’s back

  • No disrespect brother but... Grow your mustache you look Amish 👍

  • Jon is a national treasure

  • slap an acog on that bad boy.... uses red dot... COME ON JAHN TRAHN

  • Pffft thanks to denial i'll never be old.

  • Incredible

  • Wat wtf

  • Looks like I Carley hideout

  • God bless Jon, always a big fan of your content. Your Forget The Flying Eggplants line is my phone ringtone.

  • I liked Jon’s robot voice.

  • Man.. Korea went a long way from "i want cok(e)" to speaking English better than native speakers


  • Meth baby time

  • Jontron is a meme