Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, & TRIVIA! - Frenemies # 33

Birt 27 apr 2021
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  • a person who is asleep or unconscious are not capable of giving consent. So it is also .SA / R Consent Cant be given in advance. That has also been seen in a vlog from Jason and David .Another time happened in Sleep with Trisha . Talked abt By Trisha on Freniemies. Trisha and Mose . and Ethan .talked abt .

  • I think trish needs merch that says “love that”

  • Keemstar panders to incels

  • “Time for education for Trisha” “love that” 😭😭😭😭😭

  • When she doesn’t realize they put her eyes and mouth on the pics 💀

  • Ethan got butt hurt aye

  • Geiger counters are anti-semitic 😡🚫

  • i feel so bad for kreepstraps daughter

  • She looks just like Pamela she’s so good at her looks 🙏🏻

  • ignorance

  • does keemstar actually have supporters?

  • i love ethan so much😭😭😭

  • listen i hate keem but i fully agree with him.. she should have said no or something. i don't want to live in a world where guys are scared to hit on a girl.. if she liked the dude she'd be glad he came back into her room and tried to get with her....i would.. bc she didn't like him, it's different. Let's be honest here! and yes 100% u have to say no or stop or fucking something in fact I can't believe that fact is up for decision. fucking crazy... keem is right the 1st time she said anything was to 1,000s of people, the dude tried to make a move.. he didn't rape her. and then to act like he was or is a rapist is wrong, it degrades real rapiest!

    • me so happy and emotional, thank you, may not realize how much you’re helping people when you support victims. I love you guys!

  • Shows over .... 2 hours later

  • What’s wrong with that broad on the left ?

  • Trisha getting all her info by tiktok explains a lot 🙃

  • Pure psychopath David. Fucking up my friend for life, ohh yeah this is so ok look where I am and where he is. Lol I got away with all and doesn't have anything, hahaha so funny

  • me so happy and emotional, thank you, may not realize how much you’re helping people when you support victims. I love you guys!

  • i have watched every frenemies episode at least 5 times and i can’t watch this one cuz keem star makes me so unbelievably uncomfortable feel so gross.

  • Ethan calls Trisha girl and says her and she im confused? do i have to say they or them? My grammerly brain hates it but i want to be inclusive

    • no because She. Trisha added She / Her to Tik Tok Bio

  • KazakAstan 😂

    • you need a audible yes and it can be rescinded at any time.

  • Omgggg I LOATHE Keemstar & David. Awful, awful people.

  • i bet the inside of keemstar's beanies smell like ass

  • The whole Kermit and Ms. piggy convo 💀💀💀

  • I watched the video etika filmed the day he left the world and let me tell you keemstar had might as well been an accomplice to it

  • please 2 of my uncles lost their legs to diabetes and here i am eating a bagel with cream cheese and hot cheetos on it 😭😭😭

  • me so happy and emotional, thank you, may not realize how much you’re helping people when you support victims. I love you guys!

  • I wanna bet my elmo’s left titty that I can live in trisha’s hair.

  • If ur gonna be a creep after drinking, u shouldn’t be allowed to drink. It’s that easy

  • 1:42:40 her hand writing is actually concerning like wtf even is that?😂

  • With peace and love don’t attack Dan

    • Trisha: Someones gonna look at it and think its normal behavior and try to emulate it Ethan: No one thinks its normal behavior Trisha 😂😂

  • The way keemstar speaks is so vile

  • It’s crazy how they went from despising eachother to being family.

  • Do you guys know about the msashycat ISprofiler? She’s always nodding off on live. Ethen, you have friends at ISprofile. Can you do anything?

  • It's women's responsibility? Isn't the law that you need ask before you perform sexual acts and you need to have a verbal "yes"? Nods don't count, saying "mhmm" doesn't count, you need a audible yes and it can be rescinded at any time.

  • Omg I had no idea Trisha was in a Eminem video!

  • 57:14 "and then be like" _farts_

  • Let’s criticize someone’s recovery story???

  • It's still so crazy to see Ethan actually like changed for the better and managed to host a podcast with Trisha!

  • 59:31 _"...from kissing a girls hand..." Keemstar is SO infuriating! He HIMSELF said in the very beginning that the dude climbed into her bed & was feeling on her chest! PLUS started giving her multiple unwanted kisses while dude was drunk. But then never mentions it again!

  • their relationship is so weird and entertaining and somehow wholesome

  • Trisha: “I can’t have this medical procedure I hate needles” Also Trisha: “I injected crack”

  • The fact that a grown man has no concept of unequal power dynamics & feeling forced to do something weapon or not, IS TRULY ASTONISHING. If keemstar knew how to read he might be able to look into basic dynamics of SA, and why some assaulters do it and why they feel like it is okay.

  • I’m a new subscriber and I fucking love you two together! Trisha you are fabulous and the level of growth I’ve seen makes me admire you so much! Lots of love and respect to you both please bring out an eye palette 😜

  • Trisha: Someones gonna look at it and think its normal behavior and try to emulate it Ethan: No one thinks its normal behavior Trisha 😂😂

    • Trishas birthday week announcement! Let me know if there are some moments that were worth mentioning!

  • 1:30:14 you can literally see the moment where the forced fake laugh stops like he suddenly relaxes.

  • Mmmhmm

  • just found etikas last video called "im sorry" someone re-uploaded it ... so sad :( RIP

  • Is that what you say about people getting STABBED? They should have just avoided the situation? FEAR? Also I’m disgusted by the way he graphically describes it. Rape apologists= rapists.

  • I don’t wish death on anyone but if Keemstar were to accidentally drive off a cliff I would not be sad

  • i dont think she knows what a biopsy is lol

  • What is wrong with these fools

  • The Fed thing went beyond that one incident, as Kumstain would know if he did research

  • still can't get over how adorable Ethan's "do i? 🥺" response was when Trish said he looked skinny 🤧

  • Job of TSing ppl. Yuck

  • Just here for engagement and to agree on how doable Jessica Rabbit is. Did someone say gay awakening? 👀😩🤣

  • keemstar is conditioning his audience to accept that fucked up narrative so that when victims come forward about him, he can keep his career


  • respect for talking about the etika situation :( rest easy, etika :(

  • I don't see any timestamp comment so i'll just make my own for everyone 0:00 Trisha's hair 1:10 Diet+Health 3:55 Trisha's neck 6:05 Kermit and Ms. Piggy 8:31 Omaze giveaway to spite David 10:55 Ethan (and Trisha!) looking amazing 11:44 Trisha being on crack 13:12 Trisha look-alikes 14:15 Trishas birthday party discussion 16:35 James Charles on clearance rack 18:25 Trisha cooking 20:03 The Steamies vs The Oscars 21:26 (More) Diet+Health+Death 23:55 White Claw Gabe 27:07 Ad Break 34:39 Keemstar being Keemstar ( Too many things to list so here are some highlights) 35:05 Keemstar defending Jake Paul+going after Justine 41:34 Keesmatr and Etika 42:27 Keemstar denying mental illnesses 49:54 Justines response to Keemstar 53:34 Queen Hila responding to Keemstar 1:00:17 Keemstar being creepy 1:03:50 Trisha meme moment 1:04:31 Squirting in fountain 1:05:24 Jeff Wittek documentary 1:16:53 Jeff Wittek swung on excavator 1:27:43 David Dobrik memes 1:30:56 Trivia! 1:37:45 Adam Sandler question 1:40:00 Adam Sandler phone case 1:44:01 Trisha knowing where Adam Sandler lives 1:44:28 Selling clothes 1:52:12 Trisha loves jews 1:56:32 Adam Sandler fart humor 1:59:24 Trishas birthday week announcement! Let me know if there are some moments that were worth mentioning!

  • PLEASE keep talking about how gross keem is and get him canceled ! I’m heated.

  • I’m disgusted by Keemstar oh my god...paused the video in shock when he said “hOw DoEs ThIs hApPeN”

  • Also? Can we talk about the fact that David literally crippled one of his childhood friends? So many people, including David himself, have gotten hurt under his watch. Jeff is now the SECOND person that has been (potentially) disabled for life because of David. Edit: HUGE props to y'all for actually remembering this fact and bringing it up.

  • Keemstar has something going on in his head frfr....

  • Trisha: “White claw GAY??” Ethan: “WHA-NO STOP STOP IT” I’m dead

  • the calorie counting/ weight loss/ diabetes shit is a little triggering ngl

  • Keem: That's supposed to be your friend. Yea. If he was her friend, he wouldn't have done that in the first place.

  • Trisha looks gorgeous!

  • When is the giveaway? It is so nice of you to do this!

  • We need to start a GoFund Me to get Adam Sandler to be "The Wedding Singer" at Trishas wedding.

  • 1:52:30

  • This is my favorite episode

  • As a lifelong Trisha stan, I would actually pay my entire life’s savings to be at the Steamys in full Oscars level glam

  • He said we get touchy feely. BUT not in your bed. at. night. You don't wake up to a guy in ur bed ugh its not hard


  • It was a Panic Stop. Ive been in the situation. Like ohh shit. And stop abruptly,

  • BOTH JESSICA RABBIT!! Fun fact: they never revealed who the bad guy was. They never say his name.

  • Keemstar is disgusting!

  • I love how respectful Ethan is hahahaha

  • she said "no, stop", it's still S/A!

  • I'm the same age as Trish n I was 21 when Bruno came out not 13

  • PLEASE GO WATCH “HELLOLEESH” latest video on what Gabbie Hana did to her last year. Please reach out to her and share her story. Please !!!

  • 1:24:20

  • Keemstar is literally the most horrible person ever

    • Pick up your trash

  • Men like keemstar are why women are afraid of men and afraid to come out about their SA. Hearing the things he says actually makes me shake.

  • Just watching David’s video about ruining his best friend’s life is just angering me. Like how is he laughing and not feeling entirely guilty? His “best friend” went through so much from something he did. I’m so disgusted this is crazy. I’ve never watched the vlog squad but this is so wild. David has a lot to own up and apologize for

  • White claw Gab is acting that way as a gimmick for his TikTok why can’t she see that. Why does he have to have something wrong with him. The way she acts on her you tube page is constantly a gimmick for how ever she is feeling for the week. She should understand not be judging

  • Can you guys just pay someone to timestamp each topic for us busy people 🤣 love u guys just wish I had more time to watch 🖤

  • trivia has been and will always be my fav segment on this podcast. pure gold

  • dude , i aggre with kimstar honestly . say no dont sit there and let things happen , once you say no thats when it becomes rape

  • Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  • And the fart “ability” in grown ups (sneeze, burn and Farr)

  • His movies do SUCK! It’s a sorry attempt to keep his best friends busy 🎥 Everything prior to early 2000’s was okay

  • Until it happens to you. Shame on keemstar

    • Exactly. A lot of these R or SA apologists & victim blamers lack empathy and won't ever understand until it happens to them (which I hope it never does).

  • Ethan: “He didn’t listen to doctors” *dramatically looks back at trisha*

    • The way Ethan sticks up for women against SA gives me hope for man kind ✨

  • I HATE that trisha doesn't like the foot soliders :(

  • seeing jeff try to release himself while upside down literally makes me sick. poor thing he must have been so scared

  • Pick up your trash