These "As Seen on TV" Products SUCK

Birt 26 júl 2020
We bought as seen on TV products and REALLY put them to the test!

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  • 10% OFF OUR CLOTHES 👉 🎬 2 HOUR UNCUT VERSION ON PATREON NOW: What as seen on TV product are you guys coppin? 🤔

  • Built different? Nah. I'm built like Chad😎

  • Where’s the fushigi?

  • please can anyone tell me where max got his beanie from i need it thank you

  • hey cold ones, the shamwow is made out if deep skin thats why it smells like shit but we use it here alot

  • 3:39 cakes 🤣

  • pog

  • 0_x

  • Anyone tryna smoke some green herb

  • Why was the Chinese sub actually good tho

  • 7:42 *crying*

  • The editing is just fantastic I LOVE IT

  • wheres the neat little character


  • Make a pop vinyl of Chad standing on the fit board in the bra 😂 that would be fucking amazing

  • It’s a sham Wow

  • Wtf I love Vince Offer now

  • I have the swerve ball

  • Damn. I’m really loving all the edits, all the editing on this video. Great job. Incredible. I love it and you. And also you to a lesser extent dear reader.

  • My dad had that light switch in the room where we stored the children that floated down the creek

    • Bro wtf u have two of those fuckin snuggie tails 😂

  • “Shut the fuck up god”

  • If you want a deeper drive into flextape, check out JonTrons ‘the flexening’ videos.

  • I need a shamwow edit with Owen Wilson saying wow everytime

  • Anyone know that outro song?

  • I don't like how chad actually looks civilised with that beard lmao. miss the old days man fr. still a laugh to watch tho!

  • With all these angles of his ass in these videos I bet you could make a 3D reconstruction

  • why is there just some random woman in the background? - moron 2021

  • lol good job on the Chinese subtitles haha cause it was spot on

  • The swerve ball works gotta throw it super hard tho like break something inside lmao

  • I just am addicted to the cold ones now!

  • "Snuggie Tails"! A new podcast for pedophiles, available wherever you get your podcasts

  • Vore

  • that last thing is good when your shrooms dont kick in

  • I have waxed my leg with flex tape before, it doesn't hurt as much, but it takes alot of hair

  • Despite watching this episode for a few times now , this is the first time I heard 7:45

  • Patreon people I need to fucking know. Did he stick it up his ass.

  • I must know the name of this background music

  • Chad onlyfans when?

  • You’re actually supposed to soak the sham wow and drain it before using it to soak up spills. It actually works

  • ok but after yelling and getting leg hair ripped off, 128/76 is not bad lmaooo legit fine. 120/80 is like your ideal, but almost no one has that perfect measurement

  • A podcast channel that hasn't posted a podcast in 6 months

  • shamwow murderer

  • These videos make me happier

  • prince charming- is it just smite? smote? cold ones- YOU WILL BE SMIT!

  • This should be called two drunk grown men being absolute crackheads

  • 9:23 "without any asshole" wtf!

  • pleeeease outro song name??

  • the swerve ball is just a blitz ball

  • lmao why is chameleon twist on the tv in the background

  • at 6:58 "soo you can listen to that bitch even louder"

  • All jokes aside I'd love to have a friendship like max and Chad have

  • 8:02 got me every single time

  • Chad: don't we need it for a video Max:*Vietnam flashbacks*

  • my uncle almost brought a shamwow because someone was advertising it to him and he did it so well he almost naught one

  • Who’s joji??

  • 7:46

  • 10:33

  • 7:45 re-stored Japanese torture in color

  • I don't feel like putting a woman *BRUH* 8:03

  • mOM iM GoInG tO dO a kICK fLIP

  • 00:20 a

  • The swerve ball actually works you have to grip it like you would throw and actual pitch in baseball… it basically just over exaggerates the curve the ball takes

  • Your right Joji took time off and made himself more. Have you made music? And actually wanted it. And felt it. I feel like sure, I'm being a Karen. But would miller do this too you.

    • I feel sad. You guys are great and sure it's a joke. But where do the jokes end. Fuck me right.

  • 120/80 is average teletubby's actually hypotensive apparently, you've died on the second read from it

  • pesos are Filipinos money and Mexicans

  • Can someone confirm that the ass scenes are aviable on patreon before i pay them my hatd erneut money?

  • I dont really listen to people that beat protitutes to death.

  • Tele tubby? More like tele chubby Ha!

  • 80/50 isn’t a good blood pressure boys 😅

  • In Australia are flashlights called torches?

  • How is Shamwow german? I've never seen it here and the only way to get it is to import it from the USA. The company is from the US and the patent is too.

  • happy year

  • I actually own some of the lights lmao 😂

  • 20 years from now they're going to host The Late Show, guaranteed.

  • The blood pressure monitor gave a False reading because they ware talking

  • 4:15 be consumed by the deep

  • 9:22 "loose nuts without any assholes"

  • 9:47 my first gf when shes drunk 😂

  • Only the real bosses remember fuck tape

  • I don't listen to people who beat prostitutes to death either

  • yo does Chad like cookies and milk, he looks like santa claus in his early 20s drinking and hanging out with his elf Max.

  • God bless

  • 2:35

  • Tell me why my grandmother got me the super bright switch for graduating high school

  • Fun fact: my sis got me that light cuz I wanted a nintendo switch and she wrote nintendo on it lol

  • im 13

  • 7:46 translated from 2 bitrate to english hi guys, welcome to "cold ones" bruh oh! (unintelligible, possibly "and we have") gordon ramsay he's a dragon (unintelligible) 240p, and it sounds like this. (unintelligible) SHUT *UP*

  • BOysss, what was the outro music?

  • I like they made fun of pesos. Pesos is a Philippine currency

  • this is my favorite cold ones episode

  • Cold ones? More like Gold Ones, this is amazing

  • 5:54 pain

  • Eat your lunch or I'll get mad!!!!!!😡

  • Not eating your lunch every day looks suspicious after a while.

  • @anything4views SAY REDBELLY MORE

  • redbelly

  • I miss sham wow guy

  • I have a super light switch

  • I literally have one of those light switches on my door lmao

  • flex tape is the only good one