The CRAZIEST Barn Finds EVER | WheelHouse

Birt 2 sep 2019
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Can you imagine peeking into an old barn or garage and finding a Ferrari or a priceless Shelby Cobra?! Well these stories are probably going to make you want to go from barn to barn in hopes of getting lucky. These are the craziest barn finds ever!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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    • @Crazy Diabetic exactly that's how I got my new escort

    • There real? I thinked it was only in foza

    • Well nolan there isnt exactly going to be alive bodies in the car they would clearly be dead bodies lol

    • @Jack Van Epps ohh ok thx

  • I remember I found an old 2.0 Gt supra 1624hp from 92' (im only 14) and I restored the car and ripped it down the road behind my house at 127 miles, it was fun

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  • 2:46 im from greece

  • Donut media!!! I love your shit. Lighting! Lighting! Lighting!

  • I know I'm late to the party, but the slide that said "Wheel House" should've said "Wheel Barn"

  • i was driving to the store (i live in a small mountain town) a while ago, and i saw a daytona coupe that was super clean.... but i didn’t realize what it was. it totally j hit me.

  • That green on the Dino is A M A Z I N G!

  • Fortnite dad I feel you your parent try and give you really cool stuff but the kids are like. “ NO FRICK YOU I AM PLAYING FORTNITE GOD DANGIT YOU YOU LITERALLY JUS5 MADE ME DIE LATER (Mom or Dad)” but really what they mean by later they mean never

  • Imagine burrying a Ferrari then your 1 IQ child or 0 prob just digs for treasure but instead a car

  • I found a 1997 Lexus SC300 if anyone cares about it not saying it’s the Supra’s brother or anything 👀

  • its finn mcmissile

  • Surprised you didn’t mention the Elvis BMW found in Half Moon Bay Ca.

  • I found a 1969 Camaro in a barn

  • My dad found a VK MK 1 golf in barn he sat in it and fell through the completely rotten floor instantly breaking it

  • bruh fornite nolan is ceo of funny

  • The TimTheTatman outro music was throwing me off hahaha

  • I'm so proud of you Nolan! I to wear #socksandflops from time to time!

  • thanks for mentioning Forza I was waiting for it lol

  • " jacksonville Florida of all places " Yeah its pretty shitty

  • My uncle gave me a 1965 Buick skylark convertible

  • #brokeboi

  • I’m a kid but I’m a car kid and not like a spoiled rich kid who abandons Enzo Ferraris

  • I was surprised to see that Ferrari found in Amsterdam Europe was not mentioned. 1987 Ferrari Mondial witch was stolen in 1994 was found underwater after spending almost 30 years in one of the many water canals in the center of Amsterdam.

  • My pops has a 68 mustang in his barn lol

  • My grandad has a jaguar xk140 in his garage and a studebaker truck and a jeep scrambler and a Bentley with a right side steering wheel and a 1948 Chevy coupe (he doesn't remember the exact model

  • What I'd do for that rs200

  • What was the car in the thumbnail?

  • Whats with you Yanks saying 'soddered' its SOLDERED. And you really mean he welded them shut, not the same thing big guy

  • There’s a place in my city, just a parking lot, and behind a building in that lot lie 3 bone stock, rusty 240z’, and a red mr2, once I get a license and enough money, ya boi is capitalizing on it

  • 4:53 my parents whenever I play a game for more than 30 minutes

  • 4500 miles despite never being registered "that's weird" Me: lol uh yeah yes weird, who would ever drive cross country with a tempt tag... That expired 2 months before, to prove they could lol

  • You never explained the lady on fire.

  • Ayyye Jacksonville, FL represent! I am jk don't move here it's a trap trust me.

  • 6:38 They fell in love with Sylvester Stalone?

  • i have an abandon acura intagra in my servay parking lot

  • do i have to have a bank account to do current

  • My neighbors found a Porsche 928 and yes im being serious but the thing is IT DOESNT WORK 😂

  • Hope someone find the "la voiture noire" from bugatti ^^

  • One guy in germany found the old Lambo Miura SV from his brother that died years ago

  • I love how back in the early days of the supercar, people like plumbers and teachers could literally buy them.

  • I thought this was just a for a thing u can really just go into random barns and hope to find cars in real life????

  • lol we had a 1998 chevy blazer and every time we had a little too much fun we used the oh-shit as we called them handles to.

  • Am I the only one that has to call BS on the Benz sitting in a yard for 50 years in Florida? If it wasn't watched or kept inside a climate controlled building it would not look that good.

  • If I found an original Shelby I would spend every penny needed to make that thing a BEAUT again.

    • I would never sell it either make that thing look fire again

  • he never did explain why she set herself on fire...

  • Imagine being lost in the woods and coming across a old wooden barn and there being a 1977 Plymouth ready to go

  • I found my grandma's father's Porsche in a barn. It was a tractor and no-one wants to sell it.

  • 2 days faster? So my pay cheques will arrive in -1 days.


  • My dad has 3 mercury cyclone spoilers just sitting there. We are redoing 1

  • there’s a shelby daytona in the barn right next to my school

  • 5:31 Didn't even hear the things he said yet. Ferrari Dino baby!

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  • I have founded a LAWNMAR in my barn!!!😀

  • My Great Grandad buried a model T in his back garden as it would of cost to much to have it taken at the time

  • I’ve found a 1965 Ford Mustang in a dark blue color

  • Sounds like American banks are terrible!!! I can't imagine having to deal wit them.

  • I found my 1970 nova like that 😂

  • I’ve seen the podcast episode already but...........

  • R. Kr W.

  • Forza irl?

  • I didn't know that real life was forza horizon

  • There was also an ‘87 Buick Grand National barn find with only like 300 miles on it in Illinois I believe

  • My grandfathers died before I was born 😔 thanks for bringing that up 😭 PS I'm not really freaking out just chill.

  • i found an abandoned 180sx at the side of the road here in the Philippines :(

  • My grandma has a stock 1993 240sx that she only drove in the summer

  • that SL300 is dope and all, but I traded my mechanic 187$ worth of ammo for 1996 Toyota Corolla with only 88k miles, sitting in the corner of his lot. yeaaa boiii I'm kind of a big deal.

  • My grandpa has a black toyota landcruser and me and my cousins would play around with and the sad thing is, it doesn't start. After he passed away in 07' the car was gone. I don't know what happened to his car, maybe it sold to someone else or it got scraped.

  • Nolan: soldering and welding are two very different things.

  • I live in Jax lmao this is cool never heard of it

  • Wait I live in jax

  • I'm bout to change my last name to "Ville Florida" so i can find a 300sl inside myself

  • My grampa has a 2020 ford escape and a 2004 manual corvette

  • Florida. Wear wicking April through November.

  • Hey I know that theirs a GTO Judge sitting in my grandpas garage right now he was the original owner and everything is original on it except the driver door, theirs also a brand new Ford Focus with probably less than 2k miles on it just sitting their.

  • My dad once found a Bugatti EB110 in a barn

  • Geez, are there that many barns in the country? Funny thing is, with some of the barns, it is the barn find itself, and the old woods involved, that is the real find, not some rusting relic of a car...

  • I live in florida

  • Soldered????

  • I remember reading about the Daytona Coupe years ago... if I'd found it sitting in a storage unit I probably would have had a heart attack. (Which would really suck, I want one of the originals... come on, Lottery!) Edit: I want it to drive. Like, haul ass and get tickets at a race track drive it. If I die in it that would be cool.

  • Datson on the miniature was a clickbait :( But I liked the video so its cool ;D

  • I guess while digging the kids found a ....fossil (cause it's a dino)

  • My grandpa has a 1954 chevy bel air two door in his garage. He is currently working in restoring it. Its a little dusty, but not very rusty at all.

  • ive found a rally car from like the 90 but it was on someones land and i left i wnet there just bc my dog always just wanders everywhere

  • Imagine working hard your entire life so that one day you would be so rich that you could feel the joy of giving your kids the most amazing gift of a rare car and they don't even drive it. Can you imagine how excited he must have been to see his kids faces when he showed them their new cars.

  • "go say hi to your grandpa tell him you love him" lol

  • Don't believe divorced duck

  • U guys forgot about the two guys in france owning a Company Who had a hobby OF buying cars just to look at it, anyway many years later their Company went bankrupt BUT instead OF Selling the cars for money they just Said “fuck it” or they didnt say that BUT u get it, later on they Then hired one hell OF a loyal guard to protect the Big ass barn/storage facility they bought, they Then placed all OF the 500 cars they bought inside the barn and put a lock on it, it was in 2014 Long after the two brothers died that some random folks ended up Thinking it was time to tear the place Down BUT before they did they looked at What was inside, they found out that they had found cars worth OF up to 120 million dollars and they Then made a car museum that still stands today with Over 750 cars from the Oldest bugatti to some incredibly rare cars there are only 2 left OF today, i went there once and it made me cry, definently make an episode about that sometime please

  • What I can learn from this video is go to Portugal when I’m 16 years old and get my friends and I to travel around to Portugal and go and try to find the barn with more than 100 cars and then secretly not tell anybody ever not even the news about it if we do find the barn keep the cars all to ourselves restore all of them hopefully and then keep them in like a museum that we made or maybe give them to a museum or maybe just keep them for ourselves or maybe we could become famous and become millionaires

  • there’s 2 trucks in a town near my house that look like they’re from the 40s and are super rusted over but i really want to see if the guy would sell them, is that a good project truck?

  • Barn finds in Serbia are mostly Jugos and they belong there honestly

  • damn they did her dirty as f

  • fh4 at ultra x ultra

  • I used to live next to this old overgrown garage and there were 3 minis, and one was cut in half for some reason

  • I thought Forza Horizon made barn finds up

  • Bruh, I’ve lived in Jacksonville, FL my whole life, why couldn’t I find this ):

  • Barn finds are getting rarer and rarer with each day. Now it’s extremely hard to do this.

  • I see a Pontiac , cadillac , audi , and old BMW's they car lhd cars that are abandoned in india