Never-Before-Seen Capitol Riot Videos Provide Damning Evidence Against Trump

Birt 10 feb 2021
Today was day two of Trump’s second impeachment trial and House managers shared gripping new video of Trump’s army of dangerous imbeciles storming the Capitol, FOX News cut away from the trial, it was a successful day for Trump’s lawyers in that they didn’t speak, Donald Trump Jr. thinks that we should leave daddy alone, mean tweets were read at a hearing for Biden’s pick to run the Office of Management and Budget, Justin Bieber has a new Rolls Royce, Tom Brady got completely GRONKED at the Buccaneers celebration parade, the perfect gift for your spouse this Valentine’s Day, and we play “How Many Times a Month Do You Have Sex” with couples on Hollywood Blvd.
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  • I just about threw up in my mouth did that luciferous trump Jr ask "Aren't we in the middle of a pandemic?" 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Wait, is he referring to the pandemic that doesn't exist??? The one thats gonna miraculously go away?? Or maybe....... The hoax pandemic?? 🤨 really??

  • Bad wig jimmy

  • Jimmy turn this really hard time over the past year you are the only one that keeps making me laugh even though I just buried another one of our family members were up to 6 and I've been scared to death of this pandemic and this family has been so sad God bless you Jimmy you always put a smile on my face even during the hardest times! Thank you so very much:-)

  • 10:56. So uncool. Not fair, not funny. The girl works for you, those are her parents... this "comedy"is going to age like a fish. I usually love the show, but that was abusive.

  • Djtj is even dumber than his daddy

  • Wow! Even Sean Hannity blasted Trump's pathetic defense attorneys!

  • The Republicans have lost their minds

  • Notice they refer to it as a performance. That says a lot. The Laywer, wasn’t there for cameras or “media”. Lol, so now we are reaching verdicts based on the personality of the Laywer. Lmao it’s never enough with victims they will always find something to complain about.

  • The Congress people knew what was coming and Pelosi had the guard stand down. They all knew and they all did this for show.

    • Nice conspiracy theory you got there

  • Anyone who still believes in the Democrat narrative, I beg you to watch the interview Michael van der Veen gave. Watch it all, as it reveals critical information about the attempted impeachment of private citizen Trump. Put your bias, hatred and TDS away and just listen to his appeals to reason, by clarifying what happened in the sham trial. Even if you hate Trump, just remember, if you let the Democrats get away with this, then don't be surprised when it happens to your guy.

  • whois that psycho in the audience?

  • Jimmy Kimmel remember Karl Malone bit. It was funny. Remember when you were a comedian. Yeah me too when comedians on SNL used to make fun of Bill Clinton’s weight. Comedy is going to be canceled too

  • Jimmy keep smoking that good stuff. YOUR A STAR ON CHINA NEWS. NETWORK. HA HA HA JA JA JA

  • Mr. Magoo got away again so guilty

  • Where was junior's speech during his father's admnistration when everything was deadlocked and no help for the people during the "hoax" pandemic?

  • I died when Jimmy said "You slept through some of those times" 😂🤣

  • The lawyers don’t care... it’s not a real trial. Trump will walk away from this unscathed. That’s the biggest travesty.

  • Seeing Brady hammered like that was actually quite wholesome lol

    • One of the most Stupidest people on the face of the Earth.

  • The fraudical son he says, shear brilliance👌

  • Now Don Jr is so concern of the pandemic. He wasn't concern last year on February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2020.

  • Love your show... 👍👍👍

  • 3:20 "arent we in the middle of a pandemic" said the guy who orginized this years largest public meeting XD

    • Every rep who voted guilty should be welcome with open arms by the democrats

  • Poor Molly!

    • This definitely didn't age well. Huh ha you freaking tool bags

  • Now Don Jr is so concern of the pandemic. He wasn't concern last year on February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2020.

    • Army of imbecils

  • NOT GUILTY! Choke on it Kimmel!

    • The defeated distribution quickly copy because bangladesh neurally whistle athwart a physical jar. oceanic, next cave

  • Poor Molly lol

    • This definitely didn't age well. Huh ha you freaking tool bags

  • I'm still searching for the "Never Before Seen Capitol Riot Videos" as promised in the title...

    • White privilege don't exist🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Yes, Jimmy, I will click the subscribe button because I've earned it. Also I didn't realize that I was somehow getting recommendations from your show without being subscribed.

  • And yet Trump is acquitted. Damn, know this is making Trump laugh.

  • Man, its must suck being a beta male, living with TDS and who's wrong about everything.

  • How could someone like you, who made it in the entertainment world, and has so much money, how could you say what you say? I've never seen you out on the street helping homeless people, giving the them food or a place to sleep. How many homeless people are sleeping in your nice house? In your garage?

  • Pure ignorance Science - maybe we should identify your chromosomes and eliminate them from the face of the earth?

  • One of the most Stupidest people on the face of the Earth.

  • yOU WERE funny when you first got started. Now, you are just ignorant!


  • YOU should be removed from TV.

  • Every rep who voted guilty should be welcome with open arms by the democrats

  • This definitely didn't age well. Huh ha you freaking tool bags

  • Army of imbecils

  • The defeated distribution quickly copy because bangladesh neurally whistle athwart a physical jar. oceanic, next cave

  • Hey uh jimmy no one cares about hearing your political views

  • White privilege don't exist🤷🏿‍♂️

  • jimmy you stopped being funny about 12 year ago

  • Down votes l take are from Dumpy Orange Menace supporters. They should all get another life, this one ain't cutting it.

  • Sex count of 8 versus 4 is easy to explain: the couple mistook "having sex" with "having an orgasm". The lady here is lucky enough to have them twice by twice.

  • And he was acquitted

  • Bull phuk

  • Kimmel you suck.trump rules.hes the best president ever.

  • Hey friends. Demand a Federal Special prosecutor be appointed to investigate trump & allies. He did not act alone. You have to act, to save America from these criminals.

  • Can you say acquittal?

  • Do us all a favor Jimmy and stay out of politics.

  • Who is actress from this advert of San Valentin?

  • Drunk Tom Brady is funny. 🤣

  • I can hear the most annoying laugh ever and now I can’t hear anything else! Totally ruined these monologues!

  • Bro this nigga STILL talking about politics😭

  • I had a few dates on Valentine's day...

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha jimmy Kimmel get ready for 2024 you thought the were gonna impeach trump .... what you need to really worry about is biden getting impeached

  • No doubt all we have is mostly banana Republicans

  • This guy is about as interesting as a plain piece of A4 paper

    • Don't be a hater

    • So you went out of your way to look at his video just to leave a comment. Good for you, you helped him out

  • Who’s here after Trump got acquitted???? Lol MAGA!

  • No matter how much "damning evidence" you show, trumpers won't listen. They aren't logical minded and don't understand the burden of proof or what constitutes"evidence". They're the 'faith crowd'. evidence doesn't matter to them. They believe what they want to believe.

  • Well, Jimmy , Looks Like Momma Was Wrong Again .Trump will be Back. as well as Jesus.2 events for you to look forward to..SMH

  • A summer of riots was great fun though wasn’t it??

  • I want some spaghetti with some good garlic bread

  • Three days later...... I guess evidence has nothing to do with justice. Cant wait to see what’s next.

    • They should’ve faked better evidence or done better to not get caught

  • Go back to doing comedy and not politics.

  • Jimmy's face looks like it's swollen. Like he can barely see out of his eyes 👀

  • The only people that think Trump incited anything must not have an once of self resolve or a brain. Do you people know how to think for yourselves?? Do you not realize what you do is within your own control! Bunch of Snowflakes! Grow Up.

  • Guillermo 😂👍👍

  • Hahahahahahahaha... I guess you foolish tv show didn't help...

  • Molly’s parents got sooooooooo red!!! Lol

  • The media is so biased and left wing

  • Cope

  • Phisaerr????? Will love all this free advertising! But, it is for a good cause, I think, okay! I'm confused!

  • Jimmy what will your writers come up w now?? Maybe have China Joe on to find out his favorite color...if it wasn't for sheep you'd have zero audience

  • Don't jus be anybody be her antibody ☢️😂

  • The left riots for a year and the right riots for one day and are called terrorists. The hypocrisy is insane . The Democrats did everything they could do keep Antifa and blm rioting . Trump idiotically puts his foot in his mouth on a daily basis , but other than that I think he did a good job at being president and I would take him over Democrats any day . A vote for Democrats is a vote for higher taxes and increased cost of living.if you don’t believe that look at Democrat ran states and cities . Democrats can’t seem to keep a budget either . I don’t understand how people vote Democrat

  • Hold this L puppet Trump acquitted what a tool ....

  • It's the fact they brought the gallows not like they found the materials to erect it right there on the lawn.

  • Trump will be US President in 2024. In a sh*thole like the USA, everything is possible.

  • American 'justice' is a complete farce. Frump will be back and cause even more trouble. When you have a terrorist corned, you have to complete the job. They will always come back.

  • The hulking mail methodologically pour because soap connolly dance after a lovely love. good, energetic stopsign

  • He got aquitted. Suck it!!

  • Hi I'm from the future, Trump was acquitted.

  • So now what Jimmy Krumble?

  • To bad jimmy he’s not guilty😂🤣🤣👍👍✌🏿👍🤣😂😃🤣🤣👍✌🏿

  • Pfizer also makes Viagra...just saying.......

  • Jimmy is worried 😫


  • Kimmel the globalist puppet.

  • @9:47 Don’t go inside... talking about her or Buffalo Wild Wings?

  • Actually Jimmy, she came outta both of them, technically the father first 😂🤣

  • Jimmy Kimmel never before seen capital

  • China virus

  • Once again Kimmel's comments and thought processes didn't age well

  • It wasnt a riot. Stop calling it that. It was people trying to take our government back. BLM "protests"....Antifa blocking streets and beating people who try to pass THOSE are riots. And if you still believe COVID is as bad as the news networks tell you, that explains why you cant see the truth about the government.

  • The cognitive dissonance is strong in Jimmy

  • All the babbling from celebrities and the news media were in vain, AGAIN!! Haha you have no credibility. Trump will return.

  • Generation VaX will be generated this weekend. Nappy valentines day 🤪

  • I love it that Point/Counterpoint references, and references to Dan Akroyd's SNL line, are still making the rounds.