New Mercedes EQS REVIEW & tested 0-60mph - is it as quick as a Tesla?

Birt 15 apr 2021
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This is the all-new Mercedes EQS!
It’s Mercedes’ answer to the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan, and we think it might be one of the best-looking EVs we’ll see all year!
For starters, it more than looks the part… But then again, would you expect anything else from what's effectively an all-electric S-Class? What’s more, the performance stats are more than good enough. Powered by dual-electric motors, the EQS can deliver 523hp & 835Nm of torque! Not only that, but with an 108kWh battery pack hidden under the surface, it can also apparently provide you with 478 miles of range.
Ok so it may be a bit down compared to the Model S Plaid+, but let's face it, most electric cars will be! However, we think there’s one area where the EQS has the Tesla beat… The interior! Not only will you find high-quality materials throughout the cabin, up-front the dashboard is dominated by the Mercedes Hyperscreen, with a HUGE 18-inch touchscreen down the middle which is flanked by two 12-inch displays!
Surely the Hyperscreen is enough to convert you to an EV fanboy, right?! There's only one way to find out... Join Mat for this all-new review!
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  • Hi Mat here. Come on tell me... Are you a Mercedes fan or a Tesla fan? Pick a side!

  • Wow. Yep, it's definitely happening, and I think we're going to love it, the future :)

  • A Tesla is a Tesla this is just a 2nd grade copy, Tesla’s are not only about having superior electric technology and infrastructure but the whole car looks cleaner and sleeker in every way, including the super important software, while this is just a huge mess of colors and screens and everything like they have no clue, I bet it’s much less intuitive to use than a Tesla.

  • That's a fancy looking Honda Civic.

  • I want to see the EQS with FCEV

  • that Dacia mask is too small for you

  • Mercedes, always...

  • Lovely car 🚗

  • Range test against model s

  • Range!

  • this car is fa better than a shitty tesla !! The Best or Nothing !!

  • Hello Mat Watson. Just saying that the only thing bugging me about a few of the new vids is why you did not peel the blue film off the back of the luggage chrome slider plates soo annoying #ocd. .

  • Range test / road trip with diesel S class

  • You’re a poncer

  • Looks shit

  • Mat :Hey mercedes stop the massage function,Its weird and making me wanna go to the toilet Mercedes : I'm sorry I can't help you with that Mat : No one can help me

  • Dacia are made in Romania and some MB's are made in Hungary (!). I hope this one is made in Das Vaterland.

  • what i would like to see is a range test, a noise test and a banana box test.

  • 13:15 Start of Acceleration, your welcome :)

  • 7:55 where does that info come from? it's not on their website yet.

  • Am I the only one who can only understand half the words spoken when Matt wears a mask?

  • If you've come back to see the 0-60, go to 13:14 in the video

  • I liked how you edited it so it looked like Mat was being driven down the Amalfi Coast, then it cuts back to the cabin interior and you can see a duel carriageway barrier out of the window. Ha! 👍😂

  • It looks like a nissan leaf

  • My response to the pinned comment (since I can't respond directly TO said comment): Mercedes for quality (& styling I guess, although Telsa cars don't look terrible, minus the Cybertruck, what was that even lmao), Tesla for performance (& maybe tech, not sure on this one, I'm sure Mercedes can do what Tesla can).

  • The fastback-like rear does not suit the car all that well, with this being a sedan. It should have had a longer read end. I guess they did this to increase interior space. I guess it's one of those design aspects you get used to over time. Other than that, great car.

  • 13:09

  • 4:06 i thought he said its not as good as bmw i drive

  • A great car. Pity the presenter is unintelligable

  • Ok

  • 13:10 for acceleration

  • After the Amazing looking concept car, the real thing looks as dull as ditchwater.

  • Thorough car reviews without egos, great stuff and funny.

  • The new Touareg already has that full screen Cockpit

  • They could use a better gpu, the rendering is bit sluggish. Kinda sad to see it in a such a luxurious car.

  • The dashboard looks insane!

  • This is my dream car. If BMW made them as good or even better than this then that would be my dream car

  • All these are the same "is it as fast as a tesla " should it not be about safety , how far a full charge will take you and cost. All new vehicles whether petrol , diesel , hybrid or electric should be governed to 70mph as that is the official top speed on uk roads. It would stop bellend drivers racing around and causing accidents

  • Compare to Audi hybrid A8 and hybrid bmw 7 something

  • that stare at 1:55 i felt that. lol

  • He has a DACIA COVID 19 mask in a Mercedes :))

  • Great that Tesla in a way pushed Mercedes to make this car. Please don’t compare the two, because it makes no sence.

  • Is it made in Beijing where workers are paid $6 a day? Ford atleast pay them $8 with a bowl of soup. Oh also its ugly.

  • Looks like a Glorified Honda Hybrid civic from the front!! With all that money and resources they had they could have atleast sussed that out 🤦‍♂️ Nice big screen with disco lights. We have a Merconda Ladies and Gents!!

  • This is so much better than a tesla

  • The screen is awesome !! German carmaker + South Korea's advanced technology(LG, SAMSUNG, SK..) = The World's Best ! Mercedes-Benz= EQS = LG Display(JNTC) + LG Chem's batteries(EQC) BMW= LG Display+ Samsung SDI batteries Volkswagen= LG Display+ LG Energy Solution + SK Innovation batteries All HI-TECH Displays + Batteries = From South Korea's advanced technology. * Tesla's FSD (full self-driving) chips are manufactured through Samsung, + LG Producing Tesla Model 3’s Huge Touchscreen + LG batteries. * Apple iPhone (LG Display=IPS, Samsung Semiconductor), * LG TV, Smart Phone(LG Display IPS, + Samsung Semiconductor+ LG batteries) * Samsung TV, Galaxy S21 ( SAMSUNG display + Samsung Semiconductor + Samsung batteries) What is the future of electric vehicles? Alliance between Korea and Germany?

  • Test it with Teska model S?

  • الله ينصر أهل فلسطين

  • 5:48 ✨ Hey Merceydis ✨

  • Range test and also more information on charging and availability of charging points in the uk and Europe.

  • Clever car and nice review, but the orange peel paint and finish is awful on the shots discussing the handle function at 50 secs.

  • I feel like an average fender bender will consider cars like this totaled...

  • To much distraction going on with that Display board. Sorry dashboard 🤪

  • Mercedes would be the first car brand to introduce " in-car-purchases" to unlock extra features.

  • We need a 2 door coupe version

  • The worse person to review this car. Can’t understand the accent with the mask over your mouth! Had to stop watching this vid!

  • Clearly I will have to choose between gas S500 or electric EQS for my next purchase.

  • Tesla quality is like dacia

  • The Alan Partridge of car reviewers......

  • This Merc achieves what it sets out. More than enough excelleration hitting 60 m.p.h. in under 4 seconds for a luxuary limo and not an AMG badge anywhere!

  • it's a nice beautiful TOY. that's what it is, it's a toy to drive sometimes. as far as cars go, it's... not even 20% as useful as a car. try driving that in the winter and you will see that the batteries tend to discharge faster in cold weather, like all batteries do. so that will trim about a third from the 400 miles range. then you have to blast the heating system which again reduces the range. at the end of the day you'll see you have... idk 100 miles range ? so yeah... not fun. you will all be forced to accept them tho, because the alternative they put on the table is HYDROGEN which tends to go BOOM very often. yeah... the future looks bad... very bad and inefficient.

  • The freggin car memorizes where the pot holes are on a road you've previously travelled and adjusts your suspension in real time if you drive over them..... I am speechless.

  • Make an AMG Coupe & I'll buy one

  • I'm not a huge Merc fan, but this car looks shweeet.

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    • Thanks

    • + 1=3=8=6=7=4=2=8=0=2=9

  • The stupid Dacia face mask makes half the review muffled and hard to understand

  • James May wants his mask back.

  • Shows an actual EQS - 478 miles range, shows an actual Taycan - 290 mile range, shows a render of a model S plaid +...............What the hell. I mean where is the plaid? Where are the Semis? Where are the Cybertrucks. I'm sure a s***show like Tesla are taking pre orders i.e. money for all this trash.

  • Please stop comparing this car with the Tesla crap !!!!

  • All above test.

  • Mercedes of course. The best or nothing

  • Hello my name is malek I am from Egypt I love u soooooooo mutch more than any one

  • 15:34 ... didnt see what car because there is no banner in video 😢

  • Probably the worst looking Mercedes ever made. Looks like a Honda Accord with a S Class interior.

  • Compare it to a rolls

  • The worst design Mercedes ever made

  • my guy, if you gonna insist on wearing a mask in the car rather do a voice over. the muffled mask is difficult to understand

  • How can you compare Mercedes to Tesla? How can you even put "Tesla" and "Mercedes" in the same sentence?


  • I always knew Teslas game would be up once the big car companies start making their ask electric cars.

    • Just wait until the actual sales figures come in. It looks like a Honda Accord.

  • the 2013 samsung tablet in the back is very modern

  • Why does it have to be as quick as a Tesla? Your way of thinking says that a Mercedes S class gas should compete with a Corvette on performance. If I am able to buy the EQS, it won't bother me that you drive around with your hair on fire, going 0-60 at almost the speed of light. I am an older driver who wants to be wrapped in luxury. Besides--the EQS is not a slug.

  • 👍🏾😎

  • Never thought Id say this but the Tesla looks nicer on the outside.

  • 03:30 That "additional glass" you like there is actually present on all other Mercedes, Audi and BMW sedans. Only difference: they all do NOT have those ugly, ugly, ugly glass separators/guiding rails. Those rails were eliminated some 30 years ago even on Golf class cars which was a huge step up, and now, 30 years later, some stupid lazy design people bring them back because they are not capable of making a sleek and esthetic design.

  • I know you are asking for ideas on what to testthe EQS on. Could you kindly crash test it? XDDD

    • Looks so much better than the overhyped Tesla. Mercedes is the King of cars.

  • How much though👀

  • Don't just put water in the washer fluid reservoir, that's not going to clean anything, use proper washer fluid!

  • When that hyper screen is up to date, this is the one

  • looks like Honda! civic design.

  • LOL when look vedio start THE NEW MERCEDES and MERCEDES talk LOL

    • It looks like a honda civic in the front end

  • Mercedes all the way

  • why can't we have the assistance computer be named by the owner instead of the brand name then you could call it kitt from knight rider

  • Didn’t understand a word

  • When you test the EQS do a Motor Trend figure 8 for time and lateral Gs. Then take it to a British race track with a loooong straightaway (or an old airport runway) and test for top speed. Then try it out for drifting ability (;o) - or not. Finally test out that trunk with rear seats laid down for "fooling around" and see if it is feasible with the trunk privacy tonneau cover on. Gives "privacy cover" a whole new meaning. .

  • So silent that I literally finally fell asleep in the morning that I just woke up hours later

  • Mercedes fan 😍

  • Range test please and what's it like to live with.

    • Noise test on the M6. Comfort test if possible.

  • Great car - dramatic stupid ergonomics. It's future in every detail, but a funtional step back in the 80ies - sure with a plus in size and resolution - but still way to stupid for a car with this price. I think it's understandable that Tesla chose this route. They simply don't have many years of experience in interior design (you can tell at first touch). So it's obvious that they'd rather control everything with software than with rickety buttons. But what Mercedes, with their know-how and already below-average software ergonomics, was thinking by ignoring all progress and taking this huge step backwards is completely unclear to me. Especially now that even Audi and VW understand their mistakes and are coming back to manual controls. As I said - the EQS is a groundbreaking basic idea, but at least the alternative of this game console (I like it in the living room, but I don't drive 200 km/h + there either) would have deserved decent controls. Instead, the same rubbish as in the S-Class. My hopes of driving the next E-Class are fading.

  • My mate took one of these out at night, he killed 15 wombats.