The Future Of Reasoning

Birt 28 apr 2021
This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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The extended mind thesis:
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"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
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  • I hope people talk about vsauce in 500 years

  • I had already seen a video about the Ancient Athens way of government by randomly electing people to temporarily serve as officials and always found the idea fascinating. It would eliminate sooo many problems with our failed "democracy" (but which is really a "representative republic"). Though no doubt introducing new ones in turn. Still, it would be a fascinating experiment for a small country to do and see how that goes.

  • I weep in the realization that I didn’t see this right when it came out

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  • Watching this video made me realize just how much human behavior I don't show...

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  • When the beat drop hits yk ur mind is about to be blown

  • "We don't have measuring-tape tentacles that shoot from our eyes" Speak for yourself.

  • 15:27 Now we know why people prefer nVidia over AMD.

  • "This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates"

  • Partnering with Bill Gates????? I thought better of this channel....

  • "The impact of emissions on our planet is not gonna be the last hyper object we face" He has so much faith is us!

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  • This whole video was basically just a half hour long "No, you!"

  • Dude, I thought you were smart enough to know not to get involved with Bill "I wanna control the world population thru vaccines that sterilize women" Gates. How do you reconcile that info? Hint: you don't, you quit associating w/ douche bags! Smh...

  • Can I do “why do we punish”

  • Read the caption my friends... Sponsored by Gates of Hell 👎👎👎👎👎

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  • Reason has gone to shit. People are stupid nowadays.

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  • tell me friend, when did michael the wise abandoned reason for madness ?!?!?

  • Yo this Bill Gates partnership seems a little poorly timed now with his Epstein connections hitting the news again.

  • bro why did you have to open my 3rd eye like that

  • The content, the presentation, hehe, the reason used for this was outstanding. Thanks.

  • This open my eyes on a lot. The most important is now I won't try so hard to win debates or arguments. Even if I am "right" my experiences and thought process are why I see it that way.

  • To contribute to the "wisdom of crowds" in the line of “lottocracy” he mentions “people paid to learn from experts” (as to cast their vote on political issues) but who will control who is the “expert” and what are those expert preconceived ideological leanings (that are almost inevitable)? And who determines the range of experts that could exist to offer nuances of whatever field is offered on a subject? There is little room for error in things like mathematics but on so many other things (most things in fact) there are nuances and differences. And even worse: You can even produce experts that hold different views on a given field with equally valid points. And the worst: You can even produce “experts” on pseudoscience that sound as good as real experts for the untrained ears and minds and can simply induce fake conclusions rather that help people to have a honest view on reality. For instance, social sciences nowadays are mired with hypothesis that do not pass the scientific methods AND yet they are used (over and over again) to justify policies that are ideologically tainted to the core, and all in the name of politically correct views that can not be scientifically challenged (lest those who do are socially punished).

  • I need you in my life

  • Dear Ben Shapiro, here is why facts and logic doesn’t always work

  • It’s hard to want to do individuals at random guided by experts because experts have a vested interest in supporting their opinion through confirmation bias as well. The best solution thus far has been to find experts that have different opinions and put them against one another. Hence why we have two different parties. Federalist 51: Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. *Edit: I typed Fed 10 not 51

  • Best channel on youtube. Period.

    • Re: Lottocracy, Glorious Bellerophon's perfect ways of governance are finally escaping creation I see

  • the subtitles are wrong in places and it bothers me so much

  • Vibin 3:01

  • The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle. The world is not a logic puzzle.

  • I think it's about time we rethink our definitions of 'Democracy'. I welcome all the wild ideas for improving democracy or governance in general.

  • prepare for unforeseen consequences

  • Humans have relied on wisdom of the crowd, Remembers witch burning scene from monty python. Yes "wisdom" ...

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  • You collaborated with a friend of Jeffery Epstein? Who also flew to his Private island where we ALL know what transgressed there? Who’s wife, as of writing this , just recently divorced him because of this. Boy, for such a smart man and one whom I used to admire greatly, that was in incredibly stupid thing to do.

  • Alright ISprofile comments, I'm ready to have some loud, intuitive opinions and I'm gonna need some help defending them, with some knee-jerk, half-formed arguments. No solid facts, or use of knowledge gained from dedicated effort over many years please. I want pure, off the top of your head stuff. Thanks

  • There exist groups whose conclusions seem so outlandish to the crowd at large that there are sites dedicated to asking them for their reasons in an attempt to set aside differences and better understand them, which I love. But often when you ask them for reasons, they seem to have little to no interest in participating, either giving a reason, which is often met with scrutiny or counterpoint, which is in turn met with vitriol, or jumping right to the end with comments such as “I don’t have to answer to you.” No, man. You don’t. But why are you coming here if you’re just gonna give up or not participate? I’m sure others’ conclusions seem just as outlandish to them, they must, but how can we start nailing group assignments if half of us don’t even want to try? And frankly, why complain about everyone being “so divided” and “facts vs. truth” and “nobody listening to your side,” when you’ve based your entire ideology on exclusivity and confirmation bias, and will click off of a video you were actually enjoying and appreciating at the first mention of a name you don’t like?

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  • That's it. Lottocracy is now my favorite form of government. I've no idea how well it would work but it seems super cool lol.

  • Omg I can't count the number of times I've had it in my head that I'm not actually taking a stance, but come up with reasons and justifications for the express purpose of seeing how they get shot down by someone else. Now I know why I do that so readily!

  • Can we use this video to start a group with his final thoughts as the objective ? I love talking to people with differing opinions.i love arguing and debating. But most importantly. I love being proven wrong. Because that means I get to learn something new. And I love that the most

  • Re: Lottocracy, Glorious Bellerophon's perfect ways of governance are finally escaping creation I see

  • Wait are most people not aware that they use ad hoc reasoning?

  • I've actually practiced enough self awareness to recognize when I'm using ad hoc reasoning. Inventing reasons for something that didn't have one. I developed this skill because I cared so much over my entire lifetime of being right and have always been afraid of my own bias. After all that time... I still can't help doing it. It really does feel wired in. Sometimes I have to reverse course and give a better reason that is truer. It's always simpler. Like an instinct. A trained reaction to stimulus. Something was just familiar to me. If I were to take that test with the faces, and I did everything how I imagine it, I'd be much more prone to say, "it felt right." Or more honestly, "I forgot." Or even not be able to give a reason at all regardless.

  • The reason people disagree are because of three things that stand it to me. One, people by nature use words to communicate that have definitions that don't always align. So when two people talk about the same word, they could mean completely different things. Leading to disagreement where if they were able to clarify they would actually agree. Two, people have access to different pieces of information. Having different pieces of information will lead to different inferences. Three, current emotional state can affect interpretation, exacerbating the first two items on this list. Someone who is defensive or angry will more likely interpret any ambiguity in word definitions in the most contradicting way. This will all so lead to them rejecting sources of information that would otherwise be valid. My conclusion based on the information thus far? Your anger and frustration, in any case, should be tempered and avoided while reasoning. It very often leads to compromised perceptions that are warped in respect to reality, and because of the nature of the mind, it will be nearly impossible to tell. If you feel anger, your ability to reason has already been compromised. And it doesn't matter how right you are. You are still compromised.

  • Yo V-sauce the revolution! let's not let memes distract from the conclusion of this video

  • Markets thrive on complexity as long as you leave them free.

  • It never said marry was married

  • Hey Vsauce, I have a question, what if your stomach was filled with water instead of hydrochloric acid. If cold enough could ur stomach freeze? Hopefully you see this and answer my question.

  • To this day the thing that impresses me the most about humans is our capacity to organize ourselves with purpose.

  • “The crowd” is on average dumb and can not provide a “wise” collective decision, unless in trivial questions like how much jellybeans are in a jar. The people who do make decisions however are often dumber than average and their incompetence is (often) inversely proportional to the power they have.

  • When I started to watch the video I thought "this sounds like Talent Land Innovation ONU 2021 Evironmental Challenges" or something like thaht and then michael says that Bill gates is sponsorig ahhahaha

  • Thank you for your mind, Michael, it is much needed :) You have progressed my thoughts that were bothering me to the point, where I can feel calmness and see the "meaning" I so desperately needed. Best of this world to you and your team, peace 🖖🏻🌞

  • Love the comments on the gap in upload times, quality content takes time to make. If you want a shit content factory try watch mojo

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  • That's was your best one yet! Good work.. 👍

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  • Michael has way too much faith in the human race

  • Woaahhhhh. This was amazing, I missed these…. Thanks Michael

  • This is not a person you want to watch if you have problems of self doubt😅😂

  • The DMT did this video.

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  • Even if we're satisfied with giving bad reasons socially, there is a physical reality underneath which can be reasoned about

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  • This felt like a Kurzgesagt in a Nutshell video. Got a temporary existential crysis, but in the end I came to an eye-opening realization and I am thankful that this video exists.

  • Awesome video, as always. But now to continue where Michael left off and get more practical. How to actually form diverse discussion groups. So many only want to be locked inside echo chambers with their ideological allies. How to go about encouraging ppl to potentially have their deeply held, extremely sensitive beliefs challenged without a payoff for participating? The rewards for hollering behind the impenetrable walls of an echo chamber are obvious. Total validation. Strong sense of united community. Security in numbers. Satisfaction of the base desire to be a cog in the in- vs out-group machine. Protection from cognitive dissonance. Freedom from pressure to suppress negative opinions. The list goes on. The appeal of talking openly to strangers iseem significantly smaller and less emotionally rewarding. The goals are more abstract while the unappealing qualities are a given on its face. But participation has to be voluntary or the whole thing is pointless. So is it a question of salesmanship and marketing? Would it require an external reward like a few bucks for participating at the end? I think my point is better made if I redact who was the host and outlet, but I saw on a tv news program a couple years ago a group of a dozen or so citizens chosen to sit in a room and just talk about politics, society, whatever. The only rule was to say whatever you want as long as you're not personally attacking or threatening or generally being a dick. The only criteria for picking people was that they ended up with a proportionate mix of backgrounds and on political and social spectrums. It was ugly, and naive to think insults wouldn't be flung. People screamed, a couple walked out. But the rest came back for another discussion, and by the end of it, more than half of the group had gotten together and formed a bowling group that hung out every month. And still talked politics and serious shit but respected eachother's differing views. TL:DR it's possible. But I'm pretty sure those folks was paid a pretty decent chunk of change to participate. Is paying people to participate as citizens of a democracy the only answer? If so, how depressing, but we as a society, nation and species should probably get on that. (Speaking from US perspective) BTW - it was Oprah on 60 Minutes but lets keep that a secret plzkthx

  • Hey Michael. We are both born on the same day. Just saying !!

  • This Michael is awesome!

  • I love you and always will but ever since 9/11 Bill Gates has not been thinking clearly and has way too much of a misguided ego to be followed or trusted by me...

  • I think that Empathy is the most important thing to have properly developed( over-developed is always better :) ) when doing NON-Logical reasoning

  • Wow you are seeing this 8 years from now

  • Last few videos haven't showed up in my sub feed. This one included.

  • The way Vsauce talks about how lone reasoning works lines up with the neuropsychological premise of the interpreter module which is responsible for, among many other things, constructing reasons for why a view was formed or choice was made _after_ the act occured. He basically mentioned that point but it's another explicit reason why lone reasoning is so limited and group reasoning can calm the churn. A corollary of the value of group reasoning to limit the sometimes arbitrary interpreter module is that having multiple viewpoints not only helps the reasoning of different individuals within the group become more cohesive but it also helps each individual's reasoning better coalesce and make more sense of the cacophony of output our massively parallel brains are constantly churning out.

  • I think this is brilliant. Could honestly talk all day about this subject with you..... hell any subject, you have a beautiful mind. The one thing that nags at me about this idea is the people that just want to wth the world burn. What happens when they get the vote on a serious issue?

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  • " partnership with Bill Gates..." I'm out.

  • Can't wait to see you all in 8 years. See you later!

  • this is a tough video but super important i think most people should see

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  • the reason puzzle got me ngl i tried to think with reason but still came to the conclusion theres not enough evidence. i didnt consider the full answer