Birt 6 apr 2021
The biggest and most expensive house in the world is a 105,000 square foot modern masterpiece in Bel Air created by developer and visionary Nile Niami. The property features a nightclub, fifty car garage, AMC style theatre, bowling alley, five swimming pools and sits on a plot of land at the top of Bel Air the size of a city block. Join us as we tour the world's biggest and most expensive house in this exclusive video.
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Developer Nile Niami: nileniami
0:00 - Intro
1:57 - Foyer
2:36 - Office
4:00 - Formal Living Room
5:16 - Wings of Angels Sculpture
8:19 - Dining Room 1
10:13 - Cigar Lounge
12:00 - Art Gallery 1
12:28 - Bedroom
13:00 - Family Kitchen
14:35 - Family Living Room
15:05 - Outdoor Family Room
15:39 - Running Track
16:25 - Main Jacuzzi and Swimming Pool
16:35 - Outdoor Barbeque / Kitchen
18:43 - Night Club
28:38 - Office Balcony
29:18 - Guest Bedrooms
31:45 - Sky Deck
33:30 - Outro
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  • The most expensive house is 2 billion

  • Are we not gonna mention how the host is a Hamptons Trump

  • Now that it completed we have to listen to him talk our ears out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️-He said and I’ll show you

  • What happens if i get drunk.... 🤔 That's a great house....

  • Tiny bedroom, cramped hallways, the designer should be fired. No offense the house is ugly, its not inviting, I wouldn't give you $10 for the property. why are the hallways like 3 feet wide?!? waste of money.

  • I found hilarious that his idea of "sustainability and zero waste" are plastic flowers but 6 elevators??? A MUST.

  • Yeah its great but who actually need this type of home? Maybe a business like Google could buy it and make it a business type building with employees and stuff.

  • It looks like a public service building

  • Bro has yet to explain how this is saving the world.

  • this is literally the biggest waste of land and materials.....

  • My favourite part of a modern house it is white and it's big

  • Spiritual N Word. Truly a walking visage of the American Soul.

  • yikes

  • To big to feel cozy, to much space for me

  • 30:48 * a few seconds earlier * "let's not give away anything about the plans" * at the timestamp * "a boxing ring?" it's not like that's a part of the pay per view event or anything

  • Great 👍

  • Should’ve built something cool on top that hill, like the Maison Carree

  • In twenty years they will be selling tour tickets to the world’s largest house/museum.

  • This house is single handedly able to transform the world into a paradise by curing all diseases, eliminating all forms of prejudice, ending all wars, providing basic needs to everyone and destroying Canada.

  • "houce got 6 elevators" 1 micro second later "I try not to waste"

  • The interviewer looks like if Trump tried to have a fashion sense

  • Most non technological thing I have ever heard: they come in bricks and sucked together by air. That is basically microled tv. Samsung also makes it and they are made to order, it's called Samsung the wall. The small screens can be connected by high speed network lanes.

  • He is like Russ from Silicon Valley.

  • I feel bad for this guy in a weird way. He seems very lonely and neurotic, and this house is a manifestation of those problems.

  • He sounds like Sylvester Stallone 😂.

  • “ I am concerned about sustainability and waste, see my flowers are artificial” LOL!!!

  • White guys looks like donald trump 😂😂

  • It's true the guy is not "normal" nor the house is worth half a billion. But at the same time I see so much hate in the comments coming from pewdipie viewers.. I mean if you look at other mansions in LA, the big ones go up to $150M or even $200M.. plus when you factor all the custom stuff (even if it's unecessary) then you can understand how this guy burned all the cash and probably not gonna get it back. I am not defending him but if we let hate and jokes aside, it is normal that this is expensive (maybe not 500M) but it's also a very bad budget managed project, it will probably have zero if not a negative ROI.

  • "The biggest and most expensive house in the world." Bruh, have you ever been to Europe? There are countless châteaus, castles, palaces, manors and mansions that are way larger and uncomparingly more beautiful than this lousy and pretentious shed.

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  • Mony doesn’t buy you happiness unless you do things with it like mr beast does like helping people who need help

  • POV your here from Cody ko

  • 17:58 finally an honest opinion 😂

  • Isn't it an easy option to turn it into an appartment complex? That way there are relativly more people capable of buying chunks of it. And if not tell me why

  • this house has a identity crisis , just like its owner

  • In my opinion house should medium big

  • Doing good to others helping

  • How am i supposed to watch other youtube house tours after watching this🤔🤔

  • ford focus?

  • Lemme just get that dislike button real quickly

  • Nothing simpler than Buddhism and 'inherent or intrinsic emptiness', it's probably a Mirage about Aliens!@

    • Advanced i meant to really say

  • This is my GTA character

  • I have only one Q. How many kids are living in? The house without tenants is not a house. Breathtaking for the tour, but will be a home maybe. Megalomanic. This is nice for boosting an ego;)

  • "We stop waste by using plastic flowers" meanwhile builds this house.

    • Meenwhile builds 500,000,000 house

  • Mukesh Ambani from his Antilla Hold my bear 😂😂😂

  • who's come here after watching pewdiepie's vid

  • It’s superb but not like a HOME

  • Mukesh Ambani left the chat

  • This made me realise how badly I am poor

  • Who the fuck is going to clean this place?

  • I hope u guys done it very detailed & silent way coz adam & Michael r laughing & talking bout it & it's disturbance to us 😫anyway good mansion

  • Imagine a tornado or earthquake ☠️

  • Anybody from Pewd?

  • Imagine you lose you phone here 😂😂😂

  • In india there is . a 2 billion dollar house right in the middle of Mumbai

  • First and foremost, I don't object to a person spending his/her money anyway s/he likes. It's your money, do with it what you please. I note that there's really nothing innovative, unique, or even stylish about this home... aside from its humongous size. There's no craftsmanship evident. He super-sized a Modernist movement home. And then redoubled it. I think for $500m a person should get something that's awe inspiring in both substance and form. You don't hear anyone complaining about the price of the Taj Mahal - yes, I know it's not a home. Why is that? Because it's transcendent. I think this house represents a missed opportunity. A whopper of one because not many people emerge who are willing to spend such a sum. He could have financed this generation's Antoni Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright, Norman Foster, or Mies van der Rohe and, in doing so, launched a new architectural movement - Modernism is about 100 years old now and it's long been tiresome. Instead he decided to be the lead designer, but he really doesn't have the talent for it - that's not a criticism, most people aren't artistic visionaries. He bought pastiche.

  • Is small....

  • Let's be honest, the house is AMAZING but back to reality... who wants to pay the taxes, utilities, staff, upkeep, maintenance, etc on a house this size? I even thought maybe 2-4 families could share the space and expenses but this house is not even child friendly... It's a beautifully oversized bachelor complex.

  • 1:35 EU coked out version of Donald Trump

  • Great way to sell the property before she takes half

  • ""I'm getting a divorce, it didn't work out" Well, the girl had to prioritize: It was him or his money.

  • He is a little confuse but he got the spirit

  • This over blown house is a waste

  • As an architect i feel offended. You should listen to what experts have to say. This house lacks characer, feels like a cold hotel with no human interaction and honestly i wouldn't wish my enemy to live there!

  • This guy is a joke. Everything he touches turns to shit😂 Needs a serious reality check!

  • I feel like I’m having a stroke just trying to understand a single word they are saying just show a video no talking just pay someone to voice over it who can articulate more than one sentence.

  • How am I supposed to watch luxury shows? There will be nothing that tops this house!

  • This house is basically the biggest antidepressant ever made! LOL

  • All you need is 487 jobs and that should cover the electric bill! 😃

  • This is real grass and I’m gonna step on it

  • Aeee man ! Why don’t you come and review my million dollar house eh ?

  • I can't even do this in Minecraft

  • *The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race*

  • The Shining.

  • 6:13 what a nice genuine guy

  • Lovely house

  • And he drives a Prius

  • pure comedy pure enjoyment i cant laugh and giggle enough. this guy died and decided to come back to build this house a love woman. I think i came back as him already lololol

  • thats the entire getty guys!!!

  • imagine the snatch on the ex from argentina!!! prolly like that purple flying......lololol

  • The part when he says the guy has never been in the house only to find out he built it

  • The presenter wouldn't look out of place, doing a psychic show in Blackpool, asking "Is there a John in the audience?".

  • lonelyest house in the world

  • 500,000,000$ The value of a land in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia🇸🇦

    • 😂

  • Shitty house for so much money.


  • All I've got from this video is a newfound appreciation for my house

  • Stop hating guys...this house is least the house makes him happy..some of you haters in the comment section still live in their parent's houses with no jobs n r here in 💕

    • lol you can tell hes desperate and miserable because he blew all his money on this gargantuan piece of crap and is now at risk of foreclosure. Its just a dull amalgamation of lots of 'things'. Its cold and uninspired.

  • I didn't know AJ from the Backstreet Boys was a developer

  • Believe it or not, but I didn't like it

  • he doesn't like waisting...

  • That guy looks like Donald Trump....

  • This is the worst house ever, I'd rather buy out an office building than have this

  • Oha mk ben GTA sanmıştım gerçekmiş😂😂

  • Give me 100 million and i can make a house 10000000000x time better than this one

  • Studies show men with small penises earn more money. Don't feel too bad for not being rich

  • how come the dumbest man on the world can have that much money to waste on that shit?

  • why is he simping for this guy this house fucking sucks