Tik Tok is Cringe

Birt 13 apr 2021
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  • 8 hours

  • Pewds reaction was always cringe af

  • Como llegué aquí?

  • This is so random but SOMEONE PLS WHAT IS THE SONG AT 13:43???

  • The greedy spinach correlatively scream because ronald emotionally hug worth a spooky adjustment. nonchalant, belligerent geometry

  • Tiktok isn’t cringe The sky is purple

  • I know

  • I hate tik tok so much. It’s so cringy.

  • 7:01 mind=blown🤯 lol seriously I didn't knew this was a real thing

  • Algum br?

  • 3:49 who is that gorgeous lady?

  • water is wet

  • I have a freckle right there on my arm, too wtf

  • Bro I got that mole to wtf

  • 7:00 as an Asian, we don't have that.

  • you build a dam when the water is level and then you take water from one side to the other so that the water is higher on one side than the other. Its that simple

  • The ending of Erased was too bad to get a 10

  • E

  • E

  • Pewdiepie : tiktok is cringe, Charli fucking d'umbelio : Renegade Renegade

  • And you just figure it out now? Are you serius

  • TikTok be like "Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes."

  • 7:11 i have it on my left arm on the exact spot wtf ?

  • 4:12 almost lost my money! XD google woke up

  • OMG !!! I actually have that mole on my arm too, what the frick...

  • no shit sherlock

  • i dont watch anime and i dont watch i dont know what is it 5:17

  • Dude Terror in resonance is good you should give it a try

  • dudeeee this guy is controlling my alexa geniussssssssss

  • girls can drive you can't drive

  • "Tik Tok is cringe" Always has been

  • That freckle shīt is real..I have it too on my right arm. Wth lol

  • F

  • It's Cole Sprouse. He looks just like Roomie, bruuuh 😂

  • if you go back in time to before you was born wouldnt it just be blackness? i mean i wouldnt be born.

  • Dogs are made out of dogs

  • Water is wet

  • 7.04 its like star wars, someone planted it there and soon we will executed all our closest

  • I have that mole too, lole

  • You triggered my google lmfao

  • Pewds calling out david dobrik :)))

  • U r not funny either

  • I did not just see an anime of 9/11

  • dont be sad ninja

  • tik-tok is cringe,but my ad still tik-tok

  • Not gonna lie this song is fire 7:38 , anyone who the name.

  • Savage

  • The dull art unfortunatly save because conifer appropriately peep past a tranquil sphynx. moldy, stimulating mitten

  • Daym felix just 11/10

  • Zankyou no Terror is amazing, short and sweet. I'd recommend it 100% to any anime fans who haven't watched it you won't be disappointed!

  • The sky is orsnge

  • You think your content reacting to these things is entertaining when it’s generally the masses’ thoughts on a crappy tik tok. I just don’t see value in making fun of someone when you can spend time improving on yourself. As contradictory as it might sound, I can’t handle seeing this on my feed daily.

  • i cant wait wait till the end

  • i think people forget that the water is about 6 times lower when they first start building dams

  • Ray doing tiktoks... That's so low...

  • Erased is BEAUTIFUL SIR

  • 6:20 to 6:36

  • we need a pewdiepie philisophy vidd!!!!

  • 7:10 wait wtf i also have it

  • When he saw he had the same freckle

  • when he said hey google buy pewdiepie merch my google picked it up

  • Just gonna say Erased is a 10

  • Don't need to watch the video, the title is enough for a like.

  • stop hating on Karl

  • Pewdiepie is cringe now😐

  • ciorba DE LEGUME

  • I have the same freckle/mole.

  • Indian tiktok please


  • I get more enjoyment put of the comment sections in tiktok than the videos themselves

  • I don't have that mark on my arm, guess I'm made in China

  • The curious transaction gully trot because believe remarkably waste after a magnificent hobbies. lame, unique trowel

  • Honestly i love Karl

  • educational channel owner, the most educating thing is when he throws the katana at his feet

  • karl's got pewds to protect him from the haters with his samurai sword now

  • People die when they are killed

  • Editing in this video is very nice.

  • I has a mole at that spot on my right arm 😂 not on the left. Maybe I'm SSR

  • 5:43 Thats definitely from Facebook

  • the mole thnik hahahahhahah

  • I'm surprised death note wasn't in that girl's 10/10 list. it would for me

  • 9:53 ... ye i tweeted him not to be sad... i expect to see tousends more to come.. XDDD RAID NINJAS TWEETER! XDD

  • Ok what's the deal with this dang freckle!? Why do most all of us have it? Anyone know the real reason? Lol

  • Mantap pudidi

  • Love from India

  • Don’t like this comment unless ur pewdiepie

  • I have a freckle there to 🤯

  • pewds your fyp is so dry omg

  • What flcl poster is that? 🤔🤔 low key awesome

  • How he have never seen terror in resonance!??

  • hey erased desreves that 10/10

  • But I’m a girl... I have freckle just above👀

  • 10:40 No... Not Coca Cola cherry GOD NO

  • The floor is made out of floor

  • Why did he lose 15M sub I am sad

  • When you realize you have the mole on your arm in the same place everyone else has it

  • i got that fuckin freckle too... what the fuck

  • The Hoover Dam one made me die inside. "I dont care what nerdy architect stuff goes into that, its physically impossible" like what

  • "what're you gona do with that alcohol david?" LMAOOO

  • U wear cat ears why tf are u talking