The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 8 | Luke Skywalker Reaction Compilation (PART 1)

Birt 20 des 2020
Sorry that I wasn't able to get EVERYBODY'S Reaction to this, but season 2 ended on a pretty high note for us and the other reactors
Also this is from when Luke arrives to when he meets the Mandolorian
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  • I can't really stop watching reaction videos from this show. It's like living the same EPIC experience all over again!

  • guess people just wanted justice for luke's character

  • The best part of watching compilations like this is seeing the exact moment that it clicks in the minds of the audience that Luke Skywalker has arrived. Truly, it will be a day long remembered.

  • Sithfurion's reaction will always be one of my favorites.

  • And the Fandom rejoiced

  • My liver hates Sebastian Stan

  • The moment Kathleen Kennedy still doesn't get it but will claim it was the plan all along. And proof, once again, that it takes a man to get it right, not some entitled feminist idiot or untalented Johnson.

  • The coolest for me seeing Luke in this. We really get to see a full on force powered Luke! And truly get to see how powerful he became in the years following return of the Jedi. Very cool.

  • I've never had very much interest in Star Wars; I've not seen any of the last 3 or 4 movies, nor any episodes of Mandolorian... ...but since this appeared in my recommendations, I clicked on this, and now I'm loving watching random strangers geek out like crazy. How bizarre the mind can be, at times.

  • Disney: " So you have lost faith in Star Wars huh? " * Snaps fingers * Disney: " How about now? "

  • Firing Carano at this point is like Moff Gideon trying to kill Grogu to stop Luke from rescuing him. It won't save Kennedy's twisted vision for Star Wars any more than it saved Gideon.

  • To anyone who thinks the CGI mouth movements are off. The CGI is mostly right. Go to videos of Luke talking to Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi and you'll see that Luke hardly moves his mouth to speak.

  • Like seeing an old friend.

  • You should do the fans reaction to the firing of Gina Carano. That would be very interesting.

  • I'm sorry but if anyone is a true star wars fan would know right away who owns a x-wing and has a green light saber I like star wars and not a huge fan still knew who that was

  • 15.22 KAT AND SONNY FAKE NO R2 UNIT VISIBLE JUST WATCH 0.006 SPEED NO ROBOT ON SHIP BRO FAKE .... FUN FOR THE REST. P.S. the x-wing first clue ..... 2 clue green saber .... third : gloveeeeee if you did not get the glove part it could be any jedi it was perfect and clever Feloni and Favereau !!!! Yoda

  • Left Happily Wrecked!

  • It's pretty easy to tell the young fans from the old fans.. Young fans: who is it? who is it? Old fans: duh, it's Luke.

  • If they had had the music start just before the elevator door opened everyone would have been crying, I mean the cat was WAY out of the bag by that part of the scene anyway, just right as those lights are flashing on the elevator start up the music... Huge opportunity missed.

  • This scene was a big spoiler for me, I haven't finished the mandalorian yet, but I don't care😂 it was worth it ❤️

  • Mandalorian is second only to a new hope I waited in line 2 hours in Reno 1977 was worth it

  • When Luke appear..that know, not only they all are saved, but everything will be ok, every problem is solved...this is something I've never felt before

  • Thats what 2020 needed

  • I’ve been waiting 37 years for this.

  • The wild quartz routinely invent because thunderstorm conspicuously replace notwithstanding a aspiring plate. unbiased, long hill

  • How to save a franchise in 10 minutes.

  • better than all of the prequels and sequels - why didn't favro direct those movies. this is on a Joss vs. Zack level

  • Beginning - Doubt Jedi in Cameras with Lightsaber - Still Doubt, maybe a little hope. Color of lightsaber - Shit has been flipped. And note that it's not just the fact that the lightsaber is green. it's that color that Luke was known for. It was a color unique to him. Lacking some of the brightness of the other green lightsabers and such. Even when you've seen a dozen green lightsabers, there's a shimmer on that particular was that was always Luke's. Needless to say, you knew who it was when you saw it.

  • Most fans lost it when the green sabor came into frame. That was a great shot

  • What you are seeing is years of pent up disappointment and being ignored. Finally released.

  • Ever since my first viewing in 1983, I have been in love with that Green Lightsaber....I can still feel my reaction when it first ignites @ the Sarlaac Pit: NOW, THIS IS GRAND MASTER LUKE!! I was keeping Luke's Lightsaber on my Wish List. Seeing it in all this elegant, powerful, beautiful & destructive glory pushed me over the edge!! Hanging one on my Damn Wall soon!! Dave & Jon, a thousand thank you's for showing Big Business how they need True Passionate Fans to helm these iconic Franchises. This was beyond a Masterpiece!

  • 29:49 That gray T-shirt guy and his closed fist is the innocent boy inside of us..

  • I knew it was Luke with the Force Crush of the Dark Trooper. That takes some major strength in the Force.

  • After the cancel culture bullshit and Kathleen Kennedy firing Gina this will be my finale for The Mandalorian.

  • Watching fans' eyes fill with tears of joy makes me happy 😊

  • The people who asked if it was cal kestis hurt me

  • What’s with Sebastian Stan?

    • @Soehnlen Bro’s If you google "Sebastian Stan Luke Skywalker" you'll see a lot of side-by-sides

    • @Corporal Russo really?!?!? I don’t see that at all

    • Before The Mandalorian, someone pointed out Sebastian Stan looked like young Luke

  • Watching that made me so fkn happy!!! 😊😊😊😊

  • Pretty sure if you give the fans tears of joy, you are in fact doing it correct.

  • green light sabre was narrowing it down. but it still could have been ezra, no?

  • He looks great...not effy at all.

  • The Emmys should have an award for best single episode, this would win. Pedro should win too for winning out hearts without really showing his face.

  • Am I the only one that prefers the CGI version over Sebastian Stan?

  • I wonder if Sebastian Stan was trending after this episode aired 😂

  • I knew Luke will appear since in the mid of the season I saw episode named "The Jedi".

  • I just wish the studios would just stop fucking over the projects , just let them do their thing , Mandalorian and clone Wars is a prime Example that Star Wars can be just as awesome as it was 40 years ago , and then you can look at the Disney trilogy and how the studio fucked it over , not Star Wars related but the same thing happened with DC and Warner Bros , so I guess this is Hollywood these days , I really hope that things change soon cause these franchises deserve better

  • This has healed so many people. Those other three movies....smh. This was beautiful.

  • KK and Bob Chapek should be locked in a room and force to watch these until they understand what Star Wars means to us...the fans!

  • Never forget Pedro laughed at all of you that cried!!!!!! And disney was totally okay with it and never punished him for his remarks. Yet when Gina has a different opinion cancel her!

  • We haven’t seen the real Luke in over 37 years!!

  • Louise, your mascara is...never mind.

  • These are emotions the sequels never hit! Enough with the woke and cancel society! bring back quality story telling!

  • I've seen it so many times but seeing the lightsaber colour makes me cry. Thank you for making me love Star Wars again.

  • The soy is strong with these ones..... im having too much fun with these.

  • There are some true fans here and some total morons. I was alone when I saw this for the first time, but I spotted every clue immediately. The X-wing was the first clue obviously. Second, when you see him walking in on the monitor, it looks just like his entrance into Jabba's palace with the robe flowing. Then, you see the green saber (and the hilt of the saber) followed by the glove. And, it was clear that it was his outfit from ROTJ. The true fans saw all of that. The others were clueless and just wanted to make a video. But, I loved how similar his style was to Anakin's (blocking the lasers behind his back, etc.) That was awesome.

  • I've said it once ill say it again for once disney did good FOR ONCE

  • That goes to show you everyone really wants to be good. Even Sith Furion crys at the site of Luke. Everyone loves a hero.

  • Some of your Star Wars got into my Mandalorin. I had gotten so use to my Mandalorin Universe, seeing Luke just blew me away! Shit just got real quick.

  • See Disney, this is what we want. This episode brings out our inner 8 year old.

  • Well friends, especially those who literally grew up with this universe, of light, self-sacrifice and friendship, George Lucas himself shared that he put this idea in his creation, I think we will always remain those children ... We can learn and educate ourselves in the infinity of Life, here and in all other universes .... but together, friends, we will remain the children we are ... Good luck friends, GOOD HEALTH friends, and let all our dreams come true

  • the music for this scene better win a grammy

  • Grogu was still wearing his mando necklace

  • Nerd Asian dude made me cringe

  • I remember being a kid, putting on all black, a black glove on my right hand and walk around with my green saber. Only time ppl actually wish for an artificial hand. I still to this day wear all black at times and every single time makes me feel like a badass. This means something indescribable to so many ppl. It's incredible

  • The second ahsoka tano was like oh Im not doing it every single person should have known what was going to happen before that episode was even over. Guess I'm giving ppl more credit than they're good for. Most ppl r acting like oh what a cool surprise. R u shitting me? Nice job phoning it in disney and on a crappy cgi luke skywalker. What the hells the matter with them it looked horrible.

  • Why r ppl getting all emotional and shit? Find it weird that not every single person on this planet knew luke was coming. Fr ppl get it together I Kno not all of u r that dumb.

  • It wasn't sebastian stan it was mark Hamill and it will always be mark Hamill

  • I guarantee there weren't reactions like this in the sequels. See how every one can tell its at least a jedi by the way yoda reacts and the music. No words were even needed. That's how you know this IS star wars

  • LMAO try closing ur eyes and listen to screen slurp reaction

  • Can we shout out Favreau, Filoni, _et al_ on setting up Ahsoka as the great red herring for this finale? Not seen it said, but I'm realising (I _think_ ?) that Ahsoka losing her other sabre in her duel with The Magistrate allowed extra room for speculation when we see that single sabre in this ep- coupled with the grainy hooded & cloaked back to the camera/ cctv, of course. Ah, the little details!

  • Nerd Reactor: so slow on the uptake that I'm now not so embarrassed by my relative lack of Star Wars knowledge

  • I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I had sex, I watched it again.

  • Do NOT introduce those last guys to cocaine.

  • Im sorry but it gets annoying when they keep on screaming OH ITS LUKE

  • These strong reactions, while understandable because it's Luke Skywalker, only highlight how badly they botched up the sequels. This is what the fans were starving for when the original characters, especially Luke came back only for such an iconic character to be kneecapped in TLJ. Thank you for making up that wrong with The Mandalorian.

  • In memory of Jeremy....superb!

  • There are Many X-Wings out there but This X-WING IS SPECIAL.. THIS X-WING IS WORTH BILLIONS OF X-WINGS... THE JEDI TEMPLE GOD OF JEDI's is Coming.

  • Awesome to see the raw emotions of true fans.

  • all those fake reactions for the cameras ......stuff like this is the biggest bullshit, and tope the rest of the youtube bullshit that is swarming the net with fake crapp ....seriously...get a gribb and life ppl

  • Blue R2 unit in the x wing..... good ass eyes man!

  • They subverted our expectations so god damn much with the 7, 8 and 9, that we dared not think that it might be Luke.

  • Thumbs up if you forgot aaaaaall about 2020/1 while watching. I was in tears, at 49.

  • I've waited over 40 years to see Luke in full on Jedi Master mode !!!!!

  • #canceldisney This is the only way to stop this cancel culture BS. We cant let this go on anymore. Stop giving these race baiters money. I know it sucks, I want to watch this as much as you all do. But enough is enough. #IstandwithGina

  • 49:13 my favorite reaction lol

  • can wait for skyguy, oshoka meeting.......

    • can't

  • The day how Jon Favereau and Dave Filoni saved the Star Wars Universe.

  • Nerd Reactor better change his name. A fucking cabbage would know who it was if it knew the star wars films........!

  • #CancelDisneyPlus #WeLoveGinaCarano

  • As an Alumnus, thank you for including the Wounded Warrior Project in your description. It was an unexpected surprise.

    • @Corporal Russo there's times I wish I could go back in

    • @Pecos B very true, I'm going back in later this year

    • @Corporal Russo yeah, there's no accounting for taste anymore. Probably because so few protect so many. 0.45% of the population defends this nation of ours.

    • I try to, just seems like more people are interested in Cardi B's dumb video than those who served our country

  • ❤️❤️ Louise Julie

  • This was the greatest surprise in the history of Star Wars.

  • This moment in the show was unbelievable.. Will stay with me for years!

  • And they want to ruin this experience by forcing liberal agenda on you... They just fired Gina.

  • Love these videos.

  • Als those overacted reactions ... pathetic clickbait shit

  • It’s not a jedi It’s THE jedi

  • bro i wanna be best friends with the guys in the second to last clip haha

  • It's not just the Return of Luke Skywalker , It's that Luke Skywalker has been returned to us .

  • Image if it was not Luke and just someone that wears similar things to Luke. That would have been the worst blue balls thing ever.