KSI is going BALD!

Birt 25 júl 2021
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  • Keemstar reacting to that music with a wig is the best thing ive seen this year. Thank you Keem !!

    • Yyyyt6

    • @Muffin Man no because you literally went on this video to hate after the drama happened months later lmao. You don’t actually want him to get help and to realize what he did. You’re just following penguinz orders cuz you’re his puppet lol. His delusional fans do whatever he says. Go watch your favorite youtuber or go do something else we don’t want you here

    • @Gojira because I don't support a pedophile? Okay then 🤡

    • @Ooooooooy or what? You gonna cry?

    • @Muffin Man you literally hate just to hate lmao how sad is your life buddy

  • fighters not get paid is part of the script, the fighters know this too. the drama is being dragged out

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • 🐍

  • 🐍

  • 🐍

  • 🤡

  • 🐍

  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍


  • keenstar i swear to fucking god, if i get popular i better not see your ass trying to add me to this channel

  • I didnt like kim but now he seems like a new guy gounger guy. Love the new attitude dude. Am a back on being a subscriver 💪🏼👍

  • gnome

  • Ksi can really pull off baldness

  • :>

  • Jake: you need to become a better person Jake's brain: am i joke to you?

  • 8:30...Totally checking out those females!! Damn bro, even with the camera in your face. Catherine, I'm single and ready to mingle!!

  • Jake Paul starting his own Cobra Kai

  • Logan would destroy austin

  • Jake actually did something good for once and admitted that he was a bully Edit: and started a charity

  • 6:36 spit

  • Jake actually did something good for once and admitted that he was a bully Edit: and started a charity

    • Keem goes above and boyond to be entertaining

  • was not expecting you to do that

  • 7:09 if you made 3-4 mill why are the fighters not paid from that?

    • as much as ksi/logan vs austin/bryce would be pointless, i would LOVE TO WATCH IT

  • This goddamn channel turning into the Enquirer

  • Keem: gets the scoop looks mysteriously into the horizon “Time to keep some mfs in the loop”

  • Man stop talking abt the Pauls ….. FUCKING KSI IS GOING BALDDDDDSKIIIII

  • Jake Paul: fight bullies Also Jake Pual:Used to bully kids back in highschool

  • Keem sorry ksi will not go baldksi it was only for dissimulation I still hope for it tho as a ksi fan

  • I seem to not be getting notifications for your vids any more. Do I need to un-sub and then re-sub? Honestly thought you were taking time off.

  • Do people actually watch drama Alert for fun

  • It’s funny how Bryce Hall got paid the most yet got whooped in the fight

  • His song are trash

  • KSI vs Austin Logan vs Bryce USA and UK will join force

  • That was for ksi's 1st album

  • Hi keemstar ☺

  • Keem goes above and boyond to be entertaining

  • Keemstar would know if Jeffree was a vampire, he has slid into Jessfee's DM's more than a pro baseball player slides into home. He is downlow craving that ass!

  • as much as ksi/logan vs austin/bryce would be pointless, i would LOVE TO WATCH IT

  • why keem loose his voice every other week lol

  • Bryce hall stands no chance against Logan

  • You idiot keem that was for dissimulation

  • why austin look coked out

  • I just want Keem to pronounce Callux's name properly 😪

  • There is no way ksi and logon Paul would feature on social gloves event. Austin knows what he's doing there and the numbers those 2 would bring.and why is it always the scrawny kids who jump into rings acting tough 😂

  • did you hear about jim browning?, his channel got deleted.

  • Logan’s never gonna fight Bryce lmao that would be a total waste of his time

  • Anyone watch the poker stream

  • 0:18

  • Ayo that one twitch dude’s song sounds fire like it could be some sort of old WWE theme song

  • Keller Screamstar. U got Covid my G?

  • H3h3 is right

  • Why ninja

  • If anyone deserves to not get paid it’s Austin’s barber

  • Damn... you found your voice

  • the only title that is guessable

  • "What is up DramaAlert Nation I'm your host Killer Keemstar lettsss call innocent people paedophilesss"

  • what about wings of redemption coming back

  • @DramaAlert keemstar can you do a Topic of H20 delirious and omhwreker ppl ben saying theres drama with them can you found out whats going with them???

  • Bruh I would totally watch an event that had Logan Paul vs. Bryce Hall, KSI vs. Austin McBroom, and maybe some other people that shit would go hard asf

  • Ksi got number album in uk 🇬🇧 not on billboard .. no body's fuks with his shitty music outside of uk lmao 😂

  • We need ISprofiler news only, not news from TikTokers or ISprofilers

  • THANKS for being the most reliable news source on ISprofile KEEM!

  • Look at the edvent…AustinMcpussy came out there and wanted his big head ego be a ”star” for the last time..Austin Mcbroom is not famous,specially not talanted,his not Cristiano Ronaldo and Chaterine Is not Beyonce …so a hell with these scammers,,when is enough enough?

  • Jason mayhem Miller did it first

  • Bully beat down🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Logan might get his first win if he accepts this fight easily lol

  • Why does everyone make music now??

  • Faze jarvis vs nick Ireland👀

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 2v2 against Bryce and Austin vs jj an Logan that wouldn’t even be a fight in the ring Dead

  • Logan vs Bryce is just a disgrace to Logan.

  • Why tf does he like talking about jefree star

  • KSI and Logan vs Austin and Bryce This wouldn't even be entertaining it'd just be sad seeing austin and bryce get beat into irrelevancy

  • That music was lowkey lit

  • Austin haircut look like a curly beret

  • §3 Minecraft

  • Bruce vs logan would just be a slaughter

  • 4:20 so um guess what ricegums mood when he sees this. my guess salty

  • sounds like u got the rona

  • Logan’s never gonna fight Bryce lmao that would be a total waste of his time

  • Ksi was talking ab his last album smh

  • Logan paul could beat down austin

  • Keen are u sick

  • Damn Keem your voice is getting progressively raspy lol you aren't losing your voice because of the fight, it's because you smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day lmao

  • My older brother Evan told me to check out KSI music video just to see how trash he is and boy oh boy he is so right that shit is poop on a stick...!!!

  • Bryce is gonna get rocked 😂😂

  • Okay this will be my first, Logan Paul would win against Austin mcbroom hands down.

  • Keem could you interview leafy sometime to see how he been and what he been up too I miss leafy and his videos like a 45 minute video I would watch it good times on ISprofile

  • Baldski is coming 😈😈

  • Bullying helps kids become into men 😈

  • Ksi was talking about dissimulation wasnt he?

  • Imagine the first time in history in the boxing arena a 2v2 between Austin and Bryce vs Logan and KSI

  • That's what's up that's mitch joned

  • The wig😂

  • Take ur hat off keem

  • Ksi shouldve renamed his album to rise of the baldski because he shouldve known this was bound to happen with him getting 1st on the charts, especially with all those big features

  • 2:58 keem looks like he’s done that before he’s not slick 😂😂😂

  • Here he shows a naked women 10:36

  • Bryce hall vs Logan Paul bruh Bryce is gonna die