LOKI EPISODE 6 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Loki 1x06 "For All Time Always" full episode breakdown and shot-by-shot analysis! He Who Remains' hidden secret explained! Head to theherosjournal.co/discount/N... and use promo code NEWROCKSTARS for 10% off.

Spoilers ahead!

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Loki Episode 6, the season finale, reveals Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains, a variant of Kang the Conqueror! Erik Voss breaks down this episode frame by frame for all the interesting details you missed, including all the MCU vocal cameos in the opening sequence, new clues about Ravonna Renslayer's backstory, and why He Who Remains actually wanted Sylvie to kill him.

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  • More details! --The voice in the intro wasn't Karli, but Shuri's line from Black Panther: "Another broken white boy for us to fix." (Thanks Ri-Bread and others for pointing that out!) --Right after he says "Don't tell me I'm a disappointment," Jonathan Majors looks DIRECTLY at the camera. That was also intended for the viewers. --He Who Remains' spiral window appeared in the background of an earlier poster for the series! --Deeper dives and theories into Renslayer, which TVA Loki is in at the end, and He Who Remains' true agenda are coming to the channel in the coming days!

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    • End of Every episode, there is one who holding Loki's picture. Look closely, you will find some infinity stones there, Kang is actually using those as a paperweight.

    • I re-watched Infinity War. I think the ship that Nebula uses to hit Thanos on Titan, is the same ship we see in Episode 6 of Loki. Just a thought. Watch it.

    • @Nick Samuel same way wanda and agatha did in wandavision?

    • Z

  • this some rick and morty shit

  • I was really hoping for Mobius to say “wow,” but he never did 😢


  • i think u missed the morbius theme near the black hole part.

  • 12:00

  • I thought it was fitting they used Nelson Mandela considering the Mandela Effect


  • 7:04 could this be hinting to wandavision being in an alternate timeline? 🤔

  • 5:42 it Kinda sounds like the JoJo theme

  • I can tell from the comments this is an unpopular opinion but Jonathon Majors blew it. Idk if it was the directing, writing or personal style but his scenes completely took away all suspense, drama and energy from the finale 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I dont understand why they never explained the role of Infinity stones in loki

  • This intro had me internally screaming.

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  • Kudos to your hard work. Really showed in this ☝️

  • kang's outfit color + his method of story telling tells me that he is from Wakanda in future .

  • There is something I just realized after watching The first Thor movie, Loki is the one responsible for who Thor becomes by the end of Endgame, and where he ends up. If Loki never helped out The Frost Giants in disrupting Thor's coronation, then Thor wouldn'tve had a reason to go look for a fight at Jotunheim, and his father wouldn't have exiled him to earth and he wouldn't have met Jane as a result . He'd still have the same attitude if Loki never made a deal with Laufey. Loki made the Thor we've all been watching and falling in love with!

  • gross gore ali larsen loki got all his memories back he is future loki again everybody

  • Episode reminds me of return of the Jedi if sideous did get killed by luke

  • Stan Lee variant all along.... Even in venom movie. Brilliant Kevin feige

  • 6:10 there's a Bollywood song here

  • the ship that zooms through the galaxy in the beginning is actually the collectors ship

  • The mysterious spaceship apparently fleeing the Big Crunch before the Big Bang... Galan of Taa (AKA Galactus)?

  • If you look at all the alien looking faces. Which leads to spiderman movie coming out on December. Which cause the multiverse in the first place...

  • A

  • One good little easter egg that I dont think alot of people notice is that almost every movie Owen Wilson plays in he either mentions riding jet ski's or there is one in the back ground somewhere. The Movie masterminds he has one in his garage and in the movie Father Figures he mentions that jet ski's are fun. just thought it was a cool reference since he mentions it in Loki

  • Kang the Conqueror is basically Rick Sanchez

  • The second season is said to start production in 2022/2023 so I doubt we'll see it at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023

  • you waste the 1:00 to 4:00 minute time... don't do it again

  • Are your merch officially licensed ? You could be hit with some serious IP infringement lawsuit if not

  • I love that everyone is recognizing Jonathan Majors now. He was amazing in Lovecraft Country tho.

  • 6:10 who thinks it's an Indian Hindi/Punjabi song?

  • 13:22 “let’s have him eat an apple, it’ll make him look like even more of an asshole!”

  • The TVA wasn’t reset, it’s just one from another universe

  • So here are some MCU loki variants that are dictators or rulers: President Loki King Loki

  • How ironic they use a women to have the world destroyed or heading into a destructive state, now bringing upon a darker kang, Genius. the Bible does say through eve sin entered the world - deep.

  • So basically he who remains "saved" the world from the war he started in the beginning... so it was he's fault from the start.

  • Loki is the best mcu series so far but it had really bad action scenes.

  • 6:09 Bollywood Swag Saha Nahi Jaye song. coooool!

  • the eternals did not interfere, not until now. maybe this could be the reason.

  • I thought in the end scene loki had gone to a different time line where kang is the ruler

  • He's eating an apple to make him seem like even more of an asshole....ding!

  • Just finished it I’m speechless

  • What I don't get is, if Loki is supposedly returned to the same TVA where he was pruned, how can things have changed so drastically? Unless Sylvie deliberately makes a mistake and shoves him back into another parallel reality?

  • *Korg to Heimdall in Ragnarok

  • The real meaning of the green apple 🍏 is a nod to the cover of the book "Life and Death" which is the gender swapped, alternate reality version of "Twilight" which has a red apple 🍎! Come on, could it have been any more obvious? It fits right with the gender swapped, alternate reality theme of Loki!

  • do you think the kang variant aka jerk was chaotic good?

  • I didn’t like the actor playing Kang.

  • all their content is current gone at time of typing this..

  • Your inner guidance is Kang telling you what to do

  • Who all agree that loki is the best series ever

  • retodded

  • @newrockstars is there creative connection between the movie Escape from Alkatraz and Loki. Because the design of the vessel for nail clipper in warden's office and the manor and device of the He who remains texture looks same. Is this a Easter egg.

  • If you look at the window behind KANG, It looks like 3 blades, which is how he died

  • Why “He Who Remains” blood look like that...?

  • Covid: You think im evil? Wait till you meet my variants.

  • End of Every episode, there is one who holding Loki's picture. Look closely, you will find some infinity stones there, Kang is actually using those as a paperweight.

  • I think the korg line isn’t his line to Loki, but instead the one he said to heimdal? When they were on the rainbow bridge?

  • I thought I heard a Greta thungburg say how dare they but I wasn’t sure xD that’s why I came it was kinda funny

  • What I love about these Disney+ series is paving way for future projects so that they’ll build it all up

  • You guys can blame Sylvie all you want. I blame the hulk 😂

  • Idk why but I think it's sad every time I see the bunch of Kang's fight eachother I keep thinking they are a bunch of Chitauri Footsoldiers fighting eachother.

  • I thought thanos was too strong. Keng makes him looks like nothing.

  • My guess, kang wouldn’t have existed if ‘the blip’ would have continued. To ensure such thing doesn’t happen the TVA allowed the avengers to travel in branch timelines.

  • Its Aperaham Lincoln.... I thank you... I really look forward to Lang. A lot of people were underwhelmed by him in the Loki finale and i say to them... Just wait. We are getting a master villain very different from Thanos

  • It looks like WAKANDA, judging by the actors ....D

  • I think that In The Multiverse of Madness, Strange will somehow chip off all of the branches in the timeline to stabilize it again

  • 18:40 what if it was wanda becoming scarlet witch effecting reality or something like that....

  • Not gonna lie, I just finished the series and I haven't felt this astonished over an mcu ending since infinity war. I need a goddamn cigarette... or a lot of booze. Damn though no amount of alcohol could fix the gigantic migraine Doctor Strange is about to have.

  • that dagger line is so bad

  • Who did you contact about receiving promo Once Upon A Time In Hollywood merch: DVD package. I am a journalist and community radio DJ and would appreciate the name of the person to contact as well as their business contact information. Thank you

  • Thank you for this video.

  • The loki sounds like agents of shield season 7,kang being sybil

  • Alioth was still in control of Sylvie. So, what if the multiverse broke out bc, Sylvie made Alioth do it?

  • Loki gator polo. Hilarious.

  • When Kang hears the Thunder ...sounds like Wanda going full Scarlett Witch

  • I believe that the TVA we've seen in the end of the episode was a TVA from a different timeline but the "original" and it's workers are still out there.

  • Or Quicksilvers train scene

  • The train cars in the void were from Toby Maguire's SpiderMan timeline where he didn't stop the train.

  • The ship is the warship from marvel avengers game

  • 15:52 did he just say its alllllll....an ovulation?? 🤔😳

  • Pickle rick

  • Great video!

  • Alone nju

  • With the multi verse open it up I can't wait to see the ultimate

  • This series was great! So many things I didn't know! Marvel really outdid themselves will all the details.

  • When I heard Greta's "how dare they" I laughed so hard lol

  • I subscribed just from this video

  • Aw yeah, glad we got that Loki on Loki action. haha

  • And modern art in the movie shows alot of hint

  • Wanted say idk but nexus talk was started in age of ultron time this time that

  • So everyone is going to just ignore that marvels biggest foe right now is basically "Rick Sanchez"😂

  • How dare you compaire him to heath ledger joker

    • alternate part of the Multiverse and how they'll start to introduce them??

  • Loki. Proving that falling in love with oneself; flaws and all, is the key to unlocking your true magic.

  • The design in his tower is also the same on the time keep statues in ringslayers office

  • 🤔...I don't know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't what I had in mind for "the one who remains"...💯✔

  • So instead of calling the cast members at the Disney parks “actors in costume” imma start calling them variants

  • I can't wait for season 2

  • This is the worse episode of the series by far.

  • The storm when the timeline branches its the transformation of wanda to scarlet witch!