We Paid Animators $10,000 for THIS?

Birt 31 maí 2021
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Rendering and Compositing: Nadir Heric nadirheric.com/
3D Modeling: Haris Hrbat, Sohan Nanda, Anton Fathoni
Rigging: Gaurav Garg, Mrinal Soni
Animation, Character design and Storyboard: Anaid Mekic vimeo.com/anaidmekic
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  • Scott: if so can u do pinned comment with this link : bit.ly/coolones GET 10% off our epic swag clothing!!!!! CODE COLDONES!! COOLSHIRTZ!!! Chad: No.... I don't think I will

  • I lost it at the scooby bit, its just like the ricky gervais show 🤣🤣🤣

  • 8:23 how tf did Scheiffer bates make his way into this video

  • That last one was amazing


  • 3k for that animation?! I might as well learn that shit you can def do that in a day

  • Why am I laughing so hard I feel drunk, on AIDS…

  • Can we talk about how oddly good they are at certain impressions, like that Markiplier was solidly close, a bit of Joe Swanson in there, but he got close to those dulcet tones. That Skrek was solid as hell too.

  • This video made me laugh harder than anything I’ve seen over the past year. Kudos to you guys.

  • oh my god all of these animations are really fucking good, especially the channel intro and lego animation

  • please use the intro its so fucking good

  • Are you doing shots of paint thinner? Wtf is in that can lol

  • They should do a video about eating spicy hot chilli peppers

  • I haven’t laughed this hard in a minute 😂😩 thank you guys for keeping the happy hormones in my brain

  • Wtf the MrBeast and Kingbach animations were so good

  • i love how there are doing animation of Mr beast and I get an add from Mr beast

  • That last one is godlike Im totally not biased

  • The scooby one was fire

  • Tooooo freaking funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣all the animations were hilarious

  • All of these are so fucking amazing


  • King Batch

  • Fuck man I love this channel

  • I’ve never laughed that much in my fucking life, thank you.

  • Please do another another one hahahahaha!

  • You guys are fuckin Hilarious. The only ISprofile channel in awhile where all your videos actually crack me up! Keep up the great content! That shit bussin respectfully 😂

  • this is the funniest series, please do more fiverr stuff

  • Is this Max and Anything4views?

  • What are they doing shots of because it sorta looks like lighter fluid? 😂

  • Big bungus

  • Donkey i have orgre aids fucking killed me. Been laughing on the floor for 20 minutes

  • Make more these are awesome

  • Lol

  • Does anyone know where I can download these videos bro I laughed till I cried at the batch animation

  • Wtf am i watching

  • this was better than i thought it be

  • Does this mean the guy they donated 5800 too didn’t even respond?

  • RAX rAUD

  • 15:02 why does max sound like a Scottish person saying Curtis

  • Funniest video 😭😭

  • 14:55

  • At 9:57 Max slams a bottle into the table wich makes a loud sound At 17:02 you can see how the animator took that sound and used it for shaggy slamming his glass into the table instead. That is a really nice detail, good job.


  • It makes your lymph nodes swell up -Big Chumongus

  • Please post all of these incut 🙏😭

  • I feel like chad could be a decent voice actor

  • Holy Shit, Chad would be such a good voice actor.

  • Why is your markiplier impression so good

  • that stop motion intro is fucking bossss

  • Depression has been temporarily paused due to this video

  • That last one was so good I had chills

  • bro that clay intro is so fire

  • Fucking hilarious I’m dead

  • One of the few vids I never laughed

  • Honestly though, the intro they commissioned was fucking awesome.

  • 😂

  • i need to know if Markiplier knows how often he’s referenced on this channel.

    • He probably watched cold ones all the time while he's bathing in his tub full of cream and money because from ISprofile

  • Part 2 please this video is the funniest thing I ever seen😂😂😂

  • 😂😂😂

  • Ah, the scooby one was great! Very cool show! From whom was the beat at the end?


  • Idk whats more contagious, their laughter or the animations 😂

  • I think I’m addicted to cold ones

  • Max is purposely failing to get drunk off his ass 😂

  • .

  • Every time I watch a cold ones vid I feel like my IQ goes down but damn this shit bussin

  • petition for king bach to be in smash

  • hahaha im crying, I can't see

  • 3:10 What is this song from? Someone pls

  • Nice video

  • That shit BUSSIN

  • Why's no one talking about the broken beer bottle next to Max?! There were definitely two there!

  • The person who made the LEGO video posted it on ISprofile

  • I have to pause the vid in-between each hit because I'm laughing too fucking hard

  • The Gordon Ramsay animation is like 2005 fireman Sam

  • Bussin

  • I like to get drunk with them it’s pretty fun idk what go on do



  • My friend slywolf is making me watch this please help

  • Nice video

  • Holy fuck boys


  • Ok

  • Make the claymation one your home video on the channel!

  • koi ste vi bolesnici

  • The world needs the part 2...

  • I swear I’ve never enjoyed a video so much 💀💀

  • Great video. Subbed. 👊

  • Please never stop making shit. You guys are fucking legends

  • Animators doing thousands of Dollars for a few seconds worth of animation. Damn

  • 3:23 Donkey Kong

  • Watching with the spins rn

  • Watch yo profanity

  • The king bach one was too good 😭

  • The scoobs one is for sure the best, should’ve gotten meat canyon on this

  • Max is looking glorious with his hair long

  • When I saw the trailer for the clay animation I thought it would be shitty but damn, my man delivered hard on that

  • Can someone please explain the joke with Markiplier and cream. I'm honestly still so confused

  • 17:00 this is the best one yet 😂😂😂