Angelina Jolie: In The Bag | Episode 44 | British Vogue

Birt 1 feb 2021
If Angelina Jolie had opened up her “big mom bag” for episode 44 of British Vogue’s ‘In The Bag’ series, we would have seen “snacks, phones, books, T-shirts... everything you can imagine”. Instead, the mother-of-six and vintage fashion-lover talked us through the rather more curated contents of her Old Céline handbag, including a pair of Alexander McQueen aviator sunglasses and her favourite face oil. There’s still evidence of everything she juggles as a mother-of-six, though, including allergy remedies for the kids and “chocolate, for mom”. Watch the video to see Angelina’s other everyday essentials.
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Angelina Jolie: In The Bag


  • Who else's bag would you like to see next?

  • She doesn't need anything to be beautiful. Her existence is naturally beautiful

  • its feb 1st and masks are still mandated. but I'm with you angelina.

  • what kind of chocolate? queen tell meee

  • So cute 🥰

  • I love that woman😍😍😍

  • Dear God, please let me be born with that face in my next life

  • You are so Beautiful!!! I Like You So Much!!

  • What I like about this video is that her personality is way more entertaining than bag itself

  • Smart gracious beautiful lady What would it be if johnny depp was with angelina jolie?

  • Oh man... This Angelina Jolie... She's sooo gorgeous in so many ways. And she's humble! I could watch her just talking about making pancakes and I would find it entertaining. She's really what her name means: beautiful angel 😇

  • ..i totally fucos of her face😘❤️

  • She is so lovely ughhhh 😭😭😭

  • Linda

  • Love her!

  • Angelina should be the new bond, did you see her in Salt? Sofisticated, classy, pure gold

  • Angelina would break the fourth wall

  • Thank u bay

  • I love Angelina more in real life, everyday woman, all MOM filled with love for her children, gosh she has it.

  • So pretty😍😍😍

  • Class apart...she is such an famous but so much grounded....

  • Classy ❤️

  • This women is so likeable!! 💘 Thanks British much bette than American vogue

  • The simplest of a celebrity I hv ever seen!! ☺️

  • Hollywood royalty

  • Angelina Jolie você realmente foi linda agora parece um grilo saltitante eu Luiz ricardo de Moraes que falei

  • Most genuine bag ever seen

  • The Tourist 💜

  • You can tell she is very shy. So cute.


  • oh yeah and her smile is the most magical thing ever

  • love her a ton. She looks so happy and healthy these days and it makes me so so happy

  • Looking forward to her Jim Thorpe biopic!

  • She's so beautiful.

  • ai lov yuu

  • Omg shes so gorgeous. Its crazy to think shes just like us. Except she has talent. Shes my idol. If I was the camera man the whole video would be shaking

  • So interesting refreshing and beautiful.

  • love it short and Sweet😍

  • She was so awkward and lovely showing her stuff 😂

  • She is the most beautiful women in the world i only go for 10/10 women she's the only one I see in the world to be 11/10

  • I love it! simple and elegant, how it should be. x

  • An Angel !

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  • She has uniquely striking features and a grounded personality. Really sets her apart from the rest! 😍😍😍

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  • Meryl Streep Plsss

  • Angelina Jolie is a global celebrity.

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  • jolie looks like Lisa Blackpink

  • Queen

  • Wow, what a natural beauty 🥵🥵😍😍😍😍😍

  • Angelina has gotten extremely skinny! How did she do it?

  • I love you 😍😍

  • It's amazing how she hasn't aged A DAY

  • I miss her so much... i love you Angelina 😘😉

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  • Kind boring, I don’t care! I just looked your movements 🥰

  • Beautiful person ❤

  • I just wanted to see if my Neighbor's laptop could fit inside my bag and they are now calling me Thief

  • i love her so much. I could watch this video 77327692 times

  • Finally! Someone who keeps their sunglasses IN THE CASE

  • I also have tabletts for headaches in my bag. I could not survive without them.

  • This beautiful lady don’t need makeup in her bag, because she is a natural beautiful looking woman, I am super fan of Angelina Jolie I love her, I’m super ready to see a new acción movie from her 😘❤️🙏

  • All bollywood and lollywood copy you but they cant be you. 🥰

  • Simples, modesta, educada e claro, linda. Mas a educação e a simplicidade me chamaram a atenção.

  • Finally a "what's in the bag" that wasn't sponsored!! Woot Woot!

  • she’s not an actress, she’s a feeling

  • i almost cried when she started speaking

  • So cute and sweet!

  • When she said "I'm sorry if that wasn't very interesting" I just thought of those who came here to see what she has in her bag. Sweatheart believe me I clicked the video just to hear you talk and to see once again how beautiful you are. Honestly the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She is lovable, I admire and love her♥️

  • she is so prettyy

  • i love her...

  • Hyacinth Bucket approves this bag 😁

  • and just like that implanted in my mind that Angelina Jolie is my Mom. LOL

  • so charming

  • She looks like she’s ready to destroy a terminator in those glasses

  • “THIS FEELS SO FUNNY!” I love her 🥰

  • Now that's what I call as "Classic"!

  • All this time I thought she was British, my life is a lie

  • I can't stop rewatching this. Please make another video of her

  • I've never seen her doing any interviews with anyone I'm just so blessed to see her.

  • She's never a bit day older.

  • Does the chocolate ever melt in the bag?

    • No, she just put it right before the video was made, and it was put there specifically for the video purposes.

  • Essa mulher é igual vinho, fica mais bonita com o tempo...

  • Shes a goddess

  • Morning pleasure, to see "Angie's in my bag" sorry if i always do it. I just love to see her smile.

  • *10 minutes before video* :grabs random purse from purse closet: ::fills purse with relatable items::

  • First time in history, a woman does not have make up on her bag 🤍 well she doesn’t need it

  • Her voice is so good for ASMR

  • Angelina ages beautifully omg 😍😍

  • This woman is perfection on the grass. Purse or no purse Angelina is the total package.