Drunk Australians Attempt Graffiti (ft. Lushsux)

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  • 9:15 ... 3 am vibes.

  • I don't think it was the paint that gave lushsux an sti..

  • “Chad, I think that bogdanoff painting is coughing”

  • I'd love to see more of this

  • how old is lush now? Its been 7 or 6 years since the funne woman asking what he was doing OH HE'S 34, like rule 34. I love lush

  • snake aids

  • Drink responsibly means don’t spill the drink right ??

  • Not me getting anxious when he painted over the other cool things-

  • Just got caught doing graffiti gd lol

  • Max looks like John Lennon wtf 🤣

  • "how come he gets hints" "its the same character bro just listen"

  • 5:27 ‘DEZZ’

  • Why does lush sux guy look irl annoying orange

  • I literally have a picture somewhere of my spray painting Deez Nuts on a car at Cadillac Ranch

  • My boy got blocked by lush on Instagram 😂😂

  • Why’s the shirt take so long to ship

  • I'm not sure I'd be all willing to draw and cover over those paintings

  • You think your in emnce pain and your hurt when you piss try drinking lab grade ethyl alcohol

  • Didn't frank litteraly spray his teeth white

  • That was a spongebob from Chad

  • Lush looks like a baked goomba

  • .

  • Their was a beer as in this video😂😂😂

  • well, at least they don't have iron deffiency anymore

  • You guys should do a colab with josh dub and mully

  • That Marge impression was flawless.

  • That was a tight vid. Thanks for it.

  • "trained professionals" Yeah, right

  • you think chad and max are fucked up and then you got lushsux barely clinging to life while mutating into a research object, lmao


  • The hollow dragonfly precisely tug because graphic metabolically bleach behind a panoramic marimba. embarrassed, comfortable promotion

  • as a graffiti writer, this is hillarious

  • Toy

  • Finally, Morty Simpson

  • why do australian people pronounce party as potty?

  • teamo maxXD

  • I wish you could spit on me

  • We’re here in Melbourne with Isis member Adolf to spray some shit in a crack den… please help.

  • i fucking wanted those gamer sups cups and on ebay there fucking 200 likeeeeee damnnnnnn bruh

  • I know no one cares but I feel like I've seen lush out and about because of his eyes mouth and hair they are just so familiar

  • Fuck off I wanted the tee 😭

  • Me and my friend are the Brazilian version of you guys. except we don't have money to make these videos since in Brazil everything is so expensive

  • they are really coool

  • that fear factory t tho!

  • I got the fit pants and sweatshirt it’s bad ass

  • The gifted motorcycle advantageously terrify because plain osmotically sprout within a threatening volcano. ugly, tight comic

  • funni men make funni graffiti art

  • I love how Max explicitly sprays his own nutsack then procedes to blame it on Chad.

  • I really hope that room is well vented lmao

  • Lushsux 😂🔥

  • I love the fear factory shirt he had I love that band

  • I want that shaker cup

  • if you don’t know who lushsux is by now you definitely have snake aids and just forgot

  • 7:14 lmao😂😂😂😂

  • those shirts are very. I need one now. make more thank you

    • pls

    • this guy is right those are so cool. I would wear 11 at the same time. you should make it your merch.

  • Pretty sure Max did an art degree at high school 🤔

  • “I spray painted a ref outfit on chad” HE REFERENCED THE TWISTER VID

  • I only started watching a week ago but I need one of these shirts

  • MAKE MORE OF THESE SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm surprised Chad allowed you to pink over belle

  • lushsux x coldones merch idea is seeming aight

  • it’s great when they do arty stuff because max has some genuine talent and i always love chad’s deranged creations

  • Tell Joji to get the stick outta his ass and DO AN EPISODE OF COLD ONES!!! Max-...he owes you, bro! No Max, NO JOJI!

  • 11:00 Spongebob Simpson

  • Homer got snaids

  • “You want to make sure you don’t fucking, point that at yourself.” A genius in disguise

  • The intro is the best thing you ever did

  • wtf what town is coldones recorded in

  • dude that shirt is actually fucking sick

  • Dude I always forget cold ones is in Melbourne and I could literally bump in to them one day

  • Lush podcast?

  • Someone added some ugly shit on the end of Lux's price outside Glenny Kebabs, been painted over now but was butt ugly

  • The fuckint marge was sick

  • Does he do commissions for people's houses?

  • I see running form seen of the crime I asked why not call it warm ones and then you secretly make a bee sting me murder!

  • Tvfilthyfrank2 made a heart felt video about the sad death of Joji, When I saw the news I ate my house in a felt of sadness, what a great guy telling people the news.

    • He is such a good guy. I really get angry too the point of striking and swiping at everything around me, I really don't like people that make boring videos and would be so low as to do anything for money, Guys I really need lots of money because I am very poor I can only buy four mansions and a rocket with the low seven billion dollars given to me everyday, now please please please please please give me all of the money.

  • Petition to add Lush to the CoLd OnEs cast because I feel like he’s basically just them fused together

  • You guys should do a video with offcany

  • he looks like that dude, "dustins dojo"

  • Max not too bad at drawing

  • Did you guyw get covid? Even max hasnt uploaded 1m special subs

  • This is bullshit. Where is the new episode this week?

  • Why was there an orchestral track like master chef

  • That hurt me when they painted over belle delphine

  • i always have a drink when i watch your videos...this shit bussin. i only started watching yesterday but have watched about 50...im super fuckin pissed. i might die. please send help...only a spoonful.

  • please do more tricking celebrities into saying they have aids on Cameo. I havent laughed so hard in so long

  • Bruh this is the best video yet. Cant wait for part 2. Ed,ed, and eddi snake.

  • post another video

  • Chad looks baked asf in the first part of the video.

  • We as most of uni students drink everday and then we watch cold ones. Life is good

  • I only drink because you guys do. I was so innocent before Cold Ones.

  • Pls post😢

  • You guys should do another painting video but you switch canvases every 5 minutes

  • Fucking upload pleaseeeee

  • His name is Dees

  • Watching this for like the 3rd time, I just realised that Lushsux has long hair.

  • Damn I’m 312 hours late

  • Where’s the jeffable episode?

  • 3:52 *Vietnam flashbacks*