Teaching Gamers About God

Birt 11 feb 2021
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This week, we take a look at a content creator named Dr. Witnesser; who "brings the gospel to gamers". He was banned from Twitch recently for a pretty gnarly reason, so come along as we take a closer look at what exactly happened.
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comment "god is my fav content creator" if ur reading this!



  • gosh, i cannot wait to go to gamer church!

  • Is it bad that this isn't surprising much to me?

  • I'm an atheist 🙃(not a joke)

  • This makes me glad im an athesist

  • I had a Friend who was religious (I'm also Religious) and I came out to them as trans and Bi but never once did they respect my pronouns and my other friend would always have to correct them also they were Bi so I was like ok and then one day she called me and was like "I don't support the LGBTQ+" and I was like I can't be friends with you because I know they would never respect my pronouns and then she tried to tell me and my other friend were going to hell and just kept saying this offensive shit

  • It's funny bc the people who wrote the bible didn't even believe in hell

  • just remember that kurtis filmed himself on the toilet to make a point. this man is a legend

  • And you are right, the true way to bring the gospel to someone is in love. Yeah you most likely will offend many people but never come up as a holier than thou self righteous judgmental hypocrite. Humility is the way to bring the gospel to people

  • “Oh My God” is NOT using the lords name in vain. The lord’s name is Yahweh, God is a title.

  • "I sent gays to fix overpopulation, boy did that go well." Bo Burnham, From the perspective of god:what.

  • Remember guys Jesus was the OG gamer

  • "God, the original content creator" is a sentence I never thought I would hear.

  • We stan an active ally xx

  • Lol I'm a Christian and I said, "Oh my god." on social media and my grandma ranted to my mom about it. There's so much worse stuff that I could be doing but she freaked out cause I said, "Oh my god." No wonder people think we suck

  • i absolutely love how you started this video. the way you went about how you’re going to go through this video, introducing your story and how it effected you when you encountered it.. just the right way to do this video. very really good thing i subscribed to you!!

  • Btw the bible also forbids moustaches, so he's also going to hell :) (That was a joke btw, I'm not christian)

  • People calling "OMG" taking gods name in vain is so wrong. Taking gods name in vein is using his name for your personal use, an example of what taking gods name in vein is saying that if you give this person money, or buying something for someone, then you get gods blessings.

  • god is my favorite content creator

    • Ik I hope he doesn’t get into any controversies

  • Who’s gonna tell this guy that social change happens and the Bible is like 2,000 years old?? And that gay people can consent but animals can’t???????

  • Actually there is nothing in the bible against gay people

  • This guy makes my blood boil but your skits and commentary SENT ME

  • i would, without a doubt, attend gaming service

  • Only trans men are allowed cringey facial hair I said what I said

  • thank u for this kurtis, fo sho


  • Kurtis: is respectful, all the time My heart: :)))))))))☺️☺️😊😇🥰💝💝💝💝☺️☺️☺️😊😊

  • *Cough cough* he should play doom *cough cough*

  • Simping too hard for Jesus

  • As a Christian I thought this video was actually really cool. This guy is a gross representation of Christians. I think it's awesome of you to make a point in saying that all Christians shouldn't be lumped together with these type of fear-mongering, old school fire and brimstone, homophobic "Christians". They're are a lot of problematic and downright dangerous people in the Christian church but not everyone goes around pushing their religion down people's throats and telling children and gay people that they're going to hell. These are just people that use the religion as an excuse to spread hate and they usually have holier-than-thou attitudes 🤢 full of hypocrisy.

  • idk y, but there's just something satisfying about his amazing animations.

  • Hearing this religious dude speak kind of triggers my fight or flight response XD

  • OMFG YES!! BEST EPISODE EVER. I love this. I don't subscribe often but when I do.... It's to Kurtis Conner!

  • *S T O P T A K I N G T H E N A M E I N V A I N D U D E*

  • Yes bestie speak on it

  • I literally thought this was going to be a video of you playing a religious video game (if they even exist). That guy reminds me of that woman that was on Tosh.O several years ago when she tried to convince everyone that Tosh.O meant Taking Others Straight To Hell T - Taking O - Others S - Straight H - Hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • its kinda funny cause in the old testament (the og bible) KING DAVID, who was beloved by god, one of gods favorites, wrote a song for jonathan, his.... “best friend” who died, saying that his love for him was greater than his love for ten women. sounds kinda gay to me 😳 and david still went on to be arguably the best king of his time with gods support.

  • Jesus: "Love everyone, no matter what." Christians: "so how would you like to burn in hell, everyone?! I'm spreading hate for Jesus!"

  • i definitely agree and disagree with everything this guy said

  • In Christianity if you convert someone to your religion you are saving their immortal soul from hell, and for a lot of people that makes evangelizing more important than being a good person. Sadly, you are more likely to meet this kind of Christian and to hear their rhetoric, because they're the ones yelling on street corners (and on Fortnite, I guess).

  • So mad, I am

  • Of course twitch is run by the LGBT community. It’s mainly used by GAYmers 😉

  • I went to his reddit and he complained about being banned on r/christianity, EVERYONE even other Christians were like "good riddance" even his religious homies hate himLOL

  • A bunch of racist kids told me that I was gonna burn in hell if I didn’t do certain things, THANK GOD YOU HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE

  • religion is pretty important for some people. some people really can't handle just not existing. the problem with religion lies with people trying to get power. so they created a "hell" in the religion.

  • the funniest thing is that homosexuality isnt even in the bible but everyone acts like it is

    • Uhhh, pretty sure it is in the city of Sodom, not that I'm trying to justify homophobia or anything tho

    • Ok then show me the part in the bible where it isnt in B) (joke)

  • We gotta talk about that missed opportunity to switch the mountain dew with g-fuel at the gamer's church

  • Something tells me Kurtis recently learned the word "skank"

  • omg it'd be cool if you got to like zoom with umm fuck what's his name he's a priest and he's got a twin brother in the military and he's done those meme reaction videos on youtube

  • Fun fact: The bible never says anything about hell. The place that it’s referencing is a real place where they used to burn dead bodies. The “real” hell is a fake place created by the medieval church to scare the people so they could have control over their actions.

  • As a Christian, I can tell you that children go to heaven, regardless of religion or his actions.

  • I just love kurtis

  • Congrats on 3M!!!

  • Also the Doctor guy was an absolute idiot

  • I am a Christian and I totally agree with what you said about your story when you were 8. That youth pastor was wrong to spring that much pressure on an 8-year old, and you don’t NEed to go to church to be saved as long as you pray and have a good relationship with God.

  • I'm technically Christion but I've nerved followed it to a tea

  • Kurtis! You can talk with the guys from Upon Friar Review! I am not a religious person but I laugh a lot with their content. It is very good.

  • I wonder if the gamer church would have a segment teaching you how to butterfly click and jitter click ad how to invest I video game stocks,].

  • i was deadass raised in a cult from the day i was born until about 15 years old and it was this same type of fear mongering shit. it has permanently fucked up my idea of religion and God to the point that stepping foot in a church is so intimidating. this tactic doesn’t work, it just scares people

  • Born Agains are insane

  • As a Christian I would like to say, this video was very funny, but also that guy is a terrible example of how Christians should behave, and extremely sorry for anyone who has experienced any terrible trauma from people like him.

  • (not so) fun fact: the verse used to say man shall not lay with child... American Christians changed it to man with man in the 40s or so. So not even thousands of yesr ago did they say anything against homosexuality

  • Religion being a pyramid scheme actually makes so much sense

  • I found a part of the bible that says gay men should be executed, so I guess you could say I'm not religious.

  • Yes please

  • for me personally i didn’t believe in God on my own i was feared into believing in God because i was told if i didn’t i was going to go to hell and i was like 7 when that happened. after i got into religion because of parents i found my mental health going down further and by the time i was 12 i discovered that i’m actually an atheist. anytime someone talks about religion with me i get all worked up and anxious and i don’t know why but religion really put me into a dark place :(

  • That guy probably thinks Jesus is white.

  • So he’s homophobic too

    • @Mason Edwards actually no- it’s just a lot more common

    • Christian and homophobic are hand in hand

    • Are you surprised??

  • Thanks for the disclaimer very cool 👍 good video

  • Hey, Kurtis! I'm a Christian and a fan of yours. I watched because I wanted to know your opinions on religion. I follow a lot of good Christian people on social media and youtube and Mike Winger would be the perfect person to talk to about all of this stuff!

  • Talk to Mike winger!

  • Omg what if he got one of his Christian viewers to talk on his podcast about religion? That would be so cool.

    • His episode with God is Grey was great and really shifted my perception on religion, you should check it out if you haven’t!

  • If you’re still looking for someone to chat about this kind of theological stuff with, Mike Winger is a really great ISprofile pastor that helps break down certain topics.

  • what’s up how’s it going

  • As a Christian, I also hate Christians like this

  • Honestly, this is the type of dude who'd tell me god wanted me dead bc I wanted to kill myself. True story, Christian gal said god wanted me dead when I opened up about wanting to game end-

  • Why are all the really Christian people who fear monger usually bad people

  • Thank you for this!!! It absolutely kills me inside when people try to force their beliefs and religion on other people. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, along with my immediate family, but almost none of my moms family is religious at all. I've seen personally how awful people who use their beliefs as leverage and authority over others hurts people and their relationship with God. It is so important to recognize that sometimes people just suck, believers in Christ included, and it has nothing to do with religion itself. So thank you for making sure to specify that there are still good Christians.💜 but yea, this guy sucks

  • can't this guy be reported at all on the platform fortnite is on whenever he tries to evangelize and they don't consent? like, soliciting, hate speech?

  • donating bits to get into heaven is this century's version of indulgences

  • bestiality n homosexuality??? animals cant consent, humans can, thats the difference. n if u dont undertsand consent then......

  • He needs to zoom his Pastor, not clog matchmaking servers.

  • well I'm a Christian, and i defenitivly do not agree with his ways to teach the gospel.

  • Okay so I go to a private catholic school in Austria, and my religion teacher is honestly amazing. Despite growing up in post second-world-war Austria, where antisemitism was a great problem, he has made a big effort to educate us about other religions and beliefs. In Austria, we are kinda required to learn about the five big world religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity), but he really made sure that we were educated about them, and continued to talk about Chinese and Japanese religions, as well as spirituality and religious cults. And we've had SO MANY discussions about feminism, the lack of female representation and equality both in general and in the catholic church; racist, homophobic, antisemitic etc views that some christians preach, as well as the issues of the catholic church that still persist today (ie.the recent homophobic controversies). Honestly, the man is a wonderful person, and his continuous effort to interest us in religions, and find our own balance between religion and life has made my personal experience with religion (as a queer person) a lot better. I really wished every christian was like him, the world would truly be a better place.

  • doesn’t ”dont take the lord’s name in vain” mean ”don’t use god to justify immoral deeds” ??? not that you cant say ’oh my god’ *EDIT*: looked it up and im correct. according to the bible it is sinful to ”use His name to commit evil, or to pretend to serve in His name while failing to do so.” this dude’s got his facts all wrong lmaoooooo

  • The only religion i believe in is Kurtistian


  • Yeah, I believe in God. Gamers Overexerting Dumps

  • my mom tries to force christianity down my throat. like bestie... im an agnostic. i dont know what happens after death and i dont really care either 😁☝🏽 when im gone im gone

  • omg a straight, cis, christian white male! he must be so oppressed🥺😢

  • Don’t be that vegan teacher of a religion. Just putting that in terms you’ll understand.

  • Also, the bible says that the only person who can judge is God, so he is NO ONE to condemn the muslim child and all the others he has spoken to also Jesus said (paraphrasing) "the one who is free of sin throw the first rock" (and all "christians" who condemn others for their sins apply to this too)

  • I'm interested to see if he replies to Kurtis lmaoooo

  • "just because someone's religious doesn't make them a good person" Ahem Osama bin laden ahem

  • "I thought Christianity was all like cmon man uh huh yeah man we all love each other" Kurtis those r hippies

    • @Ben Smith what

    • Yeah Christians want eternal hell for all

  • I'm Christian, but when I see other Christians shove Christianity into others mouth..it makes me so mad. (Sorry if my English is bad)

  • This mg needs to stream doom eternal

  • So... I’m an atheist and your gamer church honestly sounds awesome lol

  • One of your best.

  • The funniest part is that he keeps saying gay people are bad because it's in the bible even though it was a translation error

  • So also Kurtis, I’m not really a Christian ISprofiler, but I am Christian and I would love to come onto your podcast to explain why the “have your God resurrect you” joke was hilarious