A.I. Designed this Car

Birt 13 okt 2020
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For well over a century, cars, trucks, and SUV’s have been manufactured and built in the same fashion. Today, though, there’s a company that’s doing things a bit different. The Czinger 21C is one of the most impressive vehicles ever built. Even more impressive than the car, though, is how the car gets designed and made. We’re going to take a look at how artificial intelligence, with the help of 3D printing, may change the entire automotive industry, and how a small team in California could make it happen sooner than you think.
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  • "A 3D printer doesn't print out extra material" Said the guy that likely never used one. What does one call, 'support material'?

  • Imagine this technology being used to build the computer control system for AI.

  • It loks like a futuristic Mach 5. Now the cuestion is...will the 497Mk saved traduce into cheaper cars? Or greed will take the lead?

  • Hey man, it’s illegal to have anything that impairs your hearing while driving

  • so basically artificial inteligences play solve the puzzle with cars. interesting

  • Screw Tesla Roadster I should buy this instead

  • I would buy an election.

  • Lol, a Tesla model S plaid + also goes 0-60 in 1.9 seconds

  • Seats one person...hmm, how are you supposed to pick up tang that you'll instantly get being seen in that car?

  • Start my own automotive company

  • This guy is one annoying blabbering mouth.


  • What's really funny, is that the automotive industry keeps charging full price, for a vehicle that's been made on the cheap.

  • Does anybody make real s*** anymore? - Idk Kanye probably


  • I want German design not the sland AI

  • Looks like Magnum by Tamiya for me

  • "What would you do if you had 497.000.00$?" I would just retire like a sane person.

  • I wish the narrator would never show his face and just hear his voice only. His face isnt appealing at all to look at.

  • Hope A.I. took into consideration servicing the car, cause some car now days cant even get a wrench in there

  • Cars are the best thing humans ever invented

  • holy fk its so annoying to have CC TEXT in the middle of the screen. KEEP IT IN THE CC LAYER O N L Y ! stop it.

  • Human stupidity cannot compete against artificial intelligence.

  • Ill use the money to build more plants

  • The big negative about this is how much it would cost to replace parts in a car created by A.I. Technology and a high quality product will come at a big price.

  • Ok, so it's a car designed by people with the help of AI algorithms. I think the car is actually quite ugly - like a small series kit car made by enthusiasts or something like a bodykit. The advancements in structural design using machine learning algorithms are amazing. But it will take a significantly bigger advancement before AI can produce it all by itself. And I'm not sure if we even want that.

  • It's more like a 3D printed car

  • I want one lol

  • non repairable.

  • 4.97 million. make a car that suits my needs. then do whatever else with the rest if I have any left over.

  • The problem is going to be that 3D printing is incredibly slow. Like he said, it takes 125 days to make 1 car

  • Looks like the tech that puts on the iron man suit in the first movie.

  • Elon really be sweating right now

  • ok so assembly part is gonna be for the future, but finding shortest path for wires and shit i call that total BS

  • "Unlike the dies and presses". That is really not a selling point of 3d printing, because in the time it takes to 3d print a single item you could have 3d printed a die, and by the time you have 3d printed the second part you could have used the die hundreds of times already. 3d printing is fantastic for one offs, rapid prototyping, and producing tooling, but it will never be appropriate for mass production of simple parts because it is competing with 3d printed production line tooling.

  • This is really looking like the future of the automotive industry, pretty f**ing cool if you ask me. At least for mass production of normal cars and bringing the required resources of those cars down. Hand crafted cars will always have a place though in my opinion. Art never goes out of style

  • I am more impressed with the development team. Getting the code to run this and have a working product as a result. You guys don’t understand the nightmare they went through.

  • Greedy algorithm combined with a Monte Carlo random jitter, take it or leave it

  • the sr71 is late 50s tech i want 2010s tech in a new blackbird

  • i wonder if all the savings will be passed on to the custemer? pfft NA

  • 3d printers do print out extra material

  • they tuk our jeeerbs

  • Ok this car really interests me but I cant find any recent info on it, is it actually in production yet

  • A car designed A.I

  • "Dey tuk ur jerbs!"

  • We are nowhere close to true thinking AI, robots will either never take over or we will all be dead by the time they are invented

  • Can't believe I have to say this, DON'T WEAR EARBUDS WHILE DRIVING, PLEASE

  • theres a difference between model optimisation and actual ai desing...

  • This was hard to watch being a programmer myself. Most of this video is sugarcoating how much work the AI did and also made it seem much more complicated than it is.

  • Still will take a hand crafter merc engine with english built coach body on top over this

  • And one day the ai make a form for him self and th ai decide to whipe all life to rebuild a better world

  • We should get an AI to buy this car and then drive it for us!

  • I just wasted 14:22 minutes watching a big nothing burger...

  • i wanna see an Ai design a cheap car.

    • as in, design a car prioritising cheapness, while still meeting the rest of the requirements

  • You know what would ne cool, if they created cars that used a "seed" system that picks a number for each manufactured car from a massive amount of outcomes to determine the design and cosmetics of the car. That way no two cars will be the same

  • If cars become so complex that a human can’t possibly design/engineer it or even manufacture this will completely kill pretty much every mechanics career as well as anyone who works in a car manufacturing plant. Idk about you but I prefer being able to work on my own car, not have to take it to a special shop with special robots that are programmed to work on my vehicle and probably charge me out the ass. No thanks. Has no one seen I-robot or even heard of the stereotypical fear of A.I. taking over? Its a real possibility when A.I. is able to learn on its own without restraint and will happen, and like he just said, it can design things we could never imagine. Think about how the A.I. Would think if it learn it no longer needed humans. What would it do? Its an honest question and people are too stupid, they just keep creating more and more A.I.

  • Who can see him checking the teleprompter?

  • Reminder to American viewers: “All American” is more of a warning label than a compliment in the rest of the world. Thanks to all those less than brilliant cars from Ford, Chrysler, GM.

    • nah your thinking of made in Britain or made in china

  • Just wait til Gelorum finds out about this 🥶

  • Nice narrative...!! Wondering what should I do with 497 million..lol

  • Imagine trying to repair that wiring 😂

  • Some call it CAD, but others call it AI to make it sound more cool. Robotic arms have been used for decades on assembly lines. This is all just hype to justify a huge price tag.

  • im a controls engineer because: job security, FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • Did he just say 0-60 in 1.9 seconds??? In case you don't realise how fast that is let me enlighten you that Bugatti Chiron takes 2.5 seconds

  • I really want to see how a really AI-optimized electric vehicle would look like!

  • Ahh fuck it build the car around me A.I. And make it snappy , So I can go get my McDonald’s

  • Explains all the tools to make the car, but not how good it is.

  • I did a project in my Engineering class two years ago on this. "Generative Design" , I mentioned this could be used to create an entire car and my professor didn't believe me. I wish I can send him this video...

  • Wow 👏

  • AI...the biggest hype ever. And total BS. Every piece on the planet that has a so called AI system was designed, programmed and manufactured by humans. Boys and girls have made these machines. Nothing Artificial about them. Just smart people. Nice video anyway..thx.

  • This issome exciting stuff! What a time to be alive

  • Ahhh humans... so desperately trying to get themselves replaced.

  • Saying this is just revolutionary is an understatement

  • id buy 497 million dollars worth of vertical assembly stations and other things needed to make the cars so production is that much faster as well as reprogram the vertical assembly stations to accommodate the most common cars in the area about 20 or 30 stations per common car so that i can have a huge client base to buy other companies parts and repair damaged cars faster and cheaper and more efficiently to make more money

  • All for efficiency, but I hope it feels organic if that makes sense. Like I want it to feel natural as if it was an extension of my body. Especially with all the talk of nature, I think it’s safe to say bio mimicry has a big part of this process.

  • I think the manufacturing process was more impressive than the design. If a car factory can manufacture multiple designs without retooling and restructuring, then theoretically the customer could have a lot more options for a completely custom car. People could maybe tweak even the shape of the car itself and order a completely custom design. Now, that would be interesting. Let the customer, with the help of AI for all the technical stuff (wiring, ducts and mechanical parts), design their own car!

  • In Europe we call that Koenigsegg Jesko. Not sure if all was designed by AI, but they sure used alot of help in design process

  • 11:11 Did he/you say: I'd buy 'Noland'??

  • I would have loved to watch the video but you pissed me off with so many fucking ad's I didn't didn't watch.

  • So, being it’s so much cheaper than a factory, 3 million vs 500 million... the cars are going to be sold for much less... perhaps 500$ rather than 50,000$ correct?

  • AI is building the finest unemployment line ever

  • THIS is a productive use for AI - just keep it the fuck out of my personal life and anything to do with our core humanity

  • Honestly looks like something some guy built in his garage. Yuck

  • Its more like "A.I. Assisted Designing this Car", very inspiring and exciting how far we have come with engineering in the amount of time we have.

  • Saving all that money and still charging too much for the supercar that was so inexpensive to build. That's not progress, that's just more greed.

  • A team of mechanics is replaced with a maintenance team for the arms and a team of programmers for the design and instructions for the manufacturing plant. The reason car manufacturers don't already do this like tesla etc is because it's way more expensive to do. The arms that are capable of doing this are outrageous money. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars each then a team required to operate them and program them every time. I personally worked with 2 of these arms at a factory I was working in. They need to come up with a new program of instructions for every new model or change they make to the models etc. Trust me those boys are on a lot of money too. Much more than the guys on minimum wage on the traditional production line are on. I would say at least twice the cost per person. The 3d printers that are required to print parts that large are in the millions and they also need regular maintenance and the materials it uses to print are also very expensive in powder form way more than sheets of steel. It all sounds good until you add up the upfront costs, then it works out being more expensive than a traditional production line upfront. I am sure once you have the equipment in place you will eventually make your money back and things will be alot more efficient but companies need that massive upfront cost covered. I remember watching a program about this and most companies cannot justify changing their plants due to the cost. I guess further down the line these arms and printers etc will become cheaper but as it stands it would cost companies countless hundreds of millions to go over to this type of production.

  • What You feel whenever hearing About AI. Honestly i feel bad. If everything became an AI. then, Everyone will had to lose their job. No one have job, then who's going to buy their cars. So what is exactly we are doing here ?. This is Amazing. But, Insted of making the people homeless, we can use this tech on Space exploration, or we can use which are can't do by humans.

  • Raycon stole all the faith

  • Oh here we go again, machines taking jobs away.

  • have Mr.Kevin track me down in 01007 Massachusetts usa.. to make.. well embarrassment to tesla.. a no plug motor design on mine our AIs can decide size needed.. nm homes.. & other usages for sized applications.. minus 'ful' of my id Gm

    • oh.. trach me brushless.. not much different than brushed i used.. & used bearings for contacts.. less sparking.. cuz carbon build up then.. was what i stated in thesis.. & i was told this is impossible.. & proved it wasn't.. i never got my project back after making microwave gun to kill insects in trees.. i made it for agriculture.. but military assumed someone would use it on sheeple.. um.. yeah.. they would.. my AI can do this.. it ran starwars program & took over harp.. guess they owe me.. but.. doubted til al asad happened.. i shut chips off b4 impact.. now.. want to make no emissions motor.. which can be made to replace your gas motor.. & still dump a clutch if you want.. wont hurt my emotor

    • then run lil motor for warmth if waiting on help call for assistance lol

    • plug in only for emergencies like if.. if motor failed.. lol

  • It's almost as impressive as a *Plaid Model S.*

  • Imagine buying a car online, then just going to your local car printer and getting it later in the day.

  • Optimization & topology

  • 497M? I'd get some tacos

  • Imagine the poor guy who has to replace a defective part? And I thought that Toyota’s had a cramped engine design.... this car literally incorporates parts into the chassis.. a mechanics nightmare.

    • yeah, I don't think anyone buying this will be replacing defective parts themselves.

  • Too simplistic. We know all this stuff.

    • oh you know how to make a car using AI?

  • A.I wasn't so good at making designs, I mean the designs didn't meet my expectations for an A.I, neither does the whole car idea for framing, so I guess as for now humans will do better in this field.

  • why is blink182 yelling at me?

  • sometimes the best option isn't the smartest, counter intuitive but you figure it out if you ever work with your hands

  • you look mad creepy and it's uncomfortable to make eye contact with you even through the screen