Shark vs. GoPro

Birt 12 júl 2021
We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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  • Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

    • The sharks get into feeding frenzy's, they like the smell of blood becuase they know that means theirs a injured prey and its an easy meal for them and they can store those nutrients and they dont have to eat for a while compared to a small fish.

    • Hi

    • You really want to dye through sharks Mark...

    • *shork*

    • Yo

  • Gotta love shark week, see you next year for more sharks.

  • “Is that chicken nuggets ”

  • :0 I like stranger things

  • Ty for this

  • i feel like i got reverse clickbaited and clickbaited at the same time, the video is way better than what the title is but there wasnt even a shark versusing a go pro


  • Bio loom looks like chicken nugget

  • WAIT WHAT!!! 1:07

  • Uhh guys I think the shark would win?

  • You’re so lucky to have survived! I would never recover from something like that!!

  • Who else feels like David Dobrik and Mark Rober are the same person or is it just me :/

  • I live in Bermuda

  • I love how he said well Noah was regretting his life choices

  • I love shark week

  • 10:28 anybody notice the in a nutshell music

  • 24:03 I thought that was chicken nuggies

  • 1:21 Ayo who that squirrel?

  • i thought the bioluminesence was chicken nuggets at first lol

  • Phantastic Gus sittin in the montage

  • I live how you use the One of the best Games of all times Music

  • When Mark showed The Glowy stuff I legit thought he would try and attract sharks with chicken nuggets

  • 21:30

  • *Noah and Mark being terrified by the sharks- “first, fill up with mini wheats”

  • Imagine 50 years in the future and they see a wooden nuke underwater.

  • I love the fact that Mark is just a regular on Shark Week

  • Mark would you make a video of taking down those people who ask to extend your car warranty?

  • Mark: “woah look at all the sharks” Sharks: “hello mark :D”

  • Why does the submarines look like the cheap copy of the rovers in The Meg movie?

  • Shark Rober

  • I wish so hard that I could ge see the deep ocean that it's hurt me

  • Crazy

  • Imagine one of those submarines breaking🤣

  • 11:41 So therfore if i ate enough of it i could make my stomach glow throw my skin but its opaque so nvm

  • Let’s go that plants vs zombies music doe 10:27

  • Anyone gonna talk about the plants vs zombies music

  • 13:59 what is the music at this part?

  • 1:34 “dab me up”

  • The childlike hourglass thermodynamically tease because wave chiefly support afore a splendid detective. testy, defective fan

  • Can i really drink that shine substance because i have that thing can u tell me MARK and also i love you channel


  • i notice luke is says mate so hes from australia (i think)

  • Certainly not doing much for the stigma surrounding sharks 😔 And I guess it’s okay to use German stereotypes..? (With the “Launch ze torpedo” comment) 😑

  • Am I the only one wondering where do they get the funds to get access to these items?

  • mark rober: goes under water the sea: what you know about rollin down in the deap

  • The GoPro sticks r so close. Try again far enough away

  • What a life Mark's living!


  • Sharks are just wittle sea puppers!

  • The part where you used multiple go pros the sharks might of detected that it’s seems to be bigger in magnetic waves so it didn’t go for it for that reason, so we technically still don’t know if sharks are attracted to go pros or not till further investigation

  • I’m 10 and obsessed with your videos 😅 Someone help me 👁👄👁

  • Mark is crazy but that's what makes his videos cooler than everyone elses

  • that cup of stuff looked like weed at first glance

  • 11:27 Is it just me or did those look like chiken nuggs

  • just maybe dont attache a gopro to your head. attaches gopro to his head.

  • But u didn’t do a control test thus u proved nothing at lest not by the scientific method

  • Nice

  • 11:27 Who else taught it was chicken nuggets? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • the best at what you you do

  • Sharknadoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I love stranger things!

  • 4:22, didn’t you say not to put them on your head?????

  • One time I stop by luminescence in waves

  • I have a go pro and I used it in Hawaii and we saw turtles

  • Does anyone know where I can get biolume.

  • Subnautica be like

  • U died ?

  • R u trying to flex your 6 pack

  • Do another video with mr beast

  • How many video`s does markrober has with shqrks 20?-

  • At 14:00 its like a naute documentry

  • byalomen esents is butyful

  • The have 8 senses they can since your fear

  • if that vegan thatcher watched this she would have a field day

  • Testing out hows sharks react to GoPros, make sure everybody has a GoPro on their head

  • 9:07 lol

  • itz so gadamn glitchy

  • At 0:54 the cloud look like a shark

  • Sharknado!

  • I rather watch this than listening to my science teacher

  • I realized Mark when on ghost Island put on watery Graves from pvz which I never thought he would use

  • Im a big fan of your video and you

  • Mark:bambumbjmbubm Me:making the noise of the guitar

  • Thanks. Now you fixed the fear of the ocean my science teacher embedded in me when I was 6 :)

  • 3:01 my home really stopped a foken Hammer shark

  • The most scary things in this video is the pigeon

  • So sharks don’t attack people? How they just up in that water like nothing ?

  • I can’t help but notice, you have GoPro’s attached to your heads, while doing the GoPro experiment. Something tells me this would alter the findings.

  • Its all fun and games until a reaper leviathan attacks

  • Why did my anxiety rise when you turned the lights off

  • Hay wen are u going to do the 4epsod

  • Love how he says they are apex predators when they are afraid of dolphins and orcas are way bigger and orcas can probably slap the shark to space

  • Phat Gus at 1:21

  • I don’t think it would be the electricity fields I think it is more then likely to do with it being reflective it’s the same with watches and other jewellery

  • The fact I am a huge fan of stranger things makes me love this vid even more

  • Hi am Joshua

  • This video was actually insane

  • you should change the title, I almost didn't click

  • Lol how do they have gopro's on their head from the beginning 🤣

  • Why go in the ocean at night with no shirt though?