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Birt 25 ágú 2020
I Literally Paid for Anything My Friends Drew
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    • Can I have a iphon I have never had one i have a slow Samsung

    • I really want to be in one of your videos cuz I am a great artist

    • Notice me please 🎉😅👍

    • I'm subscribed

    • Ok 👍

  • I want one if big win

  • I am 8

  • I am subscribed can I compete in one of the challenges?!?!

  • Awwww I really wanted Viv :( like if you agree

  • Viiiiiiv🥺

  • I love Jaz’s hair and I love jaz!!!!She is so kind and loving!!!!!

  • I kinda feel like Johnny cheated by bribing with the zucchini video to promote to watch it. In. My opinion viva was best but after all they were all amazing

  • 😌🧐

  • I've been subscribed for a year or two now

  • Why did no one draw a house

  • This wasn't judged fairly....

  • Why does it always have to be apple products or expensive shoes why not weird random stuff sometimes

  • Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

  • How old is Viv? Just asking no hate!!

  • Ooooooooooo marjana.fa

  • U r so nice

  • Wow u r so good

  • Johnny: If I win your gonna get an IPad Pro! Subscriber: Ok Zach: Do you have any words of wisdom for Johnny? Subscriber: No

  • I am from India too

  • Can I do a challenge with you

  • wow so cool nice art

  • Done and I loveeeee ur videos ur actually an inspiration to me

  • IPad is a winner

  • pls add me pls pls

  • Doesn’t viv looks like a cute elf

  • ZHC: Whatever you will draw I will buy it Radom person draws: Earth 🌍 ZHC: Sweats Intensely

  • I think viv was the best

  • I like watch every video Jaz always win


  • I really like emily drawing

  • Why does Jas always draw shoes in all th challenges?!?

  • sure jazz's was super cool tho and respect

  • dont wanna be mean or anything but YOUR VOTING IS TRASH

  • wow there are many colors.blue, purple, pink,golden and brown.😆


  • I think Viv gonna win

  • viv did so good she had more detail and effort and u reject her

  • I honestly feel bad for Johnny bc they never notice him and when he loses, people don’t care but then when viv gets out,viv supporters scream inside bc she lost

  • That shoe was so undetailed i feel like johnny or viv!

  • ZHC didn't judge correctly viv should win I am not saying in a bad way

  • Where's Leo?

  • Hiiiii, love you and vids

  • Hello I LOVE you

  • you should do girls drawimgs vs boys

  • Cant I be in the next challege pls 🥺😭

  • Can i pls have a normal switch with space

  • ZHC please I want a give away a customise car and some of your markers I have suscribed you

  • I have an iphone 6s ... replace mine please 🥺

  • I thought jazz sneakers were ok but no harm to her bc I think that Zach couldn't give Johnny the win cause his subscriber was a bit non motivating

  • Debrah I dab joany

  • Hi Viv, what happend to yyour teeth? btw your nose is with make up or pegment soo cute!

  • Dude ,I feel that Viv's drawing was much better and she added much details too, She deserves to be the winner

  • ZHC i will always remember you❤️ until im dead❤️❤️❤️

  • i think jazz or joony will win

  • I m happy that an Indian won it.

  • Lol

  • Michelle

  • Zack you really don't know how to pick the best Actually jazz should loose VIV should win If any one feels like that Pls like 👍

  • I want something from you ZHC please I am a big fan and I am very inspired by you. Thanks

  • All of the drawings were so good but I didn't expect Michelle to be the first one out

  • bro he should win u gooood

  • Hi

  • I want something

  • Jess drawing was the worst and she won??? Viv's drawing was the best and she got eliminated....

  • vPooch Perfect

  • Did u make her win because it is cheap

  • I think that viv or Michelle won the challenge. I did not like jazz winning 😭😭

  • Let Michell win for ones

  • I think viv should of but it is fine your distinctions ZHC

  • I like Viv drawing the most 💛

  • I really like you help pour people and got inspired by you and I am learning how to draw

  • My name is Emily ☺️☺️☺️☺️😊

  • I love how jazz is always so happy :)

  • I sub and liked

  • Это русский комментарии для тебя зделай субтиторы

  • I love your videos so much!!!

  • Omgggggg. Zhc you are the best and your team

  • The phone she need it plz zhc🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Viv's makeup on nose is too mutch

  • Johnny and Jess. What would you choose? Johnny's got it, and his is so much better. (no offense, Jess)

  • I am also from india

  • Nice to see you are doing lots of hard work on you are video

  • You post very nice videos Me and my sister love it

  • Iy want to meet you kas I love you


  • I liked viv’s design.

  • I feel like Vivs was better 😂😂 but well done Jaz

  • Even a car or a house?

  • Plz gift Viv new branded customized iphone 12 pro max plz she always help u guys ❤😇

  • I love how Jaz is always chill and no matter what and how tired she is, she always keeps a chill mood 😊

  • I am from India

  • I am grade 7

  • Plz send me any give away

  • Whatever you draw I'll pay for: Me: (draws a 1 billion check)

  • I loved Viv’s

  • Zach I love you and your team

  • Zhc customize the best iPhone an iPads

  • I subbed today sorry for being very late to subbing but love youuu

  • My favourite is Zack jake and viv