Will It Carbonate and How Does It Taste? (Feat.

Birt 10 des 2020
Today we tested the limit of the Sodastream and the results probably won't surprise you.
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    • 10:06 and 10:29 “I don’t think I’m on yt anymore”

    • is this the crusty crab?

    • @RJ Padilla 6

    • what happens to the table, do you just replace it every time or do you hose it down

    • All I could think of was hair cake

  • 2:53

  • 8:00

  • 12:50 i gagged

  • captain grog beard and moxfroyo

  • this is the closest I've come to vomiting in a long time, man I miss these videos lmao


  • You can do that with carbonation

  • Normally I can handle people choking and puking, the sound doesn't normally bother me, but somewhere in between glue and raw eggs, it started to get to me real bad..

  • This is the first video that has ever made me have a physical response. Was it a good one? No. In fact. I puked.

    • It was at the egg part.

  • 12:40

  • They carbonate dairy products, taste them, and then say they taste like they’re off. That’s how dairy products become off

  • Bruh this maple syrup is liquid af get this shi outta here

  • “I don’t think you can improve the taste of raw egg” Ay bro y’all ever heard of fuckin COOKIN before???

  • Welcome to the CUM ZONE

  • They did the Tabascus thing

  • The glue. Everytime. The glue gets me always

  • 12:52

  • 2:50 You are welcome

  • Bro I was baked when you walked across the room, don’t do me like that haha

    • @Cash Money it was good shit homie haha

    • Lightweight 😂😂😂

  • You don't make enough money to wait until your fucking cold sore is gone dude

  • 8:57 yaas queen

  • Y’all should have carbonated mustard

  • 2:53

  • Girls at the end of h3nta1 be like 10:31

  • 8:34 HONEY

  • the eggs bit make me vomit in my bed holy fucking shit

  • they litterally just did fancy whipits on youtube...... wtf

  • 11:06 not the first time he’s ever said that

  • should've had some carbonated milk to drink with that carbonated tobasco

  • FINALLY ......... A DUNKEN GMM!!

  • the rhett and link of australia

  • God damn Max's herpes.

  • that egg slurp really got to me :x

  • Surprised they didn't try to carbonate piss

  • Bruhh I'm not the only one who takes swigs out of the olive jar

  • Best sponsor I’ve ever seen

  • Where was HowToBasic?

  • Mate a fellow olive water drinker

  • 10:48 Hey mom I learned a new word today INCONCLUSIVE.

  • 11:25 ya boi be soundin like a police siren

  • The 2016 gang is back together!

  • The face max makes at 2:53 is priceless

  • 7:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2:52 Tom and Jerry scream

  • i nearly died watching this

  • The supreme risk conclusively level because handicap extremely hook but a thin germany. oval, broken expert

  • "kinda smells like meth now" wait tf how do you kno bruh>? haha

  • Ive never recoiled or felt the way I did with the glue drinking super distinguish and funny I just couldn't worse then hair cake for me

  • This channel is just Rhett and Link from hell

  • More... more of this

  • i almost threw up on the fanta glue bit holy shit

  • 12:52 had me gagging😭😂

  • Are you guys from sweden

  • As soon as i heard eggs with these guys i knew.

  • I literally gagged in real life when I saw him drink that egg 😭

    • The way the strand of egg hangs from his mouth, before he slurps it up like my ex slurped... well, you get the idea

  • I like the slight sexual harassment

  • Who has put barely any water into sodastreams bottles and making the water as bubbly as freaking possible

  • The carbonate honey Moves like corn syrup

  • why does chad looking caustic from apex?

  • Damn I love that shit. That's like a Hardcore Mode of Good Mythical Morning.

  • Why didnt u try gravy?!

  • Sara brews are at 81 herblore guys lol. and btw when you drank the cream.. i spit water all over my monitor and keyboard. dont know if i get compensated for that or not... but i'd like to

  • "one of my favourite alcohols as a child" same...

  • Mjölk is milk in swedish btw

  • How are these guys not dead

  • 12:51 when he slurps the egg 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nasty but hilarious 😂

  • jesus fuck i legitimately almost threw up watching max suck up the raw egg holy fuck

  • why do i always laugh when max says "finally" and then literally anything

  • 10:29

  • This is the gold content.

  • 12:48-12:55

  • The reaction to the cream is so perfectly coordinated 😂😂

  • Gddxjiz

  • 8:01 ... that’s all I have to say

  • this is brain dead

  • xd


  • IG of the assistant? Anyone?

  • Max vomiting up cu-...er i mean fanta glue is my fetish

  • I am convinced that every Aussie youtubers are crazy.

  • 🥚 😂

  • Oh, those eggs. That almost made me throw up.

  • Bruh just woke up in the middle of the night to this. 😂

  • Finally saradomen brews

  • Am I the only one seeing Max's big herp???

  • No sardine oil?

  • Mjölk

  • 12:48 when he sucked it up...UGH. That one was one of the most vile things ive ever seen

  • 8:30

  • Put carbonated soy Sauce in a shot glass and a sushi roll and have it as a shot

  • I hate to admit it but I believe I did the same thing with olive juice when I was younger

  • The olive cum transition was impeccable🐍🐍

  • One of you is gonna fuckin die from this stuff geez......

  • How does chad know how meth smells like

  • 10:00 that looks like a mcdonalds frappe

  • Watching max slurp that egg yolk made me gag lmao

    • Fr that little strand of egg fucked me up.

  • Haven’t been this close to blowing chunks from a yT vid in years.

  • “Ive never seen a wine with a nice froth on top” The man has never seen champagne.