HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3

Birt 31 jan 2021
Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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  • Pause your vid before you watch these , 7:45 7:46 7:49

  • Reject imp Return to possum

  • You're the best ISprofiler there ever seen

  • I love you guys so much can I please watch you more

  • “My girlfriend throughs a ton of crazy Parties” getting heartbroken 101

  • This show should be on adult swim

  • 10:51 read the sign 😂

  • I wanna know what a hound party is haha.

  • I love this video

  • 0:39 song in background?

  • Waste of technology

  • "Oh she totally pegs you doesn't she"

  • Seriously never thought I would ever hear invader zim or sailor mars swear

  • A fan of the wolf character

  • 6:03 *im in this video and I don’t like it*

  • Drunk moxie is the best

  • I would love to see an episode of helluva boss in which the blonde is invited to a party at Tex's girlfriend's house.

  • You all know the FREAKS up there who drool at you 6:08 *what are you looking at me for*

  • 15:10 15:15 I am not a possum

  • 12:29 millllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I think the better question for Blitzo is whether he dated Verosika before or after he was a clown/fool.

  • A hUmAn CaLl Me A pOsSuM I aM nOt A pOsSuM

  • Luna trying to get laid is one of the cutest things in this show

  • “Moooom.....I got an ad for a “Moxie Shower Head” during this episoooode. I think the algorithm is confused agaaaain.”

  • 2 Rules for this universe: 1) Stay away from the pig 2) Stay away from the possum. Breaking either of these rules will result in death. Eventually.

  • 6:08 Oh god they know about the fanart...

  • “Bear possum”

  • no thanks, no furries to me :)

    • then for what goods |:[

  • The fact that Marinettes voice actor is Verosika 😳😳

  • That one was hmmm 🤨

  • "A hoo-man called me a 'possum. I am NOT a 'possum!" ROFL! Drunk Moxie is so funny but he's definitely gonna have one Hell of a hangover.

  • I will see this later

  • Oh my God poor moxie 😆😅😂🤣

  • Richard must've had the time of his life voicing Drunk Moxxie

  • I notices gay and lesbian ppl on here XD also i fuckin love blitz XV

  • I want a shirt that says “conversation leads to hpv”

  • Is no-one gonna mention "rehab is for sad loser wash-ups, so your sister says hi" ?

  • I love how, Vortex is so chill

  • 2:51 Mario sound

  • 6:04 Oh [ __ ] they know

  • They should make this a TV Series ... :)

  • Disgusting way to lure kids to watch your videos, Disgusting

    • I am not entirely sure what you're referring to? This is clearly a show for the adults, it says so in the very first few seconds of the episode with the warning. You sure you commented on the right video?

  • 6:04

  • 😈😈😈🐺4

  • 😈100000💀

    • okay I’m just waiting to hear from him I will when you get back to your place I’ll be home in about an half grueling hours and I have Gus

    • MV

  • WHAT 6:08

  • Me:watching the credits then Christina vee name pop up Also me: who's Cristina vee *search up Christina vee and read the bio of her and got shock* M Marinette no WHYYYYYYYYYYYY YOUR MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF MIRACULOUS

  • im rewatching rn cant wait for the newest part

  • Verosika: Aw, you mad, Blitzo? You gonna run off, leaving someone else to pay for the hotel room, steal their car… Blitzo and Verosika: …and run three rings to Wrath and max my credit cards on shitty horse riding lessons?!

  • And did you notice that down there on the car : SUCK-4 -LIFE

  • Pause at 1:21 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 11:11 he carries his adoption papers 📃

  • 😑

    • then for what goods |:|

  • That details about the smoke 8:01

  • Ok wow rude i dont drull

  • ooooooh. F I S H

  • I heat the blood

  • Ohhhhhhh FiSh

  • Childhood ruined

  • 2:26

  • Omg you added lgbtq stuff!! 8:40 & 8:44

    • @Melissa Adkins I haven’t watched helluva boss in months, so I didn’t remember

    • Where have you been? Blitzo literally sleep with stolas.

  • 15:09 He is NOT a possum.

  • *“Rehab is for sad loser wash-ups......so your sister says hi”*

  • 5:57 uhhhhhhh tee hee not me yeahhh nope haha-

  • Cristina Vee did Verosika perfectly, I LOVE HER! It’s so weird to hear Marinette/Ladybug swear

  • Something that I love about this series is the fact that the story is entertaining enough to be good on its own, but the team still put an incredible amount of effort into the animation, itself.

  • idk why, but one of the sucudemons reminds me of hellbent xD

  • All of this for a parking place,thats make sense


  • Can you please stop it 🤐💑👸🙍‍♂️

    • Mmmmmmmmmm :| No:|👆

  • 16:21 only i died laughing after seeing the police clown on the right? XD

  • I'm honestly surprised with the lack of competition in the business considering this drove of clients that a grade-schooler made flyer attracted in 5 second at 7:00. Blitzo hit a goldmine, but still a sucky businessman.

  • Max is vary vary VARY DRUNK

  • 8:30

  • Ok but the way vortex's eyes glow when he says takes guts....😍😍😍😍


    • Mmmmmm :| No :|👆

  • One quick question. Do you make this???????

  • Loona can smell letters

  • 4:14 blitz pulled a vegeta and basically went "I'm the only one who can abuse moxxie"

  • Somebody suggest this to netflix plzzzzz

  • What a pickmeisha

  • i the variation in this video

  • The 4th wall break was the best thing I've ever seen.

  • WAAAIIITTT..... is the girl Hell hound ( cant remember the fucking name ) is someones Fursona or what, because im feeling to many refrences here to furrys.

  • The lore is exiting

  • 6:05 I feel personally attacked. Even though I'm not on of them.

  • the best thing in this world is drunk moxy

  • Well I’ve only watched this a million times

  • Fortunately, grammarly can help.

  • 13:32 This will never be not funny!

  • 6:58 I love how so much detail has been put into a bunch of random characters.

  • Once a human called me a possmes and I hate posemmse

  • im starting to think im the only christian here

  • 15:11 I fucking lost it there

  • "OoOoOo fish" "weeeeeee"

  • STOP

  • I felt personally attacked at 6:12

  • I still can't get over how the characters turn towards the viewers after Blitzo mentions the "freaks up there who drool all over you".

  • What was Millie and Luna saying, while moxie was saying: you do that all the time sir?