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Its all Steel n Concrete , Subscribe its a hell of a project.

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  • Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

  • When will the next tunnel installment be coming?

  • Come backkkkkkkkkk

  • In German, your name is an order that someone should fart. :)

  • 15:05 pure satisfaction

  • Süpersin

  • Looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.

  • Looks awesome, Colin!!

  • Was going into withdrawl so watching this again....I have to admit I think it would be kinda cool if you could put some clear sections into the walls so the rock and sediment were visible....kinda drive home 'this is a tunnel!'...though no idea what material would really work for that, plus the concrete getting pumped into every little bit and crevice would likely put a stop to that....Oh well.

  • Millionaire you could have had this done in a week but you gotta find ways to milk it for view money

  • Come on upload nigga

  • Appears that Colin's project "acceleration and velocity are pointing in opposite directions"....



  • Is he preparing to become an evil scientist with underground laboratory xD ?

  • Has this tunnel become so long, that it now takes a month just to walk back to post the content on ISprofile?

  • the suspense is killing me... its been 2 months!!! please come back Colin! lol

  • Mr Fruz where art thou???

  • No video in 2 months. Wonder if it caved in or he got caught?

  • Colin, Colion, where fore art thou Colin?

  • bruh its been 2 months did you get lost?


  • He's planning to have it retroactively inspected, like his bunker, but if I was his municipality I would have gave him a very stern talking to after the bunker. So for him to do it again, ballsy

  • When is part 5

  • absolutely brilliant

  • He is measuring the length of the steel with his draw on his bench.

  • *@colinfurze* Are you ok Colin? No tunnel collapse I hope? I just realized it was a while since I saw one of your videos, I just thought ISprofile had forgotten my subscription (as usual -_-), but apparently not?

  • "A secret" to whom Colinfurze? XD

  • Where the hell are you bro ?? Might unsubscribe if u ain’t finishing off that bunker ahah , only joking , but common bro

    • Check his insta he’s updating from there

  • Wake up Colin.come on.

  • У нас бы все нах грунтовыми водами затопило

  • I wish I could come to the UK and help you with the tunnel just for shits and giggles or shit and giggles never know what happens first but you are awesome Colin

  • The subtutles: my

  • Jeeeeeeeeesus that's a lot of steel. I like it.

  • Is he dead it’s been 2 months

    • Check his Instagram. He’s alive and he’s updating from there.

  • When's the next video gonna be posted?

  • hi colin you are dedicating a lot to this tunne i am twelve years old and i live in italy i love you i watch you since i was 8 years old. you inspired me to never give up on a project and to continue. I hope you manage to finish your tunnel indeed I am sure as you have always done it. I wish you good luck . I hope you will answer me. Greetings from Italy.

  • you wheres part 5 dude!

  • Merch, merch, I dug a tunnel, merch commercial merch sponsorbreak commercial merch.

  • Dude, did you get crushed by the tunnel or something? hope your alright lol

  • Bikin konten lgi bang🙏

  • Missing my dose of colinfurze!! Keen for the next one

  • isprofile.info/pac/bGt4i5ule3qXr4s/v-deo.html

  • when do we get to see more?

  • It's like all a sudden you're Mr. Bro.

  • When is the next video

  • Colin! When will there be a new videoo????

  • I wish one of these days we will see the amount of paperwork Colin had to do for all these “projects”.

  • Where is this guy to complete the season?! Is he okay?

  • Colin I’ve been a subscriber for about 6 or 7 years now and honestly I still keep asking myself the same question I wonder what Colin’s wife thinks about all these projects yes they are epic but wow 🤣 she must be used to this now keep up the great content I really do enjoy these videos

  • The volume difference between the talking and the music is off balance. The music is way too loud.

  • Ты живой?

  • Yo furze where there videos and updates what's happening come on I'm waiting 🤣🤣

  • Waneer komt er weer een video?😧😧 Groetjes uit Brabant (Nederland 🇳🇱)😊😊

  • i will now call you el chapo

  • Can not wait to see the finished result

  • where is the next episode?

  • But for real, I think he has covid...

  • Apparently according to the BBC a tunnel collapsed on Colin and he has passed away... RIP!

  • Did this youtuber die or something that no more videos?

  • Awesome video! Thank you for sharing!

  • Are you okay??

  • Dig quicker Colin dig dig dig

  • Up the c

  • Nice hard hat

  • it would be cool if he made an elevator in there when he was done 😂

  • Are you going to make another video?

  • Miss you buddy :)

  • Hey colinfurze where is another tunnel digging when will you upload a video

  • When update?

  • Hey old chap! Very much looking forward to the next segment(s) here in Florida, USA. God bless

  • No video in two months, shit Hope it's not caved in

  • I love your content dude, very inspirational and I’d love to do my own bunker

  • what did you do to protect the steel from corrosion?

  • Where are you colin? We want vid #5. Anxiously waiting.

  • Bring out another video

  • Colin what's happening we ain't heard from u in ages how's the tunnel going come on son sort it out I'm bored as foooook waiting for u bro let me know and I'll come and give u a hand for free 100% if u need a good grater give me a twinkle keep rocking brother podge out 👌👍

    • check out his community page

  • Ну где 5 серия? Зождался уже!

  • Did Colin Furze bury himself alive?

    • I get people thumb up'd this meaning "yeah is that what happened?" But it kinda seems like they hope it happened. 🤔

  • Hydraulic hatch would be good

  • where ave u been colin

  • Should cut the carpets in to 1 foot sqares and sell it off to subscribers!

  • come on colin, waiting for the next vide!!!

    • Yep, hope that he's alright.

  • I need the name of the song that plays at the beginning of the clip. Thank you.

    • @seltzer thank you very much

    • Check the description. He links all the music

  • Wann kommt pt 5

  • We need Part 5! :)

  • Part 5 pls colin

  • Hé probaly hasnt upladed becuase something went wrong in the tunnel i geuss

  • Have You gone Walk-about???

  • I've been watching you for 8 years and you still amaze me

  • The Great Escape!

  • Very impressive work!!!

  • Been two months, what's up Holmes?

  • Where's the next episode

  • Short break?

  • We're have you gone?????? Its been 2 months

  • Remember, it's a secret. 🤫

  • allo tu nous manques l'ami !

  • I Need to see the rest post itt