Food Theory: Taco Bell Is Killing Amazon!

Birt 25 feb 2021
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Taco Bell is revolutionizing the drive thru experience. Yes, the fast food chain is challenging the likes of Amazon delivery in its grand plan. We are talking a multi-lane, contactless, order only EXPERIENCE. I know you are wonders how a drive through could compete with at home delivery and, Theorists, it is because of the BIGGEST jump all companies have to cover. What is it? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • me who thinks about buying a 10th aniversery shirt/pullover

  • I gotta say I’ve never had a problem eating Taco Bell’s food my stomach is made out of steal 😂😅😅

  • finally i will not need to wait half an hour just to get a happy meal

  • There was a Taco Bell add under this vid O.o

  • Dinning in fast food is most likely dead. I don’t see myself sitting down to eat in a store ever again!

  • Someone finally realized they can add a non-intersecting, non-interfering second dimension to drive-thru. *Applause*

  • I went to Taco Bell yesterday.............

  • Ball pits really do you know how mean people I dr... I mean people get dragged all the time and probably in a lab being test for mind being Experiments

  • Lmao remember the movie Demolition Man its happening Taco Bell is gonna be the only restaurant that survives the apocalypse

  • 2:00 and then there's me confusing it by ordering a bun with pickles

  • Matpat should realese audio versions on spotit

  • I miss the happymeals from when I was younger, the cheap toys were great one day time waisters before it got lost....

  • Came for the munchies. Stayed for the mind blow in the possible future of logistics.

  • Pov Taco Bell watching this vid: "Oh ye that sounds better than what we were doing, I i mean yes"

  • Big brain move 🤯

  • Wait matpat has a son?!?!?!?!

  • Never been more than 2 cars in line you lucky!! There be like 7 for me

  • What was the name of that one movie where Taco Bell basically takes over all food industries until it becomes the only restaurant available? The movie was about some past criminal in the future or something.

  • 8:02

  • Yeah it does exactly look like a drive thru bank.

  • the fourth channel should be book theory.

  • You should watch “demolition man”

  • Matpat: Taco Bell makes you poop Me: corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture Laxatives Taco Bell Me: they’re the same picture

  • matpat you do marketing for your products very subtly not as annoying as in yo face advertising for merc so hats off to you also i really want to thank you for making learning fun for me i usually am very lazy when it comes to studies but seeing how it cn be used in cool ways makes me exicted to learn thank for all the effort and hardwork you put to entertain us

    • I can agree with that. It actually makes me want to check out the product and try it out.

  • “If people went in to get food then you’d need to pay for lighting and air conditioning” Ah yes, as all employees have night vision and are cold-blooded

    • Good point, but with the excluded dining room, costs would definitely be lower.

  • I work at panda express and I started during the pandemic and turns out our store in making 4 to 7k more than when dine in was open

  • Demolition Man warned us about Taco Bell winning the franchise wars

  • Every fastfood place rn WRITE THAT DOWN

  • I understand why you didn’t really mention grub hub that dance still haunts me

  • People who don't have cars: *Internal suffering*

  • taco bell more like tostada doblada bell . . . this isn't funny at all

  • It dont real FAKE!!!

  • Little did taco bell know Brooklyn park Minnesota wouldn’t be a wise new business choice

  • automation like this is kinda scary to think about

  • Am I the only one a little disappointed that we're actively moving away from interacting with real people, directly? What does any of this say about our civilization? We can't just run away from everyone.

  • This is brilliant, I am apsolutely agreeing with this. The revolution may start.

  • introverts will love that kind of building

  • Does no one realize that sonic was the first fast food place to do what taco bell is technically doing??? No dining room, drive thru and many ordering stations where people can get their food fast (besides the fact that sonic still has human contact to get the food to the customer)

    • First off, most fast food restaurants were doing it back in the day, Sonic just stuck with it. Second, this model is much more streamlined with a more grab and go model as opposed to park and dine.

  • What MatPat talks about towards the end of the video is one of my favorite reasons I liked living in the eastern end of the midwest bc we have drive-ins. Its basically a 7-Eleven but a drive-thru version

  • Yey

  • I can't believe my favorite food is on the thumbnail of the video °o°

  • And we weren’t sick!!

  • What about Sonic? They’ve been using the drive-in only model for always, are they doing better now?

  • Isn’t this just a sonic with a tube to each drive thru

  • New theory the pandemic was created by fast food restaurants

  • me without a car👁👄👁

  • that nissan gtr though

  • "The first of it's kind contactless Taco Bell will open in Brooklyn Park, MN." Me watching this 2 months later - Oh no.

    • catch me looking for this comment, living in minneapolis

  • Wasting my last 4% of phone battery on a video to forget the nightmate-inducing experience that was the previous FNaF theory video LOL.

  • lol fork everyone who can't afford a car xD

  • Matpat invents a mall

  • Hope it doesn’t get looted Ah god how it’s so close to Brooklyn Center and you know what happened there And yes I know it hasn’t been built yet 4:32 when everything goes back to normal

  • I'm sure they probably have a taco bell love similar to the one in Missouri. My local taco bells get packed fast.

  • Every now and then I forget this channel exists

  • Tbh a drive-thru food court sounds amazing.

  • that yo quiero notification bell threw me off- you... want notification bell? you said "I want notification bell" thats it. w h a t

  • So it's finally happening Drive though supermarkets I'll give it 10 years till it's low key the norm

  • This is the real reason Taco Bell was the only restaurant left in Demolition Man

  • My only question is if everything relies on drive-thru, what's going to happen to people who don't have a car or access to Uber? (ex. Homeless, minor, ect.)

  • I would hope that one delivery driver doesn’t pick up 5 orders at the same time, the last person to receive their order is gonna have seriously soggy food

    • Pizza delivery already gets away with stacked orders no problems (usually)

  • Would you like a five dollar Chalupa box 🥱🥱🥱🥱 every Taco Bell ad I see do you wanna five dollar Chalupa box

  • I don't know about your Countries But Pakistan's McDonald's even the new ones still have those Play areas.... (Note:Not in the Mall ones)

  • 4th channel? Sighn me in!

  • Me, eating some burritos I made at work, watching about my job

  • My McDonalds already had 2 lanes... they actually implemented it because of SARS in early 2000s

  • ever heard of click and collect it's basically this but they still charge the same delivery so there's no point

  • I love taco bell

  • Drive through Amazon

  • Love the predator reference

  • This is really good

  • couldn't be me who ordered McDonalds just last night...😂😅 also, do we even have a taco bell where I live?

  • I hate to be a pessimist, but I'm hoping that these "changes" are more of a fad, than a permanent alteration. Our society is atomized and divided enough as it is, and was likewise long before Covid. I also wonder why McDonald's who near me, had installed kiosks, removed the ability to place the order at said kiosk, and then pay at the counter with cash. Now I have to pay with card, or wait for it to time out, and then give me the option to pay at the counter, which is annoying cause I don't have a card of my own to use, I think it's good to be forced to have some *ACTUAL* human interaction, lest we forget how to do so

  • This episode in a nutshell: MatPat freaks out over a fast food restaurant using an AI that makes ISprofile recommendation AI look smarter than Einstein.

  • That oversized vehicle lane is a blessing. I cant tell you how many times I have had to park my truck and trailer somewhere and walk to the drive through to get food because my truck/trailer wont fit.


  • can we all just admire how he put a GTR @ 2:32

  • e

  • This should also (hopefully) help greatly with package thieves, which is dope

  • i just want my mchicken to not be soggy

  • anime matt pat tho

  • so this means i have a chance of having a drivethru delivery only taco bell? bc they say theyre gonna build one where i live :)

  • Chik fil a hands down is the best drive thru

  • I know the channel as well as majority of viewers are from US, but this strategy will only work in the States. The main reason is because most people have there own cars. In countries like my own, i.e. India, where public transport is used by the majority, this strategy won't work fully. Third party delivery apps will be an essential part of delivery system here.

  • Every time I go to Taco Bell the drive thru line is so long it’s leading OUT OF THE PARKING LOT

  • Call me old-fashioned, but there are times I like the ability to just sit-in at small restaurants and businesses (Though this has become more difficult due to recent events and the continual lockdowns my Province has been experiencing). Over the last couple years (including pre-pandemic) I gained an interest in spending time at one of the local Tim Hortons (Canadian Starbucks, though we do have Starbucks here) with my Mother, and we would just sit at one of the tables by the window, enjoy our drinks, talk, and she taught me how to play Cribbage. Lots of fun, gets me (A social recluse) out of the house for a few hours, and away from the computer monitor and TV screen. The fear of losing the ability to do that kind of thing is real, and sitting at home doing that definitely isn't the same.

  • what happens with cities that don't allow drive thru's?

  • Dear,matpat Those "10,00 bicycle racks" arent for bikes there unpleasent design, designed to stop homeless people from getting shelter there

  • 7:26 is that the KFC/Taco Bell near food lion, big Steve’s, and Bojangles?

  • Mmmm my Taco Bell tastes like McDonalds

  • Support comment

  • FINALLY!! Something nonpolitical that happens in Minnesota!!!!

  • This is nothing new, a lot of restaurants I go to have dumb waiters.

  • MatPat is collecting theory channels like infinity stones

  • Yknow. Those drive through resturaunts are starting to look more and more like gas stations

  • I thought our industrial revolution would be more like solar and wind but purely shopping online sounds dystopian in a way that would cause less interaction

  • Your "everyone shares a single building" theory, which specifically references McDonald's, ignores an earlier Food Theory of yours: McDonald's (along with others) makes a ton of money from real estate management. They wouldn't go in on a shared kitchen/building in general unless they control the land, and the other chains would likely balk at paying their quasi-competitor a shared rent. For chains that are under a single corporate umbrella, such as Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc.) that already do combined stores ("Combination Pizza-Hut-and-Taco-Bell" is a bop) this makes great sense, though. That Taco Bell concept would also make it easy to, e.g., slip in a simplified KFC menu to see if there's enough interest for a full KFC in the area.

  • The way MatPat plugged his merch and the ad was smoother than an atom mirror

  • Is-is that grubhu- Chiken sandwich guy breaks into my room Me: *Screams*

  • every fast food company lookin at Taco bell ⚆ _ ⚆ ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) (-_- ) t(-_-t)