James Charles Is In Trouble

This is the third time that this has happened, I believe.
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    • Hey Optimus, I think it would be a cool idea if u set up a different channel where it’s just like big politics, such as left vs right and wars and country v country contact, not so much as like smaller politics like rights and that stuff. Just an idea

    • Optimus prime

    • D2? New prediction

    • What rank are you in rl? You see like a high plat

    • Thats the best ad for merch I've ever seen.

  • Holy guacamole

  • Have a seat right there.

  • He's a demon. Period

  • Funny this is he isn't really getting canceled

  • He said, and I quote "never knowingly". Even straight people "forget" they knew something. Edit: Clarification; they're favorite flavor is usually Grape.

    • what are you talking about

  • Surprised Pikachu face....

  • If a kid lie about their age they deserve 50 percent of the blame

  • Wanna see angry white girls? Go to "recent comments" you may find one there

  • Dum fck Charles had it coming

  • Why are so many big ISprofilers messaging underage fans? Is it some sort of trend I don't know about?

  • I saw the title and was just nonchalantly like "Really? Again?"

  • People say that everything is "grooming" when it's not even close to it. They just serve to lessen what it actually means..

  • Ok you're a MASSIVE hypocrite. You're going after Coach Red Pill just because hes advising young men to not date women with a victim mindset and here you are trying to raise money for an accused DIDDLER.

  • He claims that he is going to ask for their ID every time this comes to light.

  • Kinda crazy he hasn't been cancelled yet, I wonder why

  • You know after seeing this thumbnail im not surprised

  • Snapchat?...How about *NOT* sexting fans and just go OUT TO HOOK WITH SOMEONE!. Cheesus....😑😑😑

  • *(Insert DJ Khaled Saying:)* _Another one....._ _Another one....._ _Another one....._ _Another one....._ _Another one....._ _Another one....._

  • I think the bigger problem is that we're still even giving this guy attention

  • James charles? Oh you mean the guy with two first names, yeah i know his name

  • He is a terrible person

  • Do the teenagers get any repercussions for lying about their age?

  • Once an accident. Twice a coincidence. Three times a pattern.

    • and nothing happens and years pass after the 3rd incident... it's just misunderstandings or micheal Jackson's "they are mean and haters".

  • Wait until the homophobes come in here to blame it on the lgbt community.

  • Don’t worry guys James Charles groomed me back in 1982 when I was only 16

  • Grooming has just turned into a trend.

  • so..

  • this dude down stupendous at this point smh

  • personally i really hate the argument u cant date fans, as long as their a legal functioning adult i dont see the problem. also u know even pewdiepies wife was a fan. i see most of the commentary community has this take and i think its a bad one too have.

  • How hard is it to just not talk to underage people? Seriously bro 😂

  • i mean, why try to form a relationship with someone online, who you have never met before. You have no idea how they are in real life, who they are really. You don't even know if anything is true or not. Imagine if the guy was actually 18+, but played as a 16-year-old. You have no idea about whats the true story behind someone unless you meet them and be with them IRL james did a huge f up

  • No sir

  • Why am I not surprised

  • anyone else didn’t pay attention and just watch the rocket league

    • That is practically everyone in a nutshell😂


  • Call me a predator but james charles is looking like a snack

  • * kid gets a compliment from an InFlUeNcEr * "I'M BEING GROOMED!"

  • not surprised

  • EDP445 moment

  • Honestly, I feel like in cases like this, we should be blamed the minor. Cuz they're lying about their age and getting someone in serious trouble and I'm honestly tired of hearing the "they're just a minor" excuse. It's clear that in certain situations ppl who are 16 and 17 know what they're doing and they need to be held responsible but only if what James is saying is true

  • I feel like the fame of being popular gets to alot of creators heads, causing them to basically do whatever they want and just, not expect any consiquence once so ever

  • Who cares

  • Oh no! Anyway.

  • How tf is he getting slack? He shouldve learnt by now that he wont meet his love of his life on fkin snapchat due to how big he is Hes been in this situation MULTIPLE TIMES already.

  • Great Vid!

  • Catfish?

  • pewnews 2.0

  • Bro how much you want to bet, if I was a straight guy, everyone would go crazy

  • Can you talk about RKT ?

  • My thing is if he’s been in trouble for this before, why didn’t he screenshot all the DM’s as soon as he realized the convo was going there.

  • Here before nothing happens with this situation

  • Now and days people just be doing this for clout!

  • Finally, a well thought out analysis of the situation.

  • I wouldn't call a voice recording about it to someone else evidence but..

  • Da F is a James Charles??? I must be getting old for not knowing at all.

    • I wish i didnt know

  • wouldnt suprise me if the leak that states James charles fabricated the story is the real fabrication

  • so there is a screenshot of this minor on twitter replying to a 24 year old sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby and give him allowance and this minore commented that he wants in so even if james committed a crime i think this minor is trouble and into older men ....everyone saying he is 16 and not mentally developed yet but at 16 in america ur allowed to drive lol so that doesnt make sense he is 16 and in high school u should know better than messing with an older person besides he doesnt show evidence of him telling james no and that he said he was 16 also apperantly he only added his tik tok threads to insta after te drama u can save a highlight and repost it later

  • Here we go again

  • 4:00-4:05 Optimus still crushing my dreams of being with him

  • Oh no! Anyway...

  • Callmecarson gets cancelled but he has done it 3 times or more

  • Why does the thumbnail look like a hybrid of scrubby and James Charles

  • Still unsubscribing because you accused Pyrocynical And never apologized

  • Not gonna lie optimus, the rocket league gameplay isn’t the one 😕

  • No trouble

  • Let's notice that the text went from them talking about the car, to something super serious with no warning. I smell some cap. He could've easily taken two screenshots, and then put them in a collage together, and taken away the border so it looks normal. I know, because I've done that with pictures to make memes. I am not, however, defending James Charles, or taking the side of the kid. Simply presenting something that seems a bit weird, and what could be happened to make it look like that.

  • 17:13 yeah but I'm Britain 16 year old lies about his age on Facebook and a mom gets away with raping him even though he told her he was underage. I hate this world....

  • James Charles is the hisoka of America

  • Every dramas happening on ISprofile feels like a TV show now.

  • The thumbnail blind me

  • bro you need to start a podcast

  • Hate that freak

  • " " -Keanu Reeves

  • I knew it

  • He looks like a spongebob character

  • I dont agree with your point saying you shouldn’t blindly trust someone online about their age and say its the older persons fault and can get legally in trouble but then say you should check for id because it is just better but when it comes to the court room it is not, you will still get charged legally

  • "Uh oh sisters" The last thing you hear before I yeet him into his cell.

  • He wont face any legal stuff. Betting on it.

  • noooo dont accuse daddy james!

  • What did he do now besides the Coachella incident?

  • Why are the views so low

  • While I dont think he should be in jail, considering that the boy lied about his age in the first place, I am disappointed in his behavior. What he did was gross.

  • If James Charles was ever to go to prison, we all know he wouldn't mind dropping the soap 😐😏

  • This happened to michael jackson like 4 or 5 times ppl love lying

  • 🐎

  • Fu James

  • Oh no! *Goes back to watching Formula One replays*

  • seriously

  • Can't youtubers and influencers just be satisfied with adults like come one.

  • Bro, ozzy Osbourne married sharon osbourne. She was one of his fans.I believe james

  • to be fair, it seems the other guy doesn't have proof either, he has not released anything, so it's just a "he said (s)he (I don't even know) said" situation.

  • Even if the boy was 18, having someone bombard you with nudes straight out the gate is not how you start a healthy relationship...what kind of mindset is that? Frankly I'm concerned. I guarantee you when he does start dating he'll be complaining about how guys keep breaking his heart. This is why.

  • Why did the victim go to twitter instead of the police??

    • Also why did he upload screenshots (which can be easily faked on photoshop in 2 minutes) instead of an actual video from a seperate camera viewing his phone while scrolling thrlugh the dm's (which is impossible to fake without ppl noticing)??

  • lol

  • James Charles just always suspicious fr

  • yaG people

  • Imagine if this was a girl...

  • He should know better than to blindly trust someone who says they're 18. Morally 2-3 years, such as 19 and 17 or 16 is fine. But I don't know how old James Charles is.

  • Who’s jimmy Karl?