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Birt 27 jún 2021
How much free stuff can we get for being "influencers"?

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    • Gotta link to where I can buy those & sodas? Would apresh ~ y'all really sold me on it

    • The profecy

    • Any chance y'all could drunk stream some of that Vigilante 8 or Turok you got playing in the background? (PS: If you *REALLY* want an Air Fryer, PowerXL has been hooking influencers up with free ones, only don't expect to get any of the newer model's accessories, the pandemic killed production of them so they're basically non-existent.)

    • Beg for more things on the internet for our entertainment!

    • Hey ozzy brogans )

  • Chad looks like a mod

  • 13:33 what the fuck… we gonna talk about this?

  • and one more? now what is all that gucci

  • 11:26 bro wtf max packing the heater on him

  • Enjoying my products, Cold Ones?

  • 18:20 just looks like the 'life like' version of the fat guy in the South Park WoW episode

  • 5:47 He said 710k on twitter but it says 910k in the message

  • Damm that thumbnail was too hard I couldn't resist...

  • Chad pretending to raid gave me flashbacks of Onyxia lmfao

  • Deez what sir?

  • Chad get verified if you want stuff in your size

  • i too take five year long showers to avoid social responsibilities such as text messages

  • The @ubisoft stuff was the coolest


  • Chad had me dying at the end😂

  • This channel gives me a Onision vibe…cuz all assuies are same?

  • I like chads hoodie

  • Yo I also got kitchen aids, looks like kitchen aids world wide. Dale!

  • Wtaf cold ones is actually making alcohol content this is no longer what the channel stands for unsubscribed

  • Is that the guy from $uicideboy$?

  • this video is just a giant ad

  • Could you possibly hook a brother up?

  • 18:21 discord mods be like

  • They've somehow made all of us sit through a 19 minute ad without complaint. 2021 is a scary time... Loved it though

  • I love how they first send something complicated starting with “hello lynx” then it’s like “gimme chair.” Also this is one of the only channels that I watch the videos multiple times

  • My name is DEECE!

  • Damn, really wanted to give that & shit a shot. Only for Aussies, though.

  • the editing matches the vibe of this video so well. well done biys

  • PACKIN!! all ima say!!! ;)

  • yall should make a video of every time CHad picks his nose!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Is this fraud?

  • I would actually want to have that stuff from ubi, looks pretty dope

  • Kinda mean ngl

  • I think i lost half of my braincells cuz of this video, wtf?

  • Man's really did just say "it tastes like creaming soda"

  • Toei Animation would like to know Prezo’s locations

  • CORN

  • 16:49

  • Hosting Cold Ones With no ice

  • thats how rich get richer free stuff

  • Corn.

  • The editing is so fkn good

  • Prezo is a fukn magician, love him

  • "Ooh, KitchenAid, tell them I have Aids" LOL.

  • ducky is awesome

  • Imagine getting free stuff cause random ass people follow you like the more random people that follow you the more important you become to random ass people 💀

  • Those brads watching this video

  • His raid moment is so good I’m in tears 😭

  • Comment LIKE A BOSS

  • I bet Maxmoefoe's Instagram followers were like "damn, Max really sold himself out."

  • Them laughing at "Nice Buns Bro" is definitely a highlight someone should definitely put that on the clips channel.

  • me checking comments from sponsors xD

  • Prezohs taste in game reaks

  • Prezoh showed his favorite games and I just thought of Clint :(


  • So, if a son that is by his father sent about merchandise do sinfully miscarry upon the sea, the imputation of his wickedness, by your rule, should be imposed upon his father that sent him. Or if a servant, under his master’s command transporting a sum of money, be assailed by robbers and die in many irreconciled iniquities, you may call the business of the master the author of the servant’s damnation. But this is not so. The king is not bound to answer the particular endings of his soldiers, the father of his son, nor the master of his servant, for they purpose not their death, when they purpose their services. Besides, there is no king, be his cause never so spotless, if it come to the arbitrament of swords, can try it out with all unspotted soldiers. Some, peradventure, have on them the guilt of premeditated and contrived murder; some, of beguiling virgins with the broken seals of perjury; some, making the wars their bulwark, that have before gored the gentle bosom of peace with pillage and robbery. Now, if these men have defeated the law and outrun native punishment, though they can outstrip men, they have no wings to fly from God. War is His beadle, war is His vengeance, so that here men are punished for before-breach of the king’s laws in now the king’s quarrel. Where they feared the death, they have borne life away; and where they would be safe, they perish. Then, if they die unprovided, no more is the king guilty of their damnation than he was before guilty of those impieties for the which they are now visited. Every subject’s duty is the king’s, but every subject’s soul is his own. Therefore should every soldier in the wars do as every sick man in his bed: wash every mote out of his conscience. And, dying so, death is to him advantage; or not dying, the time was blessedly lost wherein such preparation was gained. And in him that escapes, it were not sin to think that, making God so free an offer, He let him outlive that day to see His greatness and to teach others how they should prepare.

  • Chad gave me flashbacks to my time playing FFXIV lol

  • 1:10 can I have a chair? I want to put it *up my bum*

  • Ay prezzo a paper mario fan, a man of culture.

  • I’ve lost agro, i’ve lost agro. DPS SLOW DOWN LET ME GRAB AGRO.

  • How much do you pay your editor? I think he needs a raise

  • Vigilante 8 and turok in the background. 💯

  • I'm desperate for a time machine to 1997 when games were good

  • The weakest mustaches ever witnessed

  • If I could get away with DMs like this, I’d be rich lmfao

  • Hey Max and Chad love the channel you guys make me Laugh

  • Oh no you smoke 🥺🥺🥺

  • When Chad said "Don't put a shield on me, I need rage!" I felt that.

  • 16:00 - 16:17 aussie construction workers

  • i love how max asked razer for a headset and they knew those all are shit so they just gave them a chair lmao

  • funny thing is for most of these this is "good" advertising.

  • beginning did not have enough physical humor. loved it, it just doesn't fit well in the compendium.

  • Holy shit they actually managed to get Ducky to send a keyboard

  • Are these the new Jay and Silent Bob or wut?

  • i hope he cleared his mythic+

  • I'm so damn jealous! I need to get verified!


  • 5:16 lol

  • 18:30 my boy reminding me of Cartman when they were playing that RPG game together in the basement

  • Why am I so jealous of all the Ubisoft stuff

  • I just realized I just watched a 20 minute long ad

  • 19:46 , sometimes i skip the outro, but theres a small clip at the end for anyone who might have missed it, its funny shit :)

  • 6:16 chad stop tasting me

  • 17:26 a missed chance to make maxes hand really big

  • should've messaged powerade and tell them their product gave you power aids

  • It’s crazy seeing a product that I’ve worked with on the cold ones but I left the industry before the canned beverages began, vodka& and gin& it’s surreal as fuck 😂

  • I've never been a Ubisoft guy, but their PR team has always been incredible. Whoever works there has got to be a sweetheart. Shout outs to them.

  • Chad's raiding skit just improved Blizzard's stonks by 6.9%

  • 12:16 Max writing Shakespeare like a boss

  • the fukin audio cut off at 12:21 killed me

  • There's a little of video in your sponsor mate

  • chad when gaming reminds me of that south park warcraft episode

  • 1:35 what the hell was that chad inhale next time😂

  • i feel bad for the social media intern working for JB-HIFI who was scrolling thru messages and saw "fuck you" from a verified user without any further context

  • I can't believe i just watched 19:57 minutes worth of advertizing

  • yooooo is that the Zoinkatron 9000???? That's crazy, some guy named Cliff Hansen told me aboout those on an internet forum for french kissing pellicans. I love Dan, I love Ian, I love Abduela, I love Love, I love Brian, I love Wendy, I love Ethan, I love Hila, Hooray Hoorah!! Haha Okay but seriously Abduela, Let me know if you enfd up needing help working on Brian's car because I know how he can be a handful sometimes. Well anyways, But seriously, and for all a goodnight hahaha okay but He Isn't Playing Around This Time Someone Get The Old Fashioned Grape Sauce And Iguana Lipids. Yeehaw but seriously thanks dan thanks ian thanks abduela and love and brian and wendy and ethan and hila someday I'll be president Amen


  • raid bit was so funny fr

  • Dude i dont know why but i want another video like this