GM's $2,000,000,000 Disaster

Birt 16 nóv 2020
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GM shocked the industry when they partnered with EV startup Nikola to make an electric truck. But nobody expected the controversy that would follow. Is GM making a huge mistake? Is Nikola a scam company? Will the Badger be a total fail? Nolan does a deep dive on allegations of fraud, scandalous lawsuits, and all the controversy surrounding the deal.
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  • GM could bring back the Spark EV as a low-cost EV to compete with small urban vehicles.

  • Hydrogen trucks will be the future

  • If this is done in India, they still continue to deceive the people with the blessings of politicians. Not to mention Judicial is dead!

  • wtf theres a 6million sub channel i dont know about what is this?

  • Because Barra is a .......

  • 0:21 There's a game calledcluster truck :D Played the game when it was in alpha and kinda forgot about it. Guess I'll need to check it out again.

  • there was a guy who went to a trade show to show off his invention it was a carberator that gave 150+miles to the gallon on gas he disapeared along with that idea after that trade show never to be spoken of by media etc cause he was silenced for creating a solution for a problem they didnt want fixed

  • Me hearing the word "Nikola": it's a scam GM a multi billion dollar company: you know what this looks like a good investment . smh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 3:39 When concrete sets, it produces a sizable amount of waste hydrogen. If you're pouring concrete in an enclosed space, you need to ventilate to prevent fume buildup. Sure, setting a ton of concrete just to collect the waste hydrogen isn't exactly a great idea, but I'd be willing to believe he knows at least *something* about hydrogen.

  • How about the age old premises if self victimization by greed.

  • How do you not own any stocks at your age? Grow up.

  • What is the name of the background music at 6:15 ?

  • GM executives must be completely idiots no one of the companies going broke I would never buy GM car Toyota are the best

  • GM needs to pull out that deal like my dad pulled out my mom.. well he tried....

  • I bet GM knew the dude was a fraud knowing how much free money they could get from the deal .

  • Just like Elon's lies about working solar tiles when he persuaded Tesla share holder to buy Solar City. . This was important to Elon because if Solar City went under SpaceX would have lost $250 000 000 worth of bonds. Yes that is right £250 000 000 of taxpayers money(from the NASA contracts) was used by Elon to prop up solar city. When it all went south he got Tesla share holders to bail him out. There a few law suits that Elon is having to defend because of his actions.

  • GM would get so mad asimo

  • We’ve got Tesla why not Nikola?

  • I don’t think we care if everyone at Chevy were rapists just as long as they built good cars.

    • Too bad Chevy makes garbage cars. American cars are a complete joke.

  • Only in america can u be such a con artist and not get arrested

  • SETH MACFARLANE has always played the role of ELON MUSK. your reality is fake.

  • Damn, whenever I think of high level Frauds what comes to mine is that dude from Fyre Fest, the lady from Theranos, and now that one dude from Nikola. I don’t remember their names, and to be honest their names ain’t important enough to know aside from knowing they’re complete f-ing frauds.

  • You and Trevor look alike😂😭

  • This what happens when you get millennials and ignant' people trying to get rich quick. Those that know, buy the stock, pump it, then sell it prior to the collapse. The ignant' are greedy and want the IPO since everyone who ever got onto the ground floor of ANY IPO became rich, right? Millennials will buy into anything that is new and sounds kewl. To hell with researching what you are buying!

  • 9:11 Nolan sound like Doug De Muro

  • Electric semi trucks are impossible the amount of weight for batteries and motors would destroy the cargo capacity of the truck and make it super unprofitable compared to a diesel engine. And no amount of Elon Musk's magic battery tech can fix that. Eventually batteries hit a point where you stuff so much energy in they basically become a bomb. Just like how a tire thats got too much air is basically a bomb because when it ruptures it creates a massive pressure wave.

  • This is like John McAfee and the people that own that Escobar thing that sold fake gold samsung phones and iPhone that seemed like a scandal

  • I bought nikola at $70 😓

  • The most amazing thing is, I thought GM partnered with Tesla cause they said Nikola

  • Who won

  • Yea even the volt catching fire recently they don't even have that technology. lol

  • Nolan Sykes “not in his thirties” *maury povich* “and the deftones shirt he’s wearing determined THAT was a lie

  • Tesla semi is still the best looking semi

  • Thank You, Nikola for the money I made by investing earlier and got out right at the hype.

  • Looks like GM wants a take over the company & there in a good position to do so...

  • 11:00 When she was 15 and he was 17 What... People really want and love seeing and bring people down 🤨

  • If A Person Has A Name From GTA V Story Mode Then You Know That Person Is Probably A Bad Person

  • Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that big oil paid for the entire smear campaign and only wants to diminish the possibilty of blue fuel competition?

  • GM realized the industry was going electric and that it had wasted too much time and was desperate.

  • Look here's what's going to happen GM purposely allowing this kind of behavior in order to buy them out but if we actually look into it I guarantee GM was the one who released the stories

  • Remember, GM made a fleet of EV's back in the 90's, then found out that it was more profitable to stick with ICE cars as they usually racked up larger standard maintenance bills over the life of the car. They in turn scrapped the project and literally most of the cars. Now, coming on thirty years after the EV-1 debacle they get into bed with Nikola.

  • "We condemn sexual assault." Does nothing about it. What a stunning and brave letter!

  • 2 companies that do the same thing named after the same guy

  • That is so funny, Tesla has an electric semi and now another company called Nikola has an electric semi.

  • This guy is a heater whose best thing he can do is criticize others whose are actually trying.

  • I’m actually building a nikola factory in eloy Arizona right now.

  • Hearing this guys from my state is embarrassing

  • @11:51 So the title of the video is clickbait?

  • *_this reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077's release, but it's a truck_*

  • 2:59 That dude looks like Randy Pitchford. He has to be a scum bag

  • Pro gamer move from GM

  • Nikola might be another GM Saturn. The planet that didn’t quite make it around the sun.

  • could anyone recommend a mic like this guy is using? I want one that is great at a reasonable price, as the wife will like be questioning. Cheers.

  • Cluster Truck!! Super Truck!!

  • Boo down with the electrics Let THE DIESELS RAISE!!!

  • Looks a lot like Nolan lol

  • I think that hill is on Baratow road, I've been on it a million times, it's pretty far downhill. I could be wrong but I think it is, they film a lot near Barstow.

  • Trevor is the kind of guy who takes all the credit for a group school project and did absolutely nothing.

  • To the looks of it it’s a company that is a scam, and has brain less people running it.

  • GM late to the EV game? Is the EV1 a joke to you?!?

  • Imagine they re brand to Edison

  • a sex scandal with a pull out joke

  • I'm quite late, is there a vid after Nikola started building their factory?

  • the Nikola one would have been a good truck if they had use a diesel engine

  • Nikola Tesla must be rolling in his grave with two conmen using his name.

    • Only one is a conman

  • GM was actually first to the EV game. The just F'd that up as well

  • Honestly they are worth 150 billion dollars so I don’t fell bad for general motors

  • What about GMs EVone. Think that was called that . They dwarfed their own growth by only leasing them then crushed em. Plus cutting costs and making shit cars now. There is a documentary on it called. Who killed the electric car. Pretty sure was a Sony release.

  • It looks like it's the telsa cemi

  • 2:10 "GM is a little late to the EV game" *proceeds to show an EV made by GM*

  • hey just an Idea, but maybe just use trains and not destroy the roads with trucks

    • Trains: *Literally one hundreth the cost, faster, cheaper to maintain* Every single transport corp: *Completely ignores it for no reason*

  • Im gonna miss that loud truck engine sound

  • OMG don’t remind me I lost so much money buying NKLA stock LOL

  • URRRGH I'm not even an Aussie but them closing Holden and buying this junk is horrible. They have jumped the shark! Nationalise Holden for the people! lol xoxox

  • Who buys GM anyways.....they survive on government money....

  • VW entered the chat

  • 13:25 ”I think they will take a larger percentage of the company, maybe even 30%” proceeds to show a graf of not even close to 30% 👏👏

  • Nolan: they're a little late to the ev game Gm ev1: am I a joke to you?

  • If there's any justice, this POS CEO will have all his money taken and be put away forever. Massive fraudster thieves need to be held accountable.

  • 3:58 I SEE THE WIRE

  • Oh that 4k explosion was beautiful.

  • Nolan is shorting nikola

  • 2:37 Galvatron I know that's you bruh lol

  • 0:00 Yoooo Thats my birth day :D

  • So this guy become rich out of nowhere(yes lies, but successful lies) and other just was jealous and some of them wanted piece of their cake.

  • I will drive a combustion engine until I die.

  • Great video ;)

  • 6:09 😂😂😂

  • It looks like an audi

  • if Nikola get their act together, and supplied parts from GM. sweet deal.

  • I drive a Henry concentrate

  • the weird semi truck that tried to be sporty by putting audi r8 headlights

  • Nikola is turning out to be the new Delorean.

  • Hydrogen fuel is ok for trucks and long hauls not for truck or cars. There is no infer structure for hydrogen!!!!,

  • How has thunderfoot not done any videos on this company

  • Theory: GM plotted all this to get Milton out of the picture and take over nikola completely

  • "Give them a roll down the hill for their money." Love it! 🤣

  • Fun fact: *In the video title $2M *Views of this video 2M 😁

  • Nikola Tesla: A person's name. Nikola Motors: an absolute fail. Tesla Motors: the best electric car company in my opinion. Nikola Tesla: 🙄😑

  • Wtf did they do to the r8