Birt 27 júl 2021
He came out here for a reason. Watch the new trailer for : Afterlife, exclusively in movie theaters this November.

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From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan.


  • Finally! a promising good sequel

  • Yeah of course they just throw in some crappy Stranger Things actor. Another cash in 🙄

  • why would you pick up the phone to say you're closed lmfao

  • They should have kept most of the old characters with additional new ones

  • Awesome!

  • These trailers make it seem like people have no idea who the Ghostbusters were or that they weren't real or something, especially the first trailer. Didn't they save New York twice? An act millions of people witnessed. Surely if you're Egon's grandkids you would definitely know everything. Just a station....... That's Ecto 1 kid, show some respect kid. I just hope the other 3 show up and suit up. And I better hear some Bobby Brown playing

  • My expectations dropped the instant I saw Walmart.

  • This looks MEH

  • This is what we wanted

  • I really want to watch this movie. But the days of going to the theaters is over... Ill wait till it's on streaming services

  • Thank god...

  • Veve ECOMI


  • Best trailer I have ever seen I will be there opting day

  • Im not crying, your crying!

  • That looks like the kid from strange things

  • I've been waiting for this movie for so long, I can't wait for it. I love Ghostbusters and can't wait for this movie to come out.

  • I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

  • Well at least this is directed by the son of the original director

  • The main girl looks like a boy and the main boy looks like a girl. Blurred lines indeed. But if the line is being blurred so bad, what are trans people going to switch too? lol.

  • Anybody else think Paul Rudd would’ve been a great Peter Venkman if they would’ve made a GB remake instead of that god-awful GB back in 2016??? With Jason Bateman as Ray Stanz, Ed Helms as Egon and Idris Elba as Winston?

  • This is definitely a movie to get me back into the theater!

  • So badass

  • I can tell this is indeed going to be horrible ladies and gentlemen

  • 0:38.....when I heard her voice

  • That is my LIFE Dream Movie FOREVER ... ❤️❤️❤️

  • We are closed. Who is it??

  • Iam happy this exist

  • So… it’s a wanna be Stranger Things with the kid from Stranger Things labeled as a Ghostbusters movie … got it. Real original.

  • give me a like.....

  • What’s with these white supremacist movies!!! Just not enough people of color. Total racists!!!! Long live Biden, Biden, Biden!!!!

    • Actually, Egon is supposedly Jewish, so the leads are a Jewish family, and mixed race girl and a boy of Asian heritage. Paul Rudds the only white person I noticed.

    • Biden is racist. Poor kids are just as smart as white kids. Come on man

  • 0:30

  • Honestly though and I don’t know why but for some reason Halloween just connects to my soul? Maybe it’s the scenery have no clue!!!

  • Was it dan aykroyds voice in the end that said: where closed?

    • Yes. Rays occult books is where he's at.

  • I think the next Ghostbusters will have a tie in with the female ghostbusters

    • @Daryl Abrams i know most likely it wont be part of the Ghostbusters universe. And i think the female ghostbusters sucked but thats my opinion but I would like a chance to see it incorporated. Imagine a Ghostbusters concept with original GB's retiring and setting up franchise GB stations LOL.

    • @Savage Scientist Dev The new movie is basically saying the other one doesn't exist. So I'm not sure how they would do it. I hope honestly not because I think the 2016 film was terrible.

    • @Daryl Abramsim talking about in a 5th film

    • He says there hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years. Pretty sure that's an indication that the 2016 film is not part of this storyline.

  • the ghost trap with the wheels is a cool improvement

  • I mean, it can't be as shit as the last one.

  • If I detect any wokeness I'm out.

  • Was it the voice and the hand of Dan Aykroyd in the end with the phone call?

  • Don't look bad but who the hell is playing the ghost busters a bunch of kids?

    • @Daryl Abrams oh wow

    • @Boss Pranks no I don't think so lol. Have you seen the new ghostbusters figures? They are appropriate age, gray hair and all.

    • @Daryl Abrams they must be using deaging technology

    • @Boss Pranks From what I have heard the original ghostbusters are a big part of the second half of the film. We'll see them in action I'm sure because Bill Murray in an interview said that he hated wearing the proton packs... Again.

    • @Daryl Abrams yeah probably cameos but i don't believe that's gonna be the Ghostbusters

  • This looks god awful

  • You guys stopped posting the episodes and I'm sad now

  • Idk without egon dont seem right. We all been waiting for 20 years. I hope Jason pulled it off. I pretty sure he did cant wait but nervous lol. I do know i dont care for the new slimer

    • I think they nailed it. They did a surprise showing not long ago and it rocked the house. Everyone loved it.

  • Ah nothing like the original, but the goose pumps hearing Ecto 1 sirens! Cant wait!


  • wokebusters: this movie sucks ass

  • I was waiting for the theme to start at some point. It didn't happen. I'm sad

  • Pretty cool!

  • The we are closed part gave me chills but I almost wanted them to have him pick it up and not say anything just to get everyone buzzing lol

  • Rays Occult .... Venkman -I'm looking for a love-potion aerosol, that I can spray on a certain Penthouse Pet to obtain her total submission.

  • Teen Ghosties like twilight…ah, what could be better? Curl up with a Twinkie and watch more garbage than i can eat. Is this the best that a hundred millions dollars can do these days? Kids driving cars around town? Spare me the PG rating.

  • looks like stranger things...pass

  • So excitedddddd!

  • Now THIS is the sequel/revival the fans were waiting for!

  • Why? Just why????!!! The girls were awesome why not get them a 2nd film?or at least remember them too in the film? So sad. And kids??!really?and none girl.. Guess what people didn't like in the previous one 😒 even the trailer isn't exciting or funny

    • @Zsofia Thompson I agree. Nothing in the 2016 movie was the girls fault. I don't think its got anything to apologize for either. Its very funny. I just think the franchise can be something more special, and more cinematic. I was a kid when I saw the original, and while maybe not "Scary, scary" scenes like Sigourney Weaver getting attacked by a demon in her closet was not played for laughs. You could easily take that scene by itself as a scene from a horror movie. Horror is not necessarily "scary", but they were going for horror, fantastical AND funny and the end result (in my opinion) turned into something special.

    • @Eric Gilliam 🤏

    • @jonnyu2 hm thanks for the reply I see maybe I haven't seen those issues because I've never found the old once scary at all just funny.. I think they were excellent group and delivered a very funny film suitable for younger watchers. I definitely won't find scary children fighting ghosts either 😅 and for the music well it wasn't the girls fault

    • The girls one lost up to $50Million dollars for Sony. (You can read about it in Variety magazine.) If you've ever seen the 1984 original, it was like a horror with dry humor. And besides the goofy song, the posters and adds were marketed like a horror. The main characters were dry in their delivery of jokes, but every other side character was a serious person in a real horror world. It also had incredible music composed by a horror composer and spectacular cinematography that gave it the scary supernatural tone. The updated girls version although very funny, did not have anything scary, the ghosts weren't scary or interesting and the cinematography was lackluster. Every single character in the movie was very goofy especially (on purpose) the men. So that made the whole world they created super goofy and not scary. More like an SNL bit. Watch the original again, and you'll understand why this new movie has a more serious tone with great cinematography and serious characters. From what Ive read there will be plenty of dry humor to make it like the original(best) Ghostbusters,

    • No more feminist😈!

  • itlooks like they finally figured out how to reintroduce this classic.

  • Aye Yai Yai ! 🙄

  • "We ready to believe you"

  • Its like a combination of ALL the Ghostbusters movies! 😍👻

  • More epic and convincing than the teaser and first trailer! Question still remains: Where's Slimer???

  • hu

  • How going to call Ghostbusters I'm so ready for that movie 🎥🍿😊😍😃🙂

  • Hell.yes.

  • Finally...

  • Looks promising! I hope they don't mess the sequel up.

  • If the pandemic allows it, I might actually go to see this one in the theatres.

  • awesome...

  • This is much better than the pushover comedy ghostbuster

  • Sounds like Aykroyd picking up the phone at the end.

  • at the end we all know thats dan ankroyd.

  • just remember everyone, it can't be any worse than the last one..

    • This one and the last one aren't real Ghostbuster movies. Only 1 and 2 are authintic

  • "We're closed." Those two words alone make me want to see this movie.

  • Leave the originals alone... next...

  • It's a better trailer than the last, but it's weird it's still propping up the first two movies like they were Lord of the Rings. The first movie was a feature length dick joke with ghosts in it, one that went over the heads of kids and when that demographic was read as a huge merchandising opportunity, out came the toys and cartoons packaged for the Star Wars era. Second movie banks harder on kid appeal and is merely okay. Ghostbusters 2016 was also merely okay. Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon hard carried the best parts of it, McCarthy and Wiig felt out-of-place. Hemsworth had fun. I've just never trusted sequels that flatly ignore the most recent movies. Terminator, Alien and others tried and were worse for it. Often it's just too little, too late. Plus Alien 3, whatever you think of it, in retrospect, had the right idea - sometimes its just better to end a franchise than drag it out.

    • You made some interesting points. Some recent sequels to old movies have been good like Bladerunner, Halloween and Mad Max. But some have not worked, Terminator DF, The Predator. I understand why they made this legacy version of ghostbusters. Fans really want another story in the tone/cinematography of the original. The girls version while very funny, was just way too over the top goofy with no horror. Now if only we can get an Alien3 where Newt, Hicks and Ripley wake up ALIVE I'll die happy.

  • So excited! I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  • The end got me hyped

  • Delayed a week?! Jaysus! I bet at the last minute they move it again.. Its never coming out!!

  • Well this trailer falls in line with the plot spoiler on Reddit and it sounds as though the old guys will be in this more than I thought

  • See now this looks like what a new Ghostbusters film should look like, not that stupid MeToo crap film from 2016, glad this series isn't destroyed.

  • Early review....this is a 3 out of 5 star movie...guaranteed.

  • This ghostbusters looks gay

  • Chills.... I have chills from this trailer. Please Please Please be as good as this looks.

  • this dosent look funny at all. Ghostbusters was a funny movie.

  • AAah sh*t I cried again watching this

  • 마쉬멜로우 맨 귀여워

  • R.I.P Egon Spengler

  • I’m gonna stick with the originals

  • I really hope Rey cameos in this movie, ad we saw the guy who picked up the famous Red phone I started to hope he's in the movie. It will be insane!😍

  • This looks awful

  • So let's see how many twitter crybabies are here... 1815 salty losers for now. #BetterThan2016

  • When the boys find ecto-1 2:02

  • 1:59 that is the emptiest Walmart parking lot I've ever seen

  • I’m so excited for this!!!

  • I'm ready to believe

  • I want to not get my hopes up too high, but...Janine is here ...

  • Is Ray still running that Occult Bookstore? Hmmmm....

  • When i heard the siren for the first time in years it gave me chills

  • Anyone else think the creature at 1:55 might be inspired by or even a reference to the demon from to 1957's 'Night Of The Demon? (