The Accidental 400mg Edible

Birt 21 júl 2020
Ted accidentally ate a 400mg Edible. Listen to his tell-all here, its funny.
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  • I've said this on Twitter and such, but thank you guys so much for 500k subscribers! I'm gonna be in the process of moving to Los Angeles over the next month (or at least I plan to) But I've got some awesome announcements in store, and great video ideas on the way. The road to 1 million is what lies ahead of us!

    • Damn bro

    • thanks ted, now i want to smoke weed, weed is not bad its just put down, like retarded people in Texas.

    • Lol edibles are trash lol take a dab

    • I have been here before with a 500 mg edible called KO gummies or what I like to call them devil smiling face or the worst tasting gummies of your life and yes i had not smoked for a mouth and yes there was 2 adding up to 500 mg. If your hand or feet are cold when you are high it makes you shake because your brain starts to care about your usually not cared about parts of your body because usually it is common for your hands or feet to be cold and it doesn't bother you in

    • I actually had this exact thing happen, I was a daily smoker. Smoking anywhere from 1-14 grams a day, daily. I guess I got some really really good weed one time because halfway through the second stogey, I started to panic. My heart raced and my anxiety slowly climbed higher and higher. I went to a mental hospital for a week because I literally had to readjust to feeling certain things without panicking

  • Hilarious story dude…😂😂😂🆘

  • Yea, that’s awesome

  • Bro nerds rope is fake af u did not get 400 ml from nerds rope the most u probably got was 200ml but u probably have a low tolerance so I wouldn’t blame thinking that

  • I remember I accidentally ate my friends edible sour patch kids (500mg whole bag) and I was doing fine until someone turned the fan on. The chills and then the light flickering throughout the fan blades actually fucked me up lmao

  • I ate one of these 4 years ago but it was the pink wrapper. I was playing halo and I thought I got shot by needler. Literally thought my legs got impaled.

  • isnt that illegal??????

  • Dude I would legit hate that

  • I can get high pretty easy, but it triggers my already really bad motion sickness, so when I get 'too high' I get motion sick, like, sick sick, and the other day, I got way too high off a JOINT, not dabs, a godd/man JOINT, and so I go to the bathroom, normal routine when I get motion sick, and I kept passing out but also being awake when passed out, and I somehow got into the bathtub? I just, was sitting in the bathtub contemplating gabbing the trash can, or getting up to puke in the toilet, OR just puke on myself, because I didn't haft to go to work till the next day, well somehow I got out of the bathtub without puking and then proceeded to get sick 2-3 separate times and then proceeded to go to a party and bowl 😭😭😭

  • I bought 10 of these nerds rope from a friend & they are rar from potent. You feel high but nowhere near the high you get from smoking a few joints or a bowl. Its cool to see someone act out the emotional play by play but... just smoke more & see how it goes

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  • The highest I’ve ever gotten so far was my second time ever being high. I was at my high school and we had this awesome hangout spot just off campus called Cactus Park, we liked to go to this giant pile of rocks the were covered by trees so you couldn’t see it from the nearby road or baseball field. We had a wax pen and a pre roll and I took like 6 hits from both. I didn’t feel anything the entire time we were there. Then when we were hopping the fence to get back into the school, my pant leg caught on the chain link fence and I fell. Now I’m pretty sure I dislocated my thumb during this fall, and the rush of endorphins and Adrenaline I got from dislocating it mixed with the weed and propelled me into another dimension. We were walking across the baseball field and my vision looked like a fisheye lens, and everything had a purple tint. This fisheye vision got worse, and it looked like a small gap in between buildings we were walking through was 50 feet wide when in reality it was only around 10 feet wide. We were nearing the pool deck, as we had water polo, and I started to feel like I was rapidly falling and being pulled back up dozens of times a second, and this feeling made me feel like I was going to fall over. I told my friend who I was walking with what I was feeling and he looked at me and said, “Jesus Christ dude, I hope I didn’t give you too much.” Spoiler alert, he did. So we get into the pool deck and I’m just enjoying myself as my friend is going around all the necessary people that I’m essentially handicapped so to help me out in anyway they can. Then this chick comes over and starts to talk to me, now I don’t really like her but I didn’t really care. To this day, I still have no idea what we were talking about because that falling down feeling started again and I was just trying to stay conscious. I sat down on one of the tables we had on deck to keep all our stuff, and I just stopped feeling high. But, this did not last, and as soon as I stood back up I felt like I was in another dimension again. People who knew were buying me sodas, waters, food, and I felt like a fucking god. At one point I was sitting on a waist high metal barrier, and I forgot there was a world behind my back, it was like I had horse blinders on, and when my friend touched my back to give me the Cactus Cooler I had asked for, my mind was blown that there was an entire rest of the world that I wasn’t seeing just because I wasn’t looking in the right direction. I didn’t actually have to play water polo since I was just managing the game, so all I had to do was run books, which is a pretty easy job. At one point I was telling one of the Narcs who was at the school some story I don’t remember, and the female coach asked why I was shouting. This scared the shit out of me, but luckily I had enough wits to say, “I’m just talking to him.” At which she giggled and said sorry. I reached down to put my phone back into my pocket in between two games, and I remember feeling something in my thumb move and hearing this really loud pop, which I believe was my thumb putting itself back into place. I have no memory of what happened during any of these games, the only thing I remember during them is coming down. I remember this orange tint in my vision on the world slowly fading away and thinking, “wow, it’s finally over.” We went out into the parking lot, all piled into someone’s car so we could head to Chick Fil A, and I felt so good when I got to tell this epic tale to everyone there. The highest I’ve ever been.

  • Watching this makes me wanna be young again.

  • I never could understand the young whippersnappers stickin' dat mary-gee-wana in their arms...

  • Tbh dude coulda just thrown it up once he knew

  • I'm what you would call an "experienced stoner with a high tolerance" 400mg is a HUGE amount of thc lol. I would be knocked out from that. I can only imagine what this poor guy went through lololol

  • Back in 1984 I made some candy out of a quarter ounce of pirate green hash oil and sugar. There had to be 3,000 mg THC in that candy, and I ate the entire thing on an empty stomach. Was tripping stoned for 48 hours. Never thought I was gonna die though or that I had to purge. I was flying 24 hours later when I went to see Black Uhuru. Maybe you just shouldn't do weed if you had such a bad reaction.

  • This is fake

  • 2020!!!!????

  • how am i only 12 seocnds in man'

  • dude this vdieo felkt like an hour


  • Love chuckle sand which man!

  • Last time I smoked to much weed I got the chills too, except is was like a seizure. I couldn’t control it and my whole body violently shook and i was cold as ice hell. I had also taken acid too so that was wonderful. I saw the walls breathing as I thought I was having a seizure.

  • 400mg is mild. I know people that take 1000mg before leaving the house.

  • It's possible to eat 1600 mg to 2000 mgs a day.. while still functioning..

  • u were overthinking everything

  • Those are fake as fuck

  • No hate but you seem like you are trying to be idubbz

  • I’ve been legitimately high only once. It happened a week ago and hoo boy was it fun. The main thing I remember that was really funny was 1. You know when you have a wireless controller connected to your PC and it takes a couple seconds for the game to recognize the inputs (or as we in the business call input lag) I had that but in real life. Like I’d go to move my arm and it would take a second to start moving, 2. I gave myself a time limit because I thought my parents were only gonna be gone for a couple of hours (they were gone the entire rest of the day) so I gave myself 1 to 2 hours to get as high as I could. Afterwards I would put everything back while high and then go to come down in the security of my own room. When I was putting stuff back, I started to forget things were around me. Like I almost tripped putting the bong away because I forgot there was a whole ass desk in the way. Not to mention while I was standing and walking I felt even more high, and 3. My perception of time was so off kilter to the point that a minute felt like an hour. Like there was a point when I was laying in bed watching videos and I was like “man it’s been a while.” Then I look at the time and it’s 5:48 and I got in bed at 5:46. This was even more intense when I ordered my dinner, which was a medium size pizza and a 2 liter coke from Domino’s. It legitimately felt like it took 3 days for the pizza to get to my place, and 4. I was watching weed video compilations (mainly humor for people while high) but I kept closing my eyes yet I kept seeing the videos. It was like when you watch ISprofile in VR but I was just laying on my bed eyes closed. Needless to say it wad a fun time and I do have plans to do it again next time I’m home alone for a day.

  • 8:16 reminds me so much of John mulaney 😭😭

  • its fake they aren't 400mg at best its 100mg

  • i ate 800mg worth of edibles the other day and threw up in the middle of the fair

  • U coulda just played some videogames and u woulda never even noticed how high u really were. Yall needa learn how to be high lmfao.

  • 20mg? Can that even get someone high?

  • I've had these ultra highs off of street dope. The normal thing people do in my area is that they get their street Level Weed which is 10 Euros/.8g (which is pure pain and prob. Makes zero sense for most of you Guys) and then (I met 100s of people in my City doing so) Mix it wit tabacco (the most inhuman thing I did to myself tbh) and smoke it somehow. But, after years of casual Weekend smokes, I went for a smoke every night before bed(reasons for this will make up an pretty simple and good excuse, im one of thousands that experience special relief when consuming) so 2018 going as normal as life could be (GF, school, Parties, Family, gaming) I spent about 1200 Euros. (Also, my source was an great exception to the .8 shit locally).. I had a flight for the next 3 months! But once GF and me decided to do some simple Cookies. The next day I could not be next to any weed ... I felt full body pain every movement I asked myself what am still alive.. I can't remember how, but I had a Ringing in my ear I only can put equal to an synthetic THC Juice od I had in 2020 ... That felt equaly life-threatening.

  • but have you been so high you threw up 30 times for 2 hours straight?

  • When he said “oh” felt it

  • I hope I accidentally eat edibles

  • That only happens to me when I smoke sativa hate it lol felt exactly what he was saying

  • “I’ll fucking ju jitsu u bitch” 😭

  • It says medicated dawg

  • Imagine this high, but with severe anxiety. I’ve done it and it ain’t fun, literally thought I was going to die lol. It was my first dab using a nectar collector (also just my first dab) and I had no clue what I was doing so I ended up smoking about a gram in a single blow. Now being someone who didn’t smoke often, it was rough

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yes! Oi ocha!

  • As someone with an extreme tolerance who doesn't really get affected by edibles, I wonder if this would get me high

  • This video is giving me second-hand anxiety as someone who as also gotten way too high.

  • Lmfao I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just sat down and ate a sleeve of club crackers.

  • Dude, I got high and suddenly I was thinking of how ungodly, and just how amazing just regular good ol Mac and cheese was.

  • Why I do *not* do edibles. 😐 Between my slow metabolism, needing to be medicated swiftly and mitigating the munchie factor.. edibles are a eternal no-go 🤔 unless I need to sleep for 2 days. And yah, I’ve experienced the chills to the point where I definitely can’t medicate if it’s too cold. The struggles 🥵🥶

  • Its weed it's just weed not hard drugs

  • Me 16 eats 500 mg edibles on the lowdown

  • Omg, you fuckin guy lol

  • 7:37

  • He made it sound like he took a lot, Steve will do it took a lot

  • Is this guy american or australian.

  • My first edible was 1500mg

  • you remind me of that one weo wop doctor :D

  • I feel his pain one time I ate one that was 60 milligrams

  • I've had one that was 20 milligrams

  • I understand the rubber band thing-first time I did the *pot* I ate a pot cookie (no idea how much was in it, 5mg maybe?) I felt exactly like that. The “detoxifying barf* is also very much a thing I discovered that night. Although to be honest I am unsure if that barf/nausea was caused by being too high or the edibles having gone bad, because it is entirely likely that they might have gone bad because they were from a trash can

  • Bruh should’ve just got comfortable and go to sleep before it could really hit

  • For some fucked up reason I love torturing myself by tripping on out on weed so I would voluntarily do this to myself. Also my secret to avoiding throwing up every time I do this is drinking lemonade or any carbonated liquid so if you hate throwing up try that

  • Let's just say you're probably a giant vagina, first of all even if you had smoked pot it's not the same chemical that reacts in the body. Your tolerance would need to be built up from eating edibles. second those things that say 400 mg are generally 60 mg never posted with correct dosage. They always want to seem like they put more in it, and yet somehow they are as cheap as the other ones posted at 50 milligrams. Dork, they could have easily just called those "You Rope" NERD

  • lol reminds me of the time i did about 1500-2000mg in one sitting, smoked 2 fat p5 bowls and was completely GONE. asshole friend knew i was lit and tried to feed me dry cat food.

  • The spins. Ah yes.

  • Why the fuck would the nerds company produce edibles? Lmao you’re literally eating synthetic THC. Real edibles don’t go up to 400mg. They’re usually doses around 100mg. PLEASE DONT BE DUMB AND BUY THESE

  • These are bunk edibles. You’re wasting your money on fake THC lmao. Goto a local dispensary and get yourself a real edible. This is like when those fake carts were going around but now it’s with edibles

  • TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT TRYING THESE, DONT. They’re fake. Goto a dispensary and get yourself a legit edible like Korova or Kanha

  • These nerds edibles are fake as hell 😂😂😂 just look at the packaging and 400mg of THC? My dispensary has edibles that only go up to 100mg. I’ve had a similar edible called sour patch kids and it was so fake.

  • Rumor has it, Ted is still high

  • Bruh I just ate a 1200 mg ima be f*cked up

  • what is “of age?” everyone of every age uses weee now. it’s concerning lmao

  • Had a buddy eat a gummy worm edible. He had 1.5 worms, with each worm being 1000mg. So that was a thing

  • I had a 50 mg edible and i have never smoked and i didnt know the edible was that much and I got high after 45 min and i remember i thought i was in a dream and me and my friends were talking about that every meat including beef is haram bc its not cut a certain way in america then i went to go get sprite and it felt like i was watching my self through a tv getting sprite then i laid down and then i got a lil dizzy then i slept for 16 hours

  • Had similar experience. Since i was drinking so much water, i kept needing to pee which made me super paranoid that i was going to pee myself to death. Coupled with time feeling as if it had slowed to a halt, my pees would seem to last forever. I resulted in using my phone to time how long my pee was taking and googled how long a pee should last.

  • highest dose I ever did was 135 mg and I deadass thought I was going to die, this dude is simply built different...

    • Those nerd ropes are counterfeit and most likely not actually 400mg

  • I remember watching this video and thinking haha funny story. Then about 2 months ago I had edibles for the first time and ate over 250 mg in what was the best/worst “this edible ain’t shit” moment me or any of my friends have ever experienced. RIP me for the next day and a half after.

  • Lol that moment when you actually believe the package😂 I’ve met 3 different plugs who made this shit at home. same packaging all the nerd ropes are fake

  • I get so high I forget to breathe some times

  • I read these comments knowing id out smoke/ out edible all of thats sad

  • from personal experience weed barfing always sobers me up. it’s only happened to me a couple times, but i immediately start to sober up after i throw up

  • The first time I ever had a edible was in middle School. My brothers had a bag of brownies and my dumbass thought "oh wow homemade brownies" and I ate like 4 of them with a glass of milk before school. In my first period class I had spaced out and when I regained my focus I realized I was staring at myself like a out of body experience. That's probably the highest I've ever been.

  • This reminds me of accidentally taking too much 4-aco dmt before a funeral

  • Fuck. now i need to know which campground in Maine. I used to go to a campground in Maine too.

  • Try new Nerds Rape

  • When I smoked my first bong I did 2 rips and I got so fucked up. I was seeing static, if that makes scence. I was caried to my dorm room where i proceded to vomit on the floor a cuple of times. And I was just fucked. It didn't help that on my second bong hit I swalowed some of the smoke and couldn't exhale it so a buddy squezed me a cuple of times so I burped it out. Btw I bought that bong and sold it the next day.

  • I just ate the whole of a 400mg thc nerd rope

  • GOD I love schlatt. Ted’s in pain and he’s all like “I THINK YOU MAY NEED ONE MORE STICK OF BUTTER”

  • Try being dosed on 6 hits of acid in a halfway house cause your homies wanted you too trip with them

  • Dang, and my brother takes 300mg

  • Holy fuck how have I never seen this? This shit is amazing man HAHAHA

  • The 400 mg in green should’ve helped …

  • I mean it’s only the equivalent of smoking like 5 blunts, nothing too insane

    • @Rick Jansen i live in seattle bud, no need to explain to me how edibles work. just sayin i could handle it. go back to sleep

    • You clearly havent had edibles... with blunts you exhale the thc that doesnt absorb in the lungs.. edibles are a whooooole different realm

  • All of the "symptoms" were psychoactive dude imagined it hurting and being uncomfortable so he was hurting and uncomfortable i regularly eat 1k mg of edilbes i have 50mg pills and 10 mg pills along with the same nerd rope he ate i usually eat 2 of those ropes and then 2 50mg pills

  • If you have too much weed chew on peppercorns or Smoke Cbd as that will negate the effects of thc in the brain or mellow your high

  • 400 is light bro

  • Those nerd ropes are all fake my dude you really did prolly 50 mgs😂 I’ve eaten 3 of those at once and they don’t even get me as high as 100 mgs from a dispo

  • I get the chills and jolts just normally when I get high. I just get up and do stuff, have a shower idk

  • Ted mossby vibes